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Drumtrainer Berlin

Become a professional drummer and change your f*cking life with us in Berlin! www.drumtrainer.com/ Our roster of “masters of the art” hail from across the globe.

Based in the heart of Europe’s cultural hub, Drumtrainer is THE temple to the art of drumming. Drumtrainer breathes, thinks and sweats rhythm, based on a unique educational system crafted over years by our hand-picked group of trainers, who are also professional drummers. Our system is devoted to helping young players find their unique rhythmic ‘voice’ and developing their passion into a career. T

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❄️ The Drumtrainer Online Christmas Special is HERE!!❄️

It’s the first day of advent and to celebrate the run up to Christmas we are giving away 24 Drumtrainer Online annual memberships for just €24 🤘

You can study with Thomas Lang, JR Robinson, Larnell Lewis, Nate Smith, Adam Deitch, Anika Nilles, Keith Carlock, and many more great musicians!
�We have over 100 courses and 900 individual lessons from some of the best drummers on the planet, who offer unique masterclasses that you won’t find anywhere else…

Annual membership usually costs €200 so €24 for the entire year isn’t too bad…

The first 24 people to use “24for24” at checkout will be able to get this great deal!

Once they’re gone, they’re gone 😏

Sign-up here: https://drumtrainer.online/kurse/

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Have you ever wanted to become a professional drummer? Or study drums at a deep level with someone of the greatest working musicians here in Berlin? 🤔

We have a couple places still available on our ‘Weekend Pro Training’ course starting January 2024! 🥁

Run by Dirk Erchinger (Apache 207, Count Basic, Jazzkantine), we bring the best drummers in Berlin together to share their insight into the styles, technique, skills and the all-round attitude that a drummer needs to become pro.

Over two years, you’ll spend one weekend every two months in our teaching room surrounded by drummers diving deep into songs, styles, technique, iconic drum parts and learning about the instrument we love.

It is perfect for those who don’t live in Berlin or have a really busy schedule and also want to go deeper into drumming from a range of working professionals here in Berlin.

Drop us an email at [email protected] if you are interested and to get your free ‘Test Training’ with one of our lecturers 🤘🔥

And feel free to send this post to someone you think might be interested!

Photos from Drumtrainer Berlin's post 09/10/2023

Scroll for some of the best drummer faces from the 35th International Drummer Meeting Salzgitter! 🤪

The 35th International Drummer Meeting Salzgitter is over and we feel so proud and honoured to have co-hosted this great event alongside International Drummermeeting Salzgitter once again!

In the last three days, drummers from all over the world came together to study from the greats, jam together, bond over a cold drink in celebration for our love of this instrument.

It was a jam-packed weekend with incredible masterclasses, live performances, crazy solos, percussion circles and tons of inspiration from some crazy motherf*cking drummers.

And then the weekend finished with an awesome concert from all our lecturers that turned into a spontaneous drum circle featuring Official Thomas Lang, Larnell Lewis Music, Christin Neddens, Dirk Erchinger and Ralli Lewitzki

There is something very special about being a drummer and these drum weekends. A group of drummers get together as strangers, nerd-out over their shared love for drumming and leave feeling connected to new people because of this instrument.

It’s something you can only feel from being going to one of these drum camps.

We are already excited to get planning next year’s International Drummer Meeting and the Berlin Drum Days 2024!

So if there’s anyone you want to see, let us know down below! 👇

And finally, these events are a lot of work to put on and are only possible thanks to the companies who support us to bring drumming education from some of the greatest players/educators at an incredibly affordable price!

So a massive thank you goes out to Yamaha Drums, Meinl Cymbals, Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums), Remo Inc., and Latin Percussion

And thank you to the incredible Rüdiger Knuth for capturing the weird faces we make behind our instrument 📸 😉


Another year of our Pro Training comes to a close and we couldn’t be happier to see seven fine drummers graduate our school 👊

Over the last 12 months, this group has grown so much as individuals and as a collective and we are so proud to be a part of that on our Drumtrainer ‘Pro Training’ course.

For us, this didn’t feel like work. It was a pure joy to play and teach drums with these young drummers. The course aims to give drummers all the skills they will need to go out into the world and make a living as a professional drummer and one of the most important skills in your arsenal is your attitude.

And this group behaved exactly how professional musicians should: respectful and helpful with each other, fun to hang with, dedicated but easy going at the same time. We can’t wait to see where their careers go from here!

But this doesn’t end for us… Next week, we’re welcoming a new batch of drummers to put them through an intensive year of training and growth. We’re excited to see what they’re gonna bring! 😉🤘


🚨 Our Thomas Lang bootcamp is SOLD OUT! 🚨

We are so excited for Official Thomas Lang to be back with us in Berlin to nerd-out about technique, get philosophical about why we create art and to simply hang with one of the greats.

If you missed out and still want to study then head to drumtrainer.online, where we have 5 courses with The Lang and a special summer discount where you can get a year’s membership for just €50 👊

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Tour with Apache 207 is done and dusted 👊

It all started back in Chur, Switzerland in 2021, when Apache was looking to build up his live show and ended on Saturday night here in our hometown at the iconic Waldbühne Berlin.

Our Drumtrainer Marschkapelle had the privilege of touring across Germany & Austria playing 3 tours, 46 shows in 24 cities in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans.

Not only did our founder Dirk Erchinger lead the marschkapelle for two years, he joined Apache on stage behind the kit and laid it down for 7 songs in the set alongside Mark Grund living out their childhood rockstar fantasies

It has been a wild ride and we feel nothing but gratitude towards Volkan, Feder Musik and DreamHaus, who have been so professional and courteous to us across the last 2 years, including us as part of their family and welcoming 5 drummers with open arms.

And a massive thank you goes to our endorsers Rohema for helping us sort out 95 Drumtrainer bottle openers as our thank you gift for the crew and Yamaha Drums for providing all the drums & electronics for the tour ❤️

Lars Friedrich
Jan-Hendrik Friedhoff
Abraham Yuss
Gregor Steinbrecher
Robert Baumann

Photos from Drumtrainer Berlin's post 13/09/2023

Our bootcamp with Official Thomas Lang is almost SOLD OUT!

We have a very strict capacity for this masterclass unfortunately so be sure to grab your ticket before it's too late - once they're gone... they're gone! 🤘


Photos from Drumtrainer Berlin's post 02/09/2023

The Lang is back.

On October 9th one of the most prolific drummers alive right now will be here teaching a 4 hour masterclass filled with intense chop-training, drum-nerding, a**-kicking, and noodleing.

He needs no introduction, we have all seen what a monster Thomas is behind the drums and how great of an educator he has been to the drumming community across the last decades.

Thomas has worked with Robert Fripp, Paul Gilbert, Peter Gabriel, Robbie Williams, Kelly Clarkson, and Sugababes, and released a ton of great educational materials on top of everything else.

You’ll get the chance to study here with Thomas in an intimate setting (limited to 15 people) in little over a month. Tickets will go on sale first to our mailing list tomorrow then to everyone else a few days after.

So don’t miss out on your chance to study with one of the living legends in the drumming game and click the link below to get first access! 👊


📆 09.10.23
⏰ 17:00 - 21:00
💰 €125,00
📍Noisy Rooms, Friedrichshain
🥁 15 participants


Drumtrainer Online Summer Madness!! 🤘

We are back with another monster deal for you guys! For a limited time we are offering a year's worth of Drumtrainer Online membership for only €50...

You'll get access to courses with over 900 lessons, solos, and exclusive interviews for an entire year in English and German with drumming legends like Thomas Lang, Larnell Lewis, Anika Nilles, Nate Smith, JR Robinson, Keith Carlock, Mike Clark, Tommy Aldridge, Stanton Moore, Adam Deitch and many many more drummers.

Nerding out over drumming is not a bad way to spend the rest of your summer... 😉 ☀️

The offer is only available for a limited time so don't miss out and sign up here: https://drumtrainer.online/

Photos from Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums)'s post 14/07/2023

Congratulations, to the one and only Sheila E.🚀🙏🏽❤️

Photos from Drumtrainer Berlin's post 14/06/2023

Exactly one month ago today our Drumtrainer Marschkapelle played a live session as part of ’s Unsigned’ series and here are some great shots from that session 👊

Massive thanks to the Marschkapelle ft. on megaphone 💛



Dirk beim 1. Rohema Drummit! 🔥🥁

Photos from Drumtrainer Berlin's post 18/05/2023

The Berlin Drum Days 2023 begins today and our festival of drumming will be co-hosted by these two incredible musicians Mario Meruna
and Simeon Cöster

Mario has been obsessed with the drums since he was just three years old, devoting his life to the craft and after graduating from the Popakademie in Mannheim he moved up north to Berlin to pursue his career.

He teaches here at Drumtrainer and is currently on tour throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria with Gregor Hägele and Kati K.

Simeon is the drummer of Isolation Berlin, owns his studio here in Berlin ‘Protopop Studios’ and is our ’Sound & Tuning’ lecturer on our Pro Training course.

Simeon has also produced, engineered and mixed all of our Drumtrainer Online courses with Thomas Lang, Larnell Lewis, Nate Smith and all the other legends. He will be running a tuning masterclass this year and make sure you bring two drum keys 😏

noisy Rooms
Percussion Creativ


A quick update for you all:

Our show next Saturday with has been postponed until future date!

TOYTOY ticket holders will be reimbursed fully so keep an eye on your inbox for an email from us.

And everyone who bought a combi-ticket for Marriage Material, TOYTOY & Silvan Strauss will be reimbursed the difference!

And don’t worry BDD23 ticket holders we will be hosting an exclusive Silvan Strauss masterclass just for you on the Saturday evening of the festival!

Everything else will still go ahead as planned, and .music will still be playing a killer show on the Sunday that you can all come to!

Please DM us if you have any ticketing questions and stay tuned for more updates✌️


BERLINERS: my band Marriage Material plays at House Of Music 21st May! Feat Thomas Stieger, Arto Mäkelä, Raphael Meinhart

Get your tickets: https://shop.ticketpay.de/H88A3C9D


The Berlin Drum Days 2023 are right around the corner and we are hosting two live concerts at the House of Music in Berlin, Friedrichshain 👊

You can see one of Germany’s most prolific drummers Felix Lehrmann in his “cinematic jazz” group Marriage Material.

They will close the weekend with some lightning-fast, mind-bending jazz fusion built upon beautiful soundscapes and tight rhythmical phrasing.

This show is open to the public and perfect for the technical drum-nerds and soul-divers who want to feel the raw essence of music shake their bones (the two are not mutually exclusive of course 😏)
📆 21.05
📍House of Music, Friedrichshain, Berlin

Tickets here: https://shop.ticketpay.de/H88A3C9D

Felix M. Lehrmann - Drums
Thomas Stieger - Bass
Raphael Meinhart - Vibraphone/ Marimba/ Mallet KAT Pro
Arto Mäkelä - Gitarre


Back in 2018 Dirk visited the home of the Generation Axe’s touring drummer and Childish Japes founding member JP Bouvet in Queens, New York City.

We set up two cameras and had a chat with JP about his life as a professional drummer/musician. We were looking through the old footage and wanted to share this with you guys so enjoy…


Our dear friend Randy Black breaks down some heavy crossover drum fills from Destruction's song 'Mad Butcher' 🔥


The Berlin Drum Days 2023 is sold out but there is some good news ladies and gents! We are hosting two public live shows at House of Music Berlin with two of the most forward-thinking bands in Germany right now.

First up, Marriage Material.

Describing their sound as “cinematic jazz” the ensemble are driving the genre and German scene of modern jazz into new frontiers.

Drummer Felix Lehrmann (Sarah Connor, The Flower Kings, Randy Brecker) is joined by three of the best musicians in the European jazz world right now to bring you a night of hard hitting groove, laced with musical profoundness and bad*ss vibraphone and guitar solos.

Felix M. Lehrmann - Drums
Thomas Stieger - Bass
Raphael Meinhart - Vibraphone/ Marimba/ Mallet KAT Pro
Arto Mäkelä - Gitarre

Get your ticket here: https://shop.ticketpay.de/H88A3C9D

Video taken from Bonello Studio in Berlin.


How Herbie Hancock conviced Mike Clark to take the gig! 🥁

Tonight we're posting the full story over on our YouTube channel () of Mike sharing his stories from the Herbie Hancock days and how he got the gig through his roomate and best friend Paul Jackson!

It was such an honour to host Mike all those years ago. He is one of the most charismatic drummers out there, who is still playing at the highest level and such a great hang - until next time Mr Clark! 👊

Photos from Drumtrainer Berlin's post 06/03/2023

What a great tour! A massive “thank you” goes out to Apache207 & Feder 🪶 Musik for letting us be apart on the recent 2023 Zugabe tour through 5 German cities and the biggest arenas in the country - we had a blast!!!

The Drumtrainer Marschkapelle played the opener again and accompanied Apache through the encore. Dirk played together with Volkan on another 5 songs over on the B Stage whilst hanging from the ceiling 😜🤘

And we have another massive announcement…

We are thrilled to announce that we will be back on the road with Apache 207 for 2023 playing on the summer tour and at all the upcoming festivals!

We can’t wait to get back on the road!! 🚌🥁


Photos from Drumtrainer Berlin's post 28/02/2023

The Berlin Drum Days 2023 is SOLD OUT!

Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket we can’t wait to see you in May alongside this amazing lineup of drummers…

Benny Greb
Martina Barakoska
Paul Albrecht
Julian Wieder
Christian Vinne
Dirk Erchinger

Felix Lehrmann & Marriage Material (live concert)

And for those of you who missed out but still want to go to an drum festival in 2023 then be sure to sign up to the International Drummer Meeting with us and


How 'Sput builds a solo 👊

Phrasing is everything when it comes to keeping your improvisation musical.

And we have a whole lesson on exactly this concept where Snarky Puppy and Ghost Note's drummer Robert 'Sput' Searight shows you how to build a solo and improvise in a melodic way just like this.


Mr Adam Deitch meine Damen und Herren


Joannie Labelle shared her secrets about how she writes the percussion arrangements for her modern original songs. Here is a clip from her performance of her very own song “Not Afraid” and you can watch the full performance over on our YouTube channel.


Our beloved founder Dirk Erchinger alongside Professor Robert Kessler will be playing two sets tonight of the grooviest jazz-funk you’ll find in Berlin 🕺

If you’re in Berlin tonight and want to watch some great live music then come on down to Orania in Kreuzberg 👊

Click here for more info https://reservations.orania.berlin/ShowCalendarEvents.aspx

Photos from Drumtrainer Berlin's post 09/02/2023

Devastating news come to us from Turkey and Syria.

Thousands have died, thousands are missing, tens of thousands are mourning. People are desperately trying to rescue their loved ones. Let us pause for a second and send our thoughts and prayers to those in need.

And even more importantly, if you can, let’s send financial aid for their support. Every euro, every dollar helps.

Here is a list of trustworthy organisations, who are active in the region:

Aktionsbündnis Katastrophenhilfe

Ärtze Ohne Grenze (Deutsch)

The Red Cross (English)

You can also find these by clicking the link in our bio.

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