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Europe's largest special library for North American Studies / Europas größte Spezialbibliothek fü

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Photos from Bibliothek des John-F.-Kennedy-Instituts / Library of the JFK Institute's post 31/05/2023

Be our library design advisor and redesign a reading room! Your time for 10€ Mensa voucher, snacks, coffee and lots of fun! More information ⬇️⬇️⬇️


From today on, we will have new opening hours - now you can stay for two hours longer at the JFKI library! 🎉


Finally a new face in our library!
Come meet our new colleague Paulin 🌷✨


You don‘t want to lug your books around?
We offer movable storage containers to store
checked-out books and other materials
needed for a longer period of time💁‍♀️📖


Falling leaves, crisp air, cozy evenings with a hot cup of tea and reading a great book🍂 Can you relate?

The book shown is not only a beautiful bookface but also a great book recommendation🤩
Shelf number: 819.1/B182.4/W361


We are collecting old mobile phones, tablets, charging cables and headsets for NABU.
Your old electronics will be recycled and the proceeds will be used for projects to preserve habitats of insects like bees🐝🦋

Photos from Bibliothek des John-F.-Kennedy-Instituts / Library of the JFK Institute's post 27/06/2022

We absolutely had to take advantage of the beautiful weather last week - and the best way to do that was Stand Up Paddling on our annual works outing day 🌞⛵️😎

Team-building exercises included: whenever someone fell into the water, we (successfully) fished them out again 😁🎣


Thanks, that made us smile💕 You are welcome✌️


When the new colleague brings cake on her first day: 😍🍰


Just in time for spring cleaning there is also a new picture gallery in the JFK library 🖼🧡
Visit us if you are curious!


Happy easter! 💐🐰🐣
As you can see, we already enjoyed some easter cookies 🍪
Like every year, the library will be closed on the Friday before easter and on easter monday 🌞


BIG NEWS! Our stock rooms are finally open 🎉
Now you can browse through the shelves on your own again🌞


Please note! 👉 With the beginning of the new semester fees will be charged again. AAAand you also have to remember to extend your media yourselves. You can do this🦹‍♀️🦹‍♂️


Tomorrow is the International Women's Day! ❤️👑🎉
The library will be closed tomorrow for the holiday. So enjoy your day off - we definitely will! 😁


Our own little groundhog is back for Groundhog Day (and many more days, hopefully) 🌞


Here's a little glimpse through our windows - we wish you a nice and snowy Friday! 💙❄️


Behind the scenes🎬 We are still picking up your book orders as our stocks remain closed 📚✌😊


Sorry guys, but you have to wear a FFP2 mask at our university again, including the libraries and desks 😷✌️


Happy new year and welcome back to our university! 🥳🌞
Our desks are waiting - where are you? 😁


We wish you happy holidays and we will see you next year! ✨🥳


From December 14th until December 17th, 2021, the library will be only open from 12:00 pm to 03:00 pm.

❗️The library will be closed from December 20th, 2021 until January 2nd, 2022!❗️

📧📞 From December 20th until December 22nd, 2021 we will answer your questions via e-mail or phone 🤗


We wish you a happy holiday season 🎄✨


Not our favourite thing to do, but to keep our library open we continue testing with pleasure 😁😍




Do you know the feeling when you think you look pretty in the mirror but your phone camera tells a different story? 🧟‍♀️
Well, you probably don't look as spooky as our bookface selfie... 👻


We got some new modalities in our library:

1. There are new opening hours: from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm!
2. You no longer need to book the desks in our reading rooms! You only have to register via QR code on-site.
3. The desks in our pc room still need to be booked in advance on our homepage.
4. It's no longer necessary to wear a mask when you are sitting at your desk.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Please send some love for our beautiful self-made book heart!
It was hard work to build this, but it's worth it for the Book Lovers Day and, of course, for you 📖❤️


Do you ever just love something so much you want to dedicate an entire day to it? Thanks to the food blogger John-Bryan Hopkins, there is a National Vanilla Ice Cream Day – absolutely deserved since vanilla is one of the most popular ice cream flavors! 🍦

We just use the day as an excuse to eat even more ice cream 😎


Look at this beautiful view we had on our annual works outing! Now we are back at the library, but at least this picture and our sunburned faces will remind us of this great day. ⛵️☀️


The pandemic might have stopped us last year, but this summer we can finally do our annual works outing again! 🥳😎☀️
Sadly, this means the library will be closed on Friday, the 16th of July. Your books can be returned to other FU libraries.
Thank you for your understanding!


We are a tiny bit late to the trend but here comes our first Bookface attempt! Our newest staff member is the first to play guinea pig for it – drop by to see her real face✌😉


To keep up with all the important news in the library system during this special time, follow the FU Libraries' accounts on Twitter:
and Instagram: biblio_FUBerlin
We keep you posted!


Even if the weather is not exactly suitable for a holiday, the library will be closed tomorrow, May 13 (Ascension Day). See you on Friday!👋


Dear all! Please continue to take care of yourselves and others and please note the FFP-2 mask requirement in our library due to the updated Infection Protection Act – see here:
Thank you & stay healthy! ✌️😷

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