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German language courses in Germany & Austria Language courses are a great way to learn a new language or improve your skills. What are you waiting for?

They combine learning with traveling and allow you to experience the culture, the people and the sights of the country. If you want to learn German, language courses in Germany or Austria are perfect. You can choose from a variety of courses that suit your needs and interests. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, whether you want to prepare for an exam or just improve your communicat

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Get ready for 2024! Explore fees and starting dates online. We're thrilled to teach you German next year. Plan your language journey with us in Germany or Austria. Visit our website now! 🇩🇪 🇦🇹✨


Experience the enchantment of Christmas! 🎄✨ Ever wondered about the magic behind the presents? Uncover the yuletide debate: Santa Claus 🎅 or the Christ Child? Our latest blog article delves into their distinctions and the rich tapestry of traditions in Germany and Austria. Journey through the festive folklore and discover who steals the spotlight on Christmas Eve! 🌟🎁


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Mastering German takes dedication and patience. If you're learning German and eyeing Germany or Austria for language immersion, don't let distractions slow you down. Discover five essential tips in our blog to turbocharge your German learning journey. 🚀 Unleash your full linguistic potential today! 📚💬


🌟 Are you an international student or language enthusiast in Germany? 🌍 Want to make some extra cash to support your studies or treat yourself to some adventures?

📖 Dive into our latest blog article to discover a world of opportunities awaiting you as a foreign student or language learner in Germany. 🇩🇪 Learn about the requirements you need to meet and the essential tips to keep in mind for a successful side hustle. 🎓💼



The Importance of Leisure Activities in German Summer Camps

In our latest blog article, we delve into why leisure activities play a vital role in your child's language learning journey during a summer camp in Germany or Austria.

For children learning German as a foreign language, these camps offer more than just linguistic enrichment.

They provide a unique opportunity to discover the real-world applications of the language, fostering a deeper connection with German culture and building lasting friendships.

Learn why leisure activities are the key to making this language experience truly unforgettable.


Why is learning German in small groups in Germany and Austria the ideal choice? Learn how personalized attention and interactive instruction can boost your progress. Read our blog article for valuable insights and tips!


Discover the enchanting beauty of Vienna while mastering the German language, a skill that opens doors to Europe's heart. 🇦🇹✨

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of this magnificent city, explore its captivating history, and savor its culinary delights, all while attending our language school.

For more information, check out our new blog article... 📰

and don't miss your chance to secure your spot for 2024 at 2023 prices when you confirm your booking by November 15th. 🗓️💼

Vienna is calling, and an exciting linguistic journey awaits! 📞🌍🌟


Discover the Power of Short Trips to Germany 🇩🇪✈️

Thinking of a 1-2 week German learning adventure? 🤔💬

In our latest article, we'll show you why short stays can be incredibly rewarding! 🌟 Explore how these trips can supercharge your language skills in just days. Don't miss out! 🚀📚


Making the right choice when it comes to a German school in Germany is a pivotal step for anyone committed to mastering the German language. Amidst the various factors to consider, the size of the school and the class should not be underestimated.

In this detailed article, we explore how the size of the school and class can greatly affect your language learning experience. We'll explain why these factors are important and how they can make a big difference in your educational journey.


Have you ever wondered how you can provide your students with a learning experience that not only deepens their language skills, but also broadens their horizons and creates lifelong memories? If so, then class trips or group German learning trips in Germany or Austria are a great option. In this article we will give you an overview of what information we need to design a tailor-made offer for your students.


How long does it take to learn the most common German words? This is a question on the minds of many aspiring learners of German. In our new blog article, we explore realistic time frames and provide valuable tips. After all, the time it takes to learn the most common German words varies from person to person and depends on several factors. Check it out!


Die deutsche Filmkunst hat eine Vielzahl bedeutender Werke hervorgebracht. Die Auswahl fällt schwer, aber wir präsentieren Filme, die ein Muss sind, wenn man Deutsch lernt. Welche kennst du schon?

🇬🇧 German cinematography has produced a multitude of significant works. It's hard to choose, but we present films that are a must-see when learning German. Which of these do you already know?


You want to know how long it takes to learn German? That depends on many factors, such as your learning goal, your motivation, your method and your environment. In this blog post, you will learn how you can best use these factors to learn German quickly and effectively. You will also learn why it is particularly advantageous to learn German in Germany or Austria and which intensive courses we can offer you. Whether you want to learn in a relaxed or intensive way, we have the right solution for you. Read on and let us advise you!


Ever wondered where you can learn German while immersing yourself in a city that beautifully combines history and modernity? Dresden holds the key! 🌆

Discover why this captivating city should be your top choice for language learning and exploration. Unveil the charm of Dresden in our latest blog article.

Ready to embark on this language adventure? 📚🇩🇪



The top 5 reasons for a long-term language course in Germany

Do you want to speak German fluently and experience German culture first hand? Then a long-term language course in Germany is the perfect choice! Here are five good reasons why a language course in Germany is worthwhile:

✨ Encounter German language and culture:
In Germany, you’ll be immersed in the German language and culture every day. From the underground to the supermarket – you hear and speak German everywhere. As a result, you quickly gain a feeling for the language and your self-confidence.

✨ Authentic learning environment:
In Germany, you are surrounded by native speakers. The authentic learning environment allows you to expand your vocabulary and understand different accents. You will also learn about everyday life and the German way of life.

✨ Interactive lessons and cultural activities:
Our long-term courses offer interactive lessons that focus on communication. In addition, we organise cultural activities such as city tours and museum visits in most course locations to put what you have learned into practice.

✨ Experienced and dedicated teachers:
Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced in teaching German as a foreign language. They will provide you with advice and individual support in your learning process.

✨ New friendships and international contacts:
In our long-term courses, you will not only learn German, but also get to know people from all over the world. You’ll make new friends and build international contacts that can last a lifetime.

✨ Bonus point: Travel and discover
Germany offers a wealth of sights and cultural highlights. In your free time, you can explore the diverse cities, landscapes and traditions, putting your German skills into practice.


Where can you learn German better in Germany or in Austria?

Do you want to learn German and wonder whether you should go to Germany or Austria? Austria is a beautiful country with breathtaking nature and a rich cultural heritage. Maybe you have already been there on holiday. But you are not sure: Is the German spoken in Austria sufficient?

Discover why you don't have to choose between Germany and Austria to learn German. Our article clears up any uncertainties!


Breakfast holds special significance in Germany. It's not just a meal, but a time to savor and fuel up for the day ahead. Discover the cultural importance and delightful traditions of a typical German breakfast. Join us in exploring the rich flavors, regional variations, and unique aspects that make it a cherished part of German culture. 😍

From North to South: Cultural Diversity in Germany's Federal States 15/06/2023

What do you associate with Germany? Is it the famous beer and the lively Oktoberfest? Or do you think of the multicultural world of Berlin?

👉 Find out more in our new blog article. We'll take you on an exciting journey through all German federal states and discover the very special associations and characteristics that shape them.

😍 Be curious and let yourself be surprised by the unique characteristics of each state.

From North to South: Cultural Diversity in Germany's Federal States Discover the fascinating cultural diversity and the most important sights in Germany's federal states. From North to South.


Dear parents,

If you're considering booking a German course in Germany or Austria for your child this summer, now is the time to act! We have only a few remaining spots available, and they are limited to select locations. Most of our camps are already fully booked.

If you're still unsure, we encourage you to get in touch with us as soon as possible. The best way to reach us is via email, and we will gladly check the availability for your child. We don't want your child to miss out on the opportunity for an exciting and educational experience. ☺️

We also have a few spots left for teenagers without accommodation. For example, we offer German courses in Heidelberg in July (for children aged 6-17) or in Berlin between July 31st and August 25th, 2023 (for teenagers aged 14 to 17).

We understand that, as parents, you want the best for your child, and we are here to assist you. Seize this opportunity and provide your child with an unforgettable experience where they will not only improve their German language skills but also make new friends and gain cultural insights. 💛

Don't hesitate any longer! Contact us today to secure the available spots. We look forward to welcoming your child to our German course.

Warm regards,

The team at

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If you want to give your child an unforgettable and educational experience, then a language study trip to Germany or Austria is just the thing. Because here your child can not only learn a new language, but also discover a different culture, make new friends and have lots of fun.

The biggest advantage of a language trip is the early learning ability of your child. Your child can learn a new language best when they are young and exposed to the language in a natural environment. A language trip allows your child to actively use and improve the language by communicating and working with other children.

Early learning is just one of the many benefits that a language study trip offers your child. If you'd like to learn more about how a language trip can boost your child's development, confidence, and creativity, check out our blog article. There you will find a list of other reasons why a language trip is a must for your child. Get inspired!😊

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Hiking is more than just a hobby for many Germans. It is a way of life, a passion, and a national pastime. Nearly 70 percent of Germans go hiking every year!

Do you love hiking and want to make the most of your time in Germany? Then you should join one of the many hiking groups on Facebook and Instagram! They are a fantastic way to discover the amazing nature and culture of Germany, while practicing your German skills in real-life situations. You will also meet new friends who share your passion for hiking and adventure. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore Germany’s hidden gems and have fun along the way.



You want to improve your language skills, but a trip to Germany or Austria is not possible for you? No problem! 😀 With our online training programme you can learn German (as well as English and other languages) from the comfort of your own home.

You will meet learners from all over the world and be taught by experienced and highly qualified tutors in the virtual classroom. We also prepare you optimally for language exams.

Sign up for a free trial lesson today and discover the benefits of our online training programme!


How to learn German fast 🚀👇

Here's a tip that can help a lot, especially if you don't have a teacher or conversation partner:

Write down 10 words a day that you come across. Learn them and then add more details the next time you encounter them.

How does it work?

Imagine you're on your way to work. Your vocabulary for today is
fahren - to drive
die Leute - people
das Auto, -s - car
die Straße, -n - road
der Stau, -s - traffic jam
die öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel - public transport

Next time, repeat the words and add new ones, such as:

anhalten - to stop
die Hupe, -n - the horn
die Autobahn, -en - the motorway
gestresst - stressed
einsteigen - to get in

and so on.

In this way, you will quickly expand your vocabulary and, most importantly, learn vocabulary that you will need in your life.

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Common „Wie geht es dir?” („How are you?”) is a very useful phrase, but sometimes you can be fed up with it. ☺️ You want to use something more original that will open up a sincere conversation with other people. Check our list of 10 alternative ways to ask about somebody's frame of mind.

Alles gut bei dir? – Is everything good with you?
Geht es dir gut? – Are you well?
Was gibt's denn Neues? – What's new?
Wie läuft’s? – How's it going?
Na, wie geht’s, wie steht’s? – How’s it going, how’s it standing?
Was ist los mit dir? – What's going on with you?
Was geht ab? – What's up? What's happening?
Alles okay? – Everything OK?
Was macht die Arbeit? – How's work?
Wie fühlst du dich heute? – How are you feeling today?

If you are looking to expand your vocabulary and use something more original than basic „Wie geht es dir?”, try some of these phrases in your German conversations. Let us know which one you like best!

🇩🇪 🇩🇪


I love to sit down in a beer garden in the summer and watch people passing by. There are characters there! I often have to laugh heartily. 😀

Do you also like to observe other people?

Here are a few more examples of how you can use the word "beobachten" in everyday conversation:

🔸 Seit ein paar Tagen fühle ich mich beobachtet.
- For a few days I have been feeling watched.

🔸 Er beobachtete mich kritisch.
- He watched me critically.

🔸 Der Mann beobachtet mich aus der Ferne, aber spricht mich nicht an.
- The man watches me from a distance, but does not address me.

🔸 Wir sollen die Welt im Hier und Jetzt wahrnehmen, die Dinge akzeptieren, wie sie sind, nicht urteilen, sondern beobachten.
- We should perceive the world in the here and now, accept things as they are, not judge, but observe.

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If you have any doubts as to whether moving to Germany is a good idea – don't. It's one of the greatest European countries to live in. ☺️

👉 Despite the fact that prices are going up gradually, Germany is still quite an affordable country to live in with very reasonable costs of living.

👉 Comfortable public transport consists of buses, metro, trams, city and regional trains.

👉 If that is not enough, you can use your bicycle, as bike lanes are available almost everywhere.

👉 Efficient and reliable public healthcare system is something you cannot overestimate.

👉 Germany has one of the greatest education systems. Starting from primary school, going through secondary education and ending with university – you can count on a superb level of learning.

👉 With its more than 2000 castles and an abundance of small charming towns, the country has a lot to offer.

👉 Food cannot be skipped on our list. Coming to Germany, prepare your stomach for a real feast.

👉 Last but not least – being one of the strongest economies in the world, Germany is a serious choice for those who look for employment or want to start their own business.

Can you think of any other good reasons to move to Germany? 😀⬇ team

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Basements and attics - my goodness, I was so afraid to go there alone as a child. You guys too?

Here are a few more examples of how you can use the word "der Keller" in everyday conversation:

🔸 ein dunkler und feuchter Keller
- a dark and damp cellar

🔸 Eine lange Treppe führte in den Keller.
- A long staircase led to the basement.

🔸 Es handelt sich um einen unbeheizten Keller.
- This is an unheated cellar.

🔸 tief unten im Keller
- deep down in the basement

🔸 Im Keller befinden sich der Weinkeller und eine Garage.
- In the cellar there is the wine cellar and a garage.

🔸 Ein Keller erfordert viel Planung beim Hausbau.
- A cellar requires a lot of planning when building a house.

🔸 Bei uns im Keller stehen seit Jahren zwei Räder herum.
- In our cellar for years there are two bikes standing around.

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Deutsch lernen in Hannover 💛

Hannover ist eine wunderschöne Stadt in Niedersachsen. Sie liegt im Nordwesten Deutschlands und hat einiges zu bieten. In Niedersachsens Hauptstadt ist es ganz einfach, mit den Menschen ins Gespräch zu kommen und seine Deutschkenntnisse automatisch zu verbessern. Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten gibt es hier zur Genüge. Das prachtvolle Rathaus ist ein Bauwerk von 1913. Es gehört zu den schönsten und beliebtesten Gebäuden in Hannover. Die Stadt ist außerdem umgeben von vielen Grünflächen und Parkanlagen. Zudem liegt der idyllische Maschsee mitten in Hannover, der definitiv auch einen Besuch wert ist. Wer Hannover einmal besucht, fühlt sich sicherlich sofort richtig wohl. Besuche Hannover und mache dir dein eigenes Bild von der wunderschönen Stadt.

Learn German in Hannover 💛

Hanover is a beautiful city in Lower Saxony. It is located in the northwest of Germany and has a lot to offer. In Lower Saxony's capital, it is very easy to get into conversation with people and automatically improve your German skills. There are plenty of opportunities for further education here. The magnificent city hall is a building from 1913 and is one of the most beautiful and popular buildings in Hannover. The city is also surrounded by many green spaces and parks. In addition, the idyllic Maschsee lake is located in the middle of Hannover, which is definitely also worth a visit. If you visit Hannover once, you will surely feel right at home right away. Visit Hannover and make your own picture of the beautiful city.

Contact us for more information!

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"Du bist verrückt mein Kind! Du musst nach Berlin!" sagen wir in Deutschland. Irgendwie stimmt das schon. so viele verrückte Leute wie in Berlin findet man nirgendwo auf der Welt. 😅

Here are a few more examples of how you can use the word "verrückt" in everyday conversation:

🔸 Das ist eine verrückte Idee.
- That's a crazy idea.

🔸 Du musst verrückt sein, wenn du das glaubst.
- You must be crazy if you believe that.

🔸 auf verrückte Ideen kommen
- get crazy ideas

🔸 Ich werde verrückt!
- I'm going crazy!

🔸 Das war ein verrückter Tag.
That was a crazy day.

🔸 Er hatte Angst, verrückt zu werden.
He was afraid of going crazy.

🔸 Ich bin verrückt nach dir.
- I'm going crazy for you.

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„An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a worldwide known proverb, but Germans took it to heart and made an apple almost their national fruit. 😀

🍏 Apples are not only tasty, but also very healthy.

That's why 79% of Germans eat apples regularly with each person consuming almost 50 kilos of apples a year.

January the 11th is a German Apple Day since 2010. Thousands of apples are given free on this day to promote eating apples and support local producers.

🔸 Apfelstrudel
It's no surprise then, that apples are the main ingredient of many dishes and drinks, the most popular being an apple strudel.

Another delicious cake is an apple streusel, which is a kind of apple crumble. It is very popular in the cafes.

🔸Apfelspritzer / Apfelsaftschorle
As far as drinks are concerned we have got an apple spritzer – soft drink made from sparkling water and apple juice.

🔸 Apfelsoße
German applesauce is a very versatile foodstuff that can be used in baking as well as in savoury dishes.

Have you ever tried any of these German specialties? Which one tasted best? 😀⬇ team

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I hated my straight hair as a kid. I always wanted to have curls like my best friend Anna. Nowadays I see it completely different. No matter if long, or short, curly or straight, black or blonde.... I feel comfortable the way I am. 😍

Here are a few more examples of how you can use the word "glatt" in everyday conversation:

🌿 glattes Haar - smooth hair

🌿 eine glatte Haut - smooth skin

🌿 Es ist heute glatt draußen.
- It's slippery outside today.

🌿 Die Straßen sind glatt und gefroren.
- The roads are slippery and frozen.

🌿 Das Flugzeug ist glatt gelandet.
- The plane landed smoothly.

🌿 glatt wie ein Aal sein
- be smooth like an eel

🌿 Das ist alles glatter Unsinn.
- It's all slippery nonsense.

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Wollen Sie Ihr Schule/Universität zum Top-Schule/Universität in Berlin machen?

Klicken Sie hier, um Ihren Gesponserten Eintrag zu erhalten.

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Wollten Sie schon immer einen intensiven, spannend gestalteten Deutschkurs machen um sich privat oder beruflich weiterzubilden? Dann sind Sie bei uns genau richtig! Egal ob Standardkurs, Prüfungsvorbereitung oder Einzelunterricht: Wir helfen Ihnen dabei, ihren individuellen Sprachkurs in Deutschland und Österreich, zu organisieren! Unsere Sprachkurse beinhalten sowohl anwendungsorientierte Deutschkurse, als auch das Erkunden Deutschlands. Natürlich kümmern wir uns auch darum, dass Sie die für sie ideale Unterkunft zu finden! Hotel, Studentenresidenz oder Gastfamilie? Kein Problem! Bei uns finden sie alles! Selbstverständlich haben wir auch ein Angebot für wissbegierige Teenager. Unsere Sommercamps für Kinder bieten eine ideale Lernatmosphäre und dazu eine ständige Betreuung bei Ausflügen und sonstigen Freizeitaktivitäten!
Worauf warten Sie noch? Zögern Sie nicht, uns zu kontaktieren! Bei Fragen und Beratungen stehen wir Ihnen gerne zur Seite.





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Iberika Group / iberika Sprachschule/ Berlin Language Center Iberika Group / iberika Sprachschule/ Berlin Language Center
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GLS High School GLS High School
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GLS ist Austauschorganisation für den Schulbesuch im Ausland: Über 20 Gastländer weltweit, jede M

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Probiere mal etwas Neues aus! Wähle Deinen Kurs aus rund 3.000 VHS-Angeboten im Jahr - in Pankow.

GieselerStr. 30A
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EURASIA Institute Germany EURASIA Institute Germany
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EURASIA Institute is a certified language Institute in Berlin offering intensive German language prep

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Aprende Alemán es un grupo de autoayuda para aprender alemán. Un sitio de preguntas y respuestas d

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- Online-Unterricht - Konversationskurse - telc und Goethe Vorbereitungskurse

Alfa Almanca - Dijital Dil Okulunuz Alfa Almanca - Dijital Dil Okulunuz
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Almanca A1 - C1 öğretiyoruz ve öğrencilerimizin Almanya'da tanınan dil sınavlarına en iyi şe

Lernstudio Barbarossa Lernstudio Barbarossa
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Im Lernstudio Barbarossa bieten wir professionelle Sprachkurse und individuelle Computerkurse für

GermaNation GermaNation

Wir Sprechen über #Deutsch, #Studium, #Arbeit, #Kultur, ... 📍Berlin -Nachhilfelehrer 👨‍🏫🇩🇪 -Ingenieur