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It’s here!! Our new video, finally!! 🤩✨🤩

We had such an amazing shooting day and can’t me more thankful for our amazing dancers!! 🫶🏼

What do you think?? 😻

Check out YouTube:


Finally it’s here!!!! We couldn’t be more excited!! We’ve worked so long on this one together with Designer Sarah Masura 🤩✨

Big thank you to the entire crew!! This shooting day was one to remember ✨🙏🏻

Lui, Shinee and Anastasia

Hair and Make Up:
Artur Galeno

Milena Zara

Don’t forget to check out the full video on YouTube:


Our new Jazz Choreography by Candice Dewaele is here!! 🔥🔥🔥

Together with absolutely amazing Anthea Silverii and Anastasia Janay! ✨🫶🏼

Click here for the full Choreography:


We got inspire by Ciara’s Music Video Level Up! And here’s what Anita Castro came up with 🔥🔥

Check out the full Choreography here:

Which Music Video should we do next? 🤩

Choreographer: Anita Castro
Dancers: Paulina Chabier and Javiera Guerra


One reason we founded STAGE DANCE was the production process. 🎥

We absolutely love it to create our own visuals and to be in charge of the entire production process. Which gives as a lot of freedom ✨

But we equally enjoy the production for other dancers, companies and anyone in need for a video or film 🎞


We love our community 🫶🏼

That’s why we want to support you wherever we can! You are looking for dancers or choreographers for a project? Doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small. ✨ We are well connect and experienced in big Productions. So whatever you might need, we love to help you out! Just write us a message and we’ll see how we can help you! ☺️



We are obsessed with Liam, Greta and Karo!! Hopefully you to, because we have something special for you coming tomorrow 🫣💜

Photos from stagedance_eu's post 05/08/2022

who’s the boss?? Right it’s (as he thinks haha)

He’s the guy who’s behind STAGE DANCE, but he’s not the only one 👀😅


The summer break is over and we are back!!
Hotter then ever 🔥🔥🔥

Check out our latest video where Aleks Uvarov is exploring African Rhythms and moves with you!

Special thanks to Karolina Schneeberg and Dorothea Kranert ✨💜

Click here for YouTube:


What a look!!!! 👀 Ha ha was editing this trailer and find it funny, but also very professional! Dancers, learn from him!


Amazing Emma Werler! How much passion! Loving this energy!


Rehearsal before the shooting with Aleks Uvarov


How beautiful the Dancers are! New Hiphop Choreography coming up soon!


Isn’t she stunning? 🤩 🔥working with so many absolutely talented dancers and choreographers is an absolute blast and we couldn’t be more happy!

Soon also will teach you some moves! 🔜🔜🔜


Additional to the video we had a little photo shooting!! And look at her!! 🔥🔥🔥 was killing it!! 192948393%

What do you think?


AND HERE WE GO! Check out our NEW video on YouTube:

We are curios what you think, so leave a comment below! 💫

Photos from stagedance_eu's post 12/06/2022

More from our amazing shooting with designer .sarah ✨

Working with so many talented people together is awesome! The energy was 🔥❤️‍🔥🔥

Special thanks to Production Assistent and magical ✨🪩



HERE IT IS! Dan Revazov sexy High Heels Choreography! 😍

You can also find in on YouTube:

Anthea Silverii
Karoline Chmelensky .ky
Hanna Roos .11
Kim Gerke


Lernt gemeinsam mit JOHN die WINDMILLS auf unserem YouTube Channel! 🥳

John BerlinJohn Förster, Akrobat, Tänzer und Entertainer wird euch in diesem Video, step by step, zeigen wie man

Wir sind super gespannt, ob ihr es schafft! Also schreibt in die Kommentare oder schickt uns euer Video an [email protected] und wir teilen euren Erfolg auf allen STAGE DANCE Kanälen! 💫



And here is marvelous !! ❤️‍🔥

sarah did an amazing job by bringing our visions not just to life put on another level 💫

Special thanks to our Production Assistent and
Genius Hair and Make Up Artist ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥


Check out the new TAP DANCE Choreography from Aleks Uvarov for STAGE DANCE.🔥


That shooting was super special!! ✨ We had the idea to design our own clothes and .sarah made our ideas into real looks and pushed it to the next level! And seeing our vision become reality with amazing is just mind blowing 🔥

This teamwork was really amazing and the final results are beyond 💫

STAY TUNED, we can’t wait to share more with you!

Special thanks to our Production Assistent and
Genius Hair and Make Up Artist ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥


We have sooooo much more for you!!! 👯‍♀️

As we still work on the last bits and pieces technically we are happy to share more BTS with you! ✨

Here you can see and flashing us and hopefully you too! 🔥


Look and .conte_ 🤩 that was for sure one of the funniest shootings we had!

And we are sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we did! Stay tuned for our next choreography! 👀


We can’t wait to share our newest video with you tomorrow, so stay tuned!! 🤩🤩🤩

Wonderful who’s the Choreographer is dancing together with stunning ✨✨✨


We started 🔥 with our High Heels Choreography! But of course we’re just getting started!

What do you think comes next? 🕵🏼‍♀️

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