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Study abroad at the Center for International Programs, Universidad Veritas, Costa Rica.

The Center for International Programs at Universidad Veritas in Costa Rica has more than 20 years experience in receiving study abroad students from around the world. Students can choose between taking English or Spanish taught courses, learn Spanish, study with Costa Ricans or do an internship. They can enjoy all of Costa Rica’s culture and adventures and gain university credits through an experiential program!

Funcionando como de costumbre

Photos from Study Abroad VERITAS Costa Rica's post 19/10/2023

We had a visit from the Director Emi Kondo, who has been working on her National Geographic Society-supported investigation documentary since 2018. Her mission was to uncover the dark reality and reveal how Chinese development brought more than infrastructure to Latin America

The students had the opportunity to talk to her and enjoy the documental on class! 🤓🐆🌿

Photos from Study Abroad VERITAS Costa Rica's post 13/10/2023

Extracting Shark DNA 🦈 🧬 Service Learning Program in the Biomol Lab 🧪🧫🥼


We are very happy to start FALL, many exciting things about to start 🤓🙌🏻

Photos from Study Abroad VERITAS Costa Rica's post 24/04/2023

This semester, the students of MKTG 3010 International Marketing Management had a workshop with locals, they all created an event in Guanacaste: Pop Festival 2024 😍 🎉🎼


This semester, the students of ART2130 - Mural Painting and Public Art course presented an amazing final project😍👩🏻‍🎨🌈🖍️

Photos from Study Abroad VERITAS Costa Rica's post 24/03/2023

Birds and Sloth Watching, one of the extracurricular activities that we have at VERITAS 🦅🐦🐤🦜🦥☀️

Photos from Study Abroad VERITAS Costa Rica's post 16/03/2023

The students of GEB-3120 ENTREPRENEURSHIP & DESIGN THINKING course enjoyed a Ceramics Workshop, one of the activities of the course 😍👏🏮

Photos from Study Abroad VERITAS Costa Rica's post 15/03/2023

The group of Illinois State University had a great visit in PROBIO San Carlos 🤓🌱🪴☀️

Photos from Study Abroad VERITAS Costa Rica's post 07/03/2023

Today the students of the course of HHD 1050 Holistic Health Approaches had a great Lavender Workshop 🌱🌀😌


The tapir surprised the students of the ENV 2800 Permaculture for a Regenerative Culture and GEB 3500 Ecotourism: The Costa Rica Case courses during their fieldwork 🐗🌿😍

Photos from Study Abroad VERITAS Costa Rica's post 14/02/2023

Garden Veritas Club 🌏🌿🪴🌱🍃🪵❤️

We are thrilled to announce our new project, led by one of our international students, Rick Sapaans; this project has a sustainability and agroecological approach: Garden Veritas Club.

At Veritas, we will start with our garden by collecting organic waste; this space will also be helpful for education (practice), seminars, and relaxation.

The garden is a project for and by the international and Tico students; we are sure that with the volunteer help of everyone, the garden could eventually showcase educational information on water purification, Hügelkultur, composting, and even the Costa Rican pre-Columbian agriculture "Frijo Tapado" could be possible. The garden could have water features (frogs) and attract more pollinators (butterflies)

Photos from Study Abroad VERITAS Costa Rica's post 11/02/2023

Exploring “Cerro de la muerte“ a prominent hill that is part of the Talamanca mountain range, in the central mountainous axis of Costa Rica in the field trip of ENV 3044 Tropical Ecology 🦎🐸🦚🌱🍂🍃

Photos from Study Abroad VERITAS Costa Rica's post 11/02/2023

Enjoying the waters of Guanacaste on the field trip of ENV 3200 Marine Mammals of Costa Rica: Biology and Conservation ⛵️🐳🐬🦭🦈🌊


Have you ever seen a BABY TOUCAN? It is one of the species that you can see in the ENV 3100 Tropical Birds course. 🐦🦜😍😮


📍Site visit of GEB 3120 Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking: AUGE. 🏭🏬🤓💥

The Agency for the Management of Entrepreneurship of the University of Costa Rica.


Those are dogs that are trained to be SERVICE DOGS... They are a fantastic complement to release stress now that we are in the middle of the semester!! 😍 😊🐶🐕🐩❤️

Photos from Study Abroad VERITAS Costa Rica's post 01/02/2023

SUSD 3000 Sustainable Lifestyles: 9 Dimensions of Health Living😍🙌🏻🤓


Welcome to Costa Rica 🇨🇷🌎✈️


The adventure abroad is about to start 🥳🤩




Reference: David Osorio from James Madison University, USA 👏 🎬

Timeline photos 30/05/2022

This course introduces the major topics in ornithology, with an emphasis on the Neotropical avifauna. The course's major topics include the unique features that make Neotropical avifauna a highlight among bird studies, their evolutionary relationships, the high diversity of species in the Neotropics, and the natural history of Costa Rican birds. 🐦🐔🐝🐧🐔🐤🐓🌱☀

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Timeline photos 28/05/2022

El estudiante utiliza estructuras léxicas, sintácticas y fórmulas aprendidas, para mantener una conversación en diferentes situaciones de la vida diaria. Además es capaz de describir personas, lugares, narrar eventos e historias, destacar intereses y planes futuros. Este curso responde a la pregunta ¿Cómo comunicarse efectivamente en español en contextos cotidianos simples y personales? 🇨🇷 🌎 🙌

Timeline photos 26/05/2022

Ready for an amazing adventure this season? 😊🙌🇨🇷

Timeline photos 23/05/2022


Timeline photos 18/05/2022

This course introduces renewable energy resources and resource management, emphasizing the use of alternate energy sources such as solar, wind power, geothermal, and hydrogen. This course will consider society’s present needs and future energy demands, examine conventional energy sources and systems, including fossil fuels, and then focus on alternate, renewable energy sources and how to manage them. ⚡💥☀🌎

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Timeline photos 18/05/2022

This course highlights the importance of conservation biology in managing endangered marine species by emphasizing recent conservation efforts of umbrella species such as sea turtles and sharks in the Pacific of Costa Rica. Marine ecosystems of the eastern tropical Pacific provide a baseline source for high commercial interest species in satisfying humans' demand for food worldwide. However, numerous marine species are threatened by unsustainable human activities, such as overfishing and habitat destruction. 🐋🐳🐟🐠🐢🐡🌊

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Timeline photos 15/05/2022

his course is an introduction to the study of major environmental problems and social issues confronting modern society. Students will examine ecosystems, population patterns, dynamics; use and misuse of resources; population and environmental quality; environmental citizenship, economic incentives, and Costa Rican initiatives in eco-tourism. Introduce the student to environmental problems and their socio-economic implications in Latin America, using Costa Rica as an example. 🌎🐢🐊🐌🐳

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