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Berkeley Academy


Este inicio de clases te apoyamos con todo lo referente a Diseño, Impresión, Copias y empastes de documentos: Folletos, Antologías, Material didáctico y de apoyo.
Información al 7208-6739 / [email protected]
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Déficit de atención e hiperactividad !! TDAH COSTA RICA construyendo oportunidades es una página dedicada a la información y concientización del Trastorno por Déficit de Atención e Hiperactividad, una condición que puede presentarse niños, adolescentes y adultos, es importante detectarlo y atenderlo a tiempo, conoce como poder entender y ayudar a estas personas. Su objetivo es brindar información con apoyo de una evidencia científica actualizada, que permita conocer las características de estas personas y brindar herramientas para mejorar su calidad de vida.

Berkeley Academy is an exclusive, private (K-12) U.S.- Costa Rican AP/College Board Certified school

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Photos from Berkeley Academy's post 08/03/2023

What a wonderful way to celebrate our amazing and diverse school community! Berkeley Academy’s Family Day 2023 was a great success. Thank you to all parents, students, families, staff and friends for coming together! A special thank you to Mrs. Yorlenny Aguilar for making this event possible. See you all next year!


Berkeley Academy Family Day is here!!!

March 5th from 10 am to 6 pm
reserve your tickets by contacting our admin office today!


Counting down to Berkeley Academy’s Annual Family Day Celebration in February 2023! We hope to see you there!


Berkeley Academy’s Winter Celebration 2022!


🎄🎄Join us to celebrate our annual Christmas Holiday show tomorrow, Friday 2nd, at 7:45 am on Facebook live 🎄🎄


Cimarrona at Berkeley Academy!


As we get close to our first month of being back to school, we wanted to provide an event for parents to relax and enjoy a great evening! Next month on Sunday, October 9th @ 6:00pm we invite all Berkeley Academy parents and friends to an annual and exclusive (Berkeley Academy parents, community members and friends only) event featuring the Costa Rican singing legend Rogelio Cisneros and renowned national artist Marco Jara! RSVP by calling 2203-4261 or emailing [email protected]. Space is limited, so RSVP See you there!


Academic Classic Debate - Roe V. Wade

Academic Classic Debate - Roe V. Wade


Academic Classic Debate - Roe V. Wade

Academic Classic Debate - Roe V. Wade

Photos from Berkeley Academy's post 20/07/2022

Photos from Berkeley Academy's post


Berkeley Academy MUN



Come join Berkeley Academy, Municipalidad de Santa Ana, the U.S. Embassy, Costa Rican Rugby Federation, Costa Rican Basketball Federation, Costa Rican Surf Association, Scrum for Life, Santa Ana's Sports and Youth Committee, and the world champion Los Angeles Rams' Strength and Conditioning Coach Jermaine Collier this Saturday at 8:00am for a community initiative "Activate Santa Ana!" regarding prevention, sports and health in our community. There will be a basketball match and much more in Santa Ana's Sports Plaza. See you all there and GO PRIDE!


In just a few minutes, our Theater Presentation with Allan “Telemaco” Castro will begin! Stay tuned as we will stream via Facebook Live!

Photos from Berkeley Academy's post 01/03/2022

Post your favorite Berkeley Academy's Family Day picture and win a special prize!!!


Berkeley Academy Family Day 2022

Here's a special message from our wonderful Berkeley Academy students regarding Family Day this Saturday! Hope to see you all there!


A special message from a special guest! Looking forward to a wonderful Family Day!


We cordially invite our wonderful Berkeley Academy community to at Pedregal on February 26th, 2022! Conscious of all of the strict protocols and measures that our students and staff have to go through everyday at school, we hope that this year's Family Day will allow our students, staff and families to share a (safe) day with our family community outside of campus and outside of school hours. We hope you can make it a special day by being there with family and friends of the Berkeley Academy community. This wonderful event was made possible by ! GO PRIDE! Tickets are on sale now!


The History of Antisemitism in Costa Rica

Dr. Aaron Arguedas

Estudiantes discutieron estado de la juventud con candidatos presidenciales | Teletica 30/09/2021

Estudiantes discutieron estado de la juventud con candidatos presidenciales | Teletica

Teletica's coverage on Berkeley Academy Students for Civic Engagement (BASCE) presidential candidate panel - State of the Youth. Thank you for all of your support and coverage! A special thank you to Carlos Amador and Luanna Orjuela Murcia for supporting our Costa Rican youth!

Estudiantes discutieron estado de la juventud con candidatos presidenciales | Teletica Óscar López, Sergio Mena, Federico Malavassi y Greivin Moya compartieron algunos de los ejes principales de sus propuestas.

Estudiantes del Berkeley Academy organizaron debate presidencial 30/09/2021

Estudiantes del Berkeley Academy organizaron debate presidencial

Berkeley Academy Students for Civic Engagement (BASCE) making positive, national headlines in our community! Thank you for your article! Congratulations BASCE!

Estudiantes del Berkeley Academy organizaron debate presidencial Lea más en


Panel Presidencial

Berkeley Academy


Berkeley Academy's co-founder and Vice President, Yorlenny Aguilar, proudly represents Berkeley Academy and Costa Rica in a Central American Bicentennial celebration of independence, along with our outstanding students and social studies faculty - Professor Rodrigo Hernandez and Professor Sergio Cruz. GO PRIDE!


Berkeley Academy

Berkeley Academy

Resistiré (COVER) - Costa Rica 2021, Y Entertainment #PuraResiliencia 04/06/2021

Resistiré (COVER) - Costa Rica 2021, Y Entertainment #PuraResiliencia

With the recent dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases in Costa Rica, we support the campaign to promote heightened social distancing measures and protocols to reduce current COVID-19 infections in our community. Stay safe!! !!!

Resistiré (COVER) - Costa Rica 2021, Y Entertainment #PuraResiliencia Resistiré - Costa Rica, Y Entertainment (COVER) es una campaña para ayudar a los costarricenses a disminuir la tasa de infección por COVID-19 al adherirse a ...


For our parents and families that were not able to view our reintegration plan, you can find the document on our website under the COVID-19 Protocol tab. Or you can click on this link:


Here are some great Spring educational opportunities for Berkeley Academy alumni, seniors, and network from our friends at the International Center for Development Studies (ICDS)Costa Rica and Dr. Jorge Nowalski.


Berkeley Academy's cover photo


Berkeley Academy's cover photo


Berkeley Academy's cover photo


Berkeley Academy's cover photo


Berkeley Academy's cover photo


Berkeley Academy's cover photo


Berkeley Academy's cover photo


Berkeley Academy is holding an art contest from Grades 1-6! Celebrating World Animal Day and advocating on behalf of animals is an important issue brought to our attention in our school community by one of our outstanding parents, Diana Holder! Thank you for all that you do in making our community more aware and conscious of the lovely animals on this planet. GO PRIDE!


Berkeley Academy's cover photo


Berkeley Academy's cover photo

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