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We provide transformational education for changemakers, based at the UN-founded University For Peace.

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💫 New Course Alert!
'Empowered Communication' goes beyond words—it's a skill set that transforms relationships. Discover the tools to navigate various communication styles!

📣 Whether you're a professional in a communicative industry or simply eager to enrich your communication skills, this course is for you.

🗓️ Starting Feb 16th. Onsite at the beautiful UPEACE Campus in Costa Rica.


'Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.'

On Martin Luther King Day, let's remember the dream of a world where everyone is accepted and respected no matter what ✨


Transform your strengths into impact! Join our
"Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Social Change" course and gain skills to lead a sustainable venture.
JOIN NOW: https://bit.ly/3PEPuhV
🌟 Starting in Feb 6th
🥇 Facilitator: Shelley Bragg
🖥️ 100% Online


Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our online course 'Designing your Life: Innovating from the Inside Out.' https://bit.ly/3uEAVm8 🩻

🚀 Craft your personalized Life Design Plan and embrace a path to joy and purpose.

Guided by the extraordinary Gaby Cevallos, expert on social innovation and a certified coach 🌟 Starting January 30th 2024.


Start the new year right with one of our diplomas, in Social Innovation or Global Leadership. Get inspired by the stories of our accomplished alumni. Act now – the next cohort begins Feb 1st! 🌎🌟
🔗 https://bit.ly/3r7osGg



⚡️ Advance Your Career in 2024: Join Our Upcoming Courses at the Centre for Executive Education.
Sign up NOW! https://bit.ly/UPEACECourses 💥

*Designing Your Life: Innovating from the Inside Out – January 30, 2024 – online.
*Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Social Change – February 6, 2024 – online.
*Positive Leadership – February 15, 2024 – live virtual.
*Empowered Communication – February 16, 2024 – onsite.
*Regenerative Leadership – February 27, 2024 – online.


🎥 Hear from our facilitator Reshma Aziz Khan on what positive leadership really means. 🌟
Join now 🔗 https://bit.ly/44MqBoC

Lead with empathy, positivity, and strength. 🤝 Join our Positive Leadership course and transform your approach.

📅 Dates: Feb 15 - Mar 21, 2024
🌐 Live Virtual Course
⏰ Time: Every Thursday, 11 am - 1 pm ET (New York)
🏅 Certification: Get certified by the University for Peace, established by the UN General Assembly


Our GGH 2024 event is bringing you Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky as our keynote speaker!
🏆 Distinguished Professor of Psychology at UC Riverside and author of books published in more than 38 countries.

Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky’s research addresses core themes such as differences in levels of happiness and the benefits of happiness.
⬇️ Explore her influential books:

📚 The How of Happiness
Translated into 22 languages, the premise of The How of Happiness is that 50% of a given human's long-term happiness level is genetically determined, 10% is affected by life circumstances, and a remaining 40% of happiness is subject to self control.
✨ This impressive publication even led to an iPhone app and also a song!

📖 The Myths of Happiness
Published by Penguin Press, this remarkable piece unveils the keys to authentic happiness in life. With over 20 years of scientific precision, Dr. Lyubomirsky invites readers to evolve, fostering creativity and personality in the journey towards genuine happiness.

➡️ Join Us at GGH https://bit.ly/3EOiBsM


We're seeking an Academic Administrative Assistant. If you're organized, detail-oriented, and ready for a rewarding challenge, apply now.
Join UPEACE in fostering positive change! ✨🌐

🔌 https://bit.ly/3RqopOZ
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On International Human Solidarity Day, join us in celebrating the shared values of UPEACE and the UN—building bridges, fostering understanding, and promoting peace worldwide. 🕊️🤍

Discover the significance of this day:
🔎 The Millennium Declaration identifies solidarity as one of the fundamental values of international relations in the 21st Century. The UN General Assembly, convinced that the promotion of the culture of solidarity and the spirit of sharing is important for combating poverty, proclaimed 20 of December as International Human Solidarity Day.

Since then we use this date to reflect about unity in diversity, raise awareness of solidarity, and inspire actions against poverty. Let's stand together for a better world!


Dreaming of a career where you can thrive in a multicultural environment? Look no further! UPEACE is hiring an Academic Support Officer to play a pivotal role in our academic journey. 🌐🌟
More details here: https://bit.ly/3RqopOZ


🎧 Overheard in class 🎧
We take pride in creating spaces that foster this shared wisdom.

💐 Thank you everyone for your amazing participation in our courses this year!


Embark on a journey to design a life of meaning and fulfillment with our online course, 'Designing your Life: Innovating from the Inside Out.'
Gabriela Cevallos guides you through a transformative 4-week journey. Unlock strengths, cultivate appreciation, and join an international network of alumni.
➡️Sign up: https://bit.ly/3uEAVm8


Cheers to an unforgettable reunion! 🌟 🎄
Feeling grateful for the alumni that joined us at our holiday-inspired alumni get-together! It was great to connect with you again 🤍

for more activities! 🎁


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🌎 Network with a global community of changemakers
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Photos from UPEACE Centre for Executive Education's post 09/12/2023

Getting into the Christmas spirit at UPEACE! Today the University started their festive celebrations with a party for some local children. With fun, Christmas activities, and donated gifts, we hope they enjoyed their time on campus and wish them the best in the year to come 🎄🎅

Photos from UPEACE Centre for Executive Education's post 08/12/2023

This week we were delighted to kick-start a study abroad program with a wonderful group from St. George's University in Grenada. 🩺 They visited an indigenous community to learn and gain insights about rural health.
St. George’s University is a beautiful institution based in the West Indies. Their programs offer degrees in many fields ranging from medicine to public health, arts, and business.
We are very proud to welcome such a prestigious group!

Photos from UPEACE Centre for Executive Education's post 07/12/2023

🎉 Brace Yourself for today's GGH Awesomeness! 🚀
Hold onto your seats as we introduce the stellar lineup for the next GGH event in 2024.

🔍 Explore the Brilliance 🔍

*Ilma Nausedaite:
President and Founder of MailerLite and The Remote Company

*Paco Briseño:
Founder of Action4.earth Cofounder and Spanish Nodal Point of Regenerators Hub Spain

*Ann Shillingford:
Associate Professor at University of Central Florida

*Nish Banskota:
Founder and CEO of Nepal Tea Collective

*LoriAnn Stretch:
Director of Scholarly Engagement at University of the Cumberlands

*Raj Raghunathan:
Professor of Business at UT Austin, Author and MOOC Instructor

Join the happiness movement! 🌎✨

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*Varies based on your diploma progress.


🎧 Overheard in class: Join us in honoring the insightful thoughts expressed by our participants during our courses. 🤍 Thank YOU for always being so open to sharing!
🔌 Stay tuned for the next course dates!

➡️ End-Of-Year Sale is happening right NOW! https://bit.ly/47EspSN


Happy Army Abolition Day to Costa Rica! 🤍

🌿🇨🇷 On October 11th of 1949, Costa Rica made history and abolished the army by decision of the Founding Board of the Second Republic.

The budget previously dedicated to the military is now dedicated to providing health care services and education.

On October 23rd of 2013, at a ceremony held at the UN Headquarters in New York, Costa Rica was recognized as one of few states to have constitutionally abolished its armed forces and to have diverted the money into improving the environment, education and health.

➡️ So how is Costa Rica doing without an army?

📚 The education system in Costa Rica is regarded as of high quality and ranked 20th in the “Global Competitiveness Report” of 2013-2014. The country boasts a literacy rate of 95%
💉The country is ranked 36th in the world by the World Health Organization. Meanwhile, the United Nations places healthcare in Costa Rica within the top 20 in the world.
🦎Costa Rica has been a pioneer in greening its economy, and its efforts to fight climate change and restore ecosystems have earned the country international recognition. More than 98% of its energy is renewable, it is considered to possess the highest density of biodiversity of any country worldwide, containing 4 percent of species estimated to exist on the planet, and currently, 59% of its territory is covered by forests.

Photos from UPEACE Centre for Executive Education's post 30/11/2023

🎭 Get ready for a happiness boost! Announcing our next set of GGH speakers:

*Paula Dinaro
Healer and Entertainer

*Oscar Hernández
Senior Human Resources at ATL Technology Co-Founder of Global Skill Center

*Liliana Núñez
CEO of Institución para el Bienestar Qué y Cómo Certified Coach and Chief Happiness Practitioner

*Kevin Ryan-Young
COO & Founder of Synergy Squared’s A Million Dreams Project

�*Dionne Clabaugh
Founder of Angle 4 Solutions

�*Alexia Georghiou
Coach and Trainer Knoxville Happiness Coalition

BUY YOUR TICKETS: https://bit.ly/3EOiBsM
Six visionaries, one epic event—prepare for inspiration overload! 🚀


Ready to lead a life of purpose? 'Designing your Life' is here to help you discover strengths: https://bit.ly/3uEAVm8

➡️ Gain insights, build deep connections, and receive a certificate from our prestigious institution.

Photos from UPEACE Centre for Executive Education's post 28/11/2023

This past Saturday, visitors from Stanford's Extreme program ran a community building and Design Thinking workshop at UPEACE. In 2024, they will guide some 40 students through design projects with Costa Rican organizations to help them address challenges and meet local needs. At the Centre for Executive Education, we're proud partners!
Design for Extreme Affordability


🌟 Unlocking Well-Being: The Power of the PERMA Model

On this beautiful Monday, we want to share with you the fascinating realm of positive psychology: Martin Seligman's PERMA model 🧠✨.

🌐 What is the PERMA Model?
A theory woven with five intrinsically motivating components that contribute to your overall well-being.

🔍 Positive Emotions: Dive into joy, gratitude, and positivity every day. What's that special something that never fails to bring a smile to your face?

🤝 Engagement: Lose yourself in activities that capture your heart. What hobbies make time slip away, leaving you enchanted in the moment?

🏡 Relationships: Cultivate meaningful connections. How do you nurture your bonds with friends, family, and colleagues?

🧠 Meaning: Find purpose and significance in your actions. What gives your life a deep sense of meaning and fulfillment?

🎉 Accomplishment: Celebrate your achievements, big or small. What recent goals have you conquered?

🌐 Why is PERMA important? Well-being is not only valuable because it feels good, but also because it has beneficial real-world consequences. Compared to people with low well-being, individuals with higher levels of well-being live longer, have stronger immune systems and perform better at work.

Whether you're a student, professional, or lifelong learner, integrating PERMA principles can add a positive touch to your journey.

Share your thoughts on how PERMA could improve your daily life in the comments below. 🙂


Cheers to a season of gratitude! 🤍 This , we extend our thanks to the wonderful individuals who make up the community of our Centre for Executive Education. Your dedication to excellence inspires us every day. Happy Thanksgiving!

🎂 Fill your day with the gratitude and joy of getting yourself a ticket for the best Executive Summit ever! https://bit.ly/3EOiBsM

Photos from UPEACE Centre for Executive Education's post 23/11/2023

🎉 An Extraordinary Experience is happening soon! 🌟

On this beautiful Thursday we're excited to introduce to you 6 new GGH (Gross Global Happiness) presenters, and they are truly exceptional!

🌠 Meet the Innovators 🌠

*Nick Martin: CEO at TechChange and Professor at Columbia
*Amy B. Smith: Senior Education Consultant at Lehigh Valley Health Network, Professor at USF Health Morsani College of Medicine
*Shannon Murphy: CEO & Co-Founder of BrainSkills@Work
*Nate Harding: Founder of The Global Flourishing Catalyst Coalition
*Coralis Solomon: Assistant Professor at Mental Health Counseling Program, William & Mary
*Albena Pergelova: Associate Professor and Board of Governors Research Chair at MacEwan University School of Business

🎫 Secure your Tickets NOW: https://bit.ly/3EOiBsM

Here's your opportunity to be part of the happiness revolution! 🌍✨

We have big surprises prepared for you in Costa Rica! 🚀

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UPEACE Campus In El Rodeo
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Aeroformación de Costa Rica Aeroformación de Costa Rica
Edificio Vista Azul, Sabana Norte. Avenida 13A, Edificio Vista Azul, Avenida 13A Oficinas 2
San José, 10108

Somos una empresa dedicada a la orientación y formación de hombres y mujeres en el campo aeronáutico con los más altos estándares académicos.

Vicerrectoría de Vida Estudiantil Vicerrectoría de Vida Estudiantil
San Pedro, Montes De Oca, Cuidad Universitaria Rodrigo Facio, UCR, Edificio Administrativo A, 4° Nivel
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Creando oportunidades de crecimiento

Logos Academia Logos Academia
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Academia con más de 10 años de preparación para las pruebas de Admisión a las universidades estatales

Carrera Sistemas de Información en Salud-UNED Carrera Sistemas de Información en Salud-UNED
Edificio A 5 Piso, Escuela De Ciencias Exactas Y Naturales Mercedes De Montes De Oca San José 474-2050
San José, 114230402

#UPública formando talento humano calificado en Sistemas de Información en Salud para Costa Rica.

Calculando juntos Calculando juntos
San José

Es una pagina con fines educativos, abarcando material desde preparatoria hasta nivel universitario

Ulacit IQI Ulacit IQI
Barrio Tournón
San José

La ingeniería química está orientada a la transformación efectiva, a gran escala, de materias pr

Instituto Profesional Cosvic Instituto Profesional Cosvic
San José
San José, 10101

Excelencia académica, con docentes y laboratorios de primer nivel y avalada por las acreditaciones

San José
San José, 10102

Somos la primera Universidad a nivel nacional con todas la carreras completas en Belleza, nuestra In

HDP- Historias de Profes HDP- Historias de Profes
San José
San José, 10109

Un programa de radio en donde mostramos la otra cara de la moneda, que padecen los profes en clase.

RU Costa Rica - Estudia en Rusia RU Costa Rica - Estudia en Rusia
San Jose
San José, 10102

​RUSSIAN UNIVERSITY tiene como fin brindar a jóvenes del mundo entero la oportunidad de realizac

Universidad De
San José

Proyecto de Acción Social de la Universidad de Costa Rica, desarrollado desde el Centro de Investig

Sarai Nail's Academy Sarai Nail's Academy
Del Mercado De La Coca Cola, 150 Mts Al Este, Contiguo Al Centro Comercial Uno
San José

Somos una academia manicurista que desarrolla talleres, cursos y seminarios con la mayor experiencia