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Happy birthday to me! I am
grateful for all the opportunities I've had to grow and develop this year. I am grateful for every door that was closed, because it was not the right path for me. I am going to carve time out of all the busyness this coming year, and quiet my mind. I am going to reflect on who I am, and who I want to become. I will discover me.

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I am truly grateful for the grace and divine plan that God has bestowed upon my life. It is a remarkable testament to His love and mercy. In the grand scheme of things, many may hold positions of power and authority, considering themselves as kings upon their thrones. However, it is essential to remember that only Yeshua, our Lord and Savior, will endure for eternity in His Kingdom, which has no end.

The presence of God's grace in our life reflects His benevolence and provision. His plan guides us towards fulfilling your purpose and experiencing His abundant blessings. It is a testament to His infinite wisdom and love for us.

Remember, even in the midst of challenges and trials, God's grace remains steadfast. He is faithful in every season and circumstance, offering strength, comfort, and hope. Through His grace, we can find solace, encouragement, and the assurance that His plan for your life is ultimately for your good.

May you continue to recognize and appreciate the magnitude of God's grace and plan over our life. Embrace His love, trust in His guidance, and walk confidently in the path He has set before us. His Kingdom is eternal, and His blessings are abundant.



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THE SYLLABUS AND THE QUESTION NUMBERSPAPER IICAMEROON SINCE 1800SECTION A: 1800 – 1922 QUESTION 1This question has two main topics that are always set. It is either PopulationMovement or States and Kingdoms in the 19th century.Topic 1; Populati...

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*1. The League of Nations could not function as an effective instrument of Collective Security in the 1930s because of its numerous shortcomings, how far is this true?*


*A two sided question centred on reasons for the inability of the League of Nations to function as an effective instrument of Collective Security in the 1930s for the first part and successes recorded by the League of Nations in the 1930s for the second part.*


The League of Nations was an international peacekeeping organization created shortly after the First World War. It was created in 1919 during the Paris Peace Conference aimed at bettering the political, economic and social lives of the people of the world. This organization went operational on 10 January, 1920. Its main objectives were to provide a mechanism for the preservation of world peace, guarantee the independence and security of member states, promote universal disarmament administer the territories seized from Germany after the First World War and above all settle disputes among member states through arbitration. In the 1930s, the organization was unable to function as an instrument of Collective Security because of its numerous shortcomings but yet still succeeded in maintaining world peace to an extent in the 1930s.


*The inability of the L.O.N to solve crisis that were tabled to it made the organization to be given ugly the league of false hopes and a toothless bull dog that could back but not bite. The following reasons account for the league’s failure.*

 In the first place, the league failed to maintain peace and security because its covenant was linked to the different treaties that were signed in 1919 during the Paris peace conference. Some of these treaties included the Versailles treaty, saint Germaine, etc. countries that signed the treaty look upon the league as an organization formed by the victorious powers to punish them. Consequently they fled less concern to respect the League of Nations.

 Also, the structure and composition of the league also contributed to its failure. The league had two main organs namely the assembly and the council which took decisions based on unanimous agreement. Also, within the league members irrespective of their size had equal representation and voting rights. The effect of this was that it slowed down the pace at which decisions were to be taken.

 Added to the structure and composition was the absence of a standing army to enforce the league’s decisions. The military actions of the league were solely depended on the good will of its members. Due to this weakness, the league was often referred or regarded as a toothless bull dog.
 Furthermore, the American policy of isolationism also handicapped the league. The absence of the U.S in the moral financial and military support that would have otherwise raised the prestige of the organization. Her absence made the league to be dominated by Britain and France who had conflicting views on major issues and also made aggressors not to fear anything.
 Also, the absence of major powers caused a power vacuum in the league. Major Powers like Italy who were a founding member of the league failed to support the organization. She instead withdrew and became an aggressive nation. Germany who also joined the league in 1926 withdrew in 1933 and began carrying out aggression. They weakened the league thus its failure in 1945.

 More so, the effects of the great depression of 1929 also caused the death of the League of Nations. As a result of this depression, European nations were faced with a lot of domestic problems like inflation, unemployment because they could no longer trade with America from where the depression started. As a result, most of them were concentrating in solving their domestic problems rather than supporting the league.

 The activities of aggressors in Europe and beyond also hampered the league. Aggressors like Hi**er, Mussolini who colonized minor countries weakened the league. The militaristic of tendencies of these aggressors and the policies of striving to expand and rearm greatly shattered the principles of the peaceful co-existence propounded by the league. This made the league to become helpless when the aggressors started their aggressive policies.

 Finally, the policy of appeasement that was adopted by Britain and France to satisfy aggressors instead helped in weakening the league. This was because major issues which were supposed to be discussed within the auspices of the league were discussed out of the organization. For example, the Munich conference of 1938 which sacrificed Sudetenland to Czechoslovakia. Also, though appeasement, the aggressors became insatiable and more aggressive because the policy only wetted their appetite.


*Despite the failure of the L O Ns because of its shortcomings in the 1930s as seen above, nevertheless it recorded some minor successes in the 1930s as examine below.*

 To begin, in 1932 some Peruvians took over control of Leticia which led to fighting, the League sent a commission to negotiate peace. The Peruvian government withdrew it’s from the area and Columbia once more took control of the territory.

 Another successes was recorded in 1932 when the League solved the border dispute between Bolivia and Paraguay over the area called Chaco. The league s cease fire was respected and this brought fighting to an end.

 Finally In 1935 after fifteen years of successful administration of the Saar, the L.O.N organized a plebiscite in the area as prescribed by a provision of the Treaty of Versailles. The people of the Saar voted to join Germany in this plebiscite.


To conclude, by 1940s the league’s weakness led to the outbreak of W.W.II which equally led to the collapse of the organization in 1945 and it replacement with the United Nations Organization in 1946.



1. Exceptionally Britain and France extended the First World to Cameroon because of the following reasons.
A) To take control over German resources in Cameroon.
B) To guarantee the independence of Cameroon from Germany.
C) To take control over the strategic Douala port.
D) To weaken the Germans to easily defeat them in Europe.



The French mandate in Cameroon effectively started on *July 20th 1922.* France ruled the territory as a colony and as part of French Equatorial Africa. The head of administration in French Cameroon was the high commissioner who was appointed by the French minister for colonies. There were seven high commissioners in French Cameroon during the mandate period. These were Gaston Henri Cadre (1919-1923).




Population movement refers to the widespread displacement of ethnic and tribal groups from one geographical region to another in the course of the 19th Century in Cameroon.
Before the 19th Century, migration was mainly voluntary but during the 19th century, most migrations were involuntary.
The general direction of movement was from the north to the south and movement was often in waves or groups.
The ethnic or tribal groups that often migrated included the Bantu, (These are people of the Coastal region of Cameroon and the include the Duala, the Bakweri, the Bafaw, the Balong etc They occupy the present day South West and Littoral regions of Cameroon.) .
Semi- Bantu (the semi-Bantu generally refers to as the Western Grassland that is the North West, West and part of the South West regions of present day Cameroon. It is inhabited by origin such as the Chamba, the Tikar, the Widikum, and the Aghem etc.) and the Fulani.
These migrations were caused by either push factors involuntary or forceful factors that compelled people to move) or pull factors (voluntary or attractive factors that encouraged people to move).

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The Germano-Duala Treaty July 12 1884.

It was the treaty of annexation signed between the German traders led by Edward Schmidt of the Woermann firm and the Duala rulers led by King Akwa. The German traders who signed the treaty
as witnesses included Johannes Voss, Edward Woermann and Herr Busch. The Duala kings who equally signed as witnesses included King Bell, Elame Joss, Looking Glass Bell, Big Jim Akwa and
Joe Garner Akwa. Prince Lock Priso of Hickory town refused to sign the treaty. The right of sovereignty, legislation and administration of the territory named Cameroon that extended from the River Bimbia on the North of the Cameroon River to Qua-Qua on the South to 4° 10 North latitude was ceded to the German traders on the following conditions:

1.Reservation of the right of a third party ie the territory could not be ceded to a third party.

2.Former treaties of friendship and commerce to remain in force.

3. The land and villages to remain the private property of the natives.

4.Natives to retain their laws and customs.

5.Annual payments to the kings and chiefs as in the past.

6.Local customs and usages to be respected.

N.B: Some clauses of the Kings' Memorandum were omitted in the Germano-Duala treaty such as the
right of native middleman trade monopoly, no torture, forced labour or arbitrary arrest as well as no duties or taxes on their domestic animals.

- Dr. Gustav Nachtigal who was sent out to annex Cameroon did not sign the treaty.

On Monday July 14, 1884, Johannes Voss handed the treaty to Dr. Nachtigal and the German flag was hoisted in Douala.

- Consul Hewett (the British Consul) dispatched for annexation mission by the British government arrived “Too late” on Saturday July 19, 1884 after Cameroon has been made a German protectorate.



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