Stephen Angetaboko Foundation Academy

Stephen Angetaboko Foundation Academy

STEPHEN ANGETABOKO FOUNDATION ACADEMY(SAFA) is a registered non-profit educational institution in k’b

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Photos from Manyitaku Foundation Of Hope's post 13/10/2022

Vocational training all the way 🙏🙏


School for the underprivileged. Free education for orphans and disabled. There should be no boundaries in terms of education. Education promotes gender equality and helps create a society that empowers the underprivileged. Education reduces child labour. Education can eradicate social evils like child marriage etc…. Kids who are educated can communicate effectively.
Stephen Angetaboko Foundation Academy has come to stay. Inspired by my grandfather STEPHEN ANGETABOKO (in blessed memory)who made sure that everyone around him not only his own children gets better education even if it means for him to stay hungry. Come 2023/2024 academic year SAFA will go operational. Special thanks to GOD almighty for making this a success. Preparations underway….….


2021 was somehow a great year for Stephen Angetaboko Foundation Academy though challenging.

Together with you all, we put smiles on so many faces most especially the IDPs through education.Despite a few challenges, we conquered thanks to your support and prayers.

As we look back on the memories, the time spent together, it gives us the zeal to do more in 2022. Yes we made it to 2022.

We extend profound end of year gratitude to all our sponsors, donors, supporters and to all who have been there with us spiritually, morally, financially and otherwise. From our hearts, we are deeply grateful!

We aim to kick-start our educational institution this 2022/2023 academic year in Douala to be precise and head office in Buea. We are now a registered organization with legality to operate in the country.

Stephen Angetaboko Foundation Academy is hoping to provide free education to the underprivileged, IDPs and orphans. Join us now to sponsor a child through education.God bless you!

Happy new year 2022.


Easter is all about peace, forgiveness, love, and be thankful for all the gifts of Jesus.
Let’s spread love to the world through music 🎵.

Happy Easter 2021!


Have you set your financial goals for the year 2021?

Some guiding principles to help you set your financial goals:

1. Don't be too ambitious to set financial goals that you can't accomplish. Let it be (S)pecific, (M)easurable, (A)chievable/ttainable, (R)ealistic/elevant, and (T)ime bound. So set a long term goal using the SMART model and break it down to yearly goals that you can track your performance.

2. Spend when you need to but not you want it. There is a difference between your needs and wants. Needs in the long run add value to your life. On the other hand, wants do not add value to your life in the long run but can give you instant gratification.

3. Draw your financial plan for the year. Only use financial inflows that you are certain of. For example, your monthly salary if you think you will be in your employment for the entire year. Also, use those expenses(outflows) that are must to be fulfilled no matter what. For example, paying your utility bills every month.

4. Block all financial leakage. The worse culprit of financial leakage in our lives is our behavioral addictions.

5. Acquire new skills and trade them to earn additional income aside what is already assured through your regular job.

6. Discipline yourself to spend less than what you earn. For example, you can cap your expenditure at 40 percent of monthly income earned. Stick to it no matter what.

7. Lock a percentage of your unused income in a short term investment product with a history and delivered over the years. For example, you can use 40 percent of the earned income monthly.

8. Dedicate some of your earned income to charity, faith and social work to increase your social importance and value. We are all a product of the society. For example, use the remaining 20 percent for this.

9. Reduce the number of people who depend on you for financial supports. Rather work with them for them to become financially independent and productive. Your synergy with someone who is financially independent and productive will grow your finances faster and healthier.

10. Read books, listen to audios, and videos on financial literacy.

11. Belong or form money club where individuals funds are contributed into a pool for a common investment. But it must be people of trust.

12. Avoid debts if you can and unnecessary borrowing. It hangs your financial goals and create uncertainty.

I hope the above points will serve you better in your attempt to establish your financial goals for the year.

May you become wiser, disciplined and prosperous by adhering to good financial advices and practices.

Copied: Shema Tetteh


Merry Christmas to all the SAFA Family. Wish you all the best this festive period. Have fun and be happy.


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