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Prof. Elaine M. Huang

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We decided to officially abandon ZPAC page.

This group page will still be online, but there will be no more activities.

If you wish to keep in touch, use our LinkedIn Group page.


We're happy to announce that ZPAC members have two full papers at CHI 2016. In the first paper, "Integrating the Smart Home into the Digital Calendar", Sarah, Elaine, and their colleague at Microsoft Research investigate visualize smart home data using a calendar metaphor. In the second paper, "Trigger-Action Programming in the Wild",sSarah and her colleagues at Brown University and Carnegie Mellon University, studied the ecosystem of trigger-action website IFTTT.

Moreover, we will demo VibroVision, a vest for blind users that renders the visual scene in front of the user with a 2D vibration image on the torso. We will also present a poster about Grabrics a fabric input controller. These works are the collaboration between Chat and his colleagues at RWTH Aachen University.

Christian is going to attend a workshop that brings together researchers from Sustainable HCI to reflect on the challenges the field is facing and collaboratively collate and develop a set of patterns for SHCI research.



Thesis and project topics for summer break 2016
We have opened two topics opening for master thesis or master projects:

AnnoTracer aims to extract highlights and scribbles on printed paper in a computer-readable format.
VR Game with muscle stimulation feedback allows students to design a game of their choice to participate in UIST 2016 Student Information Contest.
For more information, check our project topics page.

UZH - People and Computing Lab - Thesis and Project Topics Available thesis and project topics

ZPAC 04/06/2015

It was about time for a new picture!

Smart for Life, a CHI 2015 workshop 16/12/2014

We're happy to announce that ZPAC members have two full papers at CHI 2015, as well as a workshop ("Smart for Life: Designing Smart Home Technologies that Evolve with Users") and an entry in the doctoral consortium!

The papers are "Bridging the Theory-Practice Gap: Lessons and Challenges of Applying the Attachment Framework for Sustainable HCI Design" by Christian, Silke and Elaine, and "Real-World Affinity Diagramming Practices: Bridging the Paper–Digital Gap" by Gunnar and Elaine. (The similarity in the titles is a total coincidence, we promise!)

Smart for Life, a CHI 2015 workshop

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