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EF Schweiz - Sprachreisen
EF Schweiz - Sprachreisen

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Life the greatest teacher
Life the greatest teacher

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Teacher tip of the week 🚀🍎


Jane Kaskova, EF Teacher Training Manager in Zurich, shared her favorite quote, adding that it reminds her of the importance for teachers to go far beyond, igniting their students' passion and fostering a love for learning.
Thank you, Jane!

Daily mindfulness for students: 6 activities ‹ EF Teacher Zone 01/03/2024

🍎 Check our latest blog post to get amazing tips of daily mindfulness activities for your students!

Daily mindfulness for students: 6 activities ‹ EF Teacher Zone It's not only teachers who can feel stressed during class (or life!). These six activities are on hand to help students reconnect and move forward.


🌟 Looking for a fun speaking exercise for your class? Try this engaging activity to boost speaking skills!

Join our global community of educators: https://www.ef.com/wwen/tz/


Boost English fluency in class: encourage speaking activities that make learning fun and interactive! 🗣️📚


🌍✨ Wisdom from our EF Director of Academic Affairs in Zurich.


🌐✨ We're crafting our next Spring Webinars for teachers worldwide, and we want to hear from YOU. Share your dream topics in the comments below. 🗣️


👂✨ Elevate classroom engagement with this game-changing tip! Turn ordinary listening exercises into extraordinary moments of learning.


Merry Christmas, amazing teachers worldwide!🎄
Thank you for being part of our amazing community. Get ready for an exciting new year with a lot of surprises coming! 🎁

Reduce teacher stress with these 7 daily mindfulness tips ‹ EF Teacher Zone 05/10/2023

Teacher Tip Thursday: Reduce Stress with Mindfulness 🍎✨

Ever wondered how to navigate those stressful moments? Our blog post "Reduce teacher stress with these 7 daily mindfulness tips" has got you covered!

Click the link to read the full article! ✨

Reduce teacher stress with these 7 daily mindfulness tips ‹ EF Teacher Zone Is "learn about mindfulness" on your to-do list? Well, promote it to number one and get started with these seven tips for mindful teachers.


Did you know we have a library full of free teaching resources waiting for you on the Teacher Zone? From classroom materials to academic activities and lessons, we’ve got it all covered!

Download your free resources today 📚

Free English classroom materials | EF Teacher Zone With our world map you can easily illustrate where languages are spoken. It’s a perfect conversation starter in your language classroom.


We are delighted to invite you to an exclusive masterclass on "Giving feedback in English class", on Thursday September 21st at 17h00 CET, hosted by Jane Kaskova.

Jane is Teacher Training Manager at EF Teach Online, a Cambridge Examiner at CEL-Cambridge English Languages and a trainer for teacher development courses internationally.

Click here to sign up: https://efeducation.wufoo.com/forms/m1mlphgh1pvvqrf/

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Selnaustrasse 30
Andere Sprachschulen in Zürich (alles anzeigen)
EF Schweiz - Sprachreisen EF Schweiz - Sprachreisen
Selnaustrasse 30
Zürich, 8001

Bestelle eine Gratisbroschüre: http://www.ef-swiss.ch/fp/brochure/02/select-programs/

Sprachschule Yang - Chinesisch und Japanisch lernen in Zürich Sprachschule Yang - Chinesisch und Japanisch lernen in Zürich
Kalkbreitestrasse 69
Zürich, 8003

Lernen Sie Chinesisch und Japanisch in Zürich. Privat- und Gruppenkurse. Level A1 bis C2.

SAE Zürich SAE Zürich
BuckhauserStr. 24
Zürich, 8048

SAE wurde 1976 als School of Audio Engineering gegründet. Ende der achtziger Jahre begann SAE, das

German Academy Zurich German Academy Zurich

German language school with innovative digital courses. Visit our website to learn more!

DieguteLehrerin.ch DieguteLehrerin.ch
Hotzestrasse 29
Zürich, 8006

Deutsch und Russisch lernen - persönlich, unkompliziert, wirkungsvoll.

Jordi's Deutschkurs Jordi's Deutschkurs
Zürich, 8001

Ich heiße Jordi und bin Deutschlehrer Zürich. Unterrichte bereits seit vielen Jahren Deutsch und v

GoGerman GoGerman

Follow me on https://www.instagram.com/gogerman.ch/ and learn more!

Professional Language Center Professional Language Center
Am Schanzengraben 15
Zürich, 8002

Die professionelle Sprachschule im Herzen von Zürich.

Skype Language School Skype Language School

Who are we? We are a team of 25 seasoned language professionals from Europe, Asia & the Americas, al

DC English DC English
Tobeleggweg 21
Zürich, 8049

English coaching with me, Douglas Currie. 1-2-1 or groups. Online or in Züri. Business or leisure.

Italiano-con-Sarah Italiano-con-Sarah
Zürich, 8051

Lerne Italienisch in Zürich. Sarah ist seit rund 15 Jahren als professionelle Italienischlehrerin in Zürich tätig und freut sich darauf, dich zu unterrichten.

Alami Arabic Alami Arabic
Kalchbühlstrasse 2
Zürich, 8038

I am an experienced Arabic teacher and Teaching Coach who truly puts students' individual needs at the heart of his teaching. For six years now I have been teaching Arabic as a foreign language at all levels with great pleasure.