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Are you intrigued by the world of start-ups? Does founding your own company one day sound like a path you’d like to pursue? Join us for our Career Panel 2024! ✨💙

We’ve organised a group of accomplished speakers who will share their experience as founders of start-ups. They will provide insight into the hurdles they’ve faced and overcome, enlighten us about what it takes to successfully start a company and give advice to those who are considering a similar track.

There will be an apéro, so make sure to sign up so we can prepare enough food and drinks! 🥂

We look forward to seeing you there 🥰

* 📅 Tuesday, 7 May
* 🕓 16:30 - 17:30, followed by an apéro
* 📍 CAB H floor, Food&Lab
* ✏️ Sign up in our bio
* 👥 Every member of D-INFK is welcome


Are you thinking about whether doing a PhD would be an interesting next step for you? Then come and chat with women that are currently doing a PhD at our department. Over an informal lunch, you will have a great opportunity to ask all the questions you might have about the life and experience of a PhD candidate.

 📅 Thursday, 18. April
 🕕 12:00 - 14:00
 📍 CAB H52
 👥 All members of D-INFK welcome
 ✏ Sign up here: https://lnkd.in/eXnV3rpF


Celebrate a great milestone with us - CSNOW’s 3️⃣0️⃣ year anniversary!

👩‍💻 This event highlights the enduring contributions of women in Computer Science, spanning academia and industry landscapes.

We’re proud to feature an impressive lineup of speakers, including:
✨ Prof. em. Dr. Sarah Springman, Principal of St Hilda’s College, Oxford and former rector of ETH Zürich
✨ Lucia Terrenghi, PhD, UX Director at Google
✨ Prof. Dr. Mihaela van der Schaar, professor at the University of Cambridge, specializing in Machine Learning, AI, and Medicine

These leaders will share insights on the evolution and future of women in this dynamic field. This will be followed by a panel discussion additionally featuring ✨ Prof. Dr. Olga Sorkine-Hornung, professor at ETH Zürich specializing in Visual Computing, alongside D-INFK students.

💫 Join us for an evening of inspiration and recognition as we reflect on past achievements, present endeavors, and future possibilities for (not only) women in Computer Science. It’s a celebration and an exploration, open to ALL who are passionate about the progress and potential of the field.

🥂 After the talks, an apero will follow, offering a chance for attendees to network and celebrate in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere.

📅 Mark your calendar for this special event - a tribute to the women who have shaped, and continue to shape, the world of Computer Science!


🥂 This week we will be holding the CS Women’s Meetups in BQM! Take the opportunity to connect with other female CS peers who are studying with you 👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻

the Masters meetup will be this Tuesday ✨
the Bachelors meetup will be this Thursday ✨

🍸🍹🍺 The first round of drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) will be on us so make sure to arrive on time!

We look forward to seeing you there! 🪩💃


🌸 Join us this Friday for croissants and good company to celebrate International Women’s Day 2024!

🥐 We will be giving out free baked goods from 9:00 in CAB floor G until we run out. So don’t be late!

See you there ✨🩷

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Join us at our next event: the Conflict Resolution Workshop! 💼 💬

✨ When? : 16:15-17:15, 5th March 2024
✨ Where? : Food&Lab, CAB
✨ Sign-up form: Go to our LinkTree in our bio!

Run by Jessica Aguilar, the head of the entreprise talent acquisition at Zurich group, you will learn to tackle difficult scenarios in the workplace. These include negotiating your salary, dealing with negative feedback, along with many more. The event will be accompanied by an apéro. We look forward to seeing you there! 🤗


👩‍💻 Möchtest du mehr über das Informatikstudium erfahren und herausfinden, ob es etwas für dich ist? Willst du einen direkten Einblick haben und die Erfahrungen aktueller Bachelor- und Masterstudierenden kennenlernen? Dann nehme am Schnupperstudium teil und verbringe eine Woche mit uns auf dem ETH-Campus!

Was dich erwartet:
✨ Diverse Vorträge von ETH-ProfessorInnen und MitarbeiterInnen
✨ Coding-Workshops mit CSNOW-LeiterInnen
✨ Einen Besuch am Google-Hauptsitz in Zürich
✨ Ein Hackathon mit Preisen
✨ Gesprächsrunden mit ETH-Studierenden
Und vieles mehr!

Den Anmeldelink findest du in unserer Bio. Mehr über das Schnupperstudium erfährst du auf unserer Website, der Link ist auch in unserer Bio 🥳

⚠️ Anmeldungen sind bis zum 4. Februar möglich!


Get to know your professor! This edition, we will welcome Prof. F***y Yang, whom most of you know from the Introduction to Machine Learning course or the Data Science Lab. Join us as we discuss topics such as her academic path, her research, work-life balance, and many more, in a casual setting followed by an open Q&A forum. We will provide drinks and snacks — so please sign up (non-binding) if you would like to come so we can make sure to provide enough 🍪🥤The sign up link is in our bio
📅 Thursday, 30.11.2023
🕓 16:00
📍 CAB Foodlab
👥 everyone is welcome


Hey everyone, as announced in the whatsapp chat we will have our next women’s meetup in BQM! It’s a casual event where *women* from the CS Bachelor can meet and get to know each other. We will provide some free drinks at the beginning of the event, so be sure to come on time (18:30)! We will be in the Zweistein-section of BQM again. See you there, your CSNOW team. 🥂🍻🍺


We got a new team photo! Please welcome our new members 😊


Did you know that CSNOW has a book club? You can join our book club via this link “https://forms.gle/QA7EjLv5i9YHahD59”(Also in out bio) .This month we will be reading the book Babel by R.F. Kuang and meet in CAB on 20. November 19:00pm to discuss the book over snacks and drinks. Join our WhatsApp group to get more information on future meetings :) !


CSNOW is organizing a meet up event for master students! Come join us this Thursday at 6:30pm at bQm and meet your fellow students over free drinks( for the first 20 students) 🍺🤗


Sorry there has been mistake with the advertisement🥲 the date is 27th of september!!


🎉 Our semester Apero is back! 🍰 Join us this Thursday for some delicious FREE cakes! We wish you a great start of the semster ! 🥳

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Schnupperstudium 2023
Wir freuen uns bekannt zu geben, dass die Registrierung für das Schnupperstudium im September 2023 nun offen ist!
Das Schnupperstudium ist eine von der ETH Zurich organisierte Woche für junge weibliche Schülerinnen die Interesse daran haben das Informatik Studium an der ETH kennenzulernen. Die Schülerinnen werden während dieser Woche die Möglichkeit haben Studentinnen und Professor*Innen zu treffen. Außerdem, erfahren Sie wie das Informatik Studium an der ETH abläuft, wie das Studenten-Leben ist und welche spannende Bereiche der Informatik es gibt. Sie werden ebenfalls an spaßigen Aufgaben coding basics lernen und anwenden. Mittagessen und Snacks sind während den Workshops bereitgestellt. Mehr Informationen zum Schnupperstudium (inkl. Beispiel Stundenplan und Vorraussetzungen) könnt Ihr auf unserer Website finden.


We are very excited to announce that registration for Schnupperstudium this summer is now open! Schnupperstudium is a week organized by ETH Zurich for young female high school students interested in experiencing computer science studies at ETH Zurich. During this week, high school students have the opportunity to meet students and professors from ETH Zurich, gain useful insights about the studies and student life there, explore different career opportunities in various sectors of computer science, and learn the basics of coding without any prior experience.Throughout the week, lunches and snacks will be provided, and a team of engaged students will be available to support the visiting high school students. For more information about Schnupperstudium, including the program and prerequisites, please visit our website.


It's time for our yearly summer apéro! Come to the CAB inner yard for a study break and treat yourself to free ice cream and juice while mingling with fellow computer science students. We will have also have some questions about women in computer science and ETH Zurich, where you can showcase your knowledge. Save the date, we hope to see you there!
📅 29. June
🕓 from 16:00
📍 CAB inner yards
✏️ registration not necessary
👥 all D-INFK students are welcome

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Thank you, everyone, for joining us at the CSNOW Career Panel 2023! We had an incredibly engaging and enlightening discussion on the topic of 'Challenges and Advantages in Working in Industry and Academia.' We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed speakers: Dr. Julia Hesse, Prof. Ana Klimovic, Prof. Fernando Perez-Cruz, and Dr. Endri Dibra. Special thanks to our fantastic teammate and moderator, Natasha, for ensuring a seamless event. We look forward to seeing all of you at our upcoming event, the Summer Apero! Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities!

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Career panel is just around the corner!! At 4pm today in food lab😉

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Career panel event is just around the corner! Here are introduction to our 2 speakers. The event takes place on 23rd of may 4-5pm with apero afterwards, in cab building Food lab! Sign up so we can prepare enough apero:)


Master student hangout: meet your fellow peers! Meet new people, chitchat and enjoy some snacks. See you there!

📅 25 April (Tuesday)
🕓 12:15 - 13:00
📍 CAB H52
✏️ Sign up here
👥 All women doing a Master's in CS are welcome


Greetings from@your CSNOW team 😚😊 Have a nice day!!


What does Siemens actually do? In a roundtable, Siemens' women in Computer Science will tell you what it's like to work at Siemens, what entry and development opportunities you have, and why it's so great to have a purpose at work. You are welcome to actively participate in the discussion and ask all your burning questions. Don't forget to register to secure your spot.
• 📅 14.03.2023
• 🕓 17:00 - 19:00
• 📍Food&Lab, CAB
• 👥 All D-INFK members are invited
• Link for registration is in out bio😊


Meat your professor Angelika Steger tomorrow at 12:30pm in CAB G56!!we will prepare sandwiches and Quiches from Cafe Oberstrass to make it extra cosy😉


We‘re launching a book club this semester! Join us and discover new books with fellow students who share the love for reading! Next Wednesday is the introduction event, where we can decide together on the book club dynamics.


Meet your professor: Angelika Steger! Come along and chat with your professor in a relaxed setting, while enjoying free food and drinks. You’ll have the chance to learn about professor Steger’s academic background and teaching philosophy, and discover what inspires professor Steger and how professor Steger hope to inspire students.


Join us for a special mentoring follow-up event! We're inviting all members of our mentoring program to come together and deepen their connections with each other. The event is a perfect opportunity for you to catch up with your mentor and mentee, share experiences and stories, and offer each other support and guidance.

And the best part? We're providing complimentary food and drinks for all attendees! So come relax and unwind with delicious bites and refreshing beverages.

So mark your calendar for 22. Wednesday from 1-3pm and join us at cab StuZ

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to connect and grow with your mentoring community. We look forward to seeing you there!


Das jährliche Schnupperstudium ist wieder da! 😄 Das Schnupperstudium ermöglicht Schülerinnen, Einblicke in das Informatikstudium an der ETH zu gewinnen. Die Teilnehmerinnen erwartet eine abwechslungsreiche Woche: Von der Programmierung einer eigenen App, spannenden Besuchen bei Industriepartner:innen, Vorträgen von Professor:innen, bis hin zu Fragerunden mit Informatikstudentinnen und vieles mehr!☺️

Das Schnupperstudium findet einmal pro Semester während der regulären Schulzeit statt. Teilnehmerinnen erhalten eine Bestätigung für die Teilnahme, damit sie bei ihrer Schulleitung eine Absenzenbewilligung beantragen können. Es werden keinerlei Schwerpunktfächer oder Vorkenntnisse vorausgesetzt und die Teilnahme ist kostenlos😉

Das nächste Schnupperstudium findet vom 13. bis 17. February 2022 statt. Anmeldung link ist im bio

Wir freuen uns auf jede Anmeldungen und hoffen dich bei uns begrüssen zu dürfen! 😄

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This year’s highlight from CSNOW is here! Thank you everyone and we wish you all a happy, healthy New Year🥳🎉


Thank you everyone for coming despite the weather:) It was really fun iceskating with you all!🥰

Wollen Sie Ihr Schule/Universität zum Top-Schule/Universität in Zürich machen?

Klicken Sie hier, um Ihren Gesponserten Eintrag zu erhalten.




UniversitaetsStr. 6
Andere Hochschule und Universität in Zürich (alles anzeigen)
ZHAW Psychologisches Institut ZHAW Psychologisches Institut
Pfingstweidstrasse 96
Zürich, 8005

Das Psychologische Institut ist Teil des Departements Angewandte Psychologie der ZHAW. Es verantwortet die Bereiche Studium und Forschung.

Cococap65+ - Studie Cococap65+ - Studie

Wir suchen Studienteilnehmende ab 65 Jahren für ein aktuelles Forschungsprojekt.

CAS in Management in the Digital Age, University of Zurich CAS in Management in the Digital Age, University of Zurich
Affolternstrasse 56
Zürich, 8050

Der universitäre Lehrgang "CAS in Management in the Digital Age"​ bietet die Möglichkeit, in fünf Monaten die wichtigsten Bereiche der Unternehmensführung kennen und anwenden zu lernen. Dies transformiert in das digitale Zeitalter.

Section of Epidemiology Section of Epidemiology
Vetsuisse Faculty, University Of Zurich, Winterthurerstrasse 270
Zürich, 8057

The section of epidemiology is lead by Prof. Paul Torgerson in collaboration with three senior resea

Swiss Institute of Business & Technology Swiss Institute of Business & Technology

Explore integrated and tailored online certification courses.

Universität Zürich, Zentrum für rechtsgeschichtliche Forschung Universität Zürich, Zentrum für rechtsgeschichtliche Forschung
Rämistrasse 74/11
Zürich, 8001

Das Zentrum für rechtgeschichtliche Forschung (ZrF) bündelt die Aktivitäten im Bereich Rechtsgeschichte an der Universität Zürich. @uzh

UZH Littérature française UZH Littérature française
Zürichbergstrasse 8
Zürich, 8032

Music Platform of ETH & University of Zurich Music Platform of ETH & University of Zurich
Postfach 200
Zürich, 8093

The musicplatform of ETH & University of Zurich provides a "musical community" to all students and employees. It organizes concerts, provides a contact list & bulletin board for musicians and informs about musical activities.

Association Of Linux Friends Association Of Linux Friends
Regensberstrasse 223
Zürich, 8050

Solar Installations and Computers, Installations of solar pumps etc Linux friends, a place to be😍

Gastprofessur für italienische Literatur und Kultur, ETH Zürich Gastprofessur für italienische Literatur und Kultur, ETH Zürich
Clausiusstrasse 59
Zürich, 8092

Cattedra de Sanctis www.italiano.ethz.ch IG: @gastprofessuren_ethz

ETH studying together ETH studying together
Rämistrasse 101
Zürich, 8006

Data Donation Lab - UZH Data Donation Lab - UZH

Data Donation Lab der Universität Zürich