Alice Aschwanden Pilates

I’m Alice, a former professional ballerina based in Zürich, Switzerland. I teach private pilates classes in and around Zürich in the comfort of your own home.

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“How do I maintain fitness while juggling a full time job and kids?”….

Like this 👆.

Yep, the chaos is real for most of us. Work, kids, family, house- most days, there isn’t enough hours in the day to get to the gym, studio or even outside to move your body.

So what’s the solution? 🤷‍♀️

Tailored Pilates classes- your time, your space. Adrian and Lucy dash out of their home offices once a week to jump in the mat and move, sweat, and sometimes even laugh a little 😜.

As winter draws closer my schedule is filling up so if you’re keen to take a moment out of your day for yourself- and your health- DM me ASAP!

Happy Monday x


Saying hi to some newbies to the Pilates world this morning!

Was such fun meeting new faces today at the open day. The bonus ☕️ and 🥐 were the perfect help to kick-start to the day.

Drop me a message if you want to grab one of the remaining discount codes for a half price first session- there are only two left over from this morning!

Alice x

Photos from Alice Aschwanden Pilates's post 17/08/2022

👋 Hello again!

I wanted to jump in to let you know that I have a brand spanking NEW website 🎉 to introduce you to, and I’m super excited about it!

It reflects a few little changes to my services.
👉 Firstly, a shift away from outdoor group classes (sorry sun-lovers).
👉 Secondly, a shift towards exclusively private teaching. This means more time for sessions in your home, at your convenience.

Why the shift? Everyone is different. Everyone has their own crazy schedule, whether it’s chasing little people, attached to work calls or a combination of the both!

Because of this, I want to offer more time for you to work out in the way the is best for your schedule, and best for your overall wellbeing.

Check out the website via the link in bio - and jump into the contact form (or send me a DM) to get in touch to enquire about upcoming availability!

Spaces are limited so if you’re ready to settle into the new school year with your wellbeing scheduled in as part of the puzzle, get in touch asap!

Alice x


Blooms blooms blooms… 🌺 🌸 💐 ⁠

Summer, you’re finally here! Better late than never 😍⁠

Classes resuming last week of August- PM me for details!


The best thing about pilates?⁠

You don't need a bag. You don't need much equipment. You don't need fancy clothes. ⁠

Many of the exercises rely on gravity - which means minimal stress on your joints, and minimal stress on your brain.⁠

Sounds like a win to me!⁠ PM me to enquire about booking a session 👏


No time? Too hard? Full schedule? 💁‍♀️

I get it. You want to fit some regular training into your life but… When? How? Where?

As a busy mum of two little boys, I understand that the chaos is real. So is the lack of free (and me) time.

That’s why I’m bringing Pilates to you: in your space, at your pace. 1:1 or 2:1 sessions will be tailored exactly to your needs, your goals, and your busy life!

Drawing on over 10 years of training bodies like yours, and a lifetime of working with my own body as a professional ballerina, I’ll help you find your best body 🙌

Sound like something you want in your life? PM me- places will be limited. I’ll be working throughout Zurich, so if you’re not in the Gold Coast, no problem.

Let’s do this 👏


Last Monday class before I take a little break for summer!

Come and join me on the mat at 9am in Hornelanpark, Küsnacht.

Book here: -class/service/5/count/1/provider/2/date/2021-07-12/time/09:00:00/

… or come along in the morning and we’ll make your booking on the spot 😊

See you there!


Zen mums.

Want to replace the morning kid-rush with a moment of me-time?

Yes please! 🙌

Friday 7am in Röslipark - do yourself a favour 😊
Booking link in bio!


Ballerina… and then?

Pilates feels like a very natural transition from dancing. When I was dancing professionally, Pilates was an integral part of my daily routine to strengthen, stretch and align- both my body and mind!

Now, doing Pilates feels like a little trip back down memory lane. The mindful movement, the intricate muscle activation, the slow but strong movement- it’s my secret weapon in my crazy Mum-life to maintain strength (and sanity!).

Want in? Trust me, it’s magic ✨


Working? Full day? Need to ‘squeeze in’ some exercise time/me time?

I thought so.

This class is for you: we’ll strengthen, lengthen and breathe- all before your day even begins. Skip the morning household chaos and get your body and mind aligned so you can finish the week on a high.

Efficient? Yep. Invigorating? Yep. Fun? Definitely 😉

Join me on Friday! Book via the link in my bio or PM me to secure your spot.


“Oh the sweet feeling of new muscles…”

Feedback from one of my Friday ladies 😍

Keen to come and wake up some of your sleeping muscles? I’ll be gentle , I promise 😉

Come and join me tomorrow morning at Röslipark, 9am. All levels welcome- bring your own mat/towel and let’s move into the new week right!

PM to book or click on the link in bio.


First class this week!⁠

So excited to welcome you guys to the mat this Friday at 9am 👏⁠

Head to the booking button above to book- weather is looking to be dry for the morning so let’s take advantage of it and move together in the fresh air before the sun comes back next week 😎⁠

Questions? PM me. Bookings? Link above. Excited? Yep.


Bend, breathe, be 🤍🍃⁠

When was the last time you did all three at once…?⁠

Beautiful pic via


“You we’re born with a song in the seat of your soul; let the life that you love be the singing of it” ✨🌱🤍⁠⁠⁠⁠
Lovely pic via


Why Gold Coast Pilates? 🤷‍♀️⁠

I’m a sucker for movement. With a past-life as a professional ballerina, and a present-life as a mum to two firecracker boys, I’m used to a lot of movement.⁠

But I find that now, if I don’t schedule in an escape from the house, the movement isn’t for me. It’s chasing a scooter, or running (late 😬) to kinder. ⁠

You know where the magic lies? In the movement that IS for you- taking a moment for yourself, in a beautiful setting, surrounded by likeminded people. ⁠

Sound like something you’d be up for? Drop a 🙌 into the comments! Class dates, times and locations coming this week…


Reaching for the clouds is given a whole new meaning when you’re outside… 🌥🌱⁠

Love this glorious pic via 🤍


Mmmm nature… 🍃⁠

What’s better than being in it? Pilates-ing in it 😉⁠

Join me on the mat? Class times coming soon!


😬 this ☝️ not quite you?

No problem! My classes are for all bodies, all of the time. Whether you’re kissing your toes or touching your knees, we work together on building your strength in a way that makes you feel amazing.

Sound good? Yep. See you on the mat 🤍


Summer is finally here! Time for a change? Yep. Time for some movement? Definitely!

Let’s do this ✨🍃


👋 hi there! I’m Alice, founder of Gold Coast Pilates. I’m a former professional ballerina with Zurich Ballet, and I’ve recently returned to Zurich with my young family. I’m a certified instructor of Mat Pilates and Barre, and love nothing more than a little sweat session on the mat.

As a busy mum of two little boys, I know that the fastest path to sanity for me is 45 mins(out of the house) moving on my Pilates mat- preferably with a lake view.

With that in mind, Gold Coast Pilates was born. I aim to create a space where busy parents (hi there, mums) can take a deep breath, move their bodies in a beautiful setting, and have a moment to themselves.

Classes will take place in handpicked outdoor settings along the goldcoast of Lake Zurich.

Interested? I’d love to pop you on my wait list! DM me- I can’t wait to move with you 🤍

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