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Inspiring the Next Generation of Peacemakers - In Conversation with Miriam Coronel-Ferrer 09/04/2024

Listen to Miriam Coronel-Ferrer share her insights and experience supporting the Bangsamoro peace process in the in the first series of the Inspiring the New Generation of Peacemakers held on 20 March 2024, at the La Fabrique de la Paix, in collaboration with the Nagulendran Philanthropy Alliance, the Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding, and the Peacebuilding Initiative.


Inspiring the Next Generation of Peacemakers - In Conversation with Miriam Coronel-Ferrer Held on 20 March 2024, at the La Fabrique de la paix at the Geneva Graduate Institute, in collaboration with the Nagulendran Philanthropy Alliance and the Pe...


The newly introduced Summer programme module
"From diplomacy to new diplomacies", Directed by Professor Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamedou, examines the evolution of diplomacy from its traditional state-led configuration and processes to the new emerging set of issues and actors shaping the plural new diplomacies.
Deep-dive into these fast-changing issues via conceptual and practical sessions, with particular attention to new spaces of diplomatic engagement, technological tools and expanding multistakeholder governance.
Join us between 8 - 12 July, 2024, at the Maison de la paix!


Cornelio Sommaruga, diplomate suisse et grand humaniste, mais également ancien étudiant et membre du Conseil de fondation de l’Institut, est décédé à l'âge de 91 ans. Rejoignez-nous pour:


Introduction: Marie-Laure Salles, directrice, Geneva Graduate Institute
Discussion : Les années Sommaruga : une perspective historique
François Bugnion, membre honoraire de l’Assemblée du CICR
Davide Rodogno, professeur d’histoire et politique internationales, Geneva Graduate Institute
Commentaire : Héritage et contributions face aux défis humanitaires actuels
Gilles Carbonnier, vice-président du Comité international de la -Rouge et professeur d’économie du développement, Geneva Graduate Institute

📅10 April 2024, 18:00, Maison de la paix or Online


Learn more about The Geneva Challenge: Advancing Development Goals International Contest and this year's theme of youth empowerment:
Signing up for the challenge is simpler than you might have thought! We only need a provisional title for your project and certain information about the team members by the registration deadline: April 22.
Good Luck!


Geopolitical Gambit: Navigating the Impact on Global Economics
A conference in patrnership w/ , with Swiss Federal Councillor Karin Keller-Sutter
📅11 April, 13:00


Our latest research newsletter is out, including 4 new Swiss National Science Foundation projects; 2 award-winning students; Paola Gaeta and team's special issue on "Autonomous Weapon Systems and War Crimes" and much more:


As part of the second Alumni Month, we invite you to the launch of the first-ever World Alumni Day and Inaugural Meeting of the Geneva Chapter in the presence of Marie-Laure Salles, Director of the Institute.
📅25 March 2024 , 17:30, La Terrasse de la paix


Master student in International and Development Studies (MINT) at the Geneva Graduate Institute, Marie Holch discuses her experience moderating the fifth Geneva Gender Debate. The debate was hosted by the Institute in partnership with the International Gender Champions on 5 March 2024 as part of the Institute's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiative, and tackled the substantial gap between women’s particularly high stake in environmental conservation and their ability to act on it, due to their significant underrepresentation in institutions forming environmental policy.


Dr. Achim Wennmann has been appointed Professor of Practice in the Interdisciplinary Programme at the Institute, holding the inaugural Nagulendran Chair in Peace Mediation with effect from 1st April, 2024.
"The Chair comes at a very important moment in which the peace mediation community must ask itself if it can step up and raise its public voice in defense of the pathways to peace, or risk being side-lined to a political periphery. There is a lot to do and I would like to continue the walk through the mountain range of peacemaking with the many new and old friends and colleagues."
This will be the first Chair in peace mediation in Switzerland, made possible by John Nagulendran and the Nagulendran Philanthropy Alliance.

Photos from Geneva Graduate Institute's post 15/03/2024

How do Palestinians and Israelis perceive and experience the ongoing war?
What past events in their collective histories are relevant here, and how can they act on those perceptions and experiences? What, then, are the war's implications on Palestinians' and Israelis' politics and ideas about future of their conflict?
How coherent are those implications? Finally, what are the war's regional and global dimensions?
What are the United States' interests and constraints in the war, and how might one explain the Biden administration's approach and shifts within it?
Our Lunch Briefing on "The Gaza War: Regional and Global Dimensions" with Professor Cyrus Schayegh will address these questions.
📅Tuesday, 26th March, 12:30, at Maison de la paix and online


Global tensions, important elections and the growing call for checks and balances on powerful industry players will shape the context for in 2024. In a Geneva Policy Outlook article, Roxana Radu argues in the for the importance of finding a common vocabulary, protecting non-digital knowledge and nurturing the voice of academia.

Today's event with UNDP at the Maison de la paix further discusses the role of governance in ensuring digital technologies contribute to development and mitigate risks:
A Shared Vision for and


Swiss Master student in Anthropology and Sociology at the Geneva Graduate Institute, Pauline Marty recently returned from a semester abroad in Bogotá, Colombia, at the Universidad de los Andes and shares her enriching experience studying in Spanish and embarking on fieldwork that has already influenced her academic journey.


Every spring, Master students from the Graduate Institute organise and promote Sustainability Week Geneva events, in coordination with the University of Geneva, to ensure that engagement in sustainability remains a core subject at the Institute and beyond.
MINT student with a specialisation in Environment and Sustainability and Director of Sustainability Week 2024, Ruiling Zhang addresses the priorities of the week:


The newly introduced Summer Programme module, 'From Diplomacy to New Diplomacies' offers a deep dive into the evolution of diplomacy and the urgent questions surrounding the role of diplomacy in today's complex world.
Join us for this week-long course!
📅 8 - 12 July 2024


Join us for the 5th GENEVA GENDER DEBATE, 2024 edition:
“This house believes that 50:50 representation of men and women should be made mandatory for all environment-related multilateral conferences, negotiations and fora.”
🌍On the 5th March 2024, Maison de la paix
Learn more about this year's exciting line-up of debaters and register here.👇

THE GENEVA GENDER DEBATE 2024 | IHEID "The Institute is a small and diverse community, where people are passionate and empowered by their specific interests in Academia and their professional lives. It has been particularly enriching for me to be part of this tight-knit community."

GeniLac - Témoignage de l’institut de hautes études internationales et du développement (IHEID) 28/02/2024

Did you know? Maison de la Paix and the student residences have reduced their carbon footprint for heating and cooling by 80% since their construction due to using the GeniLac system, which draws water from the depths of the lake for cooling, and is mixed with the heat pump to produce heating.

GeniLac - Témoignage de l’institut de hautes études internationales et du développement (IHEID) David Gaymard, Directeur immobilier de l’institut de hautes études internationales et du développement (IHEID), revient sur les raisons qui ont amené l'insti...

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Our Story

The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies is an institution of research and higher education dedicated to the study of world affairs, with a particular emphasis on the cross-cutting fields of international relations and development issues.

The Institute was founded further to the establishment of the League of Nations in 1927. It was the first institution in the world entirely dedicated to the study of international affairs. In order to better address the world’s global challenges, it later reinforced its positioning by combining the studies of international relations and development.

Through our core activities, we aim to promote international cooperation and make a contribution to the progress of developing societies. More broadly, we endeavour to develop creative thinking on the major challenges of our time, foster global responsibility and advance respect for diversity.

We are a cosmopolitan community located in the heart of Geneva, an international city and a centre of global governance. By intensely engaging with international organisations, NGO’s, governments and multinational companies, we participate in global discussions and prepare future policy-makers to lead tomorrow’s world.




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