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💬 “I am very proud GCSP has maintained our deep commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality not only by how we think, but in how we act for those who may not otherwise have a voice.” Ambassador Thomas Greminger, Executive Director of the GCSP.

This June, the GCSP renews our dedication to fostering , , and in our practices and mindset. We are committed to ensuring that all voices, particularly those from underrepresented groups, are heard and included in our initiatives.

Our staff, experts and course participants come from a wide range of countries, and are unified worldwide by our Alumni Community's 33 regional hubs across the globe to foster and opportunities for all.


Join an expert panel to discuss the key findings from the Global Peace Index 2024!

We are pleased to continue our partnership with the Institute for Economics & Peace to launch and discuss the new annual Global Peace Index . Alongside moderation from our Head of Peace Operations and Peacebuilding Annika Hilding Norberg, hear from eminent experts:
📣 Serge Stroobants, Director, Europe and MENA Region, Institute of Economics and Peace
📣 Itonde Kakoma, President, Interpeace
📣 Kate Gilmore, Former Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights

This years’ report reveals that the world is at a crossroads. Without concerted effort, there is a risk of a surge in major conflicts. Learn more by signing up:


👉 Bring your political advising to the next level with our September course on "Skills Enhancement for Political Advisors 2024"!

Join other professionals to:
🔎 Explore the roles & skills of
🔎 Practice &
🔎 Practice diplomatic writing
🔎 Analyse your strengths and areas for growth
🔎 Broaden your Polad and experts’ network in the field

Register today:

Photos from Geneva Centre for Security Policy's post 05/06/2024

🕊️ In conjunction with the International Day of Peacekeeping 2024, the GCSP in cooperation with the UN Department for Peace Operations, Permanent Missions of Ghana, Switzerland, Norway and India to the UN, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, United Service Institution of India, Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre, and Effectiveness of Peace Operations Network, co-organized a High-level Seminar and Expert Symposium at the UN Headquarters in New York.

How can United Nations peacekeeping evolve to become more flexible, adaptive and effective? Building on the momentum of the New Agenda for Peace, and in the lead-up to the Summit of the Future, peacekeeping leaders and experts from around the world met in New York on 31 May to make progress on “Preparing and Building for the Future: Pathways Towards more Nimble, Adaptive and Effective Peacekeeping.”

During the session on “Nimble, Adaptive and Effective Peacekeeping: What Lessons from the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) for Future Peacekeeping?”, a GCSP led Effectiveness of Peace Operations Network (EPON) Study on UNTSO was launched, alongside a GCSP compendium on Ideas Notes 2030: Strategic Reflections for the Future of UN Policing, relevant to a Round Table discussion on the topic.

We thank our UN, Swiss and other Partners in co-hosting the International Day of Peacekeeping. We also thank all Partners contributing to the UNTSO project effort and the two reports. For full acknowledgements, kindly see the reports. We salute all the women and men peacekeepers who have or are serving peace often in the most harsh and demanding environments.

🔗 Find out more about this high-level seminar and expert symposium at UN HQs:


Our land. Our future. 🌍

Ecosystems around the world are facing unprecedented threats, and the time to act is now. On this World Environment Day, GCSP joins the global call to focus on restoring land, ending desertification and building drought . Together, as part of the United Nations Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, we can protect and revive our planet's natural spaces.

GCSP is proud to be part of the Climate Action Accelerator. This initiative aims to mobilise a critical mass of organisations to amplify climate solutions, keep global warming below 2°C, and prevent dangerous drift.
Stay tuned for the launch of our roadmap, showing our commitment to emission reduction by 2030. Together, we can make a difference! 🍃

As the UN Environment Programme underlines, "We cannot turn back time, but we can grow forests, revive water sources, and bring back soils. We are the generation that can make peace with land."


▶️ 28 May 2024 saw the conclusion of the course “Diplomatic Tradecraft for Non-Diplomats 2024”, with 12 participants from different sectors and countries ready to learn and hone diplomatic skills to manage a conflict, advocates for new ideas and achieve sustainable political outcomes.

The course took place under the insightful guidance of Mr Marc Finaud, Course Director, and with the support of Ms Emanuela Lamorte, Course Coordinator.
Participants deepened their knowledge and learned critical skills on , , , leveraging cultural differences, diplomatic reporting and more.

Lecturers and participants contributed to making the course a success!


🧠 Unpacking the Human Factor in Global Security: A Neurophilosophical Approach

Is human behaviour the key to understanding global and ? Join us for “The Neurophilosophy of Global Security” online course on 17-18 June. This course delves into the exciting intersection of and international relations, equipping you with new tools to analyse political processes, power dynamics, and leadership. Sharpen your approach to global security through the lens of neuroscience.

🔗 Apply today:


Join our upcoming activities this week!

Nuclear Arms Control: Reflecting on the Past and Looking to the Future – A Geneva Security Debate
📅 03 June 2024, 15h30 - 17h00
📍 Hybrid, Switzerland
🔗 Register:

Trust Village Geneva Official Opening
📅 04 June 2024, 08h00 - 14h00
📍 Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland
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This week we celebrated International Day of UN Peacekeeperswith 2 new publications. First out: How can best be adapted, refined, strengthened and leveraged to ensure its full potential as a key function and tool in a spectrum of UN and engagements, missions and operations? 🕊️

Read our compilation of Ideas Notes on the Future of UN Policing written in the context of the New Agenda for Peace and in support of the preparations for the Summit of the Future. 25 leading scholars and practitioners have come together and submitted the present complimentary perspectives and ideas intended to inform ongoing reflections on how to strengthen UN Policing to be optimally fit for the future.

📝 Find it here:


The GCSP is pleased to announce the completion of our first edition of the LEiP Young Leaders Training Course!

👏 15 talented young leaders completed the training on 17th May in Geneva, Switzerland. Congratulations to the participants! Coming from across the globe, their engagement at the local and national level is inspiring and gives us great hope for our future.

What is a good political leader? How to be an ethical leader? How do we efficiently tackle the complex challenges of our time and what does political leadership mean? These are the questions we worked on during this week, hosted by the GCSP and together with our partners Kofi Annan Foundation, NexusVesting, and Apolitical Foundation. This unique training programme was designed to help develop the skills and knowledge needed to become a good political leader.

👉 Learn more about here:

Photos from Geneva Centre for Security Policy's post 31/05/2024

On Tuesday 28 May, the GCSP had the pleasure of hosting a group of students and their teachers from the Andrássy University of Budapest.

Our Chief of Staff Gian Domenico Curiale and Dr Christina Shori Liang, Head of Counterterrorism and Preventing Violent Extremism, offered valuable insights of our activities to future leaders. This was the occasion for rector Prof Zoltán Tibor Pállinger, Dr András Hettvey, Dr Henriett Kovács and Dr Tobias Vestner, Director of the GCSP Research and Policy Advice Department, to explore how to strengthen future collaboration between the GCSP and Andrássy Universität Budapest.


🎉 Yesterday we were delighted to host the graduation for our 2023-2024 Leadership in International Security Course & MAS participants at the GCSP - 22 highly capable participants from 21 countries across the globe!

It was a pleasure to be part of your learning journey, and GCSP remains here to support you as you apply your increased knowledge, skills and networks back in your institutions and countries to build a more , and international environment. Congratulations to you all & welcome to the GCSP Alumni community!! 🌎

⏰ Today is also the last day to register to the 2024-2025 edition, so don't miss out and sign up now:


Launch of ! 🚀

Join us for the Trust Village Geneva Official Opening on Tuesday June 04! This conference will explore topics on global , disinformation in an -driven world and the current applications and outlook of .

In this introduction to the new Trust Village incubator in Geneva, witness engaging discussions on and digital challenges from a global perspective, with interventions from GCSP's:
🔹 Ambassador Thomas Greminger, Executive Director
🔹 Jean-Marc Rickli, Head of Global and Emerging Risks
🔹 Anne-Caroline Pissis Martel, Director of the Global Fellowship Initiative & Creative Spark

👉 More info:


The GCSP submitted its views and recommendations for the upcoming report on Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems by the United Nations Secretary-General, to be prepared pursuant to General Assembly resolution 78/241.

The submission reflects some of the GCSP’s key concerns with regards to the trajectory of both the development and deployment of Lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS), and of related regulatory efforts.

The GCSP’s full submission can be found here:


Congratulations to the winners of the 2024 GCSP Transformative Futures in Peace and Security Prize! 🎉

Three exceptional initiatives emerged victorious, propelling them towards wider recognition and potential global impact:
🥇 Ms Victoria Valdivia won 1st place and the fully funded incubation programme at the GCSP for her project on the nexus of space, Antarctica, and global security!
🥈 Ms Christina Kontomichalou of Panscope earns a Certificate of Recognition for her project on PanScope - Global Information Hub, which took 2nd place in the competition!
🥉 The project of Ms Lisa Glybchenko of Visual PeaceTech won 3rd place, with her piece on augmented reality futures design!

Mark your calendars and get ready to submit your project proposal for the 2025 Prize! ⏰

Learn more about the winning projects:

Photos from Geneva Centre for Security Policy's post 29/05/2024

Last week, our Executive Director Ambassador Thomas Greminger met with HE Mr Vepa Hajiyev, Permanent Representative of Turkmenistan to the United Nations Office at Geneva, for a discussion on neutrality and non-alignment in current times.


As participants travel to attend the Arctic Congress Bodø, let’s delve into our latest Geneva Paper. In this paper, Dr Lassi Heininen examines the transformative journey of the Arctic from a Cold War flashpoint to a model of geopolitical stability through international cooperation and analyses how recent events, including the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, have challenged this progress. He then explores whether the core fundamentals of Arctic geopolitics can still foster stability amidst new geopolitical tensions and the climate crisis. Discover the crucial insights.

Read publication:


Join us in Geneva or online for our Geneva Security Debate on Nuclear Arms Control: Reflecting on the Past and Looking to the Future, with special guest former NATO Deputy Secretary-General Rose Gottemoeller.

Gain invaluable insights into the current state of nuclear and non-proliferation in these challenging geopolitical times. The discussion will be moderated by the GCSP’s Executive Director, Ambassador Thomas Greminger.

👉 Sign up today:


The GCSP was pleased to welcome to a delegation from the National Security Council (NSC) of Thailand this week. Led by Ms Challthanasorn Pistat, NSC’s Director of Security Policy and Strategy, the delegation met with our Deputy Director, Ms Christina Orisich, and our Head of Strategic Anticipation, Ms Emily Munro to exchange on emerging issues and long-term planning in international security policy.

The visit was also the occasion for members of the delegation to attend the GCSP Foundation Council meeting, which Thailand joined in 2022. The GCSP looks forward to the continuing collaboration with the Thai NSC.

💡 Learn more about Strategic Anticipation at the GCSP:
🔜 Apply now for the next edition of the “Strategic Foresight: Planning for Impact in Uncertain Times” course in September, directed by Ms Emily Munro:


⏰ Develop the skills you require to plan in uncertain times!

With our "Strategic Foresight: Planning for Impact in Uncertain Times" course in September 2024, explore foresight methodologies, examine how is implemented in organisations, and develop perspectives for action that can inform decision-making!

🔜 Join experts Ms Emily Munro, course director, Dr Wendy Schultz, Dr Ricardo Borges de Castro and more by signing up today:


Welcome to our new Executives-in-Residence with the ! 🎉

👉 Mr Giles Enticknap MBE, Executive-in-residence Fellow at the GCSP and British Diplomat

👉 Ms Jenifer Mackby, Digital Executive-in-residence Fellow at the GCSP, Consultant at The InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) and National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine

👉 Ms Natalia K Alvarez, Executive-in-residence Fellow at the GCSP

👉 Mr Ralph Mamiya, Executive-in-residence Fellow at the GCSP

🔎 Learn more about the :


War and peace, as dichotomous concepts, oversimplify complex situations. In this paper, Tobias Vestner, our Director of Research and Policy Advice Department, examines how international law addresses the division between and through an analysis of jus ad bellum and jus in bello. It reveals that international law lacks clarity, blurring the boundaries and creating a legal grey zone. Learn more about its implications for the future of peace and war from a normative perspective.

This chapter was published in the book entitled Hybrid Threats and Grey Zone Conflict, edited by Mitt Regan and Aurel Sari by Oxford University Press.

📖 Read publication:


Don't miss the chance to hear from former NATO Deputy Secretary-General Rose Gottemoeller at the Geneva Security Debate on June 3rd from 15:30-17:00!

Gain invaluable insights into the current state of nuclear and non-proliferation in these challenging geopolitical times.

The discussion will be moderated by the GCSP’s Executive Director, Ambassador Thomas Greminger.

Sign up today:


👉 Join Mr Simon Cleobury and Dr Stuart Casey-Maslen in our upcoming course on International Disarmament Law!

This course explores contemporary international rules governing as well as related issues of , non-proliferation and international . It further examines the political, operational, and technical considerations which affect their implementation.

✍️ Sign up to take part:


Join our upcoming activities this week!

Book Launch: Collisions: The Origins of the War in Ukraine and the New Global Instability by Michael Kimmage – A Geneva Security Debate
📅 22 May 2024, 12h30 - 14h00
📍 Hybrid, Switzerland

GCSP Transformative Futures Day 2024
📅 22 May 2024, 15h00 - 17h30
📍 Virtual

Photos from Geneva Centre for Security Policy's post 18/05/2024

At a time of increasing insecurity when we stand to lose generational gains in women's rights, Ambassador Thomas Greminger was delighted to welcome guests to a briefing with UN Women on the Women Peace Security and Humanitarian Action (WPS-HA) Compact. The briefing is the second public event of the International Gender Champions WPS Impact Group, which the GCSP co-leads with Madeleine Rees, Secretary General of WILPF and Ambassador Claudia Fuentes Julio of Chile which is enhancing coherence of the WPS Agenda in Geneva.

The WPS-HA Compact was launched in 2021 and provides a roadmap for action through commitments, filling in gaps of financing, participation in peace processes, economic security, leadership and agency, protection of human rights. We were thrilled that Harriette Williams Bright, lead of the Compact for UN Women, and the Compact co-chairs, Norway's Special Representative for WPS, Sign Gilen, and Maria Victoria “Mavic” Cabrera-Balleza, Founder and CEO of the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders, were able to share their experiences and plans for the future, including priorities for the Pact for the Future. A special thanks to Ambassador Clara CABRERA BRASERO of Spain for her remarks and sponsorship of the event.

Whilst there are many areas that the GCSP will strive to advance in both spirit and actions, the GCSP will commit to action D.2.5 to “facilitate the mutual exchange of knowledge between members of academia and practitioners in conflict and crises contexts with Private Sector, Regional Organisations, UN Entities and Member States”.


On Tuesday, our Executive Director Ambassador Thomas Greminger met with Ambassador James Squire, Ambassador to the Swiss Confederation. In their discussion, they explored current challenges to European security.


On Monday, the GCSP was happy to welcome the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities, Ambassador Kairat Abdrakhmanov. With him, our Executive Director Ambassador Thomas Greminger discussed current challenges to the OSCE and GCSP activities relating to European security.


🌐 Understand Cyberspace as an operational environment and strategies for addressing threats, risks, and vulnerabilities in our upcoming course "Cyber Security in the Context of International Security 2024"!

By the end of the course, you will be able to:
👉 Identify and analyze threats, vulnerabilities, risks, and events
👉 Assess potential mitigating measures on the organizational level
👉 Examine how to protect political, military, economic, and personal security
and much more!

Meet high-ranking experts on in virtual international Geneva:


Can proactive measures prevent future conflicts?

Join the conversation! The GCSP's Transformative Futures Day is an online event on 22 May that will explore how we can build a more peaceful future. Don't miss the thought-provoking webinar on AI and War and the awarding of the 2024 GCSP Prize! 🏆

👉 Sign up today:

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What we believe.

We believe that people make peace and security possible.

We believe that effective and forward-thinking leaders and organisations need to build a broad picture of what is happening in an increasingly connected world.

We believe it is important to unravel the intricacies of geopolitics and help leaders to develop new skills and the agility to lead in times of tumultuous change.

We believe in creating an inclusive environment for our global community from 184 nations and across sectors to come together to exchange ideas and develop sustainable solutions for a more peaceful future.

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