4th Way

learning, schools and society G.I. Gurdjieff introduced the concept of the 4th Way School to the west. this sort of school is intended to develop the capacity to be more awake, through engagement with "ordinary life."

The aim of Atelier12 is to develop the kind of engagement with ordinary life spoken of by Gurdjieff, through studio art practice.

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Cuneiform Numbers - Numberphile 15/03/2021

Cuneiform Numbers - Numberphile

love the nerds

Cuneiform Numbers - Numberphile Alex Bellos discusses how numbers were written in ancient Cuneiform.More links & stuff in full description below ↓↓↓More from this interview on Numberphile2:...


tertiary qualifications in "advanced" economies




The ritual of a shared meal, from preparation to clean-up.


Using art as my modus operandi

Working in the sketchbooks... a bit of reading and writing on the side.


Philosophy Matters


nymag.com 26/05/2020

An Economist Who Called the 2008 Crash Says We’re In for a Long Depression

When the numbers dont support the advertised benefits of an economic dogma.

nymag.com Nouriel Roubini predicted the 2008 crash. Now, he’s warning that the America is hurtling toward food riots — and then a decade-spanning depression.


Economics in action.

“Kurka gorl”, an ingenious fish trap on the Glyde River near Ramingining, north-central Arnhem Land, 1937.

“The principle is that at a high tide fish, stranded higher up by receding flood waters, will try to return to the sea; the gorl therefore gets these fish that have been inland for some time and not fish that have gone up on one tide…” - Donald Thomson’s notes.

Photo credit: Donald Thomson

insider.com 18/05/2020

What life is like for people living in off-grid, sustainable homes called Earthships — and why lockdowns have created a wave of interest in the lifestyle

Interesting trends

insider.com The people living and building these autonomous homes told Insider what it's like to live in an Earthship, and why they've seen an uptick in interest.

abc.net.au 11/05/2020

Coronavirus turned these families into accidental homeschoolers, and they're not looking back - ABC News

interesting outcome

abc.net.au Arianwen Harris used to joke that homeschooling was her "worst nightmare", but after a rocky start she's noticed positive changes in her two sons.

www.GrowFoodNotGrass.com 11/05/2020

Learn To Grow Food Not Grass


theguardian.com 11/05/2020

The real Lord of the Flies: what happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months

theguardian.com When a group of schoolboys were marooned on an island in 1965, it turned out very differently to William Golding’s bestseller, writes Rutger Bregman

quotespictures.com 08/05/2020



bigthink.com 19/02/2020

There is no dark matter. Instead, information has mass, physicist says

Gurdjieff argued that "impressions" are a food, with different impressions having more or less nutritional value.

bigthink.com Is information the fifth form of matter?

azquotes.com 05/02/2020

Albert Einstein Quote

azquotes.com The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.

media.giphy.com 31/01/2020


Self awareness


http://yokota-modernartist.jpn.com/theory 18/12/2019



http://yokota-modernartist.jpn.com/theory I wrote my art site about "An common scientific law between-music and pictures".
This is historical big innovation of the art. I am using this theory with my recent pictures.
Please visit this page.

smithsonianmag.com 01/12/2019

Low-Level Offenders in NYC Can Now Take an Art Class Instead of Appearing in Court

smithsonianmag.com In 2009, the number of annual misdemeanor arraignments in New York City peaked at more than 320,000. Although this figure has dropped in years since, the city’s court system remains overburdened, leading officials to explore initiatives aimed at avoiding prosecution for low-level offenders. As Hak...

allthatsinteresting.com 03/09/2019

Lost Languages Discovered In One Of The World’s Oldest Libraries

allthatsinteresting.com Researchers discovered ancient texts hidden beneath years of writing in the manuscripts at St. Catherine's Monastery.


This guy is the genius who did it all in the 1960's - current day tech billionaires haven't invented anything.

We are so thrilled and grateful our award-winning feature documentary has won another film festival. The Augmentation of Douglas Engelbart is about the creator of the computer mouse, now available on Amazon Prime. Check it out: https://amzn.to/2KBisxq




9 life lessons from comedian Tim Minchin will make you laugh -- and learn!

Source: The University of Western Australia

evonomics.com 02/07/2019

The CEO of Sears Fails His Company by Believing in Ayn Rand and the Invisible Hand - Evonomics

It just doesn't work

evonomics.com Why promoting only individual level competition is disastrous.

sbs.com.au 28/12/2018

How I learned to say no and slow down my life

Slow down

sbs.com.au When I would go out, people would comment that they hadn’t seen me for a while, would ask whether I was ok. I found this strange - especially because I’d felt the best I had in years.

neopagan.net 24/08/2018

Understanding the Religious Reich

originally written 1990, updated 2005, still pertinent though the author is deceased.


neopagan.net Isaac Bonewits on the World-Wide Threat of Fundamentalism



Difraction of power relations

Foucault's work reminds us that if the only form of power we are willing to recognise is sovereign violence, we will be unable to see power in other forms. Only by analysing power in its multiplicity do we have a chance to mount a multiplicity of freedoms. The power thinker: http://ow.ly/Cd7T309V4E3

huffingtonpost.com 23/11/2016

Post-Truth Nation

when meaning loses value

huffingtonpost.com By now countless journalists, academics, and luminaries have expressed serious concern over the election of Donald Trump. To put it simply, the only ones...

www.theguardian.com 07/11/2016

We need fewer exams and more wilderness in education

totally support this idea

www.theguardian.com Instead of pumping time and money into exams, we should focus on wellbeing and encouraging children to connect with the natural world

chriscorrigan.com 14/09/2016

Facilitation Resources

chriscorrigan.com Here is a collection of resources I use in my facilitation practice.   By and large these resources support facilitation of participatory and self-organizing process at scales ranging from very sma...

sbs.com.au 28/06/2016

Voters Weighing Up Convenience Of Pre-Polling Against Taste Of Sausage Sizzle

who would you trust more, to say it the way it is - a comedian or a politician?

sbs.com.au The Backburner, The Australian Newspaper (not associated with The Australian newspaper)

becomingminimalist.com 19/06/2016

A Life Worth Waking Up For

becomingminimalist.com People who love the life they live naturally find more time to live it.


Intelligence: It's Not Just IQ

learning more about the complexities of intelligence, but as the good Prof. says... intellect is amoral - focus on character and how to mobilize intelligence for good work.

Howard Gardner, Bruce McEwen, The Rockefeller University: Psychologist HOWARD GARDNER is noted for his theory of multiple intelligences, which has profoundly...


AlphaGo & Deep Learning - Computerphile

AlphaGo beat the Go World Champion 3-1. Why do it's creators not know how? Brais Martinez is a Research Fellow & Deep Learning expert at the University of No...

theconversation.com 14/03/2016

Thinking critically on critical thinking: why scientists' skills need to spread

and so say all of us

theconversation.com MATHS AND SCIENCE EDUCATION: We’ve asked our authors about the state of maths and science education in Australia and its future direction. Today, Rachel Grieve discusses why we need to spread science-specific…




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