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Free wisdom from an insider to those contemplating becoming business owners.

Capital is the least of your concerns. There is more capital out here than you need. What you need is trust and visibility. No matter how stupid your idea is if you are trust worthy, there is someone stupid enough to fund it if you are visible to them. So while you have no capital, work on your trust worthiness and visibility. You gerit 😉

All the best 👍


The results of today are a products of yesterday’s sacrifices. keep putting in the work. Listed tin the full podcast here

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Cute guy after all☺️. Happy new year all. Still here for all who asked. Will be sharing lot more this year. Thanks for all the prayer and good wishes. 2023 will be lit 🔥. I have Alot of experiences and insights to share. See you soon 😇


As I celebrate coloured history month, I celebrate the resilience of my fellow brothers and sisters. I share my story to tell of a race that is relentless and determined to emerge regardless of the challenges. I hope it encourages someone to believe in what's possible for them and also give glory to God for his graces at work in me and through me.

2018: I was a farmer in my home country Cameroon in Africa, working to save for my visa application after 2 visa refusals (refused for insufficient funds to pay tuition). It was hard but with it came an amazing experience that prepared me for life and gave me an opportunity to experience the joy of progress.

2019: I applied the 3rd time for a Canadian study visa and finally got approved, got enrolled in Sheridan College, studying finance with an interest in banking/capital markets. I worked in a factory to support myself as a student while incubating my dream and taking courses to become a banker someday.

First time ever riding an escalator or getting into a train my first week in Canada I went to Toronto to meet Brian D'Costa. Without knowing that I needed to schedule a meeting I just showed up. My ignorance became my bliss and as busy as he is, he saw my desire and passion and out of kindness agreed to meet with me. I wanted to ask him one question before starting school. I googled successful financiers in Canada and his name came up so I wanted to learn from him. I had one question "what can I do during my two years in school to become a success like you in finance/banking". He met with me 3 weeks later and we had a chat for about an hour in person and he shared tips with me.

2020: I did not know anyone and I needed to start building my network as part of the strategy. One day I walked into a bank and a security guard was really nice to me. A light bulb came on "if I was the bank CEO I would have hired this guy. What if I became a security guard too, working at a bank, I will meet bankers and build relationships one at a time within the bank. That's how I met Stuart Green at Scotia Plaza and he opened doors for me. He walked into winners at Scotiaplaza where I was a security guard. After exchanging pleasantries I said, "sir you look like who I would love to be when I finish school." After exchanging a few words he asked me to send him my resume. My strategy worked. Working at a bank though not for a bank to network with bankers. Brilliant!

2021: I was elected chair of our student union board of directors. What an amazing time I had with my board peers serving and learning. I also graduated from school and had to apply for jobs. While waiting, I had a job at a waste treatment plant (speak of Murphy's law). That was an incredible experience for me. My mind was trained to believe that a job does not define a person but the person through their personality makes the job. I learned humility and patience and it all paid out. BMO Financial Group gave me a chance. Thank you BMO.

2022: Here we are, working at BMO.
Nothing is impossible with God, a can-do mindset and consistency. I encourage you to stop waiting for handouts and go create the opportunities. God bless you and best wishes

BMO Capital Markets


For a commited man there is no such thing as failure. Only lessons for the next try.
Decide, commit, execute.

Best wishes friends. God bless your efforts.


What do you do when a thousand other people want exactly what you want. What if you are not the only one who want what you want..

You've got to go from 50 to 150.. You've got to out learn, outwork and outlast them. Talk is cheap. Persistence always finds a way. Keep believing, keep learning, keep serving and keep showing up. Never give up on yourself. Someday the door will open, best be in front of it when it does otherwise all the work was for nothing. You've come too far to give up. There's more in you. Dig deeper and let the passion shine forth.

Best wishes friends. God bless you.


Proud to be an alumnus of Sheridan College and being a part of this project. Leave a footprint when you go anywhere. Better is creating your own story.


I believe in God not because I am afraid of going to hell,

rather because of the power found in walking in love in Christ Jesus. When you have absolutely no reason to love but love anyways, when you have every reason to hold on to anger and unforgiveness but forgive easily, when things get hard but you rise above every time and the ability and mentality to win always regardless of the challenges. That is true power. And the ability to impact others with that bliss you enjoy by sharing the love and the message.

The word of God which Jesus came and made us understand that it is indeed possible to live a higher life here on earth and also have a hope for a greater life beyond this one.

I want that kind of life and I want my life to become the word of God beyond my words.

Believing in Jesus doesn't limit a person but rather empowers them to be their best.

Christianity is not a Do's and Don't. It's freedom to be your best self and let Christ perfect you in the process. I invite you to walk in love and see how powerful you become. God bless you.


As Long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other in a specific direction, you will eventually arrive at the desired destination. All it takes is one more step friends. Best wishes to your dreams and goals.


If a head still stands on my neck and draws breath, I still have a chance and I am taking it. Don't ever give up on yourself friends. You've got this. God bless you.


If you were on life support and your life depended on your next decision, will you accept the excuse you are currently accepting from life? Probably not, because you want it bad enough and without it there is no life for you.

Simply put, NO excuse is good enough if want something bad enough. Go out and get it done and let every seemingly justifiable excuse shrink when it confronts your desire. Want it so bad, that NO one can look into your desire and say NO to you (provided you have the right attitude). Let us keep growing and rising together, friends. :-). See you at


You don't get opportunities because you are the most qualified. You get them because you are the most consistent and most interested. There are thousands of people more qualified but they did not keep showing up with your drive, passion and interest. Keep showing up every time with the same if not greater energy and zeal and soon it will be you.


Nothing can be denied the one who won't be denied.. Resolve to NEVER accept things for what they are if what is isn't what you want. We are creators my good friends. We can create our imaginations through faith and massive amounts of action


Lack of capital is just an excuse. Don't make it for your visions..

Don't cheat yourself. Someone out there has the capital for our ideas. Until we prove ourselves ready we are not getting a penny.

No matter how stupid an idea is, there is capital stupid enough to fund it.

Be consistent with your vision and the funds looking for you will find you in common hours 😁

Best wishes my good friends and let's glorify Jesus with our results. Go get it. I believe in you.. 💪🏾🎉


Sharing this to Glorify Jesus and to inspire someone, anyone.

I have a dream that someday I will be one of Canada's finest bankers.

In 2016 I had a strong desire to become a financier but did not have the financial means to sponsor myself. I took a job in a plantation away from my hometown in Bamenda, Cameroon, isolated and away from family or friends, and had to work extremely hard, doing odd jobs to save as much money as I could for my education in Canada. I applied to immigrate to study in 2017 and was refused, applied again in 2018 and was refused for the same reason; that I did not show sufficient funds to afford an education in Canada. I doubled the hours, my efforts and knocked on every door that had a k**b that could open and sort help where I could and finally got more funds and applied again in 2018 and got approved in 2019.

I joined Sheridan college in 2019 and had an opportunity to excel both as a student and as a student leader where I was elected by my schoolmates to serve as the chairperson of the board of directors of our 25,000 plus membership student union. I earned my Canada Security Course certification, Bloomberg Markets Course Concepts certificate and preparing for my CFA Level 1. I graduated with excellent grades in 2021 and BMO Financial Group gave me an opportunity to launch my career and a shot at building my Canadian Dream.

No banking experience before, no internships, all I had was a clear goal, can-do mentality, a resolute spirit, and work ethic. Thank you Sara Suzuki for looking beyond my past and believing in me, thank you Reg Butler and Benoit K. Simard for your coaching and mentorship sessions. Thank you Jim Koutlemanis and Pina Da Costa for giving me an opportunity to serve. I have a passion and interest for the capital markets and I'll continue to learn and grow to the best I can be. Thank you all for believing in me.

I made it friends. Looking forward to the journey ahead. I practice what I preach friends and I employ you to Never give up on yourself and don't let your current experience be the limits to your destiny. Defy the odds. I believe in you. Have faith in Jesus and his words and go get it. 💯💯💥💪🏾


If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything.

What do you want ?

Be clear, be specific and be unapologetic.

Don't settle for less...


The same grace that is lifting me I pray will work for you. Just live and walk in love and determination. God loves you and it shall be well with you in Jesus's name. Amen 🙏🏽
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Lord preserve my heart in perfect love and let me not go astray. Keep me in your path and I yield my spirit to your ways. In jesus name, Amen. 🙏🏽❤️


Develop a heart that can only love, a mind that always understands and a will power that never gives up. Say this "It doesn't matter what is thrown at me, I only have love to respond with" 😍❤️❤️.

Never give your power away by reacting instead of acting. So help us God. 🙏🏽🙏🏽. God bless you.


Why work a 9-5 job that you hate, use your hard earned money to buy something you don't need to impress people who don't care about your existence.

Don't follow the masses.

If you can't afford it, don't buy it. Invest in your future.
Best wishes friends and God bless your hustle. 🙏🏽💯♥️


Focus on your path. It may take you some time and that's fine. I would rather move correctly in the right direction with certainty than move fast and doubtfully in no direction because everyone is heading there.. Social media is full of what people want you to see.So mind your business and celebrate your successes as you learn from your mistakes. Keep moving and only have love in your heart for every man or woman you meet. 😍♥️💯😇🎉🎉. God bless you and I love you.


Tell me about yourself without talking about your resume interview type question. My version


If you hesitate to sacrifice for the needful, the needful becomes the sacrifice. Don't let your Dreams become the sacrifice for the momentary pleasure. 🤯


This gives me joy every time. Congratulations my dear friend. 🙏🏽🙏🏽


I wish to encourage someone with this. Its not over yet..
As long as you can draw breath, there is still some fight in you.. I am inviting you to register through my unique link for an empowerment program with my mentor. I believe in miracles and it doesn't matter what you may be going through, when faith comes to your spirit you can only see possibilities. Use this link to register and share with someone you care about.

HEALING STREAMS Discover the miraculous and build your faith as you experience the infinite power of God that will change your life forever.


By the grace of God, your Canadian dreams will come to fruition. I will continue to do my best to share timely as updates information with you. Spread the love and keep watching. God bless you.


***Unknown Immigration opportunities, Express Entry***

I think because I spoke alot about study permit lots of people are unaware about other opportunities to come to Canada directly wit Permanent Residency which is even better. So I speak about the basics of the other opportunities and what express entry is. Check it out on my Channel and best wishes.

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Proud to be an alumnus of Sheridan College and being a part of this project. Leave a footprint when you go anywhere. Bet...
The same grace that is lifting me I pray will work for you. Just live and walk in love and determination. God loves you ...
Develop a heart that can only love, a mind that always understands and a will power that never gives up. Say this "It do...
Focus on your path. It may take you some time and that's fine. I would rather move correctly in the right direction with...
Tell me about yourself without talking about your resume interview type question. My version @noelabingwa#noelabingwa #t...
By the grace of God, your Canadian dreams will come to fruition. I will continue to do my best to share timely as update...
***Unknown Immigration opportunities, Express Entry***I think because I spoke alot about study permit lots of people are...
I called IRCC and I will love to share my findings with you. It's at this link click the ...



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