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Letter exchange program....
All smiles to receive personal friendly letters from their new (pen) pals of class V all the way frm Chukha CS. Thank u maam dorji for the initiative. May the art of letter writing continue (not only in exams). This also serves as a plateform for make new friends (make new friends and kip the old). May this project help the students develop their writing skills!
Over the recent years, the art of letter writing has lost its way. The other way of communication has replaced and it has become a part of our life to live up a life it's offered in front of us for we live in the technologically fast-paced world.
Though very less, just one yet we are reviving the art of letter writing and posting it.
Therefore, on 9/10/18; World Post Day, We the teachers of Phekoma are posting the letters to our nearby school, Gumla Pry School.
Logchina LSS :class PP.
Attendance board
Class library.
My class II from Phuentsholing HSS
Classroom set up in my class pp
Choden Palmo
Namgay Nips

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Operating as usual


Experimentation is the greatest Science.
A glimpse from the Academic Showcase of Tsimalakha MSS-2022.
Model- hemodialysis.


Class 5 student with a Science model - the human heart. ( Academic Showcase-2022, Tsimalakha MSS)


A class 10 student building a mobile charger as his Science Project. ( Academic Showcase-2022, Tsimalakha MSS)


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Six educational theories that teachers must know and understand


Eight useful strategies for formative assessment

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Brief History of English Literature...!

History of English literature is divided into following period
1.Old or Anglo Saxon literature
2.Middle English literature
3.Elizabethan literature
4.The age of Milton
5.Restoration drama
8.The Victorian period
9.The twentieth century (modern)
10.Post modernism (present)

1. Old English literature: was written from about 600-1100, The greatest old English poem called 'Beowulf ' whose author is unknown.

The old English authors, are known by name are Cadmon,the author of a short hymn,and Cynewulf' the author of four long poems

2.Middle English literature:(1100-1500)
Poetry: the most important poet of the time is Geoffrey Chaucer, his greatest work is Canterbury tales.

Drama: The three main types of medieval drama are mystery plays,about Bible stories,miracle plays about the lives of saints and the miracles the performed and morality plays,in which character s personify moral qualities such as charity or vice.

3.Elizabethan literature: Written approximately during the time of queen Elizabeth (1558-1603).


Edmund Spencer the author of The Faerie Queen's, Walter Raleigh,and William Shakespeare.


Drama is the greatest form written during the Elizabethan age.Shakespeare is considered the greatest playwright of all times ,his best works include Hamlet, king Lear,Macbeth Othello and merchant of vinice, Marlow six plays. Ben Johnson alchemist John donne 1572 -1631 metaphysical school of poetry

4. The age of Milton
Milton's paradise lost,
Robert Herrick famous for beautiful lyrics.

5.Restoration Drama

The main form of drama of this period are the heroic plays as written by john Dryden,and the comedy of manners as written by Richard sheriden and William Congreve.


The characteristics of neoclassicism are;

1) Poetry should be guided by reason
2) The role of the poet is that of the teacher
3) Poetry should be written according to fixed rules.
4) Poetry should use special diction
The major representative of this school
Are john Dryden and Alexander pope.

7. Romanticism

The main characteristics are

1) Poetry is the expression of personal feelings and emotions.
2) Imagination is a main source of poetry
3) Nature in romantic poetry is a living thing,a teacher of man,and a healing power Wordsworth' Keats, Byron, Shelley and Coleridge

8. The Victorian period.

It includes second half of the nineteenth century.
Poetry. Alfred tennyson and Robert Browning are the major poets of this period.
(Novel) the novel was the main literary production of the Victorian age
Charles Dickens, Jane Austen,Emily Bronte,George Eliot,Thomas hardy.
Oscar wild' s importance of being Earnest.

9.(20th century)

As a result of the political changes and the world wars,the sense of confidence in Victorian literature is replaced by the loss of faith,suffering, and uncertainty that modern literature expresses.stylistic experimentation and revolution against all literary tradition are the mark of modern literature. Some major figures include w.b Yeats, T.S. Eliot and W.H Auden in poetry,
Virginia wolf and James Joyce in the novel, and Samuel Becket in drama.

10.(Post Modernism (C.1945-present)

A notoriously ambiguous term,specially as it refers to literature, post modernism can b seen as response to the elitism of high modernism as well as to the horrors of world war ll .post modern literature is characterized by a disjointed,fragmented pasticcio of high and low culture that reflects the absence of tradition and structure in a world driven by technology and consumerism,
Julian Barnes,don't delillo,tony Morrison,Vladimir nobokov,Thomas Pynchon and Kurt Vonnegut are modern writers.
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2. Poets & Writers

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“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”


From small beginnings come great things.


Problems of pronunciation faced by Bhutanese ESL learners.

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