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Burundi Got Talent

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Ecole la colombiere
DS Students share the gospel in their own words. Watch and praise the Lord with us! Discovery School Burundi
More pics of last Friday's teacher seminar at Discovery School. The teachers spent time doing research to see how we can move our school environment closer to the one God created in Eden: beauty, order, relationships, a balance of work and rest... They enjoyed being in control of the seminar content for a change. #DSTeachersasResearchers #Discovery School Burundi
Hi, I am a primary school teacher from Morecambe, England and we have a class blog where we find out where people are visiting from. We have had people from about 50 different countries so far visiting the blog and it either comes up with a dot on our map or a flag in the flag counter! The children find it fascinating and love learning about the world. If you have a second to click on our school blog that would be fantastic - the link is
Good education,good teachers,n most of all they teach them about God s word.
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Private Christian Pre-School, Primary & Secondary School
"Rooted in Christ, Ready for Tomorrow" Our History

Our current brick buildings were originally built with the help of Carl and Eleanor Johnson (Jesse’s grandparents) in 1985 to house a primary school.

The school followed the government curriculum, but it taught the Bible as well. School fees and teachers’ salaries were subsidized by the missionaries. The school ran for 8 years. During the war, the school was forced to close because it was unsafe for any children to walk to and from school or even to gather in large groups. Refugee families moved into the classrooms. When Jesse and Joy Johnson a

Operating as usual



Discovery School on local tv (a featurette for International Mother Tongue Day) talking about how we integrate and give importance to Kirundi despite being an English-based school. © BNP TV


Yesterday was International Mother Language Day, so local news journalists came to interview us about how Discovery, as an English-system school, incorporates Kirundi. This is something we try to do well, so we were happy to speak to them. Hopefully the report will play on Startimes channel 125 at 19h on Saturday. Let's see!

Photos from Discovery School Burundi's post 18/02/2022

Funeral today. 800 people in attendance. They all stood and prayed for Mia, who is in the white blanket being held by her aunt. May God continue to comfort Yvone's family.

Photos from Discovery School Burundi's post 16/02/2022

Please pray for this heartbreaking situation! Two DS teachers each married one of a set of identical twins, Rachel and Yvonne. Both couples had babies due this month. Yvonne had an emergency c-section last week and then went to be with the Lord just before dawn yesterday as a result of post-partum complications. Her husband Delphin is grieving deeply, and little Mia (in the pink blanket with the IV port) is without a Mommy. Rachel delivered just this morning and is having trouble believing Yvonne is really gone... Please pray for them and for our whole community.


Please pray for our seniors as they work through the process of applying to universities and looking for scholarships, often working on their phones as they don't have computers at home. Students have been accepted to universities in the UK, the US, and South Korea so far, which is encouraging (They deserve it! I am so proud of them!) but full scholarships are elusive and universities cost so much these days that even 75% scholarships leave daunting amounts....

Photos from Discovery School Burundi's post 12/02/2022

Our drumming team is getting ready to perform at our first graduation later this year. The Burundi drummers are famous, and drums are an incredibly symbolic part of culture here. The word for drum is the same as the word for throne-- they are a symbol of authority, among other things. Each part of the drum has a specific name and meaning...


Polygon sum conjectures and exterior angles...

Our faculty is becoming more and more committed to hands-on learning. What a fun math activity! Great work Tc Alexander!


Ruben's fire tube take 1!

We made great progress on the Ruben's fire tube today. It worked to show sound waves... and there weren't any explosions. We will try 1 more time with a louder speaker and a longer pipe...


Congratulations to Director Lucien, who has received his Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Hope Africa University!!

Photos from Discovery School Burundi's post 04/02/2022

Discovery School is hosting a sports tournament with BIMS, BES, King's School, Cubahiro School, and MIA! Here are the sports teachers and students from the various schools who are helping to plan. Thanks, guys!

Photos from Discovery School Burundi's post 03/02/2022

Engineering students experimenting with parallel and series circuits. Their excitement was electric!

Photos from Discovery School Burundi's post 01/02/2022

Cooking class for seniors at our house today with some of the volunteers. Yummy lemon cake!


1st practice SAT test for our G12 (11th graders). They are taking it in what we pray will someday be a finished chapel and auditorium.

Photos from Discovery School Burundi's post 26/01/2022

Looks like choosing a snack at the school cantine is a big decision requiring lots of discussion... but everyone is happy with the end result. Chapatis to share! Yum!


Way to go, Kenny! You impressed them a lot! Thirst for learning, confidence, impeccable English... way to be a good ambassador for our school!

Photos from Discovery School Burundi's post 17/01/2022

This trimester teachers spent our seminar day sharing their knowledge with each other on a variety of topics- assessment, benchmarks, classroom management, etc... We greatly appreciate this spirit of collaboration!

Photos from Discovery School Burundi's post 07/01/2022

Enjoying looking back at the wonderful times of Christmas celebration last month. Teachers and students alike did a fabulous job presenting what they had prepared, and the library staff coordinated everything flawlessly. God was Glorified through it all!

Photos from Discovery School Burundi's post 10/12/2021

Lots going on today as we near the end of the trimester. After the day's exams were done, our Admin had a goodbye meal with our international volunteers, the Art and Games Club decorated the secondary classroom block with some help from Student Council, 7th Grade had Chapel... and much more that we didn't catch on film. Lots to be thankful for!


We decorated the school office today. Here are Teachers Adrien and Samuel enjoying it 🎄🥰


Today we had a visit from Mr. Ramadhani from EducationUSA. He gave a wonderful presentation to our Juniors and Seniors about preparing for university. This is our school president, Patience, thanking him for the time he spent with us.

Photos from Discovery School Burundi's post 03/06/2021

End of the year field trips!

Photos from Discovery School Burundi's post 02/04/2021

Second term report card day. (Proclamation in French). Thanks support staff, teachers, students, and administartors for your hard work this trimester! Thanks parents for coming to support your kids!

Photos from Discovery School Burundi's post 26/01/2021

Future scientists at work-- our Biology students extract DNA from green peas...


General Assembly of parents in progress! Our new school board is being introduced today!


Parents arriving for today's General Assembly Meeting. So thankful for this space! Pray that the meeting goes well and that the Lord will provide for the eventual completion of this auditorium... windows, electricity, stage...


So thankful Whitney is here to teach P5 and for the two volunteers from Germany who come in twice a week.


Students celebrated the completion of exam week with skateboarding, paper airplanes, and inter -class football matches.


Happy Thanksgiving!


We've come a long way!


Discovery School Kinindo campus Preschool and Day care!


Basketball time in P.E.!


Dismissal time. So many students!


More cooperative art!


First lunch at school in 2020-2021. Our God deserves glory and honor; He enables all these children to share again this year.

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Polygon sum conjectures and exterior angles...
Ruben's fire tube take 1!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Salvation message
Part 2 of walk around tour
Part 1 of a walk around the school.
Bucket brigade from yesterday's slab pour. They were mixing concrete on the 3rd floor and passing it up to the roof of t...
Slab being poured!





No 7 Ave Bukiriro

Opening Hours

Monday 07:30 - 16:30
Tuesday 07:30 - 16:30
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Bujumbura, P.O BOX 933

CURFOPIS est un"Centre Universitaire de Recherche et de Formation Professionnelle " Notre mission est la promotion de l'auto-emploi des jeunes

2015 Bujumbura International Social Work Conference 2015 Bujumbura International Social Work Conference
Bujumbura, 238

Welcome to the first conference of Social work to be held in Bujumbura on the 17th of March 2015.

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Buterere II, Quartier I No. 12

ECOFO Halaqah School is a non-profit primary and secondary school that strives to provide free education to our orphans and less fortunate children in Burundi. The school is located in Buterere , Bujumbura Burundi

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Bujumbura, Gishingano

APEE Association pour la Promotion de l'Entreprenariat et de l'Education APEE Association pour la Promotion de l'Entreprenariat et de l'Education
Commune NTAHANGWA, Quartier NGAGARA 3, Chaussée Monseigneur BUCONYORI, Parcelle Des Sœurs Clarisse, Bureau Numéro 10 (48I)

APEE est une organisation créée en 2018 afin d'assister les enseignants dans la gestion de leur classe et aider les élèves et étudiants dans leurs devoirs. En plus, elle encourage les jeunes dans leur désir d'entreprendre.

Centre de Formation Professionnelle de Kigobe CFPK Centre de Formation Professionnelle de Kigobe CFPK
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JesseandJoy InBurundi JesseandJoy InBurundi
PO Box 122

Ministry updates from Jesse and Joy and their work with #EmmanuelChurches #DiscoverySchoolBurundi #TimothyBibleSchool #FilmTeamEvangelism and #BibleTrainingSeminars

Haidary Madressa Bujumbura Haidary Madressa Bujumbura
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Haidary Madressa Bujumbura