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White Cliffs Public School is a small school of 15 students, located in the far west of NSW.

Operating as usual


Day 3 of Presentation Week is a virtual 'thank you' to our wonderful White Cliffs community who continue to support the 'Books in Homes' program.


Day 2 of our 'Presentation Week' is our Christmas play, titled 'Ralph the reindeer.' This play tells the story of poor Rudolph who is sick and his replacement, Ralph, who just isn't fit for the job. Happy viewing!


Day 1 of our Presentation Week events- Ukulele!
Enjoy listening to our infants and primary ukulele groups who have been learning to strum and pick.

Photos from White Cliffs Public School's post 07/12/2021

Indigo shibori fabric dyeing with Mrs Bartell! Our students tried and tested different techniques with fabulous results!


Students have conducted their own research on a topic of interest and then identified the best text type to present their work. 'Wanted' posters, narratives, story scripts and information guides were some of the chosen text types. Fantastic work everyone!


The Strategic Improvement Plan is a working document that details the steps our school will take to improve learning outcomes for our students. It is quite a wordy document, so with the help of Vision Hub, we have turned ours into a visualisation, in the hope that it makes our goals and future directions clear for everyone.


Willow and Ruby used a short film clip as inspiration to write these very engaging narratives. Outstanding work!

Photos from White Cliffs Public School's post 25/10/2021

Thanks Willow for bringing in a box of straw for our new veggie gardens!


Listen to Levi and Edward reading their writing from this morning! Well done Kindergarten!

Photos from White Cliffs Public School's post 19/10/2021

This week, some of our hardworking mathematicians in the primary room have been learning to talk about and show the strategies they use the solve problems. Well done everyone!


We are very proud of Jenna for identifying that her highlights have been about the effort she is putting into her writing since returning to school! Well done Jenna.

Photos from White Cliffs Public School's post 06/10/2021

Here are some of our infants students proudly showing off their colour collages during creative arts today!


They're back! How great it was to hear lots of laughter and excitement in the playground today as our students reunited onsite to start Term 4.

Don't forget tomorrow is a sausage sizzle lunch provided by the school!

Photos from White Cliffs Public School's post 30/09/2021

This morning it was announced that the current stay-at-home order for White Cliffs will be lifted from tomorrow, the 1st of October.

We are so pleased that all students will be starting Term 4 back at school with face-to-face learning on Tuesday the 5th of October. School will operate on level 3 restrictions.

-Miss Burgess

Photos from White Cliffs Public School's post 17/09/2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Please see below information regarding the changes to the 125/6 Year Anniversary of White Cliffs Public School.

Have a happy and safe school holiday. We hope to see all our students return to face-to-face learning at some point in Term 4.

-Miss Burgess

Photos from White Cliffs Public School's post 15/09/2021

Balloon Rockets at school on Tuesday to start our week of STEM and Creativity!


Due to the Premier's announcement today, the current stay at home orders will remain in place for White Cliffs (as part of the Central Darling Shire.) As a result, White Cliffs Public School will continue with learning from home. Families are strongly encouraged to continue to keep their children at home.

Learning from home packs from Week 9 can be dropped off anytime tomorrow and Week 10 packs can picked up on Friday afternoon or Monday morning.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

Miss Burgess đŸ™‚

Photos from White Cliffs Public School's post 08/09/2021

Please see current information regarding the Roadmap to return to face-to-face learning.


We wish all the dads, stepdads, grandpas, uncles and friends a Happy Father's Day and think of those who are without their father or father figure today.

Photos from White Cliffs Public School's post 03/09/2021

A snapshot of what Week 8 (Week 3 Learning from home and school) has looked like for some of our White Cliffs students. We've had it all; Maths, Spelling, Reading, Arts and play dough fractions. We've even had a Viking and a sprouting flower!

Have a great weekend and stay safe.

Ellie Burgess


Did you tune in today to Education Live?
Meet the Capybara on Animal of the Day and learn to juggle with the help of the Flying Fruit Fly Circus.


Photos from White Cliffs Public School's post 31/08/2021

with the Hutchison's who, in addition to their regular school work, have created these fabulous models of the local White Cliffs area. We are so impressed!


Please see the below initiative from the NSW Office of Sport.

The 30 day challenge commences on the 1st September and is a great way to get active with your family in a safe environment that complies with the current lockdown restrictions.

Keep track using the 10,000 steps app or website and watch your family climb the leader board. There are great prizes to be won for families and individuals who walk the most steps during the challenge (note; other activities can be transferred to steps as well).

We are inviting all families to take part in the challenge. You can register via the QR on the flyer.


with the Jackson's who have been reviewing their knowledge of 2D shapes by designing a character and doing it with big smiles!

Photos from White Cliffs Public School's post 25/08/2021

with the Mannion's who have been busy with Spelling and Creative Arts. Look at the concentration and smiles on their faces!

Parents and carers 24/08/2021

Parents and carers

Previous Education Live videos can be viewed by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Happy Learning!

Parents and carers Guidance and materials for students or parents, carers and learning support staff.

Photos from White Cliffs Public School's post 24/08/2021

with the Ker Family who have been doing Maths together and some exercise with today's Education Live video.

Each day, we will be posting the link to Education Live where student's can watch 'Animal of the Day,' and learn from a special guest.


Hello from school!
Week 7 learning packs are ready to go.

We are so proud of all the work that our students have done this week! Please continue to contact us at school if you need help with

Stay safe and look after each other.

Miss Burgess

Photos from White Cliffs Public School's post 19/08/2021

The Premier's announcement today means that NSW schools will continue to operate under current restrictions until at least Saturday 28 August and ‘Learning from Home’ will continue for Week 7.

Learning from home packs can be picked up from school between 2:00-3:00 tomorrow (Friday 20th August) or 8:00-9:00am on Monday 23rd August. If there are any issues with the collection of Week 7 Learning packs, please do not hesitate to contact the school so that alternative arrangements can be made.

Remember that you are not expected to replicate the experience of school, at home. We simply ask that you do your best when and if you can.

Miss Burgess

Photos from White Cliffs Public School's post 19/08/2021

At school, Alice and Lily were asked to arrange the numbers 1-6 in each circle so that the sum of each side of the triangle equals the number in the middle.

I wonder what solutions our Stage 1 students at home came up with?

Photos from White Cliffs Public School's post 18/08/2021

Some great updates already as our students .
Jai and Charlise have been outside conducting a Science experiment and Bradley has been busy creating a Museum with historical White Cliffs artefacts.

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