Taylors Lane Kindergarten

We offer a play based, stimulating educational environment for kindergarten aged children to learn, Taylors Lane Kindergarten is a KNOX CITY COUNCIL managed sessional kindergarten, located in Taylors Lane Family and Children's Center.

Our experienced educators, along with a volunteer parent group provide an amazing educational environment for children in the year before they enter school. We currently offer one group - Possum group attends on Tuesday and Thursday (8:30am-4:00pm) Children attending our kindergarten sessions are required to be aged 4 by April 30. Pre-kinder (3YO) is not currently running at our centre. However, our centre does offer Play Group sessions in a separate room.

Operating as usual


Taylors Lane Kindergarten - Community Development Fund grants 2021

What a special treat to have our sensory wall advertised on the Knox City council FB page. 😍


Such good advice! Positive feedback goes a long way!


Businesses always say their customers are quick to complain but far less likely to recognise great service.
I feel like this is often true with children’s behaviour as well. Sadly we’re so thankful, relieved or grateful to have a break from being the referee that we forget to share our #feelings.
I remember - a very, very long time ago - we were seeing a speech therapist with one of my children. She recommended that we take away a toy or privilege every time they didn’t make the effort to ‘speak correctly’ 😳🤔
As you can imagine, we never went back, and instead I #encouraged, #recognised and #applauded the child’s efforts. And it worked.
Catch your child being good. Do it unexpectedly, randomly. Swoop in for the stealth (consensual) hug “for no reason at all”. Offer a high-five. Let them see your #love, your #delight, how #proud you are of them.
Not every child is a high achiever. #celebrate the little things, and often big things follow 🙂


Celebrating Earth Day ... art work ... Eric Carl.

Celebrating Earth Day ... art work ... Eric Carl.

Photos from Knox City Council's post 14/02/2021

Photos from Knox City Council's post


Such an easy way to assist our children to stay safe. ☀️

Lots of people are preparing for the new school year. We’re also seeing lots of sites selling bags and tags etc with visible names. Please be aware of named items. #bodysafetyeducation #bodysafetyforkids #bodysafety #parenting


Learning to respect and care for our environment is a large part of our teaching program. This suggestion from Gardens for Wildlife is such an easy way to help out the wildlife in our area. We have installed our own bee/insect water bath just near our vegetable garden. 🐝 🌺 🐝 🐞
For more information ,


Taylors Lane Kindergarten's cover photo


Melbourne Playgrounds

It's getting to that time of year when pick your own fruit locations begin to open.

We've created the ultimate guide "Locations for Pick Your Own Pick Fruit Farms in Melbourne and Victoria"

See here: https://www.melbourneplaygrounds.com.au/pick-your-own-pick-fruit

It's highly recommended to phone farms ahead of your visit to check fruit availability and opening times.


What a wonderful area we live and play in.

We are now entering into the season known as BULLARTO N`YOWEENTH ( plenty sun)(early summer). Bunurong people begin to welcome their neighbours to the coast, people would swim and gather TUYANG(shellfish) and PIDDERON(periwinkles) from the rocky platforms or fish for snapper at the mouth of the mangrove inlets and mix the days catch with the fruit of the KARKALLA ( pigface) and sweet tubers that the "BAGGAROOK"( women) had gathered..The COOLEENTH (men) could be found sitting together making bark canoes so they could travel to the islands to catch KOORMAN(seal). The Moonbird (muttonbird) have arrived and soon they will lay their single egg. The Kulin people gather together, their camps getting ready for the coming of age ceremonies, there are many YAINYANGS(corroborees) and WEENTH( fires) burn brightly across the landscape. It is an abundant time for the Kulin people, native grasses grow tall and seed now and MURRUB (lerps) can be collected from WURUN ( manna tree) bulbs are ready for harvesting and the BOLLAM BOLLAM (butterflies) add colour to the fields of wildflowers. DOONBURRIM(lizards) and snakes are active and EOKE(eels) are starting to come down the river. People stay near the fresh water sources now as the N`YOWEENTH(sun) begins to heat up. Kulin BEEYAK ( country) is bursting with life.


Taylors Lane Kindergarten


Taylors Lane Kindergarten


It has been fantastic to see our current children back at the centre. As one of our children indicated this past week, face to face onsite learning is double thumbs up. 👍🏼👍🏼

We are conscious that many of our 2021 families have not been able to pop in and visit us during the restrictions. Here are a few peaks of our current learning areas...

sunsmart.com.au 12/10/2020

Free SunSmart app - SunSmart

We are very excited to have reached 18 years as registered members of the Sunsmart Early Childhood Program

Overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation causes wrinkles and skin and eye damage, ultimately leading to skin cancer.

UV cannot be seen or felt. It is not like the sun’s light which we see, or the sun’s warmth (infrared radiation) which we feel. Our senses cannot detect UV so it can be damaging without us knowing.

We have downloaded the FREE sunsmart app onto our centre phone., and recommend you loading it onto your phone too!

The free SunSmart app tells you when sun protection is recommended for your location using forecast information from the Bureau of Meteorology website and live UV data from ARPANSA.

Available on the App Store Android app on Google Play

Alerts you can set to remind you when sun protection times start each day, or set to be reminded about UV on any day of the week.
Sunscreen calculator, which provides you with the minimum recommended sunscreen application recommended, based on your choice of outfit. Plus, set a two-hour reminder so you don’t forget to top up. You can add multiple profiles to the calculator to help the whole family keep track of their sunscreen application.

Full details available here: https://www.sunsmart.com.au/tools/interactive-tools/free-sunsmart-app

sunsmart.com.au Use the SunSmart app to find out the daily sun protection times for your location across Australia.


Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

The school holidays have arrived! Keep your little ones busy and connected to nature with this virtual adventure, where you'll explore the organic Kitchen Garden at Melbourne Gardens with Ella from the Learning team. Uncover how plants grow, how to save water and meet beneficial creepy-crawlies. If you're looking for more school holiday activities, check out our Virtual Garden. 🐛 https://bit.ly/32GsM0j


This is something we will be carefully monitoring when our kindergarten children return in term 4.
Whilst we have been on Covid stage 4 restrictions, our families have been able to opt into Zoom sessions. Seeing the children’s happy faces have made these so worthwhile. Even though we are all on a screen, being able to see each other really helps to keep our connection alive. I hope this has helped to fill up our “children’s emotional cups”. ❤️❤️❤️ We are looking forward to seeing you in person!


Body Safety Australia

Kicking off #NationalChildProtectionWeek with the importance of safe adults!

boroondara.vic.gov.au 08/09/2020

Indigenous Storytime with Rebecca from Wurundjeri Council

This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to listen to indigenous literature. (The link indicates registering is required before the event starts. )

boroondara.vic.gov.au Learn about Wurundjeri culture, language and Dreaming stories through storytelling, dance and song.


In today’s zoom session we learnt about National Wattle day, and that in our local area, the local indigenous name for this time of the year is “Pareip.”
Perhaps you are also seeing a Barroworn (magpie) or two searching for food in your area? ❤️💛🖤

🏵️ Today is National Wattle Day! 🏵️
Pictured is Moy-yan (Wurundjeri), or Silver Wattle. The wood of the Moy-yan tree can be used for handles of stone axes, and also used to make digging sticks. The gum-like resin from the tree mixed with ash produces a waterproof paste, used for repairing water containers.
Share your wattle pictures with us below. 👇

youtube.com 25/08/2020

Live Penguin TV

This started tonight ... it was lots of fun to see the penguins coming in. So many new things to learn in an online commentary as well. Did you know that a group of penguins is called a waddle?

youtube.com Donate: https://bit.ly/pfdonation


What a great way to learn more about sowing seeds. Hopefully I will “see” you there.

Wednesday 26 August, 7pm

Spring is almost here, and its time to start sowing seeds for Spring vegetables. Sowing from seed is a great way to grow some different or unusual varieties. Its also a great skill to learn, and will help you save money on seedlings and become a more self-reliant gardener.

To join the webinar, registrations are essential at https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/sowing-seeds-for-spring-rescheduled-tickets-117946277491

This event is presented as part of the Gardens for Harvest program for residents of Knox and Yarra Ranges Council.


Proximodistal development: before a child can develop fine motor skills, they must first have developed gross motor skills.

Development expands outwards, from the trunk, to the limbs, to the hands and then to the fingers. If you want children to be able to use a tripod grip, the answer is not to force them to use one, but to ensure they get lots of gross motor activities and opportunities for hand strength and gripping.

Our children can still learn and develop essential writing skills during this tough time of Covid-19. Remember to say this to yourself every time your child is wanting to play outside. ❤️


Knox City Council

Please note that due to the new Stage 3 COVID-19 restrictions we must close all of our playgrounds again until we are advised by the state government that the restrictions are lifted. We encourage you to continue to explore our parks and bushland reserves with your family. For ideas on your local reserves see our website http://www.knox.vic.gov.au/bushlandreserves #GreenKnox

ngv.vic.gov.au 29/06/2020

Under 5s: Native Plants | NGV

Looking for activities to do during the term break?
Have a look at these free online sessions from the National Gallery of Victoria's Under 5s program. Over the next two weeks children aged 2-5years can learn about some of the ways First Nations People live, eat and work and then watch an art making demonstration to try at home or kinder. This program we are talking about the artwork of Kokatha and Nukunu women Yhonnie Scarce.

ngv.vic.gov.au Entry to NGV is free and dedicated session times are available to book online for visits to NGV International and The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia.


Our children have been exploring the roles involved in animal health. We have set up a small VET clinic, in which the children take turns to be the Drs. and nurses, and also the families taking their beloved pet in for a check up.

With so much happening in the world with COVID-19, we felt this was also a way to give the children a supported play space to discuss vaccinations, medicines and how general checkups keep us healthy.


Knox City Council

Do you know someone who might be looking for support in areas of Food relief, Finance, Housing, Family violence, Mental Health through this period?
Check out the list of all service providers in this Community Relief Guide: www.knox.vic.gov.au/files/Community/relief_services.pdf
#communityreliefguide #reliefservices


Whilst it may feel as if we always need to have an answer for the children, sometimes it isn’t always possible. This graphic has some suggested replies. 🌈❤️🌈

Graphic credit: #wholehearted


Knox City Council

New parents👨‍👨‍👦👩‍👦👨‍👧, a reminder that Knox Maternal & Child Health services are continuing to support children and families, including:
· Telehealth/phone and limited face-to-face appointments and health checks
· Breastfeeding support
· Sleep and settling support
· Starting solids resources
Contact [email protected] or visit > knox.vic.gov.au/maternalchildhealth for more info.


What do you know about bees? We have started to learn about the waggle dance the bees do, to tell each other where to find the flowers 💐 🐝 🐝 Bees are such an important part of our food chain.

🐝🐝🐝 Hooray! Its World Bee Day!! 🐝🐝🐝
The purpose of this day is to acknowledge the role that bees play in pollination, a vital environmental service for nature and food production across the globe.

There are around 1700 species of native bees found in Australia. Here are five key ways you can help protect them:

🐝 Bees need nectar for energy and pollen for protein. Many native bees WONT use introduced plants. Check out the table attached for some indigenous plants that provide nectar and pollen for native bees. Native 🐝s ask you to please include them in your garden! Try to provide a year round source wherever possible, or at least those flowering late Winter to late Autumn.

🐝 Avoid using pesticides, particularly insecticides, in your garden.

🐝 Leave some dead wood (trunks, large branches) in the garden where resin bees can nest.

🐝 Have some small areas of bare soil in your garden (free of mulch) where native bees can build nest holes in the soil.

🐝 You can include a bee hotel (or many) in your garden - just ensure you provide breakfast with your bed 🐝😁


Knox City Council

📣Knox News winter edition is out now and will be delivered to your letter boxes shortly.
To download an online copy click> knox.vic.gov.au/files/News/Knox_News_Winter_2020.pdf


We are facing unusual times with the COVID19 pandemic. Whilst the activities listed in the link were collated to assist families at home during this time, we are sure they will be useful for a long time to come.

Parents of kids aged 0-6 years, check out these interesting resources compiled together by our team to support the learning and development of your kids at home > www.knox.vic.gov.au/learnathome
#learningathome #thingstodoathome


ABC Education

Did you know, according to recent Australian research, about 80% of children aged 2–5 are actively online?

In this special online segment, Play School has some wonderful tips for parents and educators to help kids safely navigate online spaces.


❤️ positivity is just what we need. Even adults will appreciate these words.


West Virginia Early Childhood PBIS

Whilst this video is based from America, it has a variety of tips for parents who are working out how to help their children during times of stress. Remember we are all in this together, so if you have questions, or are searching for more strategies to help your family at home, let us know!

Here is a video describing guidance and information on COVID 19 and what families can do during this stay at home order. This information was released in a great infographic by the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations (NCPMI).

Look out for this and other videos made by the WVDE and the WV Behavior Mental Health TA Center on your local WV Public Broadcasting station.


This could be useful for many of us who have children at home. 😊🌈😊

When school goes back this week, it'll look a little different.

Schools will provide everything our kids need to study remotely – but there's always room for extra learning .

That's why we're doing this.

We're teaming up with ABC Australia to massively expand the educational programming on offer – and to bring the classroom into the living room (or dinner table or kitchen).

More than 4,000 videos, resources and games will be available on the ABC website that match up with the Victorian curriculum.

Educational shows for primary and secondary students will run throughout the day, as well as mini-lessons led by teachers.

Nothing will ever replace our incredible teachers and the work they do.

But we're making sure every Victorian student has access to as many learning opportunities as possible.

BYO chair and bear.

Videos (show all)

Due to the positive feedback from both families and children , we have organised the caterpillar 🐛 program again.These l...
Last year we had many excited children watch Monarch caterpillars move through their lifecycle. After such a positive re...
Over the last few weeks we have been watching caterpillars munch their way though a bunch of leaves then change into  st...
We have recently added some Australian Spiny Leaf Insects to our room. These plant eating insects are certainly providin...
Last Thursday, the children met two firefighters from Dandenong CFA. The largest truck from the station was also brought...




130 Taylors Lane
Melbourne, VIC

Opening Hours

Tuesday 8am - 5pm
Thursday 8am - 5pm
Friday 11am - 4pm
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