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The You're Kidding Me program is well underway!

Tomorrow, Local children’s health education platform Sick Happens will host a Q&A takeover over on our Instagram focusing on the skills required to navigate children’s illness with confidence and calm.

Founder Penny Blunden who is a Paediatric Nurse, will answer all your questions about children’s health, as well as provide access to additional resources to learn more.

Head to our Instagram stories to submit your questions:

Just tap our logo in the top left hand corner of our Instagram profile until you see the question sticker 📲

Have you seen the talks and workshops we have lined up for this year's You're Kidding Me program?

This September the program will provide helpful resources to better understand children's emotions during the pandemic, nature play tips, transitions to school - including debunking expectations of what your child should know before school, keeping your sanity as a parent during such a chaotic and challenging time and navigating children’s illness with confidence and calm with an Instagram take over with Sick Happens

Check our Facebook Events page or for dates and registration links.

We absolutely LOVE these medicine tracker magnets from Sick Happens! 👏

What a great way to avoid confusion when giving bub different medications or when giving doses while in a sleep-deprived state!
The latest Podcast is one of those ones I hope every parent hears but most never need to use.

In Episode 31 we are talking about Advocation and Anxiety Around Your Child’s Health with Penny from Sick Happens

Penny is a Paediatric Registered Nurse with a Masters of Nursing. She is a mum of 2 boys and talks to us about why she started Sick Happens, and how to advocate for your child in the hospital or at Doctors' appointments. We also share our stories of anxiety around our child's health and what we did to help.

Listen here
Client appreciation post:
We don’t do this very often but this particular amazing human needs a good plug for the sunshine she brings in.
We have certainly worked with some amazing people over the last few years but since starting with Penny from .happens 2 years ago she has stuck by our side and worked with us ongoingly to develop new products and services.
Being inspired within your industry is incredible but being inspired outside is a next level tier of appreciation.
Penny this post is to congratulate you for all you have achieved thus far and to thank you for the industry you represent and the way in which you inspire others, but also to thank you for always choosing us.
We look forward to many more years of working together and copious amounts of coffee and good times.
The 2021 Health Tracker available in store at Honest Paper or online through Sick Happens
If you had the chance to speak to a mum who’s a paediatric nurse what would you ask her? I sat down with Penny from Sick Happens who shared so much of her expertise. From fevers and bumps on the head to rashes and advice for navigating the health care system, Penny shares a wealth of knowledge that will help you feel more confident when dealing with sickness in your child. Penny also talks about her mum life experience including how she juggles everything, what it’s like being a boy mum and more. Listen now on all podcast platforms!
It’s warming up here in Australia, so what suncream is “best” for children? The top question this week!
I’ve asked Penny, Masters-qualified paeds nurse from Sick Happens to give us the low down! 👇🏼👇🏼
Well, it all depends. I don’t think any particular brand of suncream is significantly “better” than any others, but there are certain things that you need to look for when choosing a suncream for your children. When choosing a suncream, check that it meets the following criteria:

- Broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection.

- SPF 30 or higher.

- Water resistant — if it will be used in or near the water.

- Volume — Make sure you use enough to actually cover all of their skin appropriately!

- Efficacy — make sure it is a TGA registered product, not just a cosmetic product. This means it will have an AUST L number on the label, meaning they are 'listed' on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).

- Make sure it is in your price range. Being more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it is more effective or “better”
Other things to consider:
- It is not recommended for children under the age of six months to use suncream — so please keep them in the shade, and covered with hats and clothing.

- Test patch your child’s skin first before applying it all over their body. Particularly if your child has dry skin or eczema.

- Avoid peak UV sun exposure, or make sure your child has the suncream applied BEFORE going into the sun. Don’t forget about sun rays in the car too — UVA rays can pe*****te windows.

- Avoid suncreams that contain food products such as nut oils (until they have safely tolerated this food). You want your child’s first exposure to these foods through their gut (aka eating it), rather than through the skin. There is evidence to suggest that becoming sensitised to a food through the skin is linked to higher rates of food allergy.
And Jess’ 2c - don’t forget to check your product is in date and hasn’t gone off (aka it isn’t lumpy or discoloured). Thank you Penny & for more information on sunscreen and sun safety, see my previous posts! ☀️💦🧴👒⛱


Suncreams and the TGA #:~:text=Many%20Australians%20use%20sunscreen%20on,areas%20of%20their%20body%20surface.&text=For%20this%20reason%2C%20the%20TGA,has%20been%20assessed%20for%20safety

Sensitisation of foods through the skin #:~:text=Allergic%20Sensitization%20through%20the%20Skin,-Several%20clinical%20observations&text=Recently%2C%20the%20skin%20has%20garnered,to%20peanut%20oils%20%5B63%5D
The Ultimate Mothers Group: A Week Of Experts is bought to you by The Nest, Kids CPR & Allergy and we have pulled together the most amazing line up of speakers for this event!

Registered here...

We will also be doing a major prize draw too, but you must be regsitered to be in with a chance! We have partnered with Mama Movement Babywearing and You, Project Goddess and Lumila to name just a few...

Our speakers have generously given their time and expertise in this free online event that will span from today to Friday, and every single one of them has absolute nuggets of gold for you.

These are the speakers and organisations involved, take a look around make sure to register here
Connected Parenting, Blossomdoulacare, Sick Happens, Alex's 100 Club with Alex Trichilo , Dr Howard Chilton: Baby on Board , Gidget Foundation Sound Asleep Baby , Motherhood Matters and Calmbirth

Share this event with your fellow parents or parents-to-be, who could benefit from the wealth of knowledge coming your way!

We can't wait to see you inside...
With these statistics, it's no wonder that we have so many children in our centers with allergies and special dietary requirements!

This week is food allergy awareness week. Something that seems to be an everchanging area as research progresses, but definitely a topic we all need to stay up to date with.

In our most recent blog post, we interviewed Penny from Sick Happens to get some more information and advice on managing allergies in an early childhood setting. Head to the link in our bio to read the full article.
Being aware of, and catering for, food allergies is such a big part of working in the Early Childhood Industry.

This week (May 10-16) is food allergy awareness week. And while most educators have undergone some sort of allergy training, it’s definitely an area that seems to have conflicting advice.

So we thought now was a great opportunity to delve deeper into this topic with Penny a registered Nurse from Sick Happens

Penny has also given our community a 20% discount off allergy fact sheets that can be distributed to families. Head to our website to read the article and get the discount code now!

Sick Kids? Here's your answer for when inevitable sick happens and you:

☑️ Second guess yoursel

Operating as usual

Photos from Sick Happens's post 03/04/2023

Don’t spend *another* winter drowning in overwhelm, confusion and panic.

It’s entirely possible for you to respond with calm, clarity and confidence.

Get clear with The VIP Experience.

Spots are already taken: so be quick.

Link in bio.

Photos from Sick Happens's post 30/03/2023

Ahhhh salmon skin roll ✌🏻

Swipe across to read how Ross’ theory of UNAGI can help you stay calm when sick hits the fan >>>

How do you feel about handling sick kids? Terrified? Calm? Anxious?

Share with me below ⬇️


How to advocate for your family in an appointment in 5 steps >>>

> Start symptom tracking ASAP.
> Take photos and videos of your child’s symptoms or concerns.
> Write down all your questions.
> Take any research you think is worth chatting about.

> Take a support person with you to help entertain your child (they can be super distracting).
> Take someone that will speak up for you if you are nervous doing this yourself.
> An extra person can help you remember what was said.

> Ask questions.
> Ask for clarification if you are confused.
> Ask for an explanation about what would happen if you try something else.

> Request a fact sheet.
> See if they have any resources for you to read.
> Ask for them to explain everything again if you are not sure.

> Ask when they would like to see your child again.
> Ask what symptoms to look out for, and when to come back.

Advocation is not a dirty word.
Speak up.
Be kind.
Work as a team.

Save this post into your Sick Happens folder and whip it out before your next appointment 🤙🏻

Photos from Sick Happens's post 23/03/2023

Shivering with a fever: normal or not?

Well, the evidence is mixed.

Swipe to have a read >>>

Bottom line:

🤒 Fever management doesn’t change with rigors (AKA you don’t need to rush off to hospital when they are shivering).

🤒 Seek help like you normally would if your child has concerning symptoms.

🤒 Keep this info in the back of your mind if your parent instincts are alarming… and don’t forget to mention it to your Doctor if you see them.

Have you ever seen rigors?

Photos from Sick Happens's post 22/03/2023

Just going to leave this here >>>

Hands up if you’ve ever felt guilty when your child got sick?

I have.

But let me assure you, it not our fault.

Sick. Happens.

Tag your besties to pass on the comforting words


Wheeze is an abnormal breath sound produced when air is flowing through an abnormally narrowed airway.

AKA the airways are swollen or something is stuck in there.

The most common cause of wheeze in little people are:

> Viral induced wheeze (VIW)
> Asthma
> Anaphylaxis
> Inhalation of a foreign body (popcorn is a big one!)

How do you treat wheeze?

Well, it depends on what is causing it.

But, in any case, if you hear this sound, your child needs to be assessed by a Doctor. The level of care your child needs (such as GP vs ED vs Ambulance) is determined by the severity of other signs of respiratory distress your child may have.

Any questions? Pop them in the comments below >>>


Kids can be both sick AND happy.

It’s easy to get distracted with a happy, active child.

But, it’s really important that you know how to asses your child, and know what the concerning symptoms of sickness are.

In Liam’s case, his family were all 👏🏻 over 👏🏻 it 👏🏻

They followed his asthma action plan at home until they knew it was time to get some extra help = Doctor.

Care was the escalated to the Emergency Department.

On first glance Liam’s family felt “fobbed off” because Liam presented to “appear well” AKA was happy, hyperactive and running around.

Thankfully their assessments found that he was in fact quite unwell and he stayed in hospital overnight for oxygen therapy and asthma treatments.

Bottom line: keep doing your assessments on happy, but sick kiddo’s.

Kids will play until they can’t anymore, so please remember to keep checking them for concerning symptoms.

Questions? Drop them below.

And let’s give a big THANK YOU to Liam’s family for sharing this with us so we can all learn 🤙🏻


Caring for your sick child can be scary.

> You’re trying to make them feel better.
> You’re trying to google all the possible causes.
> You’re trying to not spiral into panic.
> You’re trying to find the balance between not missing anything serious, but also not being an over-reacting parent.

It’s super stressful.

But what if I was able to lighten the metal load for you?

What about we forget about trying to diagnose, and forget about consulting the anxiety-inducing Dr Google?

Instead, if you can focus on these three things, you can approach inevitable sickness in kids with confidence and calm:

1. Know how to assess your child.
2. Know what symptoms are normal, and what ones are not.
3. Know without hesitation when its time to seek medical attention without letting other peoples opinions sway your decision making

You CAN do these things. Keep following Sick Happens to learn how, or get a head start with my FREE MASTERCLASS on my website. Link in bio.

Share this reel with your friends to share the knowledge


A fever checklist to save for the next time your child feels hot >>>

> There are many red flags when dealing with fever in children.
> Much to contrary belief, the number is not one of them.
> Red flags include symptoms such as dehydration, non-blanching rashes, lethargy, pain and respiratory distress. It’s important to know what they are and continually assess and reassess your child throughout their febrile illness.

Dehydration is quick and easy for kids. It’s a situation you do not want to be in! Prioritise fluids over and above any solid foods.

Fevers can make little ones feel awful. Cuddles, extra rest and pain relief can be fab to help nurse them through the illness.

Newborns and kids with compromised immune systems need a different approach. These populations need medical attention a the first sign of a fever, where as the “general population” does not.

Tag your friends below to share the love ⬇️

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The intense fear of vomiting.

The anxiety simply about the thought of vomiting.

The panic form even hearing the V word.

This is a very real phobia for lots of people, and it can become severely exacerbated when kids come along.

Because sick happens.
And boy does it happen a lot for kids.

You’re thrusted into coming face to face with your fears regularly, and the anticipation or the threat of being sick can happen on the daily.

Swipe across for some information about this condition >>>

If there are any psychologists or Doctors with a special interest that have any information to add, or correct me on, please comment below to make sure parents have the correct information.

Hands up if you have to deal with this? You’d be surprised how comforting it can be to find that others do too.

Photos from Sick Happens's post 15/03/2023

Take away the guess work and free yourself up for more important things, like endless snuggles on the couch.

The Medicine Tracker also can be purchased in a bundle with its BFF >>> The Multi-Tracker and whiteboard marker

Tag your friends to share this epic parenting product!


This is so UNHELPFUL. They are exactly the same.

I know! That’s kinda my whole point.

You’ll drive yourself *insane in the brain* trying to diagnose these two similar conditions based off symptoms alone. Because it’s impossible.

Instead of going loco, focus on these important steps instead >>>

1️⃣ Focus on hydration.
2️⃣ Assess & monitor for red flag symptoms.
3️⃣ Seek medical at the room when needed.
4️⃣ Stay home until symptoms resolve (yep, even if it’s *just* food poisoning)

Don’t overcomplicate things or stress yourself out unnecessarily.

If you want help learning how to do all of this, you need instant access to my online course Normal or Not. This course teaches you everythinggggg you need to know. Click the link in my bio for more info.

Hands up if you’ve ever anxiously googled these two conditions to work out which one it is??

Photos from Sick Happens's post 12/03/2023

What do I recommended for a home first aid kit?

I have two recommendations:

A minimalist version and:
An everything version.

Swipe across for my thoughts >>>

Obviously this is an opinion post: there is no “right” list for a first aid kit. It all depends on where you live, what access you have to healthcare services and supplies and how you like to prepare.

My fav first aid kits are from .firstaid and

My fav cool packs are from and the Ouchie Pouchie

Not sponsored or affiliated, just good quality, Australian Made companies.

Save this for later, and tell me in the comments what’s in your first aid kit?


What’s your approach to inevitable sickness in kids?

Do you feel panicked?

Do you constantly second-guess yourself?

Perhaps you have a “she’ll be right” approach.

You know what? All of these are ok.

Because how you *feel* is ALWAYS valid.

Feelings are all ok, but it’s what action you take *alongside* these feelings that matters.

> You can feel overwhelmed whilst still assessing your child.

> You can feel anxious whilst still troubleshooting through their symptoms.

> You can feel stressed and “out of your depth” whilst still knowing when it’s time to say home VS seek medical attention.

Having anxious thoughts and feelings does not make you incapable. Instead it allows you to lean-in to your instincts even more.

My online course Normal or Not teaches you how to trust your own instincts, and use these to your advantage.

You’ll know exactly what’s normal, what’s not, and when it’s time to seek medical attention when your child is sick.

Sign up today and learn how to channel those thoughts and feelings into confident and capable action to find that Sick Happens sweet spot 👊

Photos from Sick Happens's post 09/03/2023

If it’s clear, why can I still hear something?!

Swipe across for the full break down (hammer time style) >>>

Any questions? Hit me up in the comments

Photos from Sick Happens's post 07/03/2023

PART 2: Maximising the fun of spacers using play therapy.

Part 1 was all about how to use a spacer, this is all about *giving* the spacer, using play to avoid unnecessary fear, pressure or trauma.

Swipe for the quick version >>>

Head to the blog for the detailed version. Link is in my bio.

Any questions about using play to support kids through medical procedures, surgeries, medicines and more? Hit up Amanda from in the comments ↓

Photos from Sick Happens's post 06/03/2023

Spacers, puffers and kids.

Swipe across for the deets, and head to the blog for the detailed version! Links to videos, references and resources included.

On a side note: let’s just al pretend the random lines on page 3 & 4 are not there. I have had many colorful words with canva today, and let’s just say we aren’t in speaking terms right now.

Hands up if you give inhaled medicines to your child. Do you have any epic tips on giving them? Share away in the comments.

Part 2 is coming tomorrow = using play to maximize the fun with spacers and puffers.

Photos from Sick Happens's post 01/03/2023

Should I be concerned if my child has been sick 4 times in one month? 🤯

What about if they have had three admissions to hospital with bronchiolitis in the past year? 🤯🤯

What about if they have caught every illness under the sun, twice?! 🤯🤯🤯

All very valid questions.
All very complex answers.

The number isn’t *really* what you should be focusing on. Sure, it’s *part* of it, but there are other things to look out for (swipe to read) >>>

I’m sure there will be lots of questions, feel free to hit me up in the comments✍️

Photos from Sick Happens's post 27/02/2023

Do you freak out or get overwhelmed with rashes?

Most of us do, because it can be caused by a million different things. Well, maybe not a million, but a lot!

Swipe to learn how to think through viral rashes, and to learn from this wonderful parent in our Sick Happens community >>>

What rash have you had to deal with lately? Did you know what it was? Did you get answers? Or was it a general-umbrella-viral rash?

Photos from Sick Happens's post 24/02/2023

*Another* childhood virus?! Come on. Stop it already.

Yup. Another one.

But, because we all know to focus on the symptoms, *not* panic Google to come up with a diagnosis… we are all going to be approaching this illness with calm, right?

If you still freak out with any sort of rash or fever, now is the time to sign up to my online course: Normal or Not. This course will change the way you think about sicknesses in kids. It won’t stop your child getting sick, but it will transform how you approach inevitable sicknesses in kids. Which means you’ll start responding *without* fear, overwhelm or second guessing yourself.

Side note: non-blanching rash = a rash that does not disappear when pressed.

Drop me a 🖐️ if your child has had slapped cheek before >>>


Your RASH checklist

You unzip your little one from their sleep suit, pop them down to change their nappy, and discover a bumpy rash all over their tummy.

Here’s what to do if this happens to you 👉🏻

1️⃣ Press on it >>>

This is to work out whether the rash disappears temporarily under pressure. This is a good sign. A rash that does not disappear needs immediate attention.

2️⃣ Assess for other red flags >>>

Don’t get so distracted with a dark coloured rash, that you forget to look for other concerning symptoms of sickness in kids. Things like respiratory distress, dehydration and pain can all happen at the same times as a rash, and more often than not, these symptoms are far more concerning than the rash

3️⃣ Provide comfort >>>

Comfort can be overlooked. Cuddles, comfort, extra feeds, pain relief… these all provide comfort.

4️⃣ Troubleshoot symptoms >>>

Troubleshooting through your Childs symptoms allows you to make the decision to seek medical attention OR stay home.

This is 100% achievable with my online course Normal or Not. This course teaches you everything you need to know about rashes AND troubleshooting through your Childs symptoms.

No more second guessing.
No more overwhelm.
No more panic.

Just calm and confident decision making in the heat of the moment. Click the link in my bio to get instant access today.

Now tell me, what frightens you the most about rashes? The unknown? The fear? The should-I-or-shouldn’t-I see my doctor? Let me know👇🏻

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Are gunky eyes always conjunctivitis?

Nope. Not always.

Swipe to read the deets >>>

Definitely save this one for later so that you have something to help guide you the next time your child has some gunky eyes.

Photos from Sick Happens's post 15/02/2023

Argh. They are all the same?!

How on earth am I supposed to know which virus is causing my child’s symptoms then?!

Don’t panic.

In most circumstances, you don't actually need to know the *specific* virus. This isn't really important when dealing with a viral respiratory illness.

Recognising and assessing your child's symptoms, however, IS the most important factor for parents.


Because viral illnesses don't have a "treatment” AKA they cannot be cured with antibiotics. Rather, we treat, manage and continually assess your child’s SYMPTOMS.

So, instead of focusing your attention on trying to work out what virus is causing the symptoms, focus on these three things:

1. Learn how to assess your child’s symptoms.

2. Learn what symptoms are normal, and what ones are not.

3. Learn when it’s time to seek medical attention, and where to go for help.

ALL of these skills are taught inside my online course: Normal or Not.

Work smarter, not harder. Click the link in my bio to get instant access to the courses and start feeling prepared, not scared about inevitable sicknesses in kids.

To lighten the mood… let’s play a little game: pop the number of viral illness you’ve dealt with this year in the comments. I’ll start >>>

0. BUT, we were pretty much on house arrest for weeks in the lead up AND recovery from a tonsillectomy which was equivalent to 45 viral illnesses 🫠💀

Photos from Sick Happens's post 10/02/2023

What do you do if your child has a febrile convulsion?

> Lay them on a flat surface. You want to give them a safe space to let the body seize without causing any further damage (such as falling off a couch or bed).

> Do not put anything in their mouth, especially your fingers. If you are concerned about their tongue, dribble or vomit, roll them on their side.

> Watch the activity. Take note of what their body is doing so that you can explain these details to their doctor. Only take a video if you have support, or feel safe / comfortable to do so. Video is helpful, but your child’s safety is more important.

> Follow up with your child’s Doctor once they are safe, in order to see if they need any treatment for an underlying infection.


> If it is their first febrile convulsion.

> If it lasts more than 5 mins

> If your child does not wake up, or is incredibly lethargic or unwell looking after the convulsion has stopped.

> If they are not breathing, or you need to commence CPR.

> If you are at all concerned for their safety. Do not for one second think you are over-reacting or wasting someones time.

Febrile convulsions and choking are probably the only Paediatric first aid topics you’ll see me chatting about (because on focus on sicknesses) so if you have questions, take this opportunity and pop them below👇🏻

Photos from Sick Happens's post 07/02/2023

A sick child’s timing is always impeccable.

Have you had a similar situation to this? I’d love to know what happened and how you handled it >>>

Photos from Sick Happens's post 04/02/2023

Todays childhood sickness *winner* is: school sores

Swipe across for the deets >>>

I forgot to include transmission. It’s caught by touching an infected sore OR touching something that has come into contact with a sore such as bedding, towels, clothes etc

Drop a “BINGO” in the comments if you’ve been lucky enough to have those one go through your home👇🏻

Photos from Sick Happens's post 03/02/2023

Strep A is not a new illness. But there have been more reported cases recently.

Swipe across for all the deets >>>

I know I talk about my course a lot, but it is honestly one of the *best* things you can do as a parent.

Instead of freaking out every time a new illness hits the headlines, wouldn’t you rather feel confident knowing how to assess your child, know what’s normal (and what’s not), and confidently know when it’s time to get help? All without second guessing yourself.

There’s no way you can remember the details of every single illness out there. Heck, even the healthcare professionals can’t! So give yourself and break.

Save yourself the stress, panic and overwhelm… and work smarter, not harder with my signature course: Normal or not.

It’s like downloading my brain, into yours.

Photos from Sick Happens's post 01/02/2023

Hand, foot and mouth. It’s kind of a parenting rite of passage.


Because it’s a supperrr common infection for kids.

For some, you may not even notice they’ve had the infection. For others, it’s stress, tears and a hospitalisation for managing their dehydration because the pain is unbearable.

Yep, it can be *that* serious.

A few ✌️fun✌️ HFMD facts:

> You can catch it multiple times.
> Adults CAN catch it
> Fingernails can literally fall off
> Hands and feet can peel for dayssss

Has your family had it? What surprised you?

Photos from Sick Happens's post 31/01/2023

Ah thermometers. A wonderful contraption to give us objective data about our child’s health… but also a whole lotta overwhelm when dealing with glitchy tech or contradictory information.

Swipe across for the deets >>>

Remember, these recommendations can vary from country to country, hospital to hospital. Lots of European countries routinely use re**al thermometers, however it’s not recommended here in Aus. So, listen to your own healthcare provider and do what feels right for you.

Choose the thermometer that is available to you, that is the least annoying for your child, that you can afford and stick with that one.

I don’t have any particular fav thermometer brands, but I have always used an underarm one. Please feel free to share your fav thermometer below to help everyone out 🌡️

Photos from Sick Happens's post 30/01/2023

Do you feel overwhelmed when switching between paracetamol and ibuprofen?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and have no idea what time you last gave one?

Do you worry that you’ll accidentally give the wrong one because you are so sleep deprived with a sick little person?

Yep. Haven’t we all?!

If only there was an easy way to track medication doses…

Enter the Sick Happens Medicine Tracker

This magnet will help you keep track of every dose of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen you give your little one.

✔️ No more guessing
✔️ No more confusion
✔️ No more middle of the night staring blankly into space trying to remember

This tracker has all of the necessary information about dosages, and how often you can give these medications too little people. It is totally reusable, which means it is always ready to go whenever sickness or pain strikes in your home.

Take away the guess work and free yourself up for more important things like kisses and cuddles on the couch.

Photos from Sick Happens's post 27/01/2023

Childcare comes with a smorgasbord of new adventures, relationships and memories.

… as well as every illness under the sun.

Fun times.

Sick kids are inevitable.

Sick Happens.

Especially when they are around a million other Petri dishes I mean, other kids.

But it doesn’t have to be terrifying.

You *can* handle whatever childcare sickness gets thrown your way.

You just need to know how.

That’s where I come in.

My online course teaches you how to navigate through any symptom of sickness, and how to do it without second guessing yourself or anxiously consulting Dr Google.

Because it’s never a question of IF your child will get sick…it’s WHEN.

Get instant access now. Link in my bio.

Photos from Sick Happens's post 24/01/2023

Thinking and acting like a Nurse is entirely possible for you.

Because my ultimate goal is to teach you so well, that you don’t need me.

With Normal or Not, you will learn HOW to think, not WHAT to think.

>>> There’s a *big* difference.

There’s no cookie cutter approach in Normal or Not. Instead, I teach you what’s normal for kids, what’s not, and wrap it all up with a 3-step framework that helps you apply your knowledge to *any* sickness scenario.

You will be able to kick your knowledge and critical thinking skills into action at home to know exactly when it’s time to seek help. Annndddd you do it calmly and confidently.

Stop feeling scared.
Start feeling prepared.

Click the link in my bio to get instant access to my online course and take my hand to feeling super confident 💪🏻

Photos from Sick Happens's post 23/01/2023

Hands up who’s ever had an argument with a medicine-defying toddler?

Yep. Just as I thought, mostly everyone. And those of you that have kids that think medicine is a treat, shhhhh 🤫 Celebrate that one quietly or you may get a medicine bottle pegged at your head 🤭

For everyone else, swipe across for my tips.

Then tell me, what’s your go-to medicine tip?

Photos from Sick Happens's post 21/01/2023

What are they & when do you use them?

Swipe across for the deets on suppositories.

Have you used them before? What for and what was your experience like? Please share away in the comments >>>

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Feeling overwhelmed and panicked with a sick child is pretty common.

But it doesn’t *have* to be this way. If you relate to this scenario, I have three words for you:

Normal. Or. Not.

With my online course: Normal or Not, you’ll be able to troubleshoot your way through a common sickness scenario just like this.

With The Sick Framework you’ll be able to rationally assess your child, know what’s normal or not, and know when it’s time to get help… and know what level of help you need!

This course is like downloading my brain into yours.

No more second guessing yourself.
No more overwhelm.
No more panic.

Just confidence and calm.

You can start knocking off one module at a time (even whilst nap-trapped) to start feeling prepared, NOT scared.

Available on the website now for INSTANT access. Get it 🤘🏻

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Super easy answer to this one…


It’s easy if you have a diagnosis and plan, but no so easy for those one off doses. Swipe to have a read >>>

Would love to know your thoughts on navigating this tricky situation👇🏻

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Yes or no: Does teething cause nappy rash?

Here at Sick Happens, we live in the grey zone AKA the “it depends” zone.

So, does teething cause nappy rash?

You guessed it: it depends.

Swipe across for a read, and pop any questions below for me.


Penny 🫶🏻

Does your child get nappy rash when teething?

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What’s more anxiety-inducing than a sick baby?

Not much… except perhaps a biting breastfeeding child 💀

Anywhoooo, sick babies can be stressful. They are little, have immature immune systems and their symptoms can be super vague.

You also have had limited time to get to know what’s normal for them, and what’s not.

It’s a big challenge.

But if you can focus on these three things, it will help you focus on what’s important and help cut out the spiraling thoughts.

Have you had a sick baby? What happened? I’d love to hear your story👇🏻

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Teething can be a turbulent journey for babies and parents alike.

It can be painful and stressful for lots, and for some magical unicorn kiddos, they can breeze through without any issue.

But, if your child is hurting from those erupting toothy pegs, here are some of the best evidence based says to manage their pain.

Remember: pain is subjective and is constantly changing. The key is having an entire tool box of options in hand to dip in and out of.

Want info on teething gels? Head to my blog for detailed info.

What about amber beads? It’s a “proceed with caution” kinda deal. There’s no high quality evidence to suggest they are effective for relieving pain, but you do you. However, don’t leave the beads on unattended, especially at sleep time due to the choking and strangulation risk. Let’s be safe.

What’s your go-to hack to support your teething Bebe?


I’m out ✌️

Catch you on the flip side.

Remember: Instagram is a highlight reel. I can almost guarantee that everyone else will be dealing with tears, tantrums, snotty noses and family fights. But, they will only share the smiles, clean clothes, curated trees and endless laughs.

It’s normal to live in the mundane, but relish in those moments of magic.

Merry Christmas to YOU and YOUR fam.

Penny x

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