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The Federal and State Government's are funding a business case, the first critical step towards either an overpass or underpass interchange for the Italia Road / Pacific Highway Junction.

This is a vital piece of infrastructure for the Dungog Shire and Lower Hunter as the intersection links both regions to the M1.

The Federal Government is also funding several local Pacific Highway intersection safety upgrades, including:

☛ $1.6 billion for the M1 to Raymond Terrace extension and Hexham Sraight project.

☛ $48 million Harrington-Coopernook overpass on the Pacific Highway

☛ $3.6 million safety upgrades on the Failford Road / Pacific Highway intersection

☛ $600,000 upgrades to the Myall Way / Pacific Highway Junction

I know there are other intersections that require attention and I will keep fighting, as I have for Italia Road, to have them upgraded for greater road safety.

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Here are a couple of photos of Eve making Easter biscuits whilst in isolation
An early Christmas present for Year 10 student Gwen Dunn, after signing the paperwork to commence a School Based Traineeship (SBAT) in childcare at Jacaranda Grove Pre School in Nelson Plains.
Gwen will complete the SBAT over two years - one day a week for 100 days - and will gain a full Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. She will complete the offline training at school in her free periods through the International Child Care College RTO ID 90081, with MEGT the apprenticeship network provider.
Congratulations Gwen – a wonderful achievement.

Pictured from left: Sherree from Jacaranda Grove, Helen Tapper from ICCC, Stacie from MEGT, Gwen and IHS Careers Advisor Mr Tonks.
Couldn’t wait! Delicious 😋
Hey mums and dads, can everyone check their kids bags to see if a pink bunny shoe got put in a bag by accident.
It went missing last Wednesday at school
It is the second week of Work Experience for Year 10 students, and again fantastic comments from the "employers".
Huge thanks to the following businesses who have provided invaluable and very much appreciated experiences for our students.

Innovative Computer Solutions - Newcastle
Steel City Financial Planners - Newcastle
Gilbert & Roach Newcastle - Hexham
Volvo Trucks Australia - Beresfield
Irrawang Public School - Raymond Terrace
Varley Group - Tomago
Ditton Bulk Haulage - Rutherford
Jacaranda Grove Pre School - Nelsons Plains
Lencrow Forklifts - Newcastle branch
Can we get Billy and Bonnie some pyjamas? 😁

Hi mums and dads. My girl Riley has misplaced her best friend “dotti” we think someone may have picked her up by mistake. If you have seen her in your bag can you please call or text 0403276259
Thanks guys for the practice evacuation plans you do at preschool. We had a very early evacuation this morning in our hotel in Sydney and grace was very calm. She said it was just like they practice at school, because the teachers take a backpack and I had our back backs (they had our passports in them! Everything else stayed in the room)
She even had one of the firemen come up and say good morning to her when they were finished!!
What a refreshing day Jacaranda Grove Pre School spent with 6 wonderful educators who are committed to high quality practice and decision making that creates a climate of respect, understanding, responsibility and excitement about play.

Some take away epiphanies today:

🌿 blank spaces/ free tables are a purposeful and effective part of our program

🌿 behaviour is communication

🌿ask yourself 'why not?' when you think you can't make a choice about the program that you know is right for the children

🌿 long periods of uninterrupted play are valuable as it allows us to watch what children are making sense of and give them choice about caring for their basic needs

I can't believe how willing this group were to accept new possibilities. I also know they are already championing relationships.

The behaviour workshops don't only cover behaviour planning, we really do go through our practice with a fine tooth comb.

Jacaranda Grove Pre School Nelsons Plains
Pre School for children aged 2 years to school age Welcome to Jacaranda Grove Nelsons Plains page.

We are located near Raymond Terrace in Nelsons Plains. We provide Pre School for children aged 2 years to school age, part of our Preschool is our Bush kindy where we explore our natural environment on the centres 20 acre property! At Jacaranda Grove we prepare children not only for school but for life!

Operating as usual

Photos from Jacaranda Grove Pre School's post 04/07/2023

So, you know our Bush Adventures make up an integral part of our preschool program, but what do we get up to when we aren’t out walking? Here’s some photos of what a typical day looks like for us, taken over the last few months. 😊

Photos from Jacaranda Grove Pre School's post 19/06/2023

Who says you need a desk to practice your writing skills? This little lady perched herself up on a fallen tree today and continued her writing!

Photos from Jacaranda Grove Pre School's post 08/06/2023

Another day another adventure, we took advantage of having the bus again today and Matilda and I took 8 Mulberry children on an excursion to Blackbutt Reserve. First we had to stop off at the service station to put a little more air in one of the tyres before heading on our way! We had a lovely picnic lunch, (although we had to be careful there were lots of hungry scrub turkeys 🦃 and peacocks 🦚 watching us). We then went walking around to see all the animals, we saw koalas, snakes 🐍 lizards 🦎 birds 🦅 wombats and so much more. We had a play on the equipment before walking the loop around the emus and kangaroos 🦘 enclosure, another quick bite to eat and back on the bus! There were a few sleepy children on the way back! 😴

Photos from Jacaranda Grove Pre School's post 07/06/2023

Today we went on an adventure of a different kind…
We have recently teamed up with some Preschools in other states and have become pen pals! ✉️ 📮Do you realize how many children don’t even know what an envelope is called? Whilst we realize technology is important, we also think it’s important to learn about good old fashioned snail mail, so off to the Post Office we went! Firstly we checked the mailbox and found a parcel tag in there, we headed inside, wrote our return address on our letter and took it to the counter. We purchased some stamps and asked for our packages, we then headed outside and popped our letter in the box. After all our work was done we headed off to Maitland park for a play and picnic lunch! Such well behaved children we have, it was a delightful day!


🤩 Claim Your 1+1 FREE Stamp while you can!

With all our lost property lately this might be a good investment! 😉

Photos from Jacaranda Grove Pre School's post 31/05/2023

Ended up being a Boys day out today, we set off on another adventure, no set plans but we certainly had some fun! Started off heading to our Shelter/ camp area, we had some early lunch as they couldn’t wait, had a quick go on the climbing net before catching some huge yabbies in the damn. Had to have some yabbie races because as Will pointed out.. “we haven’t had races for ages”. We then headed over the hill and along our new track to spy on some Kangaroos 🦘but unfortunately we were a bit noisy today so didn’t see any! Headed back to camp and boiled the Billy, played on our net and told our “Dark and stormy night” story several times, headed back to the damn to pick up our yabbies we’d caught for the Mulberry room, before starting our walk back. After a quick detour to another picnic spot for a snack we finally got back to Pre School over 4 hours later and 10 minutes before the first parent arrived.. perfect timing and a perfect day! 🥰


It’s moments like this, on today’s adventure, that keep us doing what we’re doing! When I asked why it was the best day she said “Because we went hunting”
The colder months allow us to explore many ‘caves’ and ‘tracks’ which we avoid in summer.


It’s almost re enrollment time for 2024 😲 if you have a sibling who isn’t yet on our list please let me know ASAP! 😊


Happy Mother’s Day to all our beautiful Mums Nans and motherly figures! We hope you are having a wonderful day!


Mother’s Day stall starts tomorrow, thank you to everyone who’s donated money to Variety by purchasing from our stall! Now it’s time to chat with your Pre Schoolers about which type of mum ( or motherly figure) they are buying for!!
Are you the Baking mum, the Jot it down mum, the Pamper mum, the Smoothie on the run mum, the Gardening Mum, the Relax in the bath mum, the House smells good mum, the Pancakes in bed mum or the Memorabilia mum ?? 🥰


We are holding a Mothers Day stall, all week from Monday 8th, $8 per present, money to be in this Friday so I can determine number of presents required! 🥰


CHANGE OF DATE!! Apologies for any inconvenience we’ve had to postpone until Friday 12/5! Opal Aged Care are coming to visit Friday, 12th May, we will sing some songs, and enjoy a yummy morning tea ☕️ 🍵 and a chat! 🥰
Families are welcome to join us if you wish!


Children need uninterrupted time and space for play… sometimes my job is just to keep the fire stoked and be there for when they need me! 🥰

What if what we have taken from them is what they need most? Let them connect with nature and immerse themselves in free play + wonder and see where that takes us. 🐛☀️🤍 #letthembelittle #naturekids #homeschoolmama #preschoolhomeschool #naturalparenting 12/04/2023

What if what we have taken from them is what they need most? Let them connect with nature and immerse themselves in free play + wonder and see where that takes us. 🐛☀️🤍 #letthembelittle #naturekids #homeschoolmama #preschoolhomeschool #naturalparenting

This is so true, when I hear people say the children are climbing the walls, I think… take away the walls! When our children leave our playground to head into the bush they instantly turn on their senses and become calm and focused! There’s nothing quite like learning in nature. 🥰

What if what we have taken from them is what they need most? Let them connect with nature and immerse themselves in free play + wonder and see where that takes us. 🐛☀️🤍 #letthembelittle #naturekids #homeschoolmama #preschoolhomeschool #naturalparenting


We are looking for one more amazing educator to join our team. Flexible work arrangements ( between school hours would be considered) and a beautiful environment to spend your day! Call Sheree for more details!


Holiday Program starts tomorrow!

Photos from Jacaranda Grove Pre School's post 03/04/2023

Usually the first day back at work after a week away is hard… but I must say today was bliss! I took a group of children from the Lilli Pilli room on an adventure, and what a wonderful day it was! We set off with some afternoon tea and supplies to enjoy a hot chocolate over the fire 🔥 however I realized half way I had forgotten the milk! 🙈 The children quickly pointed out I hadn’t forgotten the marshmallows, so toasted marshmallows it had to be! We climbed, explored, caught yabbies, told pirate stories on the net, chatted with our friends, picked flowers and danced in the rain! 🌧️ And I’m lucky enough to call this work! 🥰

Photos from Jacaranda Grove Pre School's post 24/02/2023

Well our adventures have been off to a bit of a slow start this year, but we took full advantage of the rain and cooler weather this week and headed out on some nice bush walks!

Photos from Jacaranda Grove Pre School's post 27/01/2023

Only one more sleep… just a few memories from the past 20 years! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!! 9-12 🎂🥳🎉

Photos from Jacaranda Grove Pre School's post 24/01/2023

Well it’s certainly been a journey… so many families, so many staff, and so many memories! Thank you to all the people who have been a part of our Pre School family over the past 20 years. We are celebrating on Saturday with an open morning 9-12, call in and say hi, let the children have a go on the giant slide and get their face painted, and grab a coffee or snack from the Happy Trotter, we’d love to see you there! #2003-2023


Are you one of our many valued employees from the past 20 years? If so call in to our 20th Birthday Open Day to say hello, and see the lovely Kim at the Happy Trotter for a coffee on us! ☕️

Photos from Jacaranda Grove Pre School's post 16/01/2023

There’s nothing quite like real grass, and after some R and R and a little help from Hunter Turf Co our playground is looking pretty inviting! 💦🌺☀️


Less than 2 weeks til our Open Day, call in and grab a coffee from the Happy Trotter while the children have a go on the giant slide! Saturday 28th 9-12 hope to see you there! 🎈☕️


31A Laurie Drive, Raworth


Photos from Jacaranda Grove Pre School's post 16/12/2022

Well RAW BUILT NSW did it once again… they certainly didn’t disappoint, our new deck, thatched roof and cubby reno! Record time, amazing workmanship! Thank you for such a great job! 🥰


We are looking for a new Dip trained Educator… ☺️ days and times tba, lots of experience is preferred, must enjoy nature based education, email your details to [email protected] Call Sheree for more details 0403479715.


Perfect opportunity to pick up something beautifully hand made by one of our own mums! 🥰

🌟 Stockland Greenhills 🌟

Be sure to stop in and see us from the 12th Dec - 18th Dec! Check out our in store exclusive Christmas range while you're here! In the meantime, just how cool is our jolly green dragon?!


Concert night tonight!! Woohoo 🎉
Please arrive a little early ready to kick off at 6pm. Bring some snacks and drinks if you wish, picnic blanket or chairs and lots of Christmas cheer!
No specific dress code, lots of children like to wear Christmas clothes or shirts. Family and Friends welcome to join us! Bring your change and luck 🍀 to win one of our amazing raffle prizes! Please leave the rain 🌧️ at home. Hopefully we will have a visitor 🎅before finishing up at 8pm. Can’t wait to see you all tonight!


Only 3 more sleeps til our Christmas Concert! 🎄🎅🤶🏼
Starts 6pm sharp
Monday 12th!


Can you help us out with just a small donation? Only a few days left. Thanks so much to everyone who has donated already. Remember the more donations the more raffle prizes! All proceeds go to Variety the children’s charity! ❤️


Save the date!! 28th Jan 2023 is our 20th birthday 🎂 😲 We are celebrating with an open day! We’d love to see past present and future families and staff. 🥰

Photos from Jacaranda Grove Pre School's post 30/11/2022

They say laughter is good medicine, well our children should be very healthy today! JD's World of Magic didn’t disappoint! His amazing show was so funny and extremely clever, it was great to have him back after many years. Thanks to the families that joined us too!

Photos from Jacaranda Grove Pre School's post 25/11/2022

What a wonderful week it’s been, not many bush adventures this week but we’ve had so much happening! A lovely lady named Anna volunteered her time to come in and spin some wool for the children and show them what can be made from sheep wool. We relaxed in our new renovated cubby and deck, and to top off the week, had our beautiful visitors from Opal Aged Care come for morning tea this morning! How proud we were of our children, singing some old classic songs before some well deserved morning tea and then interacting with the residents so warm and welcoming! Seeing the smiles on their faces I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, the children, the visitors or us proud onlookers! 🥰


We love ❤️ to support local businesses and what’s even better is when they are one of our own families! If you are looking for an absolutely beautiful homemade gift 🦋for Christmas 🎄you will not be disappointed with Moxxy homemade! Get in now to ensure you get your gift before Christmas, delivery costs are also waived if you put JacarandaGrove in the discount code and items will be delivered to Preschool for pick up. Happy shopping 😀
Moxxy Aus


We have a spinning demo today at 10.00am using our beautiful sheep fleece! If anyone would like to join us! 🤗🐏🐑


Unfortunately our visit tomorrow from the beautiful residents of Opal Aged Care has to be postponed, but we’ll look forward to seeing them next Friday instead!

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Children need long periods of uninterrupted play! Here’s a snippet of some valuable play time we had today on our bush a...
This just popped up in my memories… too lovely not to share, some children now in big school and some current children t...
That moment when you hope it all comes back together in time… 😬 but there’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint!
And then there were two.....




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