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Giving smart and young kids access to a good financial education that will be a source of reflection Why teach Financial Literacy to kids?

Teaching younger kids the value of money through real-life situations and examples will help them understand how money is earned. Through concerted ways and methods, your KIDS can learn the financial aspect of life and how to be developed in its financial realm. By educating kids about money, we help them discover the relationships of earning to spending and saving. By this, kids begin to understa

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Counting my blessings and wishing you more. I hope you enjoy the New Year with enjoyment.


We can’t wait to see where the next year brings us! Wishing you all nothing but happiness and good health in the new year.


Christmas is a season of enjoying the simple things that make life beautiful. May you have great memories that will permanently touch your heart. We wish you so much joy during this 2022 Christmas and all through to the New Year. See you soon guys.


Wishing a Merry Christmas to you. May this unfold many more beautiful surprises to make it a glorious year for you.


My book will be available online and to all Central BooK Store near you.


Be your own Boss! Come in to my mini store, we are open for business.


I am trying, growing and doing my best to be a successful young entrepreneur.

Completely proud of my small business.


No matter how small your business…. BE PROUD!


Shop local… support my small business.


Because I don’t see Kids financial literacy books in the shelf … so I write it.

My book is coming very soon in the bookstore near you.


Make it a habit of trying new things. Have fun.. make mistakes and learn from it.


Happy Valentine’s day and plenty of fun, too… That’s the wish that I’m making to all Money Smart Kids…


Why kids need to be physically active?

What is the importance of a physical activity to kids?

Regular physical activity can help kids improve fitness, helps with weight maintenance, strengthens muscles and reduce risk of heart disease and diabetes later in life.

So watch my Zumba dance moves.


Want to make money as a Kid?

Want to make money as a kid?

In this video, I will go over some of the time-tested ideas kids can make money.

Having a little bit of creative thought can result to a lucrative business for your kids and can help them learn new skills and hone their talents too.


Coming soon to a BookStore near you 😀


It’s what you do daily that makes you successful.
Dream Big. Take Action.


Welcome 2022

Welcome to a new chapter of your life. We hope that your 2022 will be an incredible part of your story.

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People who are habitual givers report more joy, happiness, and contentment in life than those who don't give.

There is a feeling of wellbeing and satisfaction generated by the simple act of giving. It helps make you happy!

Photos from Money Smart Kids's post 24/12/2021

The Blessing of Generosity

Have you experienced the manifold benefits of giving in your own life? If not, this holiday season is the best time to start. Start by giving whatever you can—your time, services, materials, or money. Then watch how it improves your health, happiness, and general wellbeing.

So this very day, donate clothing you don’t wear, sporting equipment you don’t use, books you aren’t going to read, or the furniture needlessly taking up space. Make a financial donation to a charity you support. Be generous with your time by volunteering at your local school, homeless shelter, or nonprofit of your choice.

It’s the quickest shortcut I can suggest to both happiness and living a life of impact.

Merry Christmas❤️❤️❤️

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As these siblings extend their gratitude to Money Smart Kids, especially for having their internet connection sponsored, we are filled with gratitude for them as well!

Indeed, there is more happiness in giving than receiving. 🤗

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Just another day of helping out in building my ‘Money Smart Store’! 🛠️😎


Make sure that you study hard and take your education very seriously.

You should realize that there is no substitute to hard work, it does not matter if you have to get good grades or if you have to be good at your job the only way that you can achieve anything is through hard work.


Let children know that it is always good to look for little ways to make a positive difference in someone’s day.

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LNHS Mathtulungan….


What is the value of Helping others?

While preparing my “Ayuda” to the family affected by Covid, I thought about the Value and Importance of helping others. I realise the need of others.

No one is an Island they say! We all need each other one way or another.

Kindness is also contagious. This isn’t another cliché saying, but a scientific fact. When you perform a good deed, you influence the people around you. Your helpful nature creates a chain reaction.


Teaching kids Smart Money Habits


Catch-up with the Money Smart Kid (Wyn).

Learn Financial Literacy from a 9 year old Wyn to equip you with money skills at an early age.


Even when you’re eating on a tight budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy mealtimes. The pleasure of eating even the simplest of meals increases when you share it with other people.


Why early financial education is vital for students?

Financial literacy equips students with the knowledge and understanding to manage their money successfully and will help them plan for the future.


Saving money and eating healthy foods

Watch and learn why Saving Money and eating Healthy Foods will help you achieve a better life in the future.


Do you spend, then save or save first before doing any spending? As of my experience, I learned that saving FIRST works better for us, especially when we have things that we look forward to having (but we can't afford right now).

Saving can also be done not only for future expenses but for the sake of saving- of making our money grow. We could also save to donate or help other kids!


Let’s learn together. Today, let’s talk about items being on sale. But first, do you have any ideas about it?

Hmm, now items on sale mean that a product’s price is reduced by the amount corresponding to its percentage of the discount.

Now, should we buy products just because they are on sale? The answer is NO. Unless you need it in your life, even though it is reduced to 90% of its original price, there’s no reason for you to make that purchase.


One of the best things adults around me did, is starting simple yet relevant money conversations with me, even with this age! I hope you get to experience that too!


I am lucky to have older people around me who have taught me how to have discipline in my life. I’m still working on it, but I am sure I’m on the right path!

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So, why is it such a great advantage for students to be financially literate? Hmm, aren’t we too young for that?

The answer is when it comes to being knowledgeable on how to handle money, there is no such thing as “TOO YOUNG” to start. In fact, the earlier we learn, the fewer mistakes we make, in turn, the more valuable the money we have becomes.

Also, when we grow, we can be confident that we are more prepared to reach our financial goals. We’ll also have better management which means, fewer unnecessary expenses. But most importantly, our well-being won’t suffer because of problems brought by money issues.

Come with me and together, let's continue with our journey of becoming financially literate! 🤓💛


So, last day, I came across this message. I believe that we, the hope of the future should be seriously considering this!


9 yrs of being awesome.. Happy Birthday our


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WYN! 🎂👏Your MSK family is celebrating in joy with you.

The notion that “children are our future” might sound like an already worn statement for many among us. However, kids like Wyn proves to us, not in one second, that such a claim has been not right.

Today, let’s celebrate another year for Money Smart Kids’ key figure, Wyn. We are grateful to you for leading the path towards financial freedom for our tomorrow’s hope. May you grow to be a person whom your today self will be proud of.


LNHS MATHtulungan

Maraming salamat sa inyong pagsisikap. Mag-aral po kayo ng mabuti.

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Be your own Boss! Come in to my mini store, we are open for business.
Why kids need to be physically active?
Want to make money as a Kid?
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Catch-up with the Money Smart Kid (Wyn).Learn Financial Literacy from a 9 year old Wyn to equip you with money skills at...
Why early financial education is vital for students?
Saving money and eating healthy foods
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WYN! 🎂👏Your MSK family is celebrating in joy with you. The notion that “children are our future” might s...
LNHS MATHtulungan
My first harvest
The FUTURE  is always uncertain
Benefits of Home Gardens





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