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Dream Work/ Psychotherapy, Transpersonal Art Therapy, Holistic Health Mentoring/ Counselling. Exploring your inner and outer worlds towards growth, transformation and alignment to authentic Self.

Guidance, Clarity and Healing of Body, Mind and Spirit are just a few of the real benefits you can experience when working with your dreams. Dreams connect not only to the deepest and wisest parts of self but also to the collective/ universal wisdom of ages, and you are born with this innate gift for a number of important reasons. We all dream every night, it's necessary for our physical and psych


You, my dear, are a Singer of the Soul.
ask for permission.~
~Rachel Alana (R.A Falconer) Midwives of the Soul

You have permission to inhabit your own life.
To say no
To say yes.
To inhabit your own knowing
Your own body,
And all you allow or do not allow
within it.

To love who you love.
To feel.
To inhabit anger,
joy. And heavy sorrow.
To be full of strength,
and to know weakness.

Permission to stand for something. Or to walk away.
To find rest. To tell your story.
To give or take what is yours,
And to never explain why you leave --
Or why you stay.

You have permission, grand permission,
to have a voice. And to use it.
And to let others have theirs too.
To add your voice to the Grand Mosaic,
Your brilliant tile to humanity,
and not be silenced.

You have permission to tell the truth
and to let others tell theirs. Or to be in quiet.
To choose to engage in the old wars
To win the game. To lose it,
or to stand firm.
--Or to find something higher.

To know. --When not to listen,
Or when to be cracked open.
To let the silver spores of being, infuse your life
Or to watch your tender soul unfurl,
and come to flower.

You have permission to be Wild. So wild
To live in, under, to live *through*.
To experience belief. And what it is to follow.

To Lead,
Or to gather all you own, your whole being, if need be,
and take up your sacred path.
You have permission to live in your full truth today,
Even if it that truth is gone, tomorrow.

To be reborn.
Stunned like a babe, gasping from the womb,
only to find rest in the warmth and soft breast
of new Knowing.

You have permission to follow the call of your soul --
Even if it doesn't make sense.
Even if it is inconvenient.
Even if it only forms more questions --
Even if it only brings you freedom,
Or a heavy burden.
For you are not a herd beast.

*You are a Being of Light*
Individuating your way out of the sleeping tribe.

You are an archangel, exalted to human,
Spreading the great arms of your wings
into Life.

You are a Boat Builder,
A Clock Maker,
A Worker at the Compass.
Full of beauty. Complexity,
and magnificent contradiction.

You, my dear, are a Singer of the Soul.



ask for permission.~

~Rachel Alana (R.A Falconer) Midwives of the Soul

art: Tamara Phillips


What you resist.......persists and gathers gravity over time - it does not go away.
Pay attention to the clues in your dreams of where, how and why you are being called to understand why you are expending so much energy avoiding, suppressing, denying this story, situation, trauma, etc., or at least trying to. You are not an Emu and avoidance rarely helps.

Nothing is going to change or improve by hiding from it.
It will just become heavier, denser and bleed into other parts of your life, leading to more fixed thinking, depression and confusion.

Facing what is hidden is generally less traumatic than hiding from the original trigger because when you face the hidden issue, you bring light to it, insight to it, it is no longer buried in the pit of fear. Along with safe guidance, it can be set free or at the very least, in owning it and facing it, it's no longer 'trapped' in your psyche.


(Art: Maggie Taylor)

Timeline Photos 26/08/2021

Claiming Courage and Having Faith

You are here still.
Despite it all.
Despite the struggles shaped from twisted pain.

Despite the breaking, the forcing and the damming.

Even though your wild became bleak, cut down to the bone.
You are here.

Your heart open, your senses feeling, your seeds blooming.

Your skin scarred as it is, shines with wild life.

Your pockets full of medicine weeds, acorns and rose petals.
Your wild growing again, reclaiming space.

This my dear one, is wild magic.
This is alchemy.

And I put my hand on our heart and thank you,

I Thank you for claiming the tenacity and courage that is held in all wild things,
for having faith in the beauty that is within.
• Words by our friend
Brigit Anna McNeill •
• Art by Taryn Knight

Mobile Uploads 24/08/2021

Mobile Uploads

“You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it.

That is why you must read,
that is why you must look at the skies, that is why you must sing,
and dance, and write poems, and suffer, and understand, for all that..
is life.”

~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

Art: Diogo Verissimo (The Moon and Me)


When we let go of the linear paradigm and timeline that has been created for us and we continue to follow and perpetuate, an organic unfolding, swirling, gentle rhythmic flowing 'Other' reality begins to blossom in all its beauty 💜💚🙏

"The path isnt a straight line; its a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths."
~ Barry H. Gillespie



Art: unknown, comment for credit.


TEACH ME.......A Lakota Prayer💚

Lakota Prayer

Wakan Tanka,
Great Mystery (Great Spirit),

Teach me how to trust my heart,
Teach me how to trust my mind,
Teach me how to trust my intuition,

Teach me how to trust my inner knowing,
The senses of my body,
The blessings of my spirit.

Teach me to trust these things
so that I may enter my Sacred Space
and love beyond my fear

and thus Walk in Balance
with the passing of each glorious Sun.


Finding yourself.........You are NOT lost to begin with 💜


Depth work.
Never fear what you will find in the depths of your being or hidden in the collective unconscious, slowly revealing itself before our eyes as part of ongoing transformation.
Fear the static, the unchanging and the doom of hopelessness that comes from zero change. We are living in tremendous times for potential growth 💜


Beautiful poetic reminder 💜

The power plays are many in this world, not only out there as projected dramas that we experience, time and again but also those within, splitting us from our own precious insights, intuitive guidance because logos and logic have been honored and rewarded in our society and our inner knowing belittled because there is no empirical proof and data to back it up.
Learn to trust the inner whispers of your soul, the inklings, the momentary glimpses into another possibility, reality, the night stories that fill your vision when the egoic conscious guard has put their skeptical, cynical, critical weapons to rest.
Please trust these softly gifted whispers and they will grow stronger, this much I know is true. ❤️

Return To Innocence.

Stay true to what is deep in your heart
Don’t keep moving away
Into minds righteousness
Listen and follow love’s wisdom
And then allow mind
To serve that wisdom
We have lost our hidden powers
And our deepest intuition
And without them we are adrift
Lost in the chaos and confusion
Of mind’s relentless pursuits

Come back to what is deep in your heart
Serve that tenderness
With humility and grace
Fall into the unknown
And listen to your innocence
It is still there, hidden and vulnerable
But still there
Waiting for your return
Return, friend, return
Again and again return
Until mind falls into its right place
As servant of love
Not master.

~ Kavi - Poet and Musician

[Art: Sophia's Gift by Autumn Skye ART]


"You are the dream of all your ancestors.~"
~Bert Hellinger

The so-called black sheep of the family are, in fact, hunters born of paths of liberation into the family tree.

The members of a tree who do not conform to the norms or traditions of the family system, those who since childhood have constantly sought to revolutionise beliefs, going against the paths marked by family traditions, those criticised, judged and even rejected, these are usually called to free the tree of repetitive stories that frustrate entire generations.

The black sheep, those who do not adapt, those who cry rebelliously, play a basic role within each family system, they repair, pick up, create new and unfold branches in the family tree.

Thanks to these members, our trees renew their roots. Its rebellion is fertile soil, its madness is water that nourishes, its stubbornness is new air, its passion is fire that re-ignites the light of the heart of the ancestors.

Uncountable repressed desires, unfulfilled dreams, the frustrated talents of our ancestors are manifested in the rebelliousness of these black sheep seeking fulfilment. The genealogical tree, by inertia will want to continue to maintain the castrating and toxic course of its trunk, which makes the task of our sheep a difficult and conflicting work.

However, who would bring new flowers to our tree if it were not for them? Who would create new branches? Without them, the unfulfilled dreams of those who support the tree generations ago would die buried beneath their own roots.

Let no one cause you to doubt, take care of your rarity as the most precious flower of your tree.
You are the dream of all your ancestors.~

~Bert Hellinger


Science catching up with spiritual ancient wisdom, however as a whole societal constructs aren't inclusive of such knowledge, so it is up to us as individuals to rise and meet, honor and to live by our ancestral wisdom, to create and make a difference in our world 💜 💚❤️

What has been an ancient spiritual truth is now increasingly verified by science: We are all indivisibly part of one another. We share a common ancestry with everyone and everything alive on earth. The air we breathe contains atoms that have passed through the lungs of ancestors long dead. Our bodies are composed of the same elements created deep inside the furnaces of long-dead stars. We can look upon the face of anyone or anything around us and say—as a moral declaration and a spiritual, cosmological, and biological fact:

You are a part of me I do not yet know.

-Richard Rohr

Art by Dinara Mirtalipova


Marion Woodman, the archetypal Wise Woman who had to go through her own deep wounding to reach this golden under-standing, some of the fundamental roots for growth.

When I say the feminine, I don’t mean gender. I mean the feminine principle that is living—or suppressed—in both men and women. The feminine principle attempts to relate. Instead of breaking things off into parts, it says, Where are we alike? How can we connect? Where is the love? Can you listen to me? Can you really hear what I am saying? Can you see me? Do you care whether you see me or not?

Now, these are very serious questions. And the feminine is difficult to talk about because so few people have experienced it. The feminine is presence, and relatedness, and a heart that can open so that when you meet another person you actually are seeing that person’s authentic self. What meaning does human life have if nobody has ever seen you?
I can’t tell you the number of people—men and women—who have sat in my office sobbing, saying, “Nobody ever saw me. Nobody ever had time to listen. So I am unlovable”—the saddest word in the language. Sometimes I’ve had a real flood of feeling about somebody, and I put out my hand and they say, “Don’t touch me. I’m unlovable.” And they mean it. As a child, that person was raised where the feminine was not present. You have to experience the feminine to understand it.

Ask yourself: As a child, who saw you? Who heard you? Was there anyone with whom you could be totally yourself and to whom you could trust your heart responses and speak your soul responses? Someone who made you think, “Gosh, I am somebody. They’re happy that I’m here.”

The great work of our time is to bring the feminine into this culture. And it’s not an easy path. How does each one of us contribute? Believe it or not, it’s done in the most personal ways. Take time to listen to your dreams, to write them down. Take time to recognize that there are things going on within you that need to be felt, or said, or lived, or grieved. Pay attention to these things both in yourself and in the people in your life. Pay attention to the authentic self.
Now, about that word authentic. It is related to the word author—and you can think of it as being the author of your own self. When you’re living your own reality, you become the sovereign of your own life. You know who you are, you speak what you believe. There’s a natural pride that goes with that: This is who I am—take me or leave me. . .

To me, real power is about presence. It’s the energy of knowing that you are who you are, and therefore speaking and acting from your authentic self. It doesn’t matter what your work is—if you’re a teacher or a nurse or whatever; it is your presence that’s the power. It’s not power over anybody else. It’s just the expression of who you are.

Power in the sense of controlling somebody else is different from personal presence. That kind of power—patriarchal power—does not value other people. What I strive for instead is empowerment.
Love is the real power. It’s the energy that cherishes. The more you work with that energy, the more you will see how people respond naturally to it, and the more you will want to use it. It brings out your creativity, and helps everyone around you flower. Your children, the people you work with—everyone blooms —everyone blooms.~

~ Marion Woodman

art: Autumn Skye Morrison


Spring Equinox.......
A time for stepping out of the darkness and into the light by rooting down new, life-affirming growth from the wisdom gained from your old stories.

The Spring Equinox offers a moment to reflect upon and embrace the opposing energies that infuse and inform your journey of soul: inner and outer, darkness and light, life and death, beauty and wounding, and joy and sorrow. It asks you to cultivate a state of balance and equanimity that roots your new, life-affirming growth in the trials and lessons of your old stories.

Spring Equinox 2020~
At the Spring Equinox, your journey of soul steps out of the darkness and into the light.

For millennia, Persephone has carved the path of our spiritual evolution through Her tale of descent and return from the Underworld. Persephone, through Her trials and travels, cultivates a profound maturity that can bridge and contain the opposing energies of the death-centered Underworld and the life-centered realm of Her Mother Demeter. She returns to Her Mother as a feminine power in Her own right, Queen of the Underworld and Goddess of spring growth.

The Spring Equinox brings together a powerful convergence of dark and light, death and life, and old patterns and new possibilities that are held in balance before the scales tip in favor of light and life. Persephone comes into Her full power and maturity by balancing and containing the energies of the Underworld and the sunlit realm, and in doing so returns springtime to the land above.

In Nature, new growth is not separate from the darkness and death from which it emerges. Green-growing things root themselves in the composting soil, made richer from death and decay, as they reach upward to the sun-bright sky; all these things nourish the new-budding life.

You’re not separate from these primal mysteries and immense forces. The Spring Equinox offers a moment to reflect upon and embrace the opposing energies that infuse and inform your journey of soul: inner and outer, darkness and light, life and death, beauty and wounding, and joy and sorrow. It asks you to cultivate a state of balance and equanimity that roots your new, life-affirming growth in the trials and lessons of your old stories.

In these ways you follow in Persephone’s footsteps, a presence and power in your own right as you step from the darkness into the light, and into the welcoming, waiting arms of the Great Mother and your sacred feminine heritage.~


The gift of the Equinox and Sun in Libra is the ability to love yourself and another, whether your viewpoints align or not. We share more together as a species than what is supposed to tear + divide us apart. It is time to drop down to your heart and reclaim your sense of commitment to yourself and others. It is time to create a win/win situation, instead of a win/lose scenario. The Sun in Libra + Autumn/Spring Equinox is here to: shed what no longer serves us, in order to find peace, create empowering relationships with the self + others, and remind us that the power of love will always be stronger than the love of power.~


Doors and Openings to your true Wild Self...

The doors to the world of the wild Self are few
but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door. If you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door.
If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.

~Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves.

art | Christian Schloe


The Wounded Healer

The wounded healer is literally the deeper pattern that is at the bottom of the process of healing itself. The figure of the healer who is wounded symbolically reveals to us that it is only by being willing to face, consciously experience and go through our wound do we receive its blessing. We have all been wounded, which is to say that we are all potentially wounded healers in training.

~ Paul Levy [Artwork by Catrin Welz-Stein]




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