Louise Fuster Coaching & Retreats

Louise Fuster Coaching & Retreats

I'm a Life Activation Coach helping women find clarity & courage to intentionally shift their life.✨ EXPLORE your inner world. ACTIVATE your life! Yes? Awesome!

Hey, I'm Louise! Are you ready to re-connect back to what makes you FEEL ALIVE and trust yourself enough to do what feels best for YOU? Because I love helping driven women just like YOU shake off your self doubt and re-awaken your passions to bravely tread your own adventurous path. I'm a Life Activation Coach and Retreat Facilitator here to help you build a strong sense of self so you can activat

Operating as usual


Oh hi there! 👋🏻⁠

I see a few new faces around... thank you for wanting to be a part of my community.😘

Because I'm all about embracing & celebrating your uniqueness I thought I'd let you in on a couple of weird/fun facts about yours truly!

I'm Louise... often addressed as Lou, LouLou, Lewis or Weez, but I'll answer to anything starting with L really. Mum and dad had 4 girls, and I'm a twin, so let's just say I'm used to being called someone else.😂

This babe on top of me is Maia, she's my first born and only 17 months. Of course sometime soon we will give her a sibling because my husband & I want our kids to grow up with a best friend. Plus, we already have hand-me-downs and potty training will be so much easier!💩

I'm one of those people who literally revert back to my 5 year old self around animals... in a good way. My husband has some classic videos of me going gaga in childlike wonder when I'm with them - the inner excitement cannot be contained.😛

What else?⁠
✹ I have a super acute sense of smell however this superpower isn't always a great gift to have. Don't try and sneak a fart out around me please!💨

✹ I don’t do surprises very well. As a kid I used to steal my own Xmas gifts from under the tree🌲though I wasn’t very stealth like 'cause I always got busted.

✹ When I feel comfortable around you I'll randomly bust out mid-conversation singing tragic 80's & 90's lyrics.🎤 You're my kindred spirit if A: you do this too or B: you don't bat an eyelid.

Soooo... you COULD think I'm a little bit weird right? But I embrace that s**t though 'cause that's what makes me ME! 🦄

Tell me...what's something YOUnique about you that you tend to hide from most people? 🤭


Tell me.. away from the labels 🏷️ who are YOU?

Perhaps you've never stopped long enough and given much thought to this question before.

I'll bet my last five bucks though... when you introduce yourself or describe yourself to others you immediately 'hide' behind a label.😶

Is it intentional? Maybe. Maybe not.

Perhaps you don't want to draw attention to how wonderfully fu***ng amazing you really are? 🤔

Afraid to shine because you've been conditioned from an early age to not reveal your true self, or even 'show off' your brilliance.

I get it. I'm guilty of this too! 95% of the time when I describe myself I'll default to telling others I'm a coach, planner, chef etc. Pretty much all my job titles. 🤷🏼‍♀️

But the thought of me being labelled this way has actually irritated me for a few years now. I'm slowly learning how to wash away the labels [especially the ones society gives us] and instead share the real me.

The real me being:

✨ A multi-passionate human
🦋 An animal lover
🌏 A conscious consumer
📚 A lifelong learner
👂 A great listener
🧠 A thoughtful person
🌿 A nature enthusiast
🧘‍♀️ A well-being advocate
🪂 An adventurous explorer
🙊 A little weird

I could go on but you get the gist right? I am a lot.

I AM ME! 🤩

Let's rewrite the script of how we identify and introduce ourselves to others.

Let's strip away those labels that society, your family, even you may have given yourself to hide under.

And instead share the real you. ❌ No more hiding your best self!

So now, I'd like to know... who YOU are at the core, beneath the labels?

Try answering this question for yourself and then share with me a thing or two I wouldn't already know.

Let's make this fun!✨

Because I'd prefer to connect with the REAL you! 🔗



The power to shift your life rests solely in your hands.

YOU are the only person who can change your life for the better.

❌ Nobody else is going to fight for the life you want.

❌ Nobody else is going to do the work needed.

❌ Nobody else but you will need to push through and keep at it when it gets hard.

Which it will. 🤷🏼‍♀️

So let me ask you...

Is the life you're currently striving for actually what you want? Or is it just what you THINK you should want?

☝🏼It's important to get super clear on this.

As a Life Activation Coach I help you to

✨ Explore your inner world.
✨ Reconnect back to what makes you feel alive.
✨ Get really honest with yourself.
✨ Trust yourself enough to make decisions that feel best for you.

You only get one shot at being the fullest, most brilliant you in this life.

So what does your version of your best life look and feel like?

And are you spending your time and energy on those things that actually matter to you and move you towards that life?

❌ Don't waste what little time you have on this amazing planet chasing someone else's dreams.

❌ And don't let fears, insecurity or what others want hold you back from making life on your own terms.

Life is too short for regrets!

The life you wish to experience, the future you imagine, lies solely with you.

Get after it!



🤷🏼‍♀️ Who doesn't love a good celebration?

12 months ago my intuition guided me to invest BIG in myself.

I took a LEAP of faith and signed up to become an Intuitive Life Coach.

And today I both graduate 🎓 and celebrate! 🎉

This is what 12 months of dedication, consistency and doing the work gets you.

Don't be mistaken... I was a little nervous after making what was the quickest decision of my life ever.

If you know me I don't make decisions lightly. I weight up the pros & cons and spend some time feeling into the situation.

But my decision to persue intuitive coaching came very quickly and felt very right. That's when you know it's meant to be, it's been placed on your heart.

My logical left brain 🧠 tried to wrestle with me asking what on earth did I have to offer others about life?

But my soul🫀was telling me that this was exactly the work I needed to be doing.

And that I could do it and be good at it.

So I listened to my intuition, the quieter inner voice of knowing, and took her advice instead.

What became apparent to me quite quickly was that with my open mind and open heart I'd actually been coaching others for years anyhow.

I just never knew what to call it or how to make a career out of it.

I'm a natural nurturer, bomb ass listener and love helping others become the best version of themselves.

Now I get to proudly walk beside you, supporting, encouraging and holding you accountable, as you blaze your own glorious path towards living your most authentic, abundant and satisfying life!

Becoming the person you were always destined to become.

I know that helping you connect back to your true self, your life force, your essence, means you get to forge ahead with intent & impact.

And that only makes for a better world for all of us! 🌏



What are you doing this week
👉🏻 to shake off the self doubt you carry around
👉🏻 to rediscover your mojo
👉🏻 to navigate your life with more confidence, ease, joy and fulfillment

Here's something I'm going to do:
😬 Post my first video on this platform

Now for some of you that would probably be no big deal, a walk in the park.

But for me it really is a stretch.... eek! For months everytime I thought about it I'd happily turn into a turtle and retreat back into my shell, into what felt safe.

But staying safe isn't serving me or YOU!

So keep an eye out for my video debut 🤣 and give me a👍🏻when you see me moving through my fears.

And share with me below ⬇️ one growth activity you're tackling this week. I'd love to hear something, big or small, that you find challenging and have been secretly putting off.

Louise Fuster
🔸Intuitive life coach
🔸Retreat facilitator
🔸Well-being advocate
🔸Eco-lifestyle lover


Your FOMO is actually stopping you from YOLO-ing!🤯

Tell me... do you fear not having met your ideal life partner & being married by 30?

Be honest.

I ask because last weekend I attended my good friends wedding.🎉 It's her first marriage and she's well over 30 years. GULP.

Did she experience any less of an amazing day because she was 'older'?

F**k no, of course not!

So listen up friends...
STOP thinking you aren't worthy or successful if you don't smash the superficial milestones society has so brilliantly imposed on us all.

That deep fear you have of missing out - that's actually stopping you from LIVING.

You're not a cat blessed with 9 lives. YOLO so quit stressing about ridiculous expectations of how your life should look.

Focus instead on how your life FEELS.

Who gives a s**t if it takes you half your life to find the perfect person to spend the other half with?

👉 Me: I was 34 when I met my husband and 37 when I got married.

Who gives a s**t if by 25 you haven't yet managed to save the copious $$ necessary to lay down a deposit on your first home?

👉 Me: I invested in my first property mid 30's. Yep it took me AGES to squirrel away $$ on my s**tty little chef income.

Who gives a s**t if you haven't yet done the obligatory 1-2 year backpacking trip around Europe.

👉 Me: I traveled and lived overseas AFTER I established my (first) career and am actually happy I've never stayed in a backpacker hostel.

Do what FEELS good for YOU, for your soul.

If you currently feel lost & overwhelmed with where you're at (or not at) in life take a quiet moment in solitude to check in with your body.

Feel into your heart and ask yourself whether what you're striving for is actually what you truly want, or just what you think you should want.

And listen. Listen intently to the quiet inner knowing. Notice what arises.

Don't get caught up in missing out on things. Maybe these things aren't meant for you until later in life??

Your life is unique.
Your desires are deeply personal.
Feel free to tread your own authentic path to a life well lived.

I can help you get there with personal life fulfillment coaching. DM me for a happy chat.



Today I celebrate 48 laps around the sun.😎

I'm happy. I choose to spend it simply.

A low key celebration. Nothing fancy, just doing what feels good to me.

My day so far has seen me get up early for a coaching skills class, followed by Bikram yoga, beach time with my husband & dog, late lunch, afternoon nap...

.. and thinking now of going ten pin bowling this evening 🎳 and finishing my day with cake 🍰 'cause you gotta have cake on your birthday right?



All you need to know is that the future is wide open and you are about to create it by what you do. 💫
Pema Chodron

It's the last day of 2021 🎉 Wahoo, we made it!

Something I do a few days before we ring the new year in is set some goals & intentions for the year ahead. But I admit I've never really spent much time reflecting on all that I've experienced & accomplished.

Time for that to change 🤔 so starting now, reflecting in addition to planning will become my 'end of year/beginning of new year' ritual.

Below I share what this year was for me, and a few aspirations I have for 2022.

2021 Reflections:
💜 A favourite memory of 2021 was when I first met our puppy Maia. I was so excited to finally be getting a dog after many, many years of waiting but she was so tiny I was too scared to hold her initially.

💛 This year I'm most proud of my commitment to my growth and future plans. Being dedicated to make 5am winter classes when mornings aren't my thing, and being stretched outside my comfort zone to do the work required.

💚 The most valuable thing I learned was that if you dare to open yourself up and ask for support you'll find there's a loving network around you willing & ready to offer assistance.

🧡 A few words to sum up my year would be hectic, challenging, expansive, progress and full.

2022 Aspirations:
💯 I am determined in 2022 to only invest my energy and say yes to things which really resonate and give me joy & satisfaction.

🌤️ A habit I want to hold myself accountable to is setting myself a regular time to wake up and enjoy the solitude of the morning.

💰 Something I want to change within myself is identifying and working through the blocks I have around money.

Hey, I'd love for you to share what your one reflection of 2021 is & your one aspiration for 2022. ⬇️ Comment below.

And so, as we close out another year, I want to remind you of the importance of being intentional about the life you are creating and setting goals based around how you want your life to FEEL rather than how you want it to look.

Because you may be surprised to find that your dream life actually looks nothing like you imagined.



Investing in yourself is like p**p your pants scary. 💩

Yep, pulling out the credit card or making a big dent in your savings, and having to diligently set aside dedicated time to learn & grow s**t scares most people.

I know it has done for me in the past. It's a scarcity mindset, a lack mentality. But it's this exact fear around investing in ourselves that actually blocks us from evolving.🙅🏼

You see, investing in ourselves is really never about the money. It's that we are scared to invest energetically into something we have little control over the outcome.

We want the reward without the risk!

So we don't pay out of pocket for therapy or 'alternative' well-being modalities, we don't start our own business, we don't hire a coach.🙆

In the past 12 months alone I've invested more money, time and energy into myself than what I had in the past 20 years!

I've already clocked over $20K in courses, trainings and certificates to uplevel and the year isn't over just yet.

And crazily, this has been at a time where I've earned the least money in my whole 30 years of working!

Most people don't even spend a 10th of that on themselves per year.... 🙄 Sure you might fork out $2-3K on a holiday to Bali, but that's not actually moving you towards the life you really want.

I no longer feel scared about investing in my future. Instead:
🤙I feel liberated.
🤙I feel grateful.
🤙I feel relief I've finally said yes to myself.
🤙And I feel enthusiastic & excited about my future.

Even though my life looks and feels COMPLETELY different to what it was nearly 2 years ago pre-pandemic I am content.

It's taken me a long time to realise that prioritising our own growth & evolution is 💯 THE MOST SELFLESS CHOICE we can actually make.

Investing our limited time, hard earned money & precious energy into our well-being actually reinforces that WE ARE WORTHY & DESERVING of all the delights our world has to offer.

So tell me, what's stopping you from investing in your own growth & transformation? Is it the money, is it the time or is it something else?

Comment below ⬇️

And then ask yourself, what would your life look like if you took bold action to change that narrative?

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