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Enter password: freeninja to download free content. Ninja Maths'Ninja Maths' has changed my classroom.

What began as moment of inspiration has snowballed into a change of culture within not only my class but every class that uses 'Ninja Maths'. Students have knitted replica ninja's, written songs and created film clips based upon 'Ninja Maths'. Also a whole new behaviour management plan created just because of what I call the 'Ninja Revolution'.So what is 'Ninja Maths'?Put simply it is a tool you c

Operating as usual


HyperSpeed Maths is coming….the revolution of data driven learning is here. DM for more info.


‘The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.’ A.Einstein. Albert had the - I think that is a good sign we should all get on board.


Shoot for the stars 🌟 Teacher expectations + Student expectations are the two most impactful factors in improved learning. Let you know you believe in them and give them the gift of a


Cyber Ninja 10 is here to tell you they the Ninjas 🥷 have been in the lab 🧪 and what they have mixed up is about to change the game. 📈 More info come soon….


X marks the spot. Or does it? Our mistakes make us who we are, trying new things means making mistakes. ❌Learn and progress, don’t fear being wrong; if you are going to fulfill your purpose on this earth 🌍 you have embrace the discomfort of being wrong. Asking questions - not pretending to know. (This is also a handy way to make friends😁) X marks the spot where learning begin. 🥷

Photos from Ninja Maths's post 05/06/2023

Looking forward to spending some time with some great people at this years WAATA Conference - if you are an education assistant in WA I would encourage you to come and join the fun….particularly session 3 😬🥷


Bohemian Ninja is a free spirit for peace, love and kindness. Be like the Bohemian Ninja.

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Cyber Ninja 8 is here to explain the last phase of the Growth Mindset = 🥷Ninja Maths cycle. Growth, when a child sees that their hard work 💪has paid off in a tangible way 📈you can see life spark in their eyes. 👁️ And there is no better way that I have ever seen that accomplishes this in a definitive way than the Ninja Maths program. ➕➖✖️➗Kids see immediate feedback demonstrating improvement, they get to move up the Ninja Rankings and they see growth. ⬆️ This completes the cycle and then we come back to belief. And because we have seen growth our belief grows - so we take more action. Put in more work, which leads to further growth and at that point we are unstoppable. This is what I have always wanted for every child that steps into my classroom. This is what Ninja Maths offers to your classroom. 🫵 I did not put in all the work to get Ninja Maths where it is today - a world wide internationally recognised educational tool - for money💰…I did this because I know it works. I have seen it across every age group and every continent on earth. That is why I charge only $12 one off payment - I want your children to benefit. I want every child to see they too can grow and learn. I want every child to develop a Growth Mindset. This is why for Ninja Maths. This is why we do what we do. Now you only need to ask yourself..Do you believe?


Cyborg Ninja 🤖 What do you all think of the AI revolution? Are you embracing ChatGPT or loath it?


Putting in effort with the right strategies is a key to embracing your Growth Mindset. Hard work does pay off, but smart work pays better.

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Action! 🎬 The second phase of the ‘Self fulfilling cycle of how to get good at stuff’ is action. You must do some work, put in some effort, contrary to what Allen Iverson 🏀 might think, do some practice! So in the Ninja Maths world that means play some games - have some fun. As a teacher if you can make work fun, you are winning the battle. ⚔️ We have our physical board game ‘Ninja Math Island’, which takes players on a epic journey around the island where the Ninjas 🥷 originated….all the while practice all of their basic facts. Ninja Combat is our card game, an awesome 2-4 players game where opponents use their Ninjas to face off and win the most Ninja cards. By getting the kids to take action they are putting in the reps that it will take to get better 💪 They will put their to good use embracing the challenges all along the way. All of this will take us to the this step Growth.

Photos from Ninja Maths's post 13/05/2023

Cyber Ninja 2 is here to tell you about belief. This is the key first step to the Growth Mindset cycle ( for this, as well as many more, insights) Belief is the key🔑 to learning. I have have seen this with hundreds of students that have passed through my my classes - once you get them to believe they can learn by explaining the tenants of GM and show them the brain science behind it. You will see the kids that formerly drifted off to stare at the wall start to lock in. You will see it i their eyes, the belief shines through and there is no better feeling than that as a teacher.


The Ninjas have snuck into the cyberverse! They are here to explain how Ninja Maths works 🥷 Cyber Ninja 1 is here to tell you about how the Ninja Cycle = Growth Mindset Cycle.
Belief = Implementing Growth Mindset with your students. Action = Playing Ninja Combat and Ninja Math Island 🏝️ with your students giving them a chance to practice their basic facts. Growth = Ninja Maths program, nothing demonstrates to the kids that their hard work is paying off better than moving up those Ninja Rankings. My Ninja friends will break these things down in further detail soon!


Sensei knows best.


The battle is on!


Who is the best Ninja? 🥷


We are celebrating our 10th birthday with 20% off storewide! Come celebrate like a Ninja 🥷 🎉


Don’t let the comparison trap get ya - Be Inspired by those who do great things!


‘Do Hard Things’ - each morning I tell my kids two things, ‘Be kind and interesting’. Sometimes doing the interesting thing is hard, being different, choosing a path less trodden - not going with the group. But you want to be a person who has stories to tell, and a lot of the time that means having the guts to do something hard.


‘Embrace Challenges’ - learning to love the challenges that come our way is a key to loving life and reaching our potential.


‘Work in Progress’, encourage your kids by letting them in on the secret that we are all works in progress.


‘Persist’ - when things get hard say ‘Good, I am learning something new.’ And keep going.


‘Choose Adventure’ - when in doubt always chose adventure.


‘Searching for Colour’ - add a little Colour to your class with Ninja Maths


‘Young Ninjas’ - they have a lot to learn but with the right strategies and inspired motivation they can move mountains.


We will be uploading a series of Growth Mindset posters to our ‘Free Resources’ section over the coming weeks - ‘Be Curious’ will be uploaded tomorrow! So please come and get your free download #🥷free

Flipped Classroom: Ninja Combat Lesson 21/02/2022

Hey Ninja team!
If you would like me to take the class and flip the classroom, while running the kids through how to play Njnja Combat please check this video. 🥷

Flipped Classroom: Ninja Combat Lesson Josh will lead your class through how to play Ninja Combat - the latest and greatest game to make learning fun from Ninja Maths.

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Ninja Combat #jointhebattle




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