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Happy December families.
You may have noticed or your children may have pointed out a little visitor to our setting in the last few days. This is ‘ Elfie’ our kindness elf. He has come to suggest ways we can practice kindness at this busy time of year.
Yesterday he appeared with a snack and today he was ready to donate food to our Hamper collection for local families.
Some of the projects he is going to suggest to the children include being kind to the Earth ( recycling with our crafts, community closet and other items , looking after our gardens. ) being kind to each other ,learning some key word Auslan signs , being kind to our animals and kind to other community members and making gifts.

Ways you may be able to help :
Donating to food hamper with Christmas treats or pantry staples.
Selecting an outgrown Christmas or special outfit for our clothing swap ( or claiming items)
Donating to our ‘ happy boxes’ collection ( women in remote communities)
Donating a pet item for collection for local rescues
Pointing out kind behaviours your children display.

Please don’t feel you have to donate to all or any of these projects .The staff will be modelling this for the children and introducing projects throughout the next weeks.
Please speak to Theresa and keep an eye out here if you have any questions about how you can help.
After seeing the dentist today we pop in to reroll Braxton back into After school care braxton got a other sloth form ❤️♥️🤗 lovey ladies from ACE early learning Centre in Riverside he's looking forward to coming back as well he has missed all of yous and his friends as well he says thank you for his sloth see Yous on Tuesday ❤️😍😘❤️♥️
Please show Casey - this is Oliver’s finished spider with cool hair do! 🤪
Michael loves spending quality time with the guinea pigs

ACE Early Learning Centre - Day Care. Located in Greenfields, Mandurah.
6am-6:30pm Mon-Fri We hope to make it a fun and enjoyable page for all to enjoy.

We have created this page so that the staff at 124 Early Learning Centre can communicate with the parents and community that surrounds our Centre. We will bring you information of different activities and events that are happening at the centre. We would appreciate for everyone to understand that this is a PUBLIC PAGE, and you need to be aware of confidentiality. Pictures of children that do appea

Operating as usual

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 11/07/2023

Today the vacation care children had a Dress up Party 🎉

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 10/07/2023

Today the Children went for a Visit to our local Op Shop, we enjoyed strolling through the aisles and browsing the different items on the shelves, the children picked their favourite toy and took turns handing them to the lady at the register. It was a great day out 😀

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 06/07/2023

PJ and Movie Day 🍿

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 05/07/2023

I had two wonderful helpers this morning from our toddler room. They helped sweep up leaves after windy weather. Next we pulled up some grass and weeds appearing. The long grass was perfect for our resident rabbits , Kissie and Oreo.
Learning outdoors is important year round even during Makuru when it is cold and wet. Being involved in caring for our setting and animals allows opportunities for children to be active participants in learning about the changes in seasons.

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 04/07/2023

Messy Play Day 😊

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 04/07/2023

Vacation Care Fun At Crocs Play Centre 😊

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 20/12/2022

Water play is a great way to keep cool in Summer.
Please remember to provide a change on sun safe clothing everyday along with a broad brim hat and shoes for when the ground heats up.
Extra special vacation care water play days planned for : 5th ,11th and 23rd January 2023 . Messy play 9th of January.
But water and mess may be involved any day in early learning fun.

Supporting Sherrylee, organized by Sue Gilbert 26/11/2022

Supporting Sherrylee, organized by Sue Gilbert

With Heavenly Homes Int. in Greenfields, we are supporting this family on their costly, long road to recovery.

Supporting Sherrylee, organized by Sue Gilbert Over 2 months ago, Sherrylee was hit by a car not far from her home. She was so severely injured she… Sue Gilbert needs your support for Supporting Sherrylee

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All creatures, big and small, we love em! Especially the fluffy ones 🐥🐇
Not Spiders though 🕷️ it takes a truly special person to love those.

Here at ACE Early Learning Centre, we have adopted four baby chicks and two baby bunnies!


Heavenly Homes Garage sale
5th November 8-12Noon
13 Fraser Entrance Greenfields.


Free bread at ACE early learning. Bring a bag and pick up before 6.30 tonight or tomorrow .

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 15/09/2022

Our September Newsletter is here for your perusal!

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 07/09/2022

Thankyou to the Early Chikdhood Education superheroes and children who make everyday an adventure in learning and play.

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 06/09/2022

Early childhood Educators Day tomorrow , Wednesday 7th.
Children and educators are invited to dress up as a Superhero or wear a cape.


Wednesday , 7th of September.
Superhero day for Super Educators.
Dress up for Early Childhood Educator’s Day.

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 04/08/2022

Djilba is certainly a cold and wet season. The yellow acacia flowers blooming are a sign of this season. These flowers provided bush tucker and medicine for Noongar people. This week they provided inspiration for art works as both painting tools for branches /leaves and inspiration.
The kangaroo children enjoyed being able to explore the qualities of hail an educator collected. Inside we all kept moving with multiple games of the Floor is lava using cushions and beanbags that often needed to be shared with friends to ‘save them’.
In between rain showers the games continued outdoors with children assessing the environment to select what could still be balanced upon to become an island of safety.


Wednesday is OSHC Educators day.
Please take a moment to thank your out of school hours care educators who do an amazing job of rising to any challenge. There are blank card sheets at the ACE and Heavenly Home entrance if you wish to jot a quick note.
These educators care for a diverse age range of children from early in the morning to early evening before and after school and on vacation care.
They provide recreation , support and learning during these times. Ensuring our children have opportunities to learn life skills , socialise and participate in the community.
Without wonderful OSHC educators many families ,including my own, would not have the same access to participate in work , study or respite.
Thankyou to the OSHC educators of Ace and A1fun .

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 16/07/2022

Learning about Australian animals and the bugs we find locally is so much fun. Often children are quite knowledgeable about farm animals, pets and exotic species. As we explored animals the educators sometimes find the children are not as familiar with Australian wildlife We recently turned our role play area into vets .. but it soon changed into a wildlife care space with children caring for Australian animals.learning the Noongar names and investigating what they like to eat.
The children in the kindy room have been taking more care of inside and outside their setting. Next week we are going to be investigating how we can care for country and our world. Small changes can make things better for all life around us.

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 15/07/2022

Some mornings you might have to work together to bail out the boat and clear yesterdays puddles. But the reward is more time to play in winter fresh air. A surprise rainbow late afternoon too.
Please remember to pack changes of clothes for your children year round. We do wear plastic puddle pants at times but sometimes still get wet.


Well Heavenly Homes has been working along side us now to support families in our area for 2 years. Would love to see you all join in on our Fun - d - raiser event.
Children are welcome but if you want a fun night out with adults all dressed up Groovy, do it. :)
You can pay directly for your ticket or go through event brite.
Donations are also greatly accepted and are tax deductable.

Heavenly Homes International
BSB - 633 000
Account - 187909353

Always looking for volunteers also xx

Timeline photos 26/05/2022

Today the kindergarten room children snuggled baby dolls while we read the book ,’Took the children away’, by Archie Roach and listened to the song. I told them first that the story has some sad parts but we can look after each other and the babies while reading. Today is a day we remember and many mourn , a day we reflect on the effects that continue from policies and practices that harmed families and caused much sorry business . A day to work together towards healing.
After reading we stood and held hands in a circle to sing the care for Country song before morning tea together. I am in awe of how beautifully empathetic young children are.
Next week is National reconciliation week with the theme ,” Be Brave , Make change”. Each generation will grow stronger with support and continue to be brave and make positive change to do better by each other.

This is a significant day for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and particularly for Stolen Generations survivors. Commemorating ‘Sorry Day’ was one of the recommendations of the Bringing Them Home report, which was tabled in Parliament on 26 May 1997.

This report was the result of a National Inquiry into the forcible removal of Indigenous children from their families, communities and cultural identity. The first ‘Sorry Day’ was held in Sydney in 1998 and is now held nationally with memorials and commemorative events that honour the Stolen Generations.

Today we remember.

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 08/05/2022

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Women who care for children in our community !
We are blessed to meet so many lovely Mums , Nannas , Aunties and other special women that trust us to to look after your children until they are back in your arms for cuddles.

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 14/04/2022

May all our families enjoy a blessed and safe Easter . The children have enjoyed crafting , egg hunts , lots of bunny play , books,game and singing about hot x buns and little Peter rabbit this fortnight. The kindy and schoolie children have also discussed which animals lay eggs and now know that not just chickens lay eggs.

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 14/04/2022

Week one of vacation care has finished..I am sure many of our educators and families can relate to the mood of the children who love playing sleeping bunnies and tucking in toys today.

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 04/04/2022

Writing a shopping list on your own , carefully picking up small items , reading to a friend or being very quiet to see a snail emerge …within every busy day there are opportunities to relax and recharge before running around again. These were a few moments I observed today.
The children were learning about care for the natural world , counting , literacy skills , developing empathy and skills in regulating own emotions. You may not always see a painting or craft to bring home , but our educators enjoy planning for and creating environments to facilitate learning all day long.

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 02/03/2022

Pancake day yesterday was celebrated with yummy afternoon tea , thanks to Lily helping the kangaroo room children prepare these.


Welcome back Mafoudia to our Ace family.

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 16/02/2022

The sunflowers growing in our garden are drooping and dropping seeds. The children have watched them grow from seeds for months. They have fed them with food from our own worm farm and watched the bees buzz around them.
We are lucky to eat vegetables from our garden , collect eggs from our chickens and watch bulbs grow in our bunny garden . The sunflowers however have caught the interest still this week as children listen to stories , create crafts , taste kernels and create responses to their learning in such a bright way.

Family Tragedy- Father & Son Death, organized by Sue Gilbert 11/02/2022

Family Tragedy- Father & Son Death, organized by Sue Gilbert

As many of you may know our community has been left devastated by the loss of two young lives.
Although we cannot change the outcome of this tragedy, we can come together and support this family build a brighter future with continued love and support.

Ace Early Learning has been and will continue to support the family during these difficult times and we ask if you can find it within yourself to do the same.

Working along side Heavenly Homes Pty Ltd, we are hoping to assist this family and ask for your support. Every contribution counts towards reaching our shared goal.

Family Tragedy- Father & Son Death, organized by Sue Gilbert Do you want to join us in making a difference? We are raising money via HEAVENLY HOMES… Sue Gilbert needs your support for Family Tragedy- Father & Son Death

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 01/02/2022

Our worms have turned our vegie scraps into lovely compost for our garden. The kangaroo room children were very interested in investigating the results today.
The warm weather also allowed us to observe a sluggish bee up close . The bug jar was soon placed in the garden next to a flowering mint plant with other bees. It soon flew out to visit the flowers too. The children learned that if they sit very quietly and calmly they could watch more bees land and enjoy the flowers.
It seems quieter during the day with many of our friends off to kindy and school , but a lovely opportunity to enjoy the learning to be had when you take time to just be in the moment.


Wow great for children as well. Fun for all x

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 17/01/2022

Today some of our kindy children where able to go on an excursion and visit the Amaze Miniature Park, the children were all very well behaved and had so much fun. We started off our day by working together to navigate our way through the maze, we hit a few dead ends but managed to find our way out whilst spotting a few hidden letters and numbers along the way. The children where so proud of themselves that they all did a little happy dance at the end 😃 . We then spent some time exploring the park as there was so much to play with and look at including the grass running maze, the fairy garden, train town, the playground and of course the pond where you can feed the fish and wave to the ducks. After a play on the playground we all sat down and had a picnic lunch in a shaded area on the grass where we disscussed what our favourite thing about the day was so far. After lunch we then went of to play some mini golf, the children’s skills where impressive and they were very patient and cheered each other on 😃 it was a great day out!


Monday 10th January.
Children at Ace and A1fun JTC are invited to wear their favourite team colours or sport wear.


Tuesday 4th January
The first day back of the New Year.

Photos from ACE Early Learning Centre's post 22/12/2021

Santa’s number one elf did a brilliant job today ensuring all of our children enjoyed a traditional roast Christmas lunch . Thankyou to all the team at ACE Early Learning Centrefor ensuring the children had a great Christmas party today.

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Wednesday , 7th of September. Superhero day for Super Educators. Dress up for Early Childhood Educator’s Day.
Welcome back Mafoudia to our Ace family.





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