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This week we are doing jeans for jeans day so please bring in a gold coin donation and wear your jeans with pride. To ensure all children get to participate we will b doing this all week. Please help us help others ♥

We’re for children, not for profit. So we reinvest in early learning to create better lives.

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Photos from Goodstart Early Learning Madora Bay's post 08/03/2023

Today our Madora Bay children and Educators celebrated the Indian Festival - Holi. 🎊
So much fun, joy and happiness was expressed today as we all joined together to explore our creativity and imagination! 🎨


Don’t forget, tomorrow’s Holiday Program is our - PJ PARTY! 🎉🎈
Please come dressed in your cosiest, comfiest (and cool 🌞) PJ’s as we party our way through the day.

Assistant Director 16/11/2022

Assistant Director

Want to join our Team?

We have an exciting opportunity for someone amazing to join our Leadership Team.
You will be surrounded by very loving & experienced Early Childhood Teachers and a dedicated Team that strive to create a nurturing, caring and educational environment for all our children each and every day.

Join our Family 💙

Assistant Director Assistant Director

Timeline photos 14/11/2022

Humbled 💙
Children are central to everything we do.
Our people make the difference.
Families are our primary partner.
Being a valued member of each unique community.

Congratulations to all our winners and commendations at the ⭐Goodies Awards WA State event ⭐. It was amazing to see so many of you in person for the first time in a while coming together! We are so proud to celebrate the great work you do every day!

✈10 x WA state winners are now national finalists, with a plane ticket to Brisbane for our national Goodies event!

Photos from Goodstart Careers's post 08/11/2022

💙 Regina you are just the best 💙 We love having you pop in for our regular Ear Screening and appreciate your dedication to community and passion for social inclusion 💙

Photos from Goodstart Early Learning Madora Bay's post 13/10/2022

🐓Our Madora Bay Centre chickens - Bluey & Violet have relocated to their new home in the little yard off the Nursery Two room. 🐓
Their new home now allows the children to view them throughout the day and see what adventures they get up to and even have a little visit to see if they have layed any eggs.

Photos from Goodstart Early Learning Madora Bay's post 30/09/2022

What a wonderful and exciting week we have had! Each day we have explored and discovered a new subject for our Holiday Program. Take a look at some of the fun our rooms have had!

We can’t wait to get stuck in for Week 2 of the program. Have an amazing weekend everyone and we will see you on Monday ✨


It’s already that time again! Get ready for lots of fun, exploring and imagination as next week we begin to dive in to our Holiday Program ⚽️🎨🪐🦖

Have a lovely relaxing long-weekend and we will see you all on Tuesday ✨

Photos from Goodstart Early Learning Madora Bay's post 23/09/2022

🍃Playing outdoors encourages the joy of movement, it nurtures wild imaginations, experimentation, friendships, social connections and behaviour🍃
This morning two of our Kindy children went searching far and wide to find some sneaky snails. Take a look at their fabulous art work depicting the snails they found on their search 🐌

Photos from Goodstart Early Learning Madora Bay's post 22/09/2022

🍋Sensory play encourages learning through exploration, curiosity, problem solving and creativity.🍊
Is it Sour? Sweet? Cold?
Our Nursery One children headed outside to enjoy the sunshine and explore their senses with some Orange, Lemons and Water Play. ☀️

Photos from Goodstart Early Learning Madora Bay's post 21/09/2022

💭 Imagination is essential to help children learn many critical lifelong skills. 💭
Our Pre-Kindy children have been using the power of their imagination and interest in Dinosaurs to create and manipulate ”Lava” playdough into vast structures and volcanoes… watch out though as it is VERY hot to touch! 🔥🦖


Just a reminder that we will be closed tomorrow and back to business again on Friday 💙

Timeline photos 06/09/2022

Tomorrow is the day….

Happy Early Childhood Educators Day! An educator shows patience as a child learns a new skill, they know the impact of a smile and a 'take my hand' helping a child say goodbye to their family in the morning, and are the foundation of a child's learning for years to come. Educators are wonderful and we appreciate everything that you do for children every single day.

There are many ways families can create something together to share their appreciation:
💜Create a card
💜Pick some flowers from the garden
💜Create an artwork
💜Video message from your child to their educator
Again a heartfelt thank you to all of our incredible educators who are making memories and changing lives every second of every day.

Photos from Goodstart Early Learning Madora Bay's post 07/07/2022

This is our Pre-Kindy adventurers and they are starting to get ready for this big wide world…

Excursions help provide another dimension to classroom based learning and can help reinforce what has been taught in our learning environments.

Our self-help journey and diving into social expectations that will come from starting big school next year, has sent us in many directions. We learn and evolve each day. There is more to come in the following months and we cannot wait to continue this huge milestone journey with you all xx

Making mealtimes fun | Goodstart 28/06/2022

Making mealtimes fun | Goodstart

We’ve heard from some of our wonderful families lately that their little ones are very fussy when it comes to mealtimes, you're not alone. Up to half of the two-year-olds in Australia are fussy eaters.

Shared below is our Fussy Eating and Making Mealtimes Fun guide, with some top tips on taking the fret out of food.

Fussy Eating and Making Mealtimes Fun guide:

Making mealtimes fun | Goodstart Up to half of the two-year-olds in Australia are fussy eaters. So if meal times are big-deal times in your family, you’re certainly not alone. The good news is that there are easy ways to make food fun for fussy eaters.


Happy Mother’s Day to all of our amazing Mums and also those taking on the role. Us ladies at Goodstart hope you all have an amazing Sunday filled with love and laughter. We couldn’t do what we do without you all. 🥰💐

Educator 06/05/2022


Amazing opportunity!

If you or someone you know is perfect for this role, please follow the link to join our beautiful Team.

Educator Educator

Photos from Goodstart Early Learning Madora Bay's post 04/05/2022

‘We could have never loved the Earth so well if we had had no childhood in it.’ – George Eliot.


Last week our Kindy Children set off on an adventure out in their outdoor environment, putting down their crayons for a moment, and picking up spades and watering cans. Team spirit soon filled the air, as the children came together as a group, eager to plant some trees for outside our centre gate.


This team-building task provided the children with the perfect opportunity to work on their gross motor skills, doing so by digging the soil with their spades, and carrying their watering cans to and from our garden. These repetitive actions made for a can-do attitude whilst also nurturing the developing muscles that run through the children’s arms, all the way through to their fingers.


We look forward to watching the winter rains nourish our trees over the next few months, a journey our children will observe first-hand as they further understand the impact they make in their world.

Photos from Goodstart Early Learning Madora Bay's post 02/05/2022

A wisdom of wombats,
A passel of possums,
A cluster of spiders knitting socks . . .
Who else might you meet on a trip to the billabong?


The rooms have officially dived into their Term Two Group Projects this week, fully immersing themselves into the world of reading, sensory, experimentation, and of course... the magic of imagination! Our Pre-Kindy Room have begun their focus on Australian Stories, investigating the engaging stories of our land through various art materials, learning how they can apply this to their learning through visual displays within their environment. The children’s beautiful art has allowed them to expand their knowledge on the beautiful wildlife that call our land ‘home’, furthering their perception of the world around them.


Photos from Goodstart Early Learning Madora Bay's post 15/04/2022

As a visit from the Easter Bunny becomes nearer and nearer.. we’ve explored the magic involved throughout the week, focusing on stories, the arts, and of course.. lots of laughs.


Today the Nursery Two children dove straight into the world of sensory as we revisited this popular book series written by Author; Fiona Watt. Inspired by the eye-catching pages within this book, the children were given their very own hands-on experience to explore different textures within our room.


Storybook play brings language learning alive as it creates a participatory and immersive experience that allows the children to explore forms of rhythm, and the ability to predict words and tune. The children were able to predict the next occurring actions as they became physically involved in their own learning.


"Easter is the only time when it's perfectly safe to put all of your eggs in one basket" - Evan Esar


This April Holidays we will be all becoming energiser bunnies as we gear up for the Easter Bunny! From testing our creative skills with beautiful craft projects, to getting up and moving with our Easter Egg Hunt - Join us in the fun these holidays!


Photos from Goodstart Early Learning Madora Bay's post 14/12/2021

Winter Wonderland

Who says we can’t have a white Christmas in Australia.
The Nursery children are absolutely delighted to be exploring and investigating through their senses. This really fun snowy sensory play is helping build gross & fine motor skills, cognitive development and also influences how they learn about their world.

Only 11 more sleeps till Christmas 🎄

Photos from Goodstart Early Learning Madora Bay's post 16/11/2021

“Children naturally live in the moment and they allow that moment to be what it is; magical and beautiful in every way” - April Peerless


Our Pre Kindy just loved the dolphin day, we set up a small world play experience outside where the children could explore the beach and ocean, the colours of the sea, the animals on the sand and beneath the shore and the waves crashing up onto the beach. This activity had every single child from Pre Kindy excited and engaged. We used blue and green food dye to change the colour of the ocean, we used shaving foam to mimic the waves and sand from our sand pit to be the beach aspect of our small world. We had starfish, turtles, sharks, coral, rocks, seals, sea lions and fish scattered throughout for the children to explore.


Small worlds, as well as being fun, are the ideal platform for nurturing children's imagination from a young age. This play provides them with an opportunity to explore new materials, act out scenarios from real life, build language, practice social skills, and gain an understanding of the world.


If animals can be a child’s fourth educator, have you thought about a two legged beastie becoming a bestie for your children? We’re looking at our hens this week, one of the closest living relations of dinosaurs and yet also one of humanity’s longest running domestic animal companions.


Here at Madora Bay, we don’t have our ducks in a row but we have our chickens! Bluey and Violet are our bantam chickens that live next to our Kindy room. The children are learning about taking care of creatures in our world by being involved in egg collecting, feeding, bathing and social interactions. Our older children especially love this time bonding with our feathered friends. These girls have been with us since birth and our Centre has watched as they hatched and became beyond fluffy!


Daily chores are a good way to introduce structure into a child’s routine in a way that can be fun since they’re taking care of a pet. It all teaches them about contributing to the household too. Connecting all these dots for children will really show them how the world is connected in small, but significant ways. It will help them to appreciate the role all animals play (including the bugs) on our planet. And it will help them to understand that everything has a place in the circle of life.


Have you heard the exciting news for families? The $10,655 annual Child Care Subsidy (CCS) cap is being removed on 10 December 2021 and will be applied retrospectively for the whole 2021-22 financial year.

So, what does this mean for families?
💙 Families will be eligible for CCS for every session their child attends for the entire 2021-22 financial year!
💙 Families can book their children in for more days now without having to worry about exceeding the annual cap.
💙 Families who reach the cap before the 10th December 2021 will have any additional out-of-pocket costs for the 2021-22 financial year reimbursed by Services Australia, who will apply these changes automatically.

For more information, please connect with our Family Support Team to discuss on 1800 222 543 or speak with your Centre Director.

Photos from Goodstart Early Learning Madora Bay's post 29/10/2021


The team at Madora Bay were nominated for the Goodstart Centre Innovative Award.
This award recognises a centre that innovated, developed and implemented a new process or service that greatly improved effectiveness and/or solved a challenge that made a difference for children, families and/or the centre.

The reason why we embark on continually wanting to improve on Centre Performance is for children, for families and our ourselves. The passion centralizes around the National Quality Standards and the total devotion to children and their developmental outcomes.

Congratulations to my wonderful team that have joined me on this journey of uplifting the Quality of Education and Care at the centre. This is well deserved and I was so humbled to accept this award on your behalf in front of the WA network, the National Network watching online, and in-front of our wonderful CEO Julia Davison and COO Jeff Harvie.

One very proud Centre Director xx


‘Tis the season to be spooky! 🧛‍♀️

And boy, oh boy do we have some scary characters roaming our halls! 👻

Thank you to all the children, staff and parents who participated in our Halloween Party! 🕷

We all had a fantastic day celebrating with spooky cupcakes, scary games and crazy dancing 🎃

Photos from Goodstart Early Learning Madora Bay's post 26/10/2021

“Art is the journey of a free soul” - Jenna Webbart


Well, can we guess which primary colour these little cuties were experimenting with today? These Nursery 2 children participated in a free range art experience today allowing them to express themselves using the colour red. The children were given different tools to apply the paint and the children utilised this to there best ability! We used rollers, paint brushes, hands and less commonly used; our faces to apply paint to our canvas. These children had a blast as they showed off their creative side and even held their hands up for educators to show pride in their work.


Experimenting with art has enormous benefits for a child for years to come, as they'll learn new skills and processes that affect the way they do things for a lifetime. It gives children a sense of belonging. Helps them be in the present. Teaches them to express themselves and understand others.


“Watching a child makes it obvious that the development of his mind comes through his movements” - Maria Montessori


The toddlers showed off their amazing balancing skills as they completed an obstacle course created by our Educator Hannah. The children were challenged to climb on the blocks and then follow it in a zig zag pattern, they then transferred over to the balancing beam with gaps in the middle, testing their balance and cognitive skills. The children then walked along the big blocks which were a bit wobbly, truly putting their balance to the test, they had to look at all the different shaped blocks and manipulate their steps to make it work. They ended this obstacle course with huge leaps off the end, landing inside a red hula hoop.


Physical activities promotes healthy growth and development. It helps build a healthier body composition, stronger bones and muscles. Children who have higher levels of physical activity during their childhood are likely to be more active even after they mature. This is important for better health and well-being.


“I like the kind of people who get excited over stars at night” - Michael Rocket

⭐️ ✨⭐️✨

Our Littlest members of Goodstart Madora Bay were set up with a see through bowl, containing blue water, floating felt stars, and multiple mixing sticks. We excitedly rushed over to explore the space sensory bowl. A few children splashed about in the water while others had a taste. Our smallest friends loved playing with the pop sticks as they swung them around and explored they’re senses using touch.

💫 🌟💫🌟

The children displayed their ability to connect with others, contributing effectively within our small group. This experience offered practise of spatial awareness throughout as the children collaboratively worked around and with each other within the small space.


“Almost all creativity involves purposeful play” - Abraham Maslow


Our Toddlers are going on a Bear Hunt and they’re not scared! Today our enthusiastic 2 year olds were given the opportunity to explore the “Going on a Bear Hunt” book in a new and exciting way. As we explored the parts of the book, the children explored different items in a sensory bin like no other. We explored different textures and colours as we walked our figurines through long wavy grass, a deep cold river, thick oozy mud, a dark green forest and a swirling whirling snowstorm.

🍃 💦 🌳 ❄️

Small worlds, as well as being fun, are the ideal platform for nurturing children's imagination from a young age. This play provides them with an opportunity to explore new materials, act out scenarios from real life, build language, practice social skills, and gain an understanding of the world.


“All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust” -Peter Pan

🧚‍♀️ 🧚‍♂️ 🧚

Today our Pre Kindys set out on the important task of helping the fairies create magic potions. The children added beautiful natural flowers and leaves to coloured water and of course Pixie Dust. We utilised droppers, test tubes, paintbrushes, mixing sticks and our imaginations to make our creations.


There are so many benefits of potion making these include social skills, communication and language skills, mathematics, and imagination. Children will often start working together to create potions or share ideas with one another, as children share ideas and explain what they are using to make their potion and the process they will learn new words, descriptive language and learn to express themselves. This is an area which can be strongly promoted as children explore potion making from looking at numbers on the scales or cylinders and counting their ingredients. Children’s imagination can really be supported through these activities as they make all kinds of wonderful concoctions for all different reasons.


“Never let the truth get in the way of a good story” - Oliver Jeffers

✨ ⭐️✨⭐️

This week the Nursery children have been exploring the book; “How to Catch a Star” by Oliver Jeffers. The children were given a small world that was 100% edible to explore, inspired by the ending of our book and the main themes of sharing and promoting acts of resilience and persistence. Our beautiful babies showed an intense interest right away by moving quickly over to the activity. The children discovered their touch and feel senses as the oats fell through their fingers, they practised language as they interacted with educators, they also used the sensory table to gather gross motor skills as they used the table as an aid to stand up and move around.


Small world play encourages children to be creative and to use their imaginations like no other play. It is also an excellent way to build social skills and conflict resolution among younger children.

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‘Tis the season to be spooky! 🧛‍♀️ And boy, oh boy do we have some scary characters roaming our halls! 👻 Thank you to al...
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