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Outdoor early learning programs and bush kindy sessions for all ages ! We create that perfect balance for early education.

'Starting Strong Inc' Is a 100% outdoor program that is available to all caregivers and children from birth through to school age. Through grants, donations and fundraising we are able to make this program affordable to all families. A mix of play based activities and nature immersion in the fresh air and beautiful QLD weather. We acknowledge and respect the traditional custodians of the land wh

Operating as usual

Photos from Starting Strong's post 08/06/2024

Thanks to all of our volunteers so far!! Always a lot of fun - we are still down here for another hour so pop on down down for sausage ( vegy ones too!!)
Thanks for the support so far from our customers and volunteers- these bunnings days are great way to fundraise 💚 🌭

Photos from Starting Strong's post 07/06/2024

Good morning 🌼 The sun is out and the sausages are on! Come on down to Bunnings Pimpama today 8 to 3pm🌸 Come and say hi and buy a sausage sizzle to support us😊 We hope to see you all soon🌈

Standard Schools Make Our Children Uncurious 07/06/2024

Yes to asking questions!! Oh so many questions, opinions and words of wisdom that we embrace from our preschoolers ! Especially in bush kindy where there’s time to slow down , explore and chat 🩵

Standard Schools Make Our Children Uncurious We are born curious. It's the urge to connect with the world, to understand it, to be a part of it, that drives us to nurse,...

Photos from Starting Strong's post 07/06/2024

Another amazing Friday bush kindy session. This class is so beneficial to kids - a place to move their bodies , grow their critical thinking skills, learn cause and effect in real time , problem
Solve and socialize with peers but most of all - be kids and enjoy the Aussie bush ! We have spots in term 3 so have a look at our session below and get in touch if you would like your little one to join in with this unique learning opportunity . Fridays 9:30-12 at coombabah . $250 for the 10 weeks!

Today Miss courtney read the book TWIG about a little stick insect who feels unseen . He friends help her out and weave a scarf for her . So then we went on our own adventure to find a stick to create our own ‘Heidi’ .
We discovered a koala taking a nap , butcher birds visited and so did a big kangaroo ! On our walk we also discovered a centipede and fungus .. so much real world learning and experience to soak in.
After snack and chat the kids all created their own games and activities from ‘weed whacking’ to building dams and cubby’s to playing super hero’s . This is so awesome to see as the kids have really learnt how to take initiative in their play and use their imagination instead of relying on adults and toys. So great!! See you next Friday my friends 💚🌳🦋

Photos from Starting Strong's post 07/06/2024

A lovely relaxed morning 🌳 We set up base camp in a new area today and it was beautiful and peaceful🦋 A favourite We’re going on a bear hunt 🐻 Focus book today and we made our own binoculars and maps. Then off on a bear hunt to find our cuddly bear hiding in the bush🐻 Lots of child led play, exploring and safe risk taking today🌼 Spider and snake checks, balancing, climbing and train and horse rides on all the big logs 🪵 Hedge trimming with sticks, discovering worms and caterpillars 🐛 Lots of different fungi and trees and leaves, the big pond. Imaginary Dino play 🦖 Open ended play- mud kitchen and camp fire cooking up a storm, digging with shovels, dirt play and pretend tools ⚒️ Such a wonderful place on the Coast to spend the morning connecting and discovering nature with friends🌿 Thanks for a great day💚

Photos from Starting Strong's post 06/06/2024

A beautiful morning in nature🌳 Today we had a interactive story of the 3 litte pigs 🐷 using props and the children helping Miss Kel. We extended with awesome collage nature pictures- making houses from straw and gardens from flowers 🌸 Even finding a caterpillar 🐛 The children enjoyed our collage and they looked great🌿 A small class today, so we decided to head off on a adventure. Through the forest and along the rocky creek bed. So much nature to discover a long the way. Soft fairy moss, fallen logs 🪵 lots of different types of fungi and lovely to hear the waterfalls in the back ground. The children and parents did a great job safe risk taking along the rocks and balancing and safe risk assessments 🦋 We spotted the big mulberry tree 🌳 and found a beautiful spot by the creek to hang out. The children enjoyed the nature environment and had a very relaxed time looking for rocks to collect in their special bags, water pouring with buckets and rock throwing. A very beautiful spot to soak up nature and enjoy our morning. Then we ventured back to base for home time. Thanks for a great morning 💚

Photos from Starting Strong's post 06/06/2024

A fun morning for our little friends🌳 As the children are becoming a little older and more engaged at story time. They are loving our interaction stories with props and Miss Kels funny voices🌼 Today we had the 3 little pigs 🐷 with wooden spoon characters. It was lots of fun- then we extended with a mess free painting of a pig. In plastic sleeves all ready to hang🌈 The children enjoyed squishing the paint. Then off to the Forest 🌳 Mud kitchen cooking up a storm with mud and fresh herbs 🪴 In the pit with the pipes playing music and singing with sticks. Over to the big rope course to climb over under and through. We had curious little nature explorers, exploring the forest 🌿 Thanks for a great day💚

Photos from Starting Strong's post 06/06/2024

Round the world theme today!! We had a couple of friends away so a quiet class - playing with international food , play doh , using noodles and chop sticks in the sensory table and then did some ‘tennis’ which turned into a nature walk to find bugs!! A very relaxed and chatty class - always a nice way to spend out Thursday mornings 🦋

Photos from Starting Strong's post 05/06/2024

A beautiful day at Paradise Point🌳 Our group times are relaxed, nurturing and learning through hands on activities🦋 Today we continued our story te-telling skills with props🌼 We enjoyed Miss Kels version of 3 little pigs 🐷 with the children helping tell the story. This week we focused on shapes and revision of our opposites with our worksheet and wooden opposite flash cards. It was great seeing the children excited about shapes and continuing throughout class with discussions and spotting all the different shapes in the park, at activities and at morning tea🌸
We love spotting all the birds in the park and we loved our Bird week activities- Bird and duck puppets- Little birds day open ended play, building bird nests 🪺 Bird, garden small world play, bird number feeding and our fun new kinetic sand sensory play. A lovely morning tea and a time to chat. A fun game of What’s the time Mr Ibis- taking turns and following instructions of the game. Threading and fine motor practice making bird feeders. Thanks G for your show and share- we loved your photo and hearing all about feeding the lorikeets🌿 Breathing exercises to finish. Thanks for a great day💚

Photos from Starting Strong's post 05/06/2024

Bird theme today 🦆
We started off our group time with our morning songs and then we all got a duck finger puppet and we sang - five little ducks.
Activity time and the kids were ready to play. The kinetic sand was popular today, the kids had fun squishing it and moulding into balls. The kids were enjoying colouring in and making rainbow coloured birds. A few birds nest got made up for the birds. The birds and eggs were sleeping in one nest, shhh we had to be quiet. The block area had lots of giggles come from it. Towers were made and then when some animals played on them, they fell over and it was very funny.
Craft today the kids made some bird feeders to take home. They were very quiet during this activity, they were all concentrating. Making sure they got the cereal onto the pipecleaner. Well done.
After craft we played a game called - what's the time Mr Ibis? Everyone got to have a turn and everyone had a fun time. Lots of cute little smiles as they were running back to safety from the Ibis.
Back to the mat for a snack, stickers and a story called Ten clumsy Emus.
See you next week. Miss Nel


State of origin tonight. Wear your jersey or team colours to class😊🏉

Photos from Starting Strong's post 04/06/2024

A wonderful day🌳 Lots of fun today- Group time we sang our songs, number and shape recognition and extention worksheets. We continued with our storytelling with props. Today the children helped me re- tell 3 little pigs 🐷 We discussed all the different materials our houses are made from and where they come from- Bricks are made and wood from trees 🌳
We love birds and loved our Bird theme 🦅 The ibis and black swans fit in well with our theme this week. We looked around to see all the birds we could see that live in the park. Lots of great activities, sensory, imaginary and fine motor🌼 Small world bird garden play, building bird houses, making nests 🪺, puppet, duck and book play, feeding the birds and making colourful birds with the feathers 🪶 At snack time, 2 of our Wallaby friends A and I who are moving up, came for a transition play. They were so brave and all the children were so kind and welcoming💜 We hope you both had a great time, thanks for joining us🌈 We played a great adapted game of what’s the time Mr Ibis- so much fun. Made bird feeders for our gardens. Then relaxing time, song story book and our breathing exercises🌸 Show and share for P today- A special teddy from her cousin and a funny interactive bunny from Korea. Thanks for sharing P. We are going down the role and everyone will get a show and share turn either this term or next term🌳
Thanks for a great day🦋

Photos from Starting Strong's post 04/06/2024

Bird theme today. We were lucky enough to see a few different birds about, we even had the Swans and Ibis come up close. Remember not to feed or try to pat them, admire them from a distance.
During our morning group time, after our morning songs. We sang a new transition song, five currant buns. We will practice this new song over the next two weeks, ready for term three.
Activity time, the kids loved the puppets. The ducks made a funny quacking sound. The kids tried hard to get the ducks to make the sound.
We had some kinetic sand, the kids had fun squishing it in their hands, it didn't taste very nice though.
The small world play was popular, the kids were feeding the miniature birds, filling the houses with the bird seed and eggs, but they were to big to fit inside the little windows. The kids loved doing the bird nest build and the bird feeding.
Craft time we did some threading with pipe cleaners and Cheerios. They made a bird feeder, some of our friends wanted to wear it around like a bracelet instead.
After craft was done, we played a fun game. What's the time Mr Ibis. This was so fun.
Back to the mat for a snack, stickers and a story - 10 clumsy Emus.
See you next week. Miss Nel. :)

Photos from Starting Strong's post 03/06/2024

Friday Family Connections🌳 Are you looking for a relaxed fun way to finish off the week, in a safe, nurturing nature environment🌸
Come and join our Coombabah Family Connections🌈 Coombabah Reserve- 9.30 to 11.30am- Mixed ages- 12 months to 5 years🍃 Facilitated by a experienced ECE and Forest school leader.
Adventures, exploring, learning and play through nature, interactive storytelling and craft🌼

Come along and join the fun🌻
Free trials over next 2 weeks- If you would like to come along please email or message Miss Kel, to confirm attending- [email protected]
A non for profit community program🦋

Photos from Starting Strong's post 03/06/2024

We started our morning lighting a small fire to warm up 🩵❄️ and then had a group time , chatting about our weekends and reading a book called TWIG . About a stick insect that feels invisible until her class mates make her feel welcome and weave her a scarf to wear so they can see her better ! We then went off to choose our own sticks to make into Heidi the stick !
We also learnt about about seasons today and about winter just beginning here in QLD. We had shaving cream and coco pops to use as sensory imagination play to make hot chocolates, we made playdoh people , and winter /penguin small world play aswell as water colour to design our winter outfits.
At the end of the session we went to the forest school areas to tinker !

Photos from Starting Strong's post 03/06/2024

A fun great day🌳 Making kinetic sand, nature abstract art 🖼️ Forest school play- Building, tool skills, imaginary and child led play, team work, problem solving and nature activities and play🦋 Adventure afternoon- walking sticks, nature walk, exploring, safe risk taking, risk assessment, creek visit, enjoying everything nature has to offer, rock throwing and fossicking. Making connections with nature and each other🌿 Thanks for a wonderful day💚

Photos from Starting Strong's post 02/06/2024

Week 8- We have lots of fun planned this week 🌳

Paradise Point- Birds 🦅
Pimpama- Around the world 🌎

Thursday Canungra- You are light 🌈

Friday Family Connections- We’re going on a bear hunt 🐻
Friday Bush Kindy- Twig 🪵

Have a great week 😊🦋🌼

Photos from Starting Strong's post 31/05/2024

A super fun Friday at Family Connections, making memories in nature🌳 Welome to our new friend M, we hope you had a wonderful morning with us😊 We headed off on our walk and stopped off at the big pine tree 🌲 and collect a pine cone to make echidnas with Pom poms. After setting up camp, we started off with Tiddalick the greedy frog 🐸 using props and funny voices lol. To tell stories and engage the children and encourage imagination🌸 Then we used cotton tips and our hands to paint abstract nature collage pictures🌈 Then off to play. It’s so great seeing the children explore and grow their imaginations and child led play🌿 We found a cool cubby and used sticks as hammers and saws 🪚 and the koalas to make a koala cubby 🐨 Imagination play and story re-telling with the puppets🦘Dinosaur 🦕 volcano fun- digging and building a volcano 🌋 and making bubbly lava- then muddy fun play getting nice and dirty and mud handprints on the tree 🌳 After a snack, we went off for a free play and explore with Miss Kel, finding different nature treasures and playing games🌼 Great to hear the children role playing Miss Kel and voices for the dinosaur 🦖 very cute. Then off on a adventure and we found a big tree to play under and develop our safe risk taking🌿 Thanks for a wonderful day💚

Photos from Starting Strong's post 31/05/2024

Fun Fridays! Today we continued to learn about fire safety . We learn how to use the flint and steel to get a flame going and how to safely cook food on our gas burner - we made cinnamon apples! 🍏
We also read the hungry caterpillar book and did child initated imaginary play and re-tell with props .
We finished class by looking for wild flowers for our butterfly craft.
We found rain on some leaves and had a quick ‘bush shower’ 😆😆 everyone thought Miss Mandy was silly until they had a go and realized how refreshing it was 😆
A big walk today but everyone did wonderful and no issues at all 🩷 these bush kids are building their navigating skills and resilience each Friday and we are so proud ! 😊

Photos from Starting Strong's post 30/05/2024

Today we had fun with our winter ❄️ theme!!
We sang our songs and read a book called ‘Mortimer ‘ about a little boy who didn’t want to go to bed! Then we headed off to our themed sensory and fine motor . Building a snow man with shaving cream, making ‘hot chocolates’ , sweeping up a ‘snowstorm’ and sparkly snow play doh with winter themed play doh mats.

We then played a few games of what’s the time Mr wolf before a fun snow flake water painting craft time!

We are hoping for some more Pimpama friends to join us for term 3 so please get in touch for a trial !!! 🩵


Thank you to parents who have donated items or $ for sausages. It’s really appreciated! The bunnings sausage sizzle is one of our biggest fundraisers and helps with resources- ensuring fees stay low. If you could bring in soft drinks or sauces to class next week that would be a great help !

We are still looking for volunteers on the day ( next Saturday 8th) particularly 10-12 or earlier as that’s when it’s busiest! ( thanks to those who have already signed up 🩷🩷🩷)

Photos from Starting Strong's post 30/05/2024

A fun morning in the sunshine ☀️ We had a fun story re-telling of Tiddalick the greedy frog 🐸 using the puppets. Then we enjoyed painting our sticks for our nature mobiles and our selves🌈 Leaving them to dry. We set off on a Aussie animal hunt 🐨 Finding all the animals and ticking off our list. Then off to the Forest for sensory, open ended and nature play🦋 Lots to explore and discover. The big dinosaur mud pit was the favourite and mud digging finding hidden roots☀️ Lots of fun making big Dino volcano lava🌋 and squelching and squishing in the mud after. Lots of messy and dirty fun 🤩 Back to base to finish off our very creative nature wind chimes to take home. They looked awesome. Thanks for a wonderful day💚

Photos from Starting Strong's post 30/05/2024

A wonderful morning🌳 Welcome to all our new friends 🌸 We enjoyed favourite songs and interactive prop story Tiddalick the greedy frog 🐸 It’s great to start seeing our younger friends become more interactive with our little group times🌸 Down to the Forest school to explore and play. We enjoyed incorporating sensory and open ended fun today🌈 Slimy chia seed water with animals and our Aussie animal, nature and rice small world. The dinosaur 🦕 play mud area and digging. We had a science experiment experience- making dino volcanos 🌋 Everyone had fun having a go and squishing and playing in the gooey mud after. An explore into the village and walk and jump from the logs 🪵 One log becoming a horse to ride 🌿
Thanks for a wonderful morning 💚

Photos from Starting Strong's post 29/05/2024

We started off with a small group for our Aussie Animal theme today. The kids loved giving the plush animals a cuddle in the morning. We sang our morning songs, a crocodile song and then transitioned with a colour song over to the activity area. As the morning went on a few more of our friends arrived for a play. The sensory table was a hit today, the kids were unsure of the texture of the chia seed swap. But after a while they had a bit of a play in it, finding all the different animals hidden inside the mix. The kids also enjoyed the puppets, play dough and using the bingo pens to make dots on the Koala pictures.
Craft was cotton tip painting on a kangaroo template. Miss Nel asked the kids what animals it was and if anyone had seen one before, if so where? The kids enjoyed this activity today, taking their time, doing dipping and making dots and lines, it did get a bit messy.
After craft, we went on a hunt to find some aussie animals and tick them off our list. Once we found them all we them made our way back to our mat. Ready for snacks, stickers and a story - We're going on a croc hunt.
See you next week.
Miss Nel

Photos from Starting Strong's post 29/05/2024

A wonderful fun morning🌳 A smaller group today🌸 Over the next few weeks we will be experiencing introduction to reading and for 3 to 5 year olds. This is through prop story telling, pictures and imaginary play🌈 Today we had fun with The old women who swallowed a fly with our nana and animal props. Then a favourite Tiddalick the greedy frog, a fun dreaming time story prop re-tell. That also develops and discusses sharing with others 🐸 Then extending into our Aussie animal theme- puppet prop play and small world and sensory play. Lots of fine motor fun activities to also explore🐨 Craft time we continued with Aboriginal cotton tip kangaroo painting 🦘 The children love this form of painting. A fun gross motor going on a Aussie animal hunt- into the garden to find the animals and tick off our lists. Back to our mat to colour our Tiddalick pictures, and great inspirational book- What champs are made of. 🌸 Breathing exercises and yoga- learning skills to gain self regulation skills and finding your calm when feeling sad, anxious, angry or frustrated 🌿 Thanks for a great day💚

Photos from Starting Strong's post 28/05/2024

Aussie Animals theme today, what fun we had. The kids loved the theme and were telling me stories about some of the animals they have seen and where. We had crocodiles at the zoo. Koalas on a bush walk. Kangaroos in another class.
As the kids arrived this morning they got to read some stories and cuddle some aussie animals plush toys that went with each story. We then sang a crocodile song together 'snap snap'. Then we made our way over to our activity area.
Normally the sensory table is the popular activity, today the kids were a bit unsure about texture that was on offer. They did still give it a go, very carefully pulling out the animals to look at them.
The puppets and stories were popular today.
We also had a search and find, puzzle matching, and number matching.
Craft today the kids did some cotton tip paintings on a kangaroo template. It started off at dots, then became finger painting. It was more fun that way.
Afterwards we went on an animal hunt over in the tree area. We had a chart and pen and had to mark off the matching animals we could find. While we were exploring we had a visit from the swan. Back to the mat for a snacks, stickers and a story - We're going on a croc hunt.
See you next week.
Miss Nel :)

Photos from Starting Strong's post 28/05/2024

A wonderful fun morning 🌳Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on story re-telling through props, imagination, memory and by pictures. The first step and introduction before learning to self read🌈 Encouraging language skills, comprehension, critical thinking- Fostering creativity, imagination, memory, communication and oral skills and interactive and fun learning 🦋 There was an old women who swallowed a fly- with the big fun nana puppet and the children feeding in the animals👳‍♀️🪰 Then a favourite Tiddalick the greedy frog 🐸 telling the Dreamtime story with props and the children all had a frog finger puppet. Extension craft with a Tiddalick colouring sheet. Then continuing on with story telling and imaginary play at our Aussie animal theme activities- Aussie animals- puppets, props and small world play. It was great to see the children have the confidence to have a go at their own story telling with their friends, incorporating imaginary play🌸 Our sensory chia seeds was another favourite and the koala 🐨 dot markers. The children told Miss Kel they were starving lol So we headed off for morning tea. Then dreaming time cotton tip painting Kangaroos 🦘 the children loved taking their time with this activity. Into the garden forest to find all the animals on our Aussie hunt🐨🦘 Our first show and tell for the term- thanks for sharing B😊 Back to our mat for relaxing time, a great new alphabet book about all different jobs in the community and sticker time🌿 Thanks for a great day💚

Photos from Starting Strong's post 27/05/2024

A beautiful day in the sunshine ☀️
The children requested to start our mornings with some new board games- Chess ♟️and Snakes and ladders 🐍 Even teaching Miss Kel how to play chess. Our workshop today-collecting and painting sticks to make nature wind chimes- 1 for home and one for the kids huts 🛖 They looked and sounded great🌈
Science experiment- Exploding bottles. Soft drink and mentos. Predicting, completing and conclusion. The cola made a bigger fizz tower😊 Venturing off to the Forest school area- Imaginary play and building continued in the village. We now have a Mayor, assistant, farmer, builder and engineer. Loved seeing and hearing the town meetings🌸 Dinosaur and volcano play. Building volcanos 🌋 making lava and extended play🦖 We enjoyed lunch and relax time around the camp fire 🔥 Then it was time to finish off our wind chimes and another science experiment. Elephant toothpaste, such a fun experiment. Science experiments are a favourite- Developing problem solving, encouraging curiosity and exploration, imagination, team work, communication, language, math, science and a love of hands on learning- Best of all fun 🤩 Request to finish off back im our Forest school with child led play🦋 Thanks for a great day 💚

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It’s always better when were together 💚
What another beautiful morning at our Canungra bush kindy class! 🌳💚 #natureplay #tiddlickthefrog #dreaming #indigenoused...
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Easter fun at Canungra
Easter fun with Canungra Kangas
Typical Monday morning for our Canungra 3-5s . What a great way to start the week!! 💕





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