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I help people navigate relationship changes, job/career changes, new starts and old endings which ca Are you having difficulty managing staff or conflicts?

Do you want great relationships that build your happiness, wealth, health and business? I believe that the vast majority of the world’s problems are caused by poor communication. Helping people understand their own communication style and how to understand others and their styles is critical to success in relationships. I am here to coach you to achieve your goals, and to help you live the life yo

Operating as usual


I hope that this is true. If not…it should be😆


People who know me also know that I played cricket up until 62 years old. I have a lot of runs on the board and have seen a few things in my playing days.

I love the Ashes and the competitive energy it brings. What I don’t like is hypocrisy as demonstrated this week. Some players may need to take a long hard look at themselves. This clip may demonstrate a point…


Great article in the Gold coast Bulletin today! I feel privileged to promote a desperate need in the community


This is gold. Watching little kids doing what they do with no regard for others. Each one imagining their own story. Makes me wonder about what defines fun 😎


A lovely start to the day! A bit slower and hard work in the first half, but got better as the walk wore on.


Currently in the last week or so of getting my new adventure live.
Putting together the last details and links. Really pumped!!!


Relationships are best met with zero expectations. Zero expectations means no judgement and an opportunity to learn, rather than reject or accept things that happen.

When faced with something you don’t like you have the opportunity to observe and make a decision as to wether it is an opportunity for you to grow or go.


Currently training for a new adventure! Watch this space for a massive challenge! From 26/04/2023 I will be asking you to help me make a massive difference in the world. I will keep you informed😀


There are some people in my life who are genuinely interested in what I am up to. I hold them very close.

The harsh reality of life is that it is ultimately everything in my life is up to me. It does not involve anyone else. If I want success it is my choice and I have to do the things that need to be done to get there. I have to turn up as the person I need to be to achieve anything worthwhile.

That is not to discount the coaches, the people who encourage me and everyone on a team who assists and participates. All that I am saying is that is is up to me to learn, study, change, love, be healthy, and step up to do the work. It is the same for everyone.

Do the work, step up to your potential and achieve those goals. The bigger the better. Nobody else can do it for you.


Integrity is doing the right thing. Even when nobody is watching


What advantages has the current pandemic offered you?

I know of one company who is involved in serving people face-to-face who has expanded their services when others in their sector have closed. This looks like a very profitable year for them on many levels, yet others have succumbed to the panic and are likely to lose in many ways. How are you finding the opportunities?


Ask . This week I was contacted by a client. They had been through a legal process, and the legal bill seemed very high. We worked through some questions to ask. A few incisive questions and a map of how to go through the conversation. The outcome was a $20,000 saving. BOOM!!!


Don't delude yourself. You are responsible for how you feel. Nobody else can make you think or feel anything without your permission. Even in the midst of an experience that is unpleasant, or even in disaster, it is RARELY about you. How you choose to respond is the only measure you can control. Choose wisely.

Panels that pull water out of thin air could address shortage issues 14/01/2020

Panels that pull water out of thin air could address shortage issues

This could be an interesting development for people who need water for all kinds of reasons, and reduce our water costs. I wonder if it will work in arid areas?

Panels that pull water out of thin air could address shortage issues A startup called Zero Mass Water makes panels that extract water out of thin air.


Everything in life is a .
You choose to get up. Or not.
You choose to DO something. Or not.
You choose to Love. Or not.
You choose to be a positive role model. Or not.
You choose to be active. Or not.
You choose to be healthy. Or not.
You choose to let go of disappointment. Or not.
So on it goes.
Wherever you are, remember you chose it to be that way.
You may not like your results. If you don't like where you are, make another .


The restaurant owner who asked for 1-star Yelp reviews

Here's a great way to look at things from an alternative view! Taking a negative experience and turning it into a positive. Can't say what the truth actually is, but it is an interesting take on things. Enjoy! How one small business owner flipped the online review ecosystem on its head.


The ugly side of L’Oréal’s mission to bring augmented reality to makeup

This is disturbing. No wonder people struggle with self image. L'Oréal announced plans to integrate its ModiFace AR tool with Amazon.



I was reminded recently that we can often get stuck thinking small. Tell me what you think! One of the most common questions I am asked when dealing with start-ups is “How much should I charge?” There are a lot of online resources that you can use to gain some knowledge, but finally the decision rests with YOU. One common thread is that the large majority of people are unwilling to cha...


Had a great time supporting Dr Jennifer Hacker Pearson at the Bump to Bub High Tea on Saturday. Proud to represent Grandpas everywhere with this amazing group of women.


Remembering my grandfather, father and uncle today. They served in the Air Force and Army. I joined the Royal Australian Navy to complete the set!⚓😊👮‍♂️
Lest we forget



Listen closely to what the Pro is saying. A really clear message. You HAVE to wait for the end!

You might want to write this down. 🤯


2019 Start up - 5 tips in 5 Minutes

Start the New Year to Success!

5 Simple Tips in 5 Minutes to Start 2019 With a BANG!


The Hustle | Millennial-focused Business News

Interesting thought about Porch Pirates for those of you getting xmas online deliveries. Daily content for the ambitious, entrepreneurial, artistic, clever, intelligent, and curious hustler.


Neville Stone Coach's cover photo



My gift to you. 8 weeks to do what you like without missing out! I would love your comments! Please like and share. If I was able to gift you 8 full weeks per year to work on something for yourself without affecting your current life, would you be interested?   In all the years of asking this question I rarely find somebody who doesn’t want to know “What’s the catch?” I also find that when people realise...


Great meeting you😀

Great meeting you😀 - Hi! I'm Neville Stone! I enjoyed the day at the Expo and meeting so many new faces. I love people making a difference, and relationships are what makes business thrive!


Expander will be at the Moreton Bay/ North Brisbane Small Business Expo on Friday 5 October! Come and visit me from 1000-1600 at the Southpine Sports Centre, 620 Southpine Road, Brendale. Come and connect!
Learn how to Expand your business idea or your existing business through and !


Tom Bilyeu

This is the awesome truth. Know it. Take the fear on.

This is the ugly truth behind why people warn you not to fly too high.


Here's a weird thought for you...On average a 4-year-old child asks 437 questions per day. How cool is that?!! Can you bring that level of curiosity to YOUR life? What results could that bring if you did?


The Hustle

Treat your product, your clients and yourself with respect. People don't like to think that they are suckers.

Tweet-happy CEOs beware...


I have a champion client who is a tradesman. He has built his business and doubled his income twice while benefiting from coaching.We were coaching on a tendency which surfaced where he discounted prices even if he had won a quote and the client was satisfied with his high quality work. We have broken through the block!

I Had a great break through with my own thoughts on the “value factor” we spoke about last night And how it’s a direct correlation to my pricing.
Definitely going to be more disciplined with none of this un-warranted discount s**t.
Appreciate the coaching on that one, great stuff! 👍

Thanks Chris!


A lovely friend of mine, Sherry posted this little piece of wisdom. I love it!

Lessons learned from my dog.

So most of you know that I have a dog. His name is Lionel and I rescued him from the pound about 8 years ago. He's almost 11 years old now and he brings me so much joy and fun. Over the years he's been my constant friend.

We went for a walk this morning and now he is resting. Us humans tend to keep pushing ourselves much more than in healthy and this morning I was thinking about how great it must be to be a dog. He always looks so happy during and just after his morning walk. I feel better when I've started the day with a walk too. There are other traits he has that help him to lead a happy, injury free life so I thought I'd share some of those things with you.

1. Do your stretches in the morning. The first thing Lionel does when he wakes us is stretch. He does a downward dog then upward facing dog as soon as he get's up off his bed.

2. Get out in nature. Lionel loves his walk but on days we can't get out he will go outside and explore the back yard.

3. Get your daily dose of sunshine. Lionel loves to lay on the concrete or on his bed outside and soak up the sun. Even if it's cold and windy he makes sure that he gets some rays.

4. Protect your boundaries. Lionel can be quite reactive when other dogs walk past the front of our property or when out walking. While this isn't always ideal for making new friends it is important to let others know where your boundaries are.

5. Get enough sleep and switch off when you need to. When you are exhausted it's time to rest. When Lionel has had enough of playing he will put himself to bed and be snoring 2 minutes later. Don't push yourself beyond your limits.

6. Don't hold a grudge. When Lionel has been naughty (usually if he is bored and has chewed something up) and gets told off he might sulk for about 30 seconds. After that he is back to his normal cheery disposition. Don't hold that guilt, shame or any sort of grudge.

7. Be happy to see your friends. It doesn't matter if I've been away for 10 minutes or several hours, Lionel is always excited to see me when I get home. Value those who mean something to you.

8. Drink plenty of water. I don't know how much water Lionel drinks but his bowls are filled up daily and sometimes more than once a day. I don't drink nearly enough water especially in winter so this is something I'm working on.

9. Have fun and play games. Life is best lived with a variety of things. Some work, some play and some socialising. Get out those games, play cards against humanity, laugh with your friends, go to timezone and have some fun.

This week I am working on taking these lessons from Lionel and practicing more self care. So...What have you learned from your pets? And what self care practices do you have?


The Daily Goalcast

The ability to connect is a deep need in us all. When you watch this message I ask you to take on a challenge. TURN OFF SOCIAL MEDIA just for 5 minutes, and go and truly, authentically connect with someone. You may change their life!

David J. Flood Youth Motivational Speaker recounts a heartwarming tale of how his son’s hockey team taught him a life changing lesson about the power of love.

Inspired by David’s extraordinary story? Download his free ebook here:


It is important to get THE RIGHT information, and not necessarily the thoughts of well-meaning friends and people around you.

I have been undergoing a lot of health-related tests based on a milestone earlier this year. Although there is nothing desperately urgent about them I decided to get a thorough checkout. It is pleasing to know that all my markers for the general health are between average to great.

There was one thing bothering me and I had more detailed tests and have now found that I have severe obstructive sleep apnea. It is affecting my life in sinister ways, and after 2 nights with a CPAP machine I think that I can feel the difference. The process will take time (probably months) to reset, but at least have a major piece of the puzzle in place. I will keep you informed of my progress, as the pieces hopefully fall into place!


Hi everyone! I have been working on a new project and will be exhibiting at the Gold Coast Business Expo on September 7!

Stay tuned for more news!


I have a client who finished a series of coaching with me in November. I got this message today:
"Hi Coach, I was listening to my song today..."I Believe I Can Fly"...and I felt impressed to connect with you today and say thanks for helping me find my wings. I feel more in alignment with the real me - happier, thankful, empowered, sexier, successful and most importantly I'm open to receiving and believing I AM all these amazing qualities love. Heck, I'm falling head over heels for me and it feels great!"

Thank you M

It doesn't get any better to know that I have helped someone change their life!


Logan Startup Hub - Over 50's Startups - Using your Experience to your Advantage by Neville Stone

Come along tomorrow night to find out how to START UP! How to avoid the 6 reasons that businesses fail, and how to MAXIMISE the chance of success, especially if you've never had a business before! Suddenly you find yourself approaching 50. Inevitably, a few questions start to surface. Have you started to realise that your superannuation is not going to support you the way you would like in retirement? Are you still working for “The Man” and want to take charge of your own life? Have you a...

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