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'Horse Whispering' meets 'People Whispering'
HHH is a life coaching program using principles of natur

Horses Helping Humans founder Sue Spence is a public speaker, workshop facilitator, author, and educator who teaches communication skills to corporate groups and underprivileged youth using the principles of natural horsemanship. Sue was the first person to develop and identify different body language techniques for individual personality profiles. Her business, Horses Helping Humans™, has been fe

Operating as usual

Photos from Horses Helping Humans Australia's post 17/05/2024

I am pleased to introduce Horses Helping Humans Nelson -Tasman Equine Inspired

Horses Helping Humans Nelson Tasman is located in the top of the South Island NZ. Lenna and her team bring the award winning program to deserving members within the community, helping them to take agency back over their own lives.
'Everytime I deliver this program it warms my heart to see the powerful impact it has and the many ways in which it enhances and empowers people to live better lives. From young children right through to adults, the practical tools that this program offers can easily be applied and instantly allow people to feel positive change. I love seeing the growth of participants through the program and am humbled to hear of what they are able to achieve with their new tools, it really is life changing.'

Photos from Horses Helping Humans Australia's post 13/05/2024

I am pleased to introduce Warren and Debby from Pogs Place

"Mid North Coast NSW facilitator Warren Pogonoski and wife Debby run a cattle breeding and horse training property in the beautiful Nambucca Valley with over 50 years training horses and riders in a range of disciplines
We met Sue Spence and our lives changed from then on we have been changing lives with all types of personalities and illnesses
A special thank you to our beautiful, consistent horses."


A bit of a "Funny Foto" post from Lisa on the Sunshine Coast..🤣

Sun is out and sessions at RREAL are on! 🙌 It is fabulous to be back out there. This made me giggle. We put one of the workbooks under a bucket (safely we assumed to stop it blowing away). Turbo found out. “The horse ate my homework”

Photos from Horses Helping Humans Australia's post 10/05/2024

Dusty Boots is located in Bouldercombe Qld and is facilitated by Linda with her Clydie X Zaldi. This session was from Wednesday.

Zaldi and his young handler finished their 6th weekly session with a bang yesterday on her 17th birthday.
The birthday girl graciously agreed to having the session observed by a couple of Horses Helping Humans trainees. Together Zaldi and his handler confidently demonstrated the six tasks while incorporating all the lessons into a grand finale.
This strong young woman demonstrated grace, softness and compassion in her completion of the tasks with strong body language, strong boundaries and clear communication to Zaldi. Zaldi's attention was on her while each task was executed beautifully with calm assertiveness and together they worked in partnership. It brought a tear to this ol' girl's eye. I am so proud of what this young person achieved. I asked her what she liked about the program and the reply was everything and that it had really helped her confidence. This comment was supported by her Mum. Congratulations and I look forward to seeing you back at Dusty Boots for more sessions with Prince in the near future. Thank you for choosing Dusty Boots.


Let me introduce you all to Vera. Vera is our Horses Helping Humans facilitator in Logan, Queensland. Together with her Head Assistant Facilitator Debbie they are changing the lives of young people. This is what Vera had to say:

"They say that beauty comes from a spirit that has weathered many hardships in life and somehow continues with resilience.

Our horses are the stars of our programs, and have innate inner senses of how each person they come into contact with is feeling, and will adjust their approaches to each person.

At Deeper Soul Connections , our mission is to empower individuals and their families by providing compassionate and personalised opportunities to go within and work on self.

We aim to foster independence, promote well-being, and deepen meaningful connections with yourself and with others.

We aspire to make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve, while continually growing and adapting to meet the evolving needs of our community, and are dedicated to building connections within the community, fostering a sense of belonging and social integration for our clients

Above all, we always have fun."

Horses Helping Humans Australia 23/02/2024

BE QUICK! After a hugely successful theory workshop earlier this month we are offering another one in March as requested by people who missed out on the February one. Contact Kerri today to secure your spot. DON'T MISS OUT on the opportunity to listen to, learn from and be inspired by our very own Equine Assisted Learning pioneer, Sue Spence. Giddy Up People! 🐴😊

Horses Helping Humans Australia


Come and say G'day to the Horses Helping Humans team at the Animal Therapies Ltd conference tomorrow, 15th & 16th Feb, at Brisbane airport. Meet Lisa, Katrina and Kerri to find out more about this life changing program. Talk to Kerri about how you can become a licensed facilitator and begin delivering this program in your community. Lisa will be presenting on "Safety, Systems and Structure" for Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy businesses, on Friday afternoon. Do yourself a favour and grab a copy of Sue's book, "Horses Who Heal", telling Sue's inspiring and relatable story of how horses have supported her throughout her childhood challenges, breast cancer and the creation of this program that's helped thousands of people. Reading Sue's story brings the program alive and reveals the heart work behind the success.
The Team are looking forward to seeing you all, over the next couple of days. 😁🐴




Friday 2nd February, 2024 on the Gold Coast.

Learn how to present this unique, award winning communications workshop in your Community or workplace.

This training alone is a breakthrough for your own personal development and a valuable addition for professional development.

Join us for a full day of hands on theory training workshop with the founder of Horses Helping Humans, Sue Spence.

To find out more information and to join us, please use this link:


Thinking about starting an Equine-Assisted Service? Building a successful and professional Equine-Assisted Learning or Equine-Assisted Therapy business requires a high level of safety, systems and structure. This includes professional horsemanship, risk assessments, evaluations and outcome reporting.

You can learn more from Lisa Warren from River Road Equine Assisted Learning Inc and at the 2024 Animal Assisted Services Conference.

Topics covered will include horsemanship experience and training horses to a safety standard, environment and surroundings of program delivery for safety, safety education around horses for inexperienced clients, session planning, outcome reporting and working with different personalities both horses and humans.

Photos from Horses Helping Humans Sunshine Coast's post 21/11/2023

A fabulous weekend, lovely to see our trainee facilitators growing with the program.


Lovely to see such fabulous recognition of the life chaning effects of the Horses Helping Humans program! Great work Horses Helping Humans Nelson -Tasman Equine Inspired

A HUGE thank you to Tasman District Council - Te Kaunihera o te tai o Aorere for your generous recent funding through the Community Grants.
With your help we can continue bringing the life changing Horses Helping Humans program to more people in our community.

"I'm so happy I can now calm those overbearing emotions when I feel them coming on. I feel empowered and back in controll of myself when before I felt like those big emotions were over powering me. Small differences in how I breathe, move, stand and walk have helped me find my self confidence again. Thank you HHH Nelson Tasman." A recent participants reflection.

Photos from Horses Helping Humans Atherton Tablelands's post 21/11/2023

Great work Wendy and the team at Horses Helping Humans Atherton Tablelands

Photos from Horses Helping Humans Taranaki, Hōiho Hāpai Hapori's post 21/11/2023

Personality plus! What a wonderful post!


Love the smiles that come with this program, whether you are training to be a facilitator or participating in the program!

Oh my. What a weekend we’ve had at RREAL (proud home of Horses Helping Humans Sunshine Coast). This wonderful group of humans met for a HHH Trainee Facilitators workshop. We got to watch Sue Spence in action. We heard her words of wisdom as she walked the talk of all things HHH. Thank you Linda Browning for bringing everyone together. Thank you to every attendee for your attention and open hearts. It was a privilege to meet, host and coach you all. So tired. So happy.
And so incredibly proud of the RREAL herd. Without you, I have no program. And …..
Morphy…. You are the bestest little red dun miniature horse in the world ❤️🥕


Sue Spence - Horse Whisperer, Official Fanpage is so passionate about the life changing Horses Helping Humans program and it being available everywhere! Our trainee facilitators had a great weekend, thanks to the team at River Road Equine Assisted Learning Inc and Dusty Boots Counselling and Equine Therapy.

Thank you Lisa for hosting a Horses Helping Humans facilitator training and refresher workshop at your lovely facility River Road Equine Assisted Learning Inc on the glorious Sunshine Coast this weekend. I enjoyed co-facilitating with you and look forward to doing it again. Sue Spence, founder of the highly acclaimed Horses Helping Humans Program delivered two very informative, entertaining and inspirational sessions. Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and have gone home with a fire in their belly to complete their certification process and are really looking forward to delivering this life changing program in their community in 2024.
Thank you everyone who attended. I love that everyone feels a sense of belonging in the HHH Tribe. 🐴😊

Photos from River Road Equine Assisted Learning Inc's post 10/11/2023

Great work from River Road Equine Assisted Learning Inc who will be hosting our hands on workshop this weekend for the trainee facilitators. Have fun everyone!


A great example of how the program changes lives! Awesome work team!

✨️Wow take a look at this client check in, a year on from completing the Horses Helping Humans Program;

"I joined Lenna and Snowey when I was struggling to regulate my stress and emotions following a turbulent separation. What a life changing experience! I absolutely loved my sessions and they have become subconscious remedies in every day life and have set me up for a happy healthy life, I even started my own business 😱"

✨️We love how empowered people feel with the proven and powerful emotional regulation tools they learn on the Horses Helping Humans program, and take with them on their onwards journey. These are proven time and time again, and for this young lady have enabled her to rekindle her self esteem, self belief and zest for life. Congratulations on starting your very own business 👏 🎉

Thank you to our generous funders for your support. Together we are giving people a brighter tomorrow.

Pub Charity Limited foundation
Tasman District Council - Te Kaunihera o te tai o Aorere trust community Rātā Foundation foundation NBS

Photos from Horses Helping Humans Taranaki, Hōiho Hāpai Hapori's post 10/11/2023

Great work from the team at Taranki. The level of community support is a direct reflection of the impact the Horses Helping Humans program has on people's lives.

Photos from River Road Equine Assisted Learning Inc's post 23/10/2023

Great work from the team at River Road Equine Assisted Learning Inc !


Beautiful work Dusty Boots!

Today was Show Presentation Day for "Mrs Bubbletion" and her very happy friend.
FYI You may not recognise 4Mile Farm 's Bubbles as she is dressed for her undercover spy assignment.
Mrs Bubbletion and her spy partner completed five tasks together as a little mini show demonstration. They worked very well in partnership and enjoyed the challenge. Mrs Bubbletion's handler was awarded a trophy for successfully completing the program today. Thank you to Horse Talk - Central Queensland for funding these three Horses Helping Humans sessions.

Photos from Pogs Place's post 29/08/2023

Great work from the team at Pogs Place

Photos from Dusty Boots Counselling and Equine Therapy's post 22/08/2023

As we are proud to have you as part of our Horses Helping Humans Team Linda Browning!
It was an inspirational weekend.


Join us for a Personal Development Communication Equine Assisted Life Skills session, run by Sue Spence the founder of Horses Helping Humans, at Kings Creek Retreat, Krambach.
🐴 Saturday morning 19th August: 9.00am to 12noon
Please read the attached flyer and book your spot!
Sue Spence is an educator who is known as an outstanding communications coach, a public speaker, workshop facilitator, author, and teaches communication skills to corporate groups, underprivileged youth and other disadvantaged groups using the principles of natural horsemanship.
Horses Helping Human's Facilitator's specialise in personality profiling and body language analysis. The program uses a modern adaption of The Four Temperaments theoretical framework, and Sue's unique work demonstrates how choleric, melancholy, sanguine and phlegmatic personality types have their own conditioned responses when under pressure. ‘Horse whispering’ meets ‘people whispering’ within this innovative equine-assisted life coaching program that integrates interpersonal communication skills, body language, emotional intelligence and personality types. This is “simply making each personality conscious of the body language that is hindering their communication”.
Kings Creek Retreat is hosting this event and will be offering Horses Helping Humans sessions to the Community.


Heartfelt response to our amazing program. Great work from the team at Horses Helping Humans Nelson -Tasman Equine Inspired

"It's the happiest time of my week" Tamariki 9 years

This sums up the Horses Helping Humans program in such a beautiful way on so many levels.

✨️A place in which people feel heard, valued and respected.
✨️A place on which mental wellbeing improves within the presence of Horses.
✨️A place in which they learn to understand themselves and others, gaining tools to improve emotional regulation and communication with others.
✨️Most of all a safe space in which powerful and positive change occurs.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting us in bringing this life changing program to our Nelson- Tasman community.

foundation foundation and everyone who donated and supported us through our crowd funding campaign in 22.


A powerful Description of being autistic by This beautiful little Girl
Congratulations to 12-year-old secondary school student Ava who has won a national poetry competition with her entry about living with autism 📝
You can read her winning ‘Power of Poetry’ entry below:
“Take a seat and sit with me
I want to talk about ASD
If you don't mind I'd like to explain
A little thing called autism and how it affects my brain
It can make me anxious, angry and afraid
But this stays in my head, on my face it's not displayed
I may seem heartless and question your meanings
But it takes me a little longer to process the feelings
Take a seat and sit with me I want to show you ASD
A girl sitting quietly is all you see
But inside my mind I am far from free
My thoughts collide, my senses take over
I become overwhelmed by the smallest sound
Clicking pens, ticking clocks
That boy's chair and the way it rocks
All different smells attacking me
The perfumes, the coffee, the teacher's tea
Take a seat and sit with me
But not too close, I have ASD
I try to be social, I try to fit in
I come across rude, I can never win
I am very literal and straight to the point
If you want the truth I won't disappoint
When my brain is overloaded I sometimes lash out
My control fades, I scream and shout
I get confused and it all spills out
Intense emotions all trapped inside
Finally have nowhere to hide
Take a seat and sit with me I want to tell you about ASD
Please understand I am not to blame I've just got an atypical brain
But it's not all doom and gloom
I'm often the sportiest girl in the room
I'm quirky, unique, kind and caring
I'm loyal, protective and always sharing
I'm obsessed with frogs and all things green
I'm the youngest trendsetter you've ever seen
Take a seat and sit with me
I am Ava, I am me
I'm not just my label of ASD.”

Thihs is one of the reasons Sue created the Horses Helping Humans Program, to help children, and adults living with ASD.

Great work Ava

Photos from Pogs Place's post 17/07/2023

You can feel the connection and the calm through the photos! Great work Warren and the team at Pogs Place in delivering the Horses Helping Humans program to your community.


Wow Katrina looking good, loving the horse peronalities photos! Can wait to see the finished product. HHH facilitators always improving! Love working with you all.

Our corflute boards arrived with a snap shot of personalities of Horses Helping Humans program & who is who of the Herd! Lots of finishing the smaller details as days will start to warm up again. Hope to have shelter completed by spring. Downpipes, yards, tie up rings, solar lights still to go!
We welcome any hands on volunteers to assist! DM us!

Photos from Horses Helping Humans Taranaki, Hōiho Hāpai Hapori's post 17/07/2023

Wow, the community support for the Horses Helping Humans Program is the most powerful endorsment of the program that I can think of. Respect to Horses Helping Humans Taranaki, Hōiho Hāpai Hapori for their amazing, life chnaging work and to the community for all their support.

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Here is a beautiful video of Larry from a few weeks ago, making friends with one of the resident 🐱 before he had his eye...




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