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Rainbow Town Early Learning Centre is based in the heart of Robina on the Gold Coast. Our mission is

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If you haven’t heard already this week is NAIDOC week!

This years theme is - GET UP, STAND UP, SHOW UP!

“What is NAIDOC Week? NAIDOC Week celebrates the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC Week is celebrated by all Australians and is a great opportunity to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.”

One of the first things your can learn is… what country do I work/live on? And for us at Rainbow Town it’s the Kombumerri Country!

Want to know more?? Ask our educators what we will be exploring this week! 🔴🟡⚫️

Happy NAIDOC Week❤️💛🖤
Here on the Gold Coast we are celebrating on Kombumerri Country!
[Artwork by Rachael Sarra]

Photos from Rainbow Town Early Learning Centre's post 20/06/2022

From interest to intentional teaching moments! 🙌🏻

Educators supported the children in exploring their very important role of taking care of our environment!

The children engaged in real-life play whilst developing our ever important fine-motor skills with tongs to collect the litter in the “ocean.”

Educators took this opportunity to scaffold a deeper understanding of marine life, how we can care for them and what to do with litter through meaningful conversations.



At its heart, reconciliation is about strengthening relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous peoples, for the benefit of all Australians.—Reconciliation Australia Wingaru Education


If you are looking for a service to pay respects today this is a great list.

Full list of Anzac Day Services for the Gold Coast.


Lest we forget.

Photos from Rainbow Town Early Learning Centre's post 19/04/2022

We hope everyone had a happy and safe long weekend and were ready to take on the world today!
Did the Easter Bunny visit your family? 🐰

Did you know there is lots of ways to use your child’s Easter eggs as a play based learning experience?
🐰 Sorting and categorising eggs in to size, colour and pattern etc.
🐰 1:1 correspondence counting
🐰 Addition and subtraction e.g “How many do you have after you share 2 with me?”
🐰Reusing and recycling the foil through art and craft!
🐰 Adding chocolate to baking and cooking experiences!

Here are some pics of our Easter Egg hunt on Thursday! We were so lucky for the Easter bunny to find us at Rainbow Town!

Photos from Rainbow Town Early Learning Centre's post 13/04/2022

Not one but two caterpillars!
This morning we were excited to discover that there were 2 caterpillars left to munch on the leaves over the weekend!

Throughout the morning, the Kagaru children noticed that one of the caterpillars was making a cocoon! The children began to watch the cocoon form throughout the day.

On Tuesday we observed the other caterpillar changing shape. Educators encouraged investigation and predictive thinking as to what might be happening?

👀 Keep an eye out to see what happens next...


Are you excited about the long weekend?
Just a reminder that we are closed Good Friday and Easter Monday, opening back up for Tuesday!


Did you know that we have bush tucker throughout our gardens? 🌱🌱

Have you seen any? If so what have you found?

Including bush tucker in our environment is a great way to support the children in developing a deeper connection to country!

Exploring bush tucker through conversations, cooking and/or play, can encourage wonder and interest about our nations first people!

Introduce students to the concept of bush tucker with one of our many lessons exploring this topic. These lessons are jam-packed with resources to have you confidently this topic with your kids, including:⁠

⚫️ Curriculum-aligned lesson plan and outcomes⁠

⚫️ Authentic and accurate content⁠

🟡 Exclusive video, digital activities and printable classroom resources⁠

🟡 Cultural guidance and ways to connect with the local Aboriginal community⁠

🔴 Real time markbook⁠

🔴 Engaging, interactive easy-to-use format⁠

Don't have Wingaru Kids? Learn more about Wingaru Kids through our 10-day free trial. Sign your school up today at https://www.wingaru.com.au/wingaru-kids-trial.html and see how we can help you to include more Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander perspectives in your classroom.⁠

Bush Tucker lessons are also available on Wingaru Kids for Home Education. Click more at https://www.wingaru.com.au/wingaru-home-education.html


Learning through play at its finest!

Here we have some of the children from our Kagaru room dressed up as beautiful butterflies!

The children were encouraged to explore previously learnt knowledge about the caterpillar’s life cycle through creativty!
Educators observed the children scaffolding their learning through role-play.


Would you like a better understanding of your child/children? How can you support them further? What are some positive ways to respond in difficult times?

The Circle of secuirty program can help you!

Check out the details below and make sure you book as spots are limited.

Photos from Rainbow Town Early Learning Centre's post 06/04/2022

Recently the Kagaru/Kindy room have been exploring animals and their life cycles.

To continue diving into this exciting subject, Miss Rachael was kind enough to bring in her guinea pigs from home! The children were excited to experience hands on learning in a safe and respectful environment.

Developing deeper relationships with animals provides the children with opportunities to build more care, empathy and respect towards others!


Did you know that we are connected with Trinity Family Support Network?

Every Friday of the school term from 9:30-11, you can meet the freindly employees and voulnteers at "Trinitys Little Angels" playgroup.

Here you can look forward to your children engaging in craft, free play, gardening and more!
Also... did i mention coffee?

Invite along a fellow parent and come check it out! We look forward to meeting you!

Find us at -
186 Robina Town Centre Drive,
Robina QLD 4226


How do you feel about your child exploring risky play? 🤔🤔🤔

Risky play supports children to develop risk assessment skills and to challenge themselves. How do you encourage children to partake in risky play in your outdoor and indoor classrooms? Learn more and purchase the Everyday Learning Series title on 'Risky play and the outdoors' here: bit.ly/3NEJjY5

Photos from Rainbow Town Early Learning Centre's post 04/04/2022

This is how we celebrated Harmony Day/week in the Pingin room! 🐢

The children had many opportunities to explore the true meaning of Harmony Day through independent and educator led experiences 🧡

We invited all our friends for a story called “Whoever you are” each day, as we took a look into the different ways people live around the world!
Educators provided the children with an array of books from different cultures, Moss E was excited to read a Chinese book all about counting!

The children were also given the chance to explore Harmony week through music and movement! Educators showcased music from all around the world! We loved listening and watching the music and movement that came from the children after, being inspired by the multicultural songs!

Thank you so much to our families who helped us celebrate Harmony Week! Look how awesome Mr R looks with his orange hair!! We really love seeing families get involved!

How did you celebrate Harmony Day? 🧡



Your child’s play is important work, not a mess!

Be mindful of the language you use when referencing the remnants of your child's play and creativity. What might look like chaos or a "mess" to you represents an intricate process of learning, developing, decision making, problem solving, imagination, and creativity.⁣

Use the opportunities that present themselves in these messy moments to observe what your child is showing you that they are interested in and what they have learned.⁣

Find things inside their play and creativity to document, take photos of, display on the walls, and celebrate together.⁣

Clean up together when they are ready to be done with what they've been working on (security of unfinished projects is so important to a child). Above all, try not to use words or phrases like "what a mess," "look at this mess," etc. ⁣

Your language affects how your child views their most important work. Changing your own mindset around this will be the best way to make those shifts. 💚

Play School's Hand in Hand 21/03/2022

Play School's Hand in Hand

Did you know today was Harmony Day? 🧡

Harmony day/week gives families, educators and children the opportunity to further explore cultural diversity!

What’s your families cultural background? Let us know down below 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Play School's Hand in Hand Join Rachael and Luke as they speak about racism; what it is, how it makes people feel and how we can all play a part in stopping it.

Photos from Rainbow Town Early Learning Centre's post 15/03/2022

Not excited about messy play at home?

We understand messy play can get a bit tricky at home…but no worries! We are happy to support your child in exploring all their sensory needs at Rainbow Town! 🌈🌈


International Women's Day!


Photos from Vision Money's post 08/03/2022


Photos from Rainbow Town Early Learning Centre's post 15/02/2022

Having an inviting and enriching environment is one of the foundations to a child’s learning and development!

Have you visited our beautiful environment? From local wildlife, bush tucker gardens and an array of plants and flowers we are so lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful nature for the children to explore each day! 🍃


Happy Lunar New Year!

This year is the year of the Tiger! 🐅

Have you seen the display in the foyer? Come and check it out!

Do you know your Chinese Zodiac?
Pop an emoji down below with your animal! ⬇️


Welcoming the new year with our beautiful flags!

Have you noticed these flags out the front? 👀
If so… do you or your child know what they represent?

This is a great conversation to have at the dinner table! The children will most likely surprise you with what they can tell you about these flags! 👏

If you haven’t noticed them, check them out on your next visit to Rainbow Town! 🌈


Universal Children's Day on 20 November focuses attention on the needs and issues of children and their families. Diversity Kids shares tips for educators to think about when planning culturally inclusive programs.

Timeline photos 10/11/2021

Timeline photos

A reminder for your Tuesday morning. Simple, but key 👍🏼 What else would you add to this list?

Kindy counts for a lifetime 08/11/2021

Kindy counts for a lifetime

KINDY counts for a lifetime! ✨

Kindy counts for a lifetime Talk to your local kindy today and help your child build confidence, make friends, play, learn, and have fun getting set to start school. Kindy counts for a ...



As more cases of COVID-19 appear in Queensland, it is crucial that we locate any other cases that may be unknowingly infectious in our community as quickly as possible. We do this through contact tracing 🗺️ and asking you to get tested if you're sick 🏥.

So if you have a sniffle, or maybe even a scratchy throat, get tested for COVID-19.

👉 Symptoms include a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, fatigue, diarrhoea, vomiting or nausea, and loss of smell or taste.

For everything you might want to know about testing visit 👉 https://www.health.qld.gov.au/news-events/news/testing-coronavirus-covid-19-queensland-how-where-symptoms-adult-child

How Early Childhood Experiences Affect Lifelong Health and Learning 23/09/2021

How Early Childhood Experiences Affect Lifelong Health and Learning

Check out this short clip about your child’s developing body and brain! 👀

How Early Childhood Experiences Affect Lifelong Health and Learning How is ongoing, severe stress and adversity in early childhood connected to chronic disease in adults? And, what can we do about it? In this animated video, ...



September and October are ‘Kambullum woongara’ season, meaning ‘Silky Oak flowering’. In this season the weather is cool but getting warmer and it’s known as the time when bees are active 🐝and turtles are fat 🐢

📷View of Jellurgal and Surfers Paradise from Kirra Hill



August is 'Thaii woongara' season, meaning 'wattle flowering'. This cold and windy month is known as the time when the kangaroo is fat and macadamia nuts are ready to eat.


Good oral health habits start young 👶

Did you know that children need help with brushing their teeth until around 8 years old? Even after they’re confident to brush by themselves, parental supervision is still important.

If you find brushing time is filled with tantrums, we've created the perfect bathroom tune to make brushing more fun 🎵 It even goes for 2 minutes which is exactly how long you need to brush your teeth ⏰

Get brushing, here: https://youtu.be/O4wDITXrvrc


Our settling in period is like no other!

Rainbow Town Early Learning Centre offers each new family a settling in period! This time is vital for the whole family as it assists you in building relationships with the Educators, developing a familiarity with the environment as well supporting your child in finding a sense of security.

Have you met any of our wonderful Educators?
This is Miss Vicky! A friendly face that you will find in our Pre-Kindy room!

Hope to meet you soon!


Did you know that Rainbow Town provides fresh cooked meals as part of your Childs enrolment?

Miss Gail has been providing Rainbow Town with a wide variety of fresh and nourishing meals for over 20 years!

Not only is Gail fantastic at creating delicious dishes, she is also a friendly face that the children have the opportunity to interact with while she cooks up a storm!

Rainbow Town also supports many different families with a range of dietary requirements such as; allergies, intolerances and cultural requirements.


Reflecting back to National Reconciliation Week, where one of our Pre-Kindy friends stood proudly in front of his peers and passed on previously leant knowledge about the Aboriginal flag!

"My shirt has the Aboriginal peoples flag, this is the land, this is the sky and this bit is all my friends."

Photos from Rainbow Town Early Learning Centre's post 15/06/2021

Have you seen our Bee-Bots?

These easy to operate robots are amazing at inviting the children to explore skills such as; sequencing, estimation and problem solving!

Here we have some of our senior children working collaboratively as they investigate this new technology!

Photos from Rainbow Town Early Learning Centre's post 14/06/2021

Educators were excited to see our Pre-Kindy children discover so much passion for exploring symbols during National Reconciliation Week!

Educators support the children to further their growing interest in Aboriginal Symbols by providing multiple experiences, using different materials(man-made and natural).

Photos from Rainbow Town Early Learning Centre's post 11/06/2021

It was so great to see the children engage and build on their connection with Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander people through meanful play, during Reconciliation Week!

Here are some of the amazing set-ups our
Educators created throughout the week 👣

Play School: Walking Together 03/06/2021

Play School: Walking Together

Have you watched the new episode of Play School?
"Walking together" touches on reconciliation through songs, art and role -play!


Play School: Walking Together Hunter, Rachael & Emma Donovan walk us through our shared histories and the role we all play in building relationships & communities that value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, cultures and futures.

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