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We are a Public School for students from Kindergarten to Year 6 in Wandina. Our official page is mon Wandina Primary School is a Public School for students from Kindergarten to year 6.

We are located in the suburb of Wandina, and our school is approximately seven kilometres from the Geraldton CBD. Since opening in February of 2014, we are committed to giving quality education to children in the Midwest region of WA. Our specialist early childhood teachers and education assistants provide an innovative and engaging curriculum reflecting the outcomes of the National Early Years Le

Operating as usual


Photos from Wandina Primary School - an Independent Public School's post 19/09/2022

MAWA Have Sum Fun Maths Competition

Mr Chambers, our PEAC coordinator, arranged for a group of students to participate in the Have Sum Fun Live competition. It required the children to complete 4 rounds of 8 questions and the questions are extremely challenging. They are designed to challenge the children’s problem solving abilities.
There were 23 teams from around Australia. Wandina Primary & Mt Tarcoola Primary children formed a team of 4. They were phenomenal, finishing fourth in the competition! What a great achievement! Both schools are very proud of their students!

Photos from Wandina Primary School - an Independent Public School's post 19/09/2022


Last Tuesday, Wandina Primary School had two teams participate in the Numero competition and it was a great day of competition.
Here are the top 6 placegetters:

1st Place - Dongara Destroyers
2nd Place - Mt Tarcoola Takers
2nd Place - Wandina Wonderkids
4th Place - Dongara Dominators
5th Place - Mt Tarcoola Denominators
6th Place - Walkaway Smarties not Jellybeans

Wandina is very proud of the students who represented our school and we would like to thank Mr McKenzie for coaching them.

Photos from Wandina Primary School - an Independent Public School's post 16/09/2022

Interschool Sports Carnival

Woo!! Hoo!! Wandina won the shield for this event. Our children were amazing, they gave everything when they were competing against the other schools and were rewarded for their efforts by winning the carnival. Staff who attended were very proud of the way the children conducted themselves, showing true sportsmanship. As we were hosting the event this year, we have to give accolades to Mr Sumich who organised the event. The day ran smoothly and other schools commented on the great organisation.

Results for the Carnival:

Handicap scores
Wandina - 460 (Even though Wandina had the highest results they couldn’t win this shield due to winning the overall shield, as per the rules in the Geraldton booklet)
St Lawrences - 339 (winning school due to the reasons above)
SFX -311
Allendale - 304
Waggrakine - 298
Mt Tarcoola - 236

Overall shield

Wandina - 460
St Lawrences - 320
SFX - 299
Waggrakine -262
Allendale -184
Mt Tarcoola - 82


Cross Country 2022

Last Friday, Wandina Primary were awarded the Cross Country Shield at the event, but afterwards it was discovered that there had been an error in the calculations and St Lawrence should have been awarded the shield. As this has not happened in the past, the organising school was to make a decision about how to proceed and they have acknowledged their error. In the spirit of true sportsmanship, Wandina have now handed the shield to St Lawrence Primary School.
We would like to acknowledge the participation of all students at the Cross Country.

Photos from Wandina Primary School - an Independent Public School's post 14/09/2022

This morning students munched and crunched but could only manage a Quokka Chew! Then they tried again and everyone in Wandina heard them do a Crocodile Crunch!!! We heard cheering from everywhere; even the Vege Man heard the children and decided to visit! Mr O was so excited that he also had his photo taken.



The Big Crunch is on Wednesday 14th September at 10am. This is when we discover whether the children nibble like mice or CRUNCH like CROCODILES! We have the Crunch-o-meter ready to gauge the crunches, so make sure that if you live in Wandina, listen carefully and you might hear the crunching!

Photos from Wandina Primary School - an Independent Public School's post 09/09/2022

Interschool Cross Country Champions!

Today, our Cross Country runners competed against the other schools in the Chapman Division. We only had a few children get in the top four but we had lots in the top 10. Wandina was the highest scoring team and were awarded the Cross Country Shield. It was definitely a team effort! Congratulations to all the participants; we are so proud of your achievement and thank you Mr Sumich for all the time that you have put into training the team. 😊

Photos from Wandina Primary School - an Independent Public School's post 08/09/2022

Parent Open Night 🌟

Photos from Wandina Primary School - an Independent Public School's post 08/09/2022

Parent Open Night

More pictures of our amazing families that attended last nights Parent Open Night 🌟

Photos from Wandina Primary School - an Independent Public School's post 07/09/2022

Parent Open Night

Tonight, the classrooms were open for our parents to come and look at all the amazing work that the children have been doing this term. It was so lovely to see parents back in the school now the Covid restrictions have eased. So many happy faces could be seen everywhere and we thank the parents, children and staff for making it an awesome night.


Dear Parents and Carers

From Friday 9 September, public health measures will ease. The isolation period for COVID-19 positive cases and close contacts will reduce from 7 days to 5 days, provided they are free of symptoms at the time they leave isolation. Mask requirements for public and passenger transport have also changed.
People who test positive for COVID-19 must isolate for a minimum of 5 days and can leave isolation if they no longer have symptoms. People who are still symptomatic must remain in isolation until symptoms clear.
Close contacts with no symptoms can continue to attend school and do not have to isolate for the 5 days if they:
• undertake a daily Rapid Antigen Test (RAT)
• wear a mask outside the home (Year 7 and above).

Testing for COVID-19 for students who are symptomatic or as a close contact, remains an effective way to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our schools. If you need additional RATs, please contact us.
Please let the school know if your child tests positive for COVID-19 or is a close contact.
Masks will no longer be required to be worn on public or passenger transport. Masks are an important measure to reduce transmission and are still encouraged to be worn in crowded indoor settings when people are unable to physically distance. Students and staff can choose to wear a mask at school, at any time.
Please contact the front office if you have any queries about COVID-19 safe measures in our school. Thank you for your continued support of the school community in keeping our school COVID-19 safe.
Kind regards

Michael Ostaszewskyj
Wandina Primary School


Our Amazing EAs

Last week was EA appreciation week, but we decided to hold a special Morning Tea today for our wonderful group of EAs who go above and beyond every day. It was our way of saying thank you for everything they do and to let them know they are all valuable members of our team. You are all awesome and we don’t know what we would do without you!!


Reading Rewards

Today we had a number of children reach reading milestones and they came to the office to select books. The Pre Primary children are our superstars, with 18 receiving books today. They were very excited and took their time to select just the right book! Happy reading tonight!


Faction Carnival Individual Champions

Congratulations to everyone who participated; you were all champions! There were some individuals who were awarded medals for their personal achievements. Congratulations to all the winners; you deserve your medals.

Girls: Campion: Maxine Dann Runner up: Addison Van Tiel
Boys: Champion: William Chapple Runner up: Lincoln Shiosaki

Girls: Champion: Macie Mumford Runner up: Lily Hams
Boys: Kaeleb Leigh Runner up: Jasper Pickering & Chase Bohnen

Girls: Champion: Sophia Ellis Runner up: Scarlett Rogers
Boys: Benjamin Yokwe Runner up: Jimmy Kowalski


Faction Carnival Champions

At the end of the day, there can only be one winning faction and that was Citkada. The competition on the day saw the lead change a few times, but Citkada came out on top. Congratulations, Citkada!

Photos from Wandina Primary School - an Independent Public School's post 29/08/2022

Sports Carnival

On Friday, we had the perfect weather conditions for a fantastic carnival. The children and staff were excited and prepared for a great day of competition. Mr Sumich had planned and organised the perfect carnival and everyone supported him to ensure that everything ran like clockwork. We saw amazing sportsmanship on the day and there were lots of smiling faces. Thank you to all the parents who came to support the children.


We have some earbuds that have been lost. They can be collected from the scorers tent, if you can describe them


If you recognise this earring, you can collect it from the scorers tent.


What an awesome day for our 2022 Faction Carnival. Good luck to all our students.

Photos from Wandina Primary School - an Independent Public School's post 24/08/2022


It was very difficult to choose students to receive prizes today for Book week because they all looked amazing. So much time and effort was put into some costumes that we hope they take pride of place in your house so that you can admire them.

The winners of the parade today were:

ECE 1 Reuben & Adelyn
ECE 2 Madden & Sydney
ECE 3 Carson & Everly
ECE 4 Asa & Indee, Levi & Ivy
Rm 1 Jack & Charlotte
Rm 2 Jacob & Emme
Rm 3 Jasper & Indee
Rm 4 Lucas & Lylah
Rm 5 Toby & Ivana
Rm 6 Alif & Ziera
Rm 7 Kody & Indie
Rm 8 Machida & Sydnee
Rm 9 Sofia & Nathan
Rm 10 Kai & Kylah
Rm 11 Parker & Evie
Rm 12 Bentley & Kya
Rm 13 Zeke & Ayla
Rm 14 Oscar & Isabella
Rm 15 Brody & Sophie
Rm 16 Hunter & Elle

Congratulations to all of our winners! 🎉

Public education in Western Australia

Photos from Wandina Primary School - an Independent Public School's post 24/08/2022

Book Week

WOW! What a fantastic turn out today for Book week. Last night, when the children were ‘Dreaming with their Eyes Open’ they were not aware that they were being transformed into some very strange and exciting characters. When they arrived at school we could not recognise them. Luckily, over the course of the day, the children slowly awoke from their dreams and we saw them return to normal. What an amazing day!

Photos from Wandina Primary School - an Independent Public School's post 23/08/2022

Pre Carnival Event

The 200 metre running certainly saw the lead position change a number of times and some of the races were so close that the video was referred to. The children ran like the wind and their little legs carried them over the finish line. You made everyone very proud!

200m Junior boys - 1st Ben Yokwe, 2nd Jimmy Kowalski, 3rd Kash Nelley, 4th Alif Hadi
200m Junior girls - 1st Sophia Ellis, 2nd Rebekka Tsang, 3rd Scarlett Rogers, 4th Nataliah King
200m Intermediate boys - 1st Jasper Pickering, 2nd Leo McNaught, 3rd Kaeleb Leigh, 4th Chase Bohnen
200m Intermediate girls - 1st Macie Mumford, 2nd Taylah Jones, 3rd Lily Hams, 4th Evie Fisher
200m Senior boys - 1st Riley Horsham, 2nd Xavier Guppy, 3rd William Chapple, 4th Braxton Roberts
200 Senior girls - 1st Maxine Dann, 2nd Eryn O'Neill, 3rd Addison Van Tiel, 4th Tahlia Floyd

Photos from Wandina Primary School - an Independent Public School's post 23/08/2022

Junior Pre Carnival Events

Junior girls long jump - 1st Sophia Ellis, 2nd Scarlett Rogers, 3rd Desley-Marie Whalley 4th Natalia King
Junior boys long jump - 1st Jimmy Kowalski, 2nd Ben Yokwe, 3rd River Iaria, 4th Alif Hadi

Junior boys tball throw - 1st Hunter Lamond, 2nd River Iaria, 3rd Tom Hacon, 4th Oscar Wright

Photos from Wandina Primary School - an Independent Public School's post 23/08/2022

Intermediate Pre Carnival Events

Intermediate girls Long jump - 1st Macie Mumford 2nd Abby Maslen, 3rd Lily Hams, 4th Sadie Wright
Intermediate boys Long jump - 1st Chase Bohnen, 2nd Kaeleb Leigh, 3rd Adrian Selvanayagam, 4th Vincent Ballinger

Intermediate girls Tee-ball throw - 1st Lily Hams, 2nd Taylah Jones, 3rd Demi Fiorenza, 4th Amber Laylan
Intermediate boys Tee-ball throw - 1st Flynn Morton, 2nd Oscar Chapple, 3rd Mason Bell, 4th Markis Ponta

Intermediate boys Turbo Jav - 1st Mason Bell, 2nd Kaeleb Leigh, 3rd Chase Bohnen, 4th Oscar Chapple

Photos from Wandina Primary School - an Independent Public School's post 23/08/2022

Pre Carnival Events

Today, at Wandina Primary, there were a number of Pre Carnival events and all the children who participated were amazing. They all tried their hardest and fantastic sportsmanship was displayed by all. Thank you to Mr Sumich for his organisation of these events and also to his helpers on the day.

Senior EventsI
Boys 800m - 1st William Chapple, 2nd Lincoln Shiosaki, 3rd Oscar Wright, 4th Thor Brown
Girls 800m - 1st Addison Van Tiel, 2nd Tahlia Floyd, 3rd Eryn O’Neill, 4th Elise Kalpers-Gray

Senior girls long jump - 1st Kiara O'Leary, 2nd Maxine Dann, 3rd Indie Dunk, 4th Sofia Henderson
Senior boys long jump - 1st Xavier Guppy, 2nd Oliver Lamb, 3rd William Chapple, 4th Lincoln Shiosaki

Senior boys tball throw - 1st Hunter Lines, 2nd William Chapple, 3rd Brenton Wilton, 4th Oscar Wright
Senior girls tball throw - 1st Sofia Henderson, 2nd Sydnee Chant, 3rd Tahlia Floyd, 4th Kiara O'Leary

Open girls triple jump - 1st Elise Kalpers-Gray, 2nd Indie Dunk, 3rd Sofia Henderson, 4th Maxine Dann
Open boys triple jump - 1st Lincoln Shiosaki, 2nd Xavier Guppy, 3rd Oscar Wright, 4th Thor Brown

Photos from Wandina Primary School - an Independent Public School's post 19/08/2022

Cross Country Faction Results🥇🥈🥉

Congratulations to the following students who were place getters at our Cross Country event last Friday:

Junior Boys- Ben Yokwe, Jimmy Kowalski, Hunter Lamond, Declan Van Tiel
Junior Girls- Nataliah King, Breanna Dann, Hayley Levitt, Sienna Brierley

Intermediate Boys- Jasper Pickering, Kaeleb Leigh, Jaxson Taylor, Adi Selvanayagam
Intermediate Girls- Macie Mumford, Sadie Wright, Lily Hams, Amber Laylan

Senior Boys- Will Chapple, Oscar Wright, Thor Brown, Ethan Maver
Senior Girls- Tahlia Floyd, Elise Kalpers-Gray, Addison Van Tiel, Kiara O’Leary

Wandina Primary would like to thank all the students who participated in this event. Everyone gave it their very best and showed outstanding sportsmanship. Congratulations! 🎉

Photos from Wandina Primary School - an Independent Public School's post 12/08/2022

A snapshot of our AMAZING Cross Country event this afternoon. More photos to come soon👏🌟🏆



- School Officer
- Education Assistant
- Gardener
- Cleaner
If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact our MCS Tanya Joseph on (08) 9968 1150.

Photos from Wandina Primary School - an Independent Public School's post 01/08/2022

Some of our wonderful Wandina netballers competed in the Netball WA Regional Championships over the weekend.
Our Wandina Go Division team played 6 amazing championship games. They finished the Championship 2nd on the ladder which is beyond amazing!!
Our Wandina U12 team had outstanding results which meant they finished the 5 rounds on top of the ladder. They played an absolutely amazing and very close grand final against St Lawrence Primary School and came away as runners up.
All of our Wandina netball superstars displayed great sportsmanship, had lots of fun and did us all very, very proud!! 🏐

Photos from Wandina Primary School - an Independent Public School's post 28/07/2022

Our year 6’s participated in a ‘Do it for Dolly’ workshop today focussing on cyber safety and protective factors. The 3 C’s - Contact, Conduct and Content- support young people to be smart, safe and responsible online. Young people need to be educated and empowered to enjoy the world, not be forced to fight against it. Parenting in the digital world is tough- there are lots of fantastic resources online providing parents with advice. The Dolly's Dream page has links to some fantastic resources.

If you see something, say something 💙💙

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