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Today we received these really cool smoothie cups. We have been loving fresh cold smoothies in the warmer days and these cups from local business Arlo&Me are so handy to have.

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Today we had a special visitor with a pretty cool bug to show us. This is a Antlion. It does a little funny backwards walk and eats ants. When it grows up and evolves and turns into a type of lacewing. It was so interesting learning about the little bug.

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Today we had some friends visiting. We had so much fun playing outside with them. When we came inside for lunch we did a bit of yoga and our friends joined in too.

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Today we went on a excursion to Mt Tarcoola sports carnival to support our siblings and friends. We packed lunch and some snacks. We watched the racing and all the games. It was very hot in the sun so we went home and had a rest before heading back for the afternoon.

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It’s national science week and what better way to explore this then with the classic volcano. Today the children worked together to pour bicarbonate soda into a bottle and then pour in some red vinegar. This activity helped us develop so many different skills like fine motor, hand eye coordination and social skills. We loved the bubbles and Tash even let us have a little taste of the mixture that came out of the bottle. It was sour and bubbly.

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Today was a beautiful rainy day. We had so much fun building a cubby house under our table, we helped Tash make corn fritters for lunch and this afternoon we did drawing before we went outside to check on our garden. We were able to pick 3 delicious eggplants 🍆 and one of our rosemary plans had finally taken off and ready to snip off the main tree.


'SNOT so straightforward 👃🤧

We ♥ this info from Dr Deb Levy on something we are all seeing a lot of right now - snot.


I thought I'd bust a few myths about snot as well as share a few facts......⁠

👃🏼THICK YELLOW OR GREEN SNOT - does not mean your child needs antibiotics. This is a normal progression of a viral cold and actually indicates that their immune system is fighting it. The snot changes from clear to thick from the immune cells being there.⁠⠀

👃🏼SNOT FROM ONLY ONE NOSTRIL (esp if also blood stained) needs further investigation to look for a foreign body (kids are always sticking things up the'r noses!).⁠

👃🏼When children SWALLOW snot, it makes their poops runny or mucousy.⁠

👃🏼CLEAR SNOT can mean a viral infection or hay fever (allergic rhinitis). Look for a pattern or other symptoms to give you clues and go chat with your doctor.⁠

👃🏼SNOT is infectious (unless it's hay fever) no matter if it's clear or thick⁠

👃🏼SINUSITIS is uncommon but I suspect it if ongoing thick green snot with fevers and tenderness over the sinuses in their face. Your doctor will diagnose this.⁠

👃🏼It's NORMAL for young children to get around 10 viral colds a year. Yes, 10! 😢⁠"

Credit: Deb Levy

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“Wombat stew, Wombat stew, Gooey, Brewy, Yummy, Chewy, Wombat stew!”

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It’s that time if the year again! Christmas cooking 🎄

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Last week we did some woodwork. The children really enjoy the opportunity to take on new tasks and challenges.
I have vacancies Tuesday-Thursday and more open next year.


Week two of our new yummy menu


We have a new menu! I can’t wait to start cooking these amazing meals for the children. This is a 5 week rotating menu full of delicious meals make sure you have a look when you drop the kids off. I’ll be posting each Monday to let you know what we are having.


It’s that time of the year again. Menu changes are happening. Who has some delicious recipes or foods that their kids love. I would love your ideas and input!

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This morning we went for a little play at the park. We had so much fun making apple tree biscuits with sand. We also role played and sold them out of the window of the playground. After a while we decided to go and collect nuts and leave off some fallen trees for more craft back home. I love seeing children’s brains and imagination skills developments

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It’s a lovely day for some art 🖼


And the winners are!!! Kaylla broad, Kerryn McKenna & Aisha Ruba congratulations guys!!


Look what I just picked up!! Ready to draw the competition at 12pm good luck guys!!

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Today we did some more Christmas cooking. We made delicious rocky road 🤤 we also had a picnic lunch so we could practice opening lunch boxes ready for school next year. We also picked some yummy carrots 🥕 from the garden.


Christmas competition time! To celebrate Christmas and the end of this crazy year I’m giving 3 lucky winners a little gift.
Like, share and comment on this post to enter. Make sure you tag your friends. Competition will be drawn on the 20th December. Also please check out the new business creating our beautiful and delicious 🤤 prizes!
Merry Xmas all!


🍅 Tomato harvest 🍅
Today we went outside and picked some of our Cherry & Heirloom Tomatoes. We washed our hands and worked together to spot all the tomato’s that were ready to pick and took turns to pick them. We have a lot of fun caring for our veggie garden and collecting scraps for our worm 🐛 farm.


Today we participated in a loud shirt day. Myself and the children all wore our brightest and most colorful outfits.


This week we started our new Spring/Summer menu We can’t wait to start having yummy salads and summertime snacks

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Today we had a fabulous morning. When the shopping came we all helped Tash get it from the man at the front door and take it to the kitchen. We unwrapped and played with all the ooshies. We also did a free play with craft we used our brushes to put glue on the boards and then created our own masterpieces using all sorts of different materials. This activity helped us develop our creative and fine motor skills.


Yesterday we had a very productive day in the garden between the little rain showers 🌧
We planted lots of seedlings and seeds all ready for the coming months. Gardening teaches us how to be sustainable and to be responsible for our things. We need to water the plants and look after them in order to get food for our lunches and snacks. The children had so much fun.


This week we had a nice quiet week. We focused on some self help and independence skills. We pulled weeds and collected worm wee to put on our veggie patch. We also made some yummy apple and sultana muffins for morning tea. We had a fun afternoon of water play with the sea animals.
I have a couple vacancies and a few casual days available please contact me for more information.

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This week we started our new winter menu. So far it has been quite popular 😅 It feels so lovely to cook for my children in care again. ❤️❤️ I know some of them have been hanging out for my famous lasagne 😛


Tash’s Family Daycare currently has a new Vacancies for 2020 🙂 please feel free to Contact me for more details

I offer all day care for 0 to kindy as well as school holiday care for 0-12yrs.
💰Child care subsidy
💳Competitive rates
🍎Nutritional meals
🧗‍♀️Regular outings to parks and shops
👩‍👧‍👦Smaller groups of children
🤓Educational Programming and planning
🤾🏻‍♂️Structured and non structured play
🐛Sustainable learning
🏡School readiness support


Today we did a giant painting on the back window. We used different colors and all talked about what we were painting as a group. This activity helped us all develop social, creativity, colour recognition and motor skills. We had a fab time and can’t wait to paint the window next to it tomorrow.

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Today we did activities that encouraged us to work together. We had a lot of fun doing a big floor puzzle. Together we took turns in finding the pieces and putting them in their place. We also had a visitor, one of our mums came to spend some time with us we worked together to pot some basil and coriander. We now have 4 beautiful pots to look after.


Merry Christmas to all our families. We hope you have a wonderful and safe day 🙂

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Yesterday we all worked together to assemble and decorate a ginger bread house. We talked about how the icing was like glue to stick all the pieces to together. We also talked about how lollies and biscuits are sometimes food and we must eat too much of them. Today we had quiche on the menu so we picked some spinach from our garden and washed it to make our lunch. We love tending to our garden we have lots of basil, and squash growing and will have tomatoes and corn very soon! Mums and Dads dont forget to ask for some if you like 🙂

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Yesterday we celebrated one of our friends turning 4. We had a couple menu changes as she requested lasagna and garlic bread for lunch and of course we had to have some cake for afternoon tea. After cake we went outside (finally coolish enough to go out without melting into the pavers) and had so much fun with some water play.
We have been very busy with Xmas, making decorations and doing coloring. We love dancing to Christmas carols too. This week we will be making some yummy treats for our families 😁

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We have had a fun week so far we loved helping Tash give Chloe fresh water and seed. We had lots of fun building towers and making cars out of LEGO! We have also been busy painting to make our very wrapping paper for Christmas. 🎄 Robbie the elf has also been visiting us we love looking for him every morning 🤪


Fun in the sun 🌞 did anyone else make the most of the warm day today? We made sure we wore hats and stayed in the shade. We also had a little dip and our painting dried extra fast in the sun today.


Play dough dentistry!🧑🏻‍💼Today we learnt about the dentist and how to clean our teeth. Tash talked to us about brushing 🦠 and cleaning the food out of the crocodiles mouth. We also used the pliers to pull the teeth 🦷 out. This activity not only developed our sensory and fine motor skills but our social and health and hygiene skills also.


Tash’s Family Daycare currently has a few Vacancies Monday-Thursday with more opening for the new year 🙂 please feel free to Contact me for more details

I offer all day care for 0 to kindy and before and after school care from Mt Tarcoola primary school, as well as school holiday care for 0-12yrs.
💰Child care subsidy
💳Competitive rates
🍎Nutritional meals
🧗‍♀️Regular outings to parks and shops
👩‍👧‍👦Smaller groups of children
🤓Educational Programming and planning
🤾🏻‍♂️Structured and non structured play
🐛Sustainable learning
📚Homework help
🏡School readiness support


This morning we went to the local park to play and have a picnic lunch. We learnt how to unwrap our sandwiches properly and how to hold them so that the salad wouldn’t fall out. This is all part of my school readiness support. We also learnt how to make our swing keep swinging without being pushed.


Having a fab day at the play centre


Over the weekend we have been preparing the garden ready for planting some veggies. Yesterday we went to Bunnings and picked out tomatoes, capsicum, silverbeet and squash. Today we put on gloves and put the seedlings in place. We can’t wait for our plants to grow so we can do some cooking.

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🥁 🥁 and the winner is......... Alicia France 🎉 🎊 🎉





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