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HAK1 Works Abroad is an Erasmus+ project for BHAK1 Salzburg which gives our students the chance to e

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Photos from HAK1 Works Abroad's post 05/07/2022

Our adventures abroad have started for summer 2022. Katrin and Viktoria have safely arrived in Barcelona. Katarina is doing her work placement at WeFlatting and Viktoria at Kingsbrook BCN language school.
Good luck to them and all our other participants this summer!
Follow their travels on our blog: https://www.hak1worksabroad.at/blog/
Trainee+Up Hak 1 Salzburg OeAD Erasmus+ Bildung Österreich


Good luck to Samuel, Viktoria, Joshua, Jonas, Larissa, Sarah, Josh, Maria, Isi, Emily, Jasmin, Lea, Katarina and …last but not least!… Laura, all of whom start their work placements abroad tomorrow or on Tuesday. Exciting times!!!
Hope you all arrived safely and have had no problems so far!
Hak 1 Salzburg


Presenting our wonderful HAK1WorksAbroad Erasmus+ project to next year’s participants

Photos from HAK1 Works Abroad's post 06/08/2021

Today is the final day of work for Anita, Lena, Daniel and Paul in Barcelona.
Well done to all of you and have a safe journey home. I’m sure you’ve packed many fantastic memories!!
Hak 1 Salzburg OeAD Trainee+Up Erasmus+

ERASMUS+, thanks for having us! (Lena) 06/08/2021

Lesen Sie in diesem Blogeintrag über Lenas Albträume beim Packen, das Leben in einer Wohngemeinschaft und ihre allgemeine Erasmus+ Erfahrung (Spoiler: es war fantastisch!).

Read about Lena’s packing nightmares, living in a shared apartment and her overall Erasmus+ experience (spoiler: it was amazing!) on this blog entry.

ERASMUS+, thanks for having us! (Lena) Don't be sad because it's over, be happy because it happened!


Laura K on her work placement in Barcelona Hak 1 Salzburg Trainee+Up OeAD


Laura R on her work placement in Barcelona Trainee+Up OeAD


Ingo on his work placement in Barcelona Hak 1 Salzburg Trainee+Up OeAD


David on his work placement at VW in Barcelona Hak 1 Salzburg Trainee+Up OeAD


Anita on her work placement in Barcelona +Up OeAD


Daniel on his work placement in Barcelona Trainee+Up OeAD


Lena on her work placement in Barcelona Trainee+Up OeAD


Paul on his work placement in Barcelona. Hak 1 Salzburg Trainee+Up OeAD

Blog 16/07/2021

Wir haben 12 Studenten, die diesen Sommer im Rahmen von Erasmus+ Praktika im Ausland arbeiten. Verfolgen Sie ihren Erlebnissen in unserem Blog: https://www.hak1worksabroad.at/blog/

We have 12 students working abroad this summer on Erasmus+ internships. Follow their progress on our blog: https://www.hak1worksabroad.at/blog/

Blog Follow our participants' progress on their Erasmus+ internship adventures abroad in our blog!


I'm so excited to announce that all our participants for 2021 have now found work placements. Our first participants, Ingo, David, Laura, Jonah Sophie and Laura set off on their adventures to Barcelona and Malta in just 10 days!!!

2021 update 18/06/2021

Our 2021 Erasmus+ internships abroad are only 15 days away. Our participants will be working in Barcelona, Dublin, Malta and Bulgaria. You can follow their progress and find out more on our blog: https://www.hak1worksabroad.at/2021/06/18/2021-update/

2021 update As the start of our first 2021 mobilities approaches, it's time for an update. Who's going where?


We now have 4 confirmed work placements in Barcelona for this summer. Very excited that Erasmus+ is back on the road again!


Excited to be collaborating with Perho College, Helsinki for the next couple of weeks on a marketing case study


We are delighted to learn that we have received our accreditation for our HAK1 Works Abroad project for the new Erasmus+ programme. What this means is that we have guaranteed access to funding to send our students abroad for their work experience for the next few years.

Bildung.bewegt | Newsletter der Nationalagentur Erasmus+ Bildung Nr. 09/2020 23/12/2020

Information about Erasmus+ for the next 5 years:


Bildung.bewegt | Newsletter der Nationalagentur Erasmus+ Bildung Nr. 09/2020 Am 21. Dezember 2020 wurde zum sechsten Mal der Erasmus+ Award im Bereich Bildung verliehen. Aus gegebenem Anlass fand die Veranstaltung heuer online statt. Auch in diesem Jahr wurden Projekte von herausragender Qualität sowie außergewöhnlich engagierte Projektträger/innen ausgezeichnet. Wir gra...


Congratulations to David who is our first 2021 Erasmus+ participant to be offered a work placement. He’s off to Volkswagen in Barcelona next summer. 🚗💪


Coming on Friday to 4ABCK... An introduction to our HAK1 Works Abroad Erasmus+ project. With free goodies!!!
Erasmus+ Bildung Österreich Erasmus+


We're very happy to say that our application for accreditation with Erasmus+ for 2021-2027 has been completed 16 days before the deadline. Hoping for confirmation of our accreditation in the middle of February.


Good news for students in Austria and the UK | Foreign Office Blogs

The article is very heavy on statistics with the interesting news coming in the second half, but the UK has clarified higher education and Erasmus+ arrangements for 2021 and beyond. Our students will be able to do their Erasmus+ internships in the UK in summer 2021.

blogs.fco.gov.uk The UK education sector is one of the most popular destinations for international – EU and non-EU - students to study abroad. Worldwide, only the US attracts larger numbers. Academics like working in


Sadly, due to the COVID-19 situation it will not be possible for any of our participants to work abroad this summer.
We look forward to the project restarting in the summer of 2021, hopefully with many of our 2020 particpants doing their postponed mobilities after their Matura exams.


Starke Schulen Award 2020 YT

Due to the global corona crisis, I totally forgot about our Starke Schulen Award video. Maybe a tiny ray of sunshine. We're into the final 5 to win €1,500 apparently.

HAK1 Salzburg's entry for the Starke Schulen Award 2020 in the category "Starker Partnerschaft". This is a version adapted for YouTube with starting- and end...


HAK1 Works Abroad - Starke-Schulen-Award

Hi everyone! A few students at HAK1 and I have made a video for the "Starke Schulen Award" (Strong Schools Award) about our Erasmus+ project. We could win €1500 for the school but we need your votes. It's just one click on this page if you have time:
You can vote every day (and of course on different devices) until 15 March 😳.
Many thanks in advance!

award.starkeschulen.at Damit unsere Schüler/innen einen Teil ihres Pflichtpraktikums in anderen Ländern absolvieren können, wurde 2018 das Projekt ‚HAK1 Works Abroad‘ entwickelt. Bisher haben 73 Schüler/innen in Spanien, Malta, Finnland, England, Irland und den Niederlanden gearbeitet. Julian war bei einem Brillen...


Those TV interviews can’t wait


Second and first place for Russian for Annika Misiraca and Georgios Ioannou


Second place for Manuel Strobl in English/Spanish Switching


Second and first for French/English switching for Georgios Ioannou and David Gollackner


First place in French for David Gollackner


Live blogging from the Landessprachenbewerb...


Application submitted

Our Erasmus+ application for internships in summer 2020 (and summer 2021) has been submitted.

hak1worksabroad.at The deadline for submitting Erasmus+ applications for 2020 has passed. We uploaded ours some time ago so now we just have to wait until May to confirm our grant.


So it's official - our 60 page application for internships abroad for 2020 (and 2021) has been submitted. We now have to wait until May for the approval. Well done to everyone for giving me all the information I needed for the application on time. We were 8 days early!
| OeAD | Hak 1 Salzburg

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HAK 1 Works Abroad - an Erasmus+ project

The project is nearly over for another year. 29 participants visited 5 countries and worked over the summer in a wide range of organisations from start-ups to charities to multinationals.

Follow us on www.hak1worksabroad.at

The banner we used for the training day at @kletterhallesalzburg is now on our school roof. We’re waiting for Google Earth...






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