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inspire - The Learning Institute
inspire - The Learning Institute
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Waiting for the children to arrive...
Be inspired by inspire English Camps at the
Very nice✌️! Bei den Inspire English Camps des Sprachanbieters Inspire - The Learning Institute gibt es jetzt einen speziellen Buchungsrabatt für vita club Mitglieder. Das wird ein cooler Sommer für ihre Kids mit Englisch, Sport & Abenteuer ☀️📖🤸🏻‍♂️🚲. Mehr dazu gleich hier 👉 👈
The calm before the storm

Sprachen nicht nur lernen, sondern leben: Welcome to inspire English Camps! Unsere Englischcamps in St. English - don't just learn it, live it!

Sprachen nicht nur lernen, sondern leben: Über 3000 Kinder und Jugendliche haben in den vergangenen acht Sommern bereits mit uns English gelernt. Gilgen, Bad Goisern und Wien laden auch heuer wieder ein, Freunde zu finden und viel Spaß zu haben! Over 3,000 children and teenagers have already learned English with us over the past eight summers. Also this year lots of fun and new friends await you in St. Gilgen, Bad Goisern or Vienna.

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Stolz, Teil dieses großartigen Teams zu sein! 🏆🌟
inspire - The Learning Institute hat den 3. Platz beim Leichtermacher Award der Wirtschaftskammer Salzburg in der Kategorie 'Dienstleister des Jahres' gewonnen. Eine Anerkennung für unser Engagement und unsere Leidenschaft für Englischcamps. Danke an unser Team für die harte Arbeit und an alle, die uns unterstützen! 💪🙌


Experience the best of both worlds at our summer camp 🌎 embrace the great outdoors 🎋 while also learning valuable information and vocabulary about technology 📲 Our english courses are specifically desined to learn about and expand your english vocabulary on the subject 💬 while our afternoon activites enoucrage a love for the outdoors 🌄 Unplug and enjoy summer with us!


A week with the coolest 😎, wackiest 🤡, and smartest 🤓 camp counselors around? Heck yeah, sign me up 🙋‍♀️

All counselors at inspire's English camps have a strong background in education, child care & development and/or recreation. This is why we can have the most creative, engaging and meaningful lessons and activities. The inspire camp counselors are looking forward to meeting and seeing all their new & returning campers! 😁


This year we have some new things planned for a adventurous campers 🤩 there will be new sights to see, new games to play, and new things to learn 🌻 if you are interested in learning more about our new activities and themes, check out our website page 🐦 You can find the link in our page's bio 👋


Are you ready for another great summer hanging out by the lake? 🌅 Then follow this link ➡️ and to get your spot at inspire's summer English camp:

See you soon 😉🧜‍♀️😎


We are JUMPING 🐸 into 2023 full of energy and ready for another great year of inspire English camps 🌟 Now that all the hoilday chaos (and fun!) is behind us, it is time to start planning and booking for the summer 🧐 Follow the link in our bio to secure your spot in camp 2023 🌵


We know it is only December 18th but we are counting down the days until camp 2023 and all the new adventures that await us 👩‍🎤 Have you booked a camp with us yet⁉️ Be sure to book earlier rather than later, we have a limited capacity in each week! 😱


inspire English Summer Camp - a gift that keeps on giving 🎁 Looking for a gift where the excitment last beyond a short time?🎄 Then book a camp week with us! The excitement for camp will last months & the memories from camp will last a lifetime 🥰


Big smiles 😁 for all our Bad Goisern campers because this year St. Nicholas 🎅 has brought us a new and fresh afternoon activity program 🤩 Our activities are still focused on everything outdoor and adventure, but this year with a twist 🌲 Head to our website to check out dates and times to sign up for our Bad Goisern camps 2️⃣


Camp booking is officially open on our website 💥 Go and secure your spot in our English summer camp 2023 ✊ We have so much set up for next year, stay tuned to our instagram and facebook posts to see what will be new in 2023 😎



We are SO excited about bookings opening tomorrow 😵‍ On 1.12 our camps will offcially be open for booking 🎉 You can book directly on our website & be sure to book quickly, we have limited space for each camp week 🏃 You can find a link to our website in our bio.


Dear mom, dad, or guardian, 📨
Check out our website - - to find all our 2023 camp dates in St. Gilgen and Bad Goisern 📅. See which week fits best in your scheudle 👀 and then set your alarm ⏰ for 1.12. Camp booking will go live on our website on the first of December - Happy Holidays 😉 🎁 ✨



Everyone keep your eyes open for our Newsletter. We will be sending out our annual newletter via email to all our past camp families. It will include all the dates, prices, booking times and earlybird codes for summer camp 2023. We are looking forward to another great year of camp! ⏰🥇🌟

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 02/09/2022

No better way to end our last week of camp. A beautiful afternoon hike overlooking our lovely little town of St. Gilgen 🥾⛰😍

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 01/09/2022

When the stormy weather cancels the raft building, what do you do? YOU BUILD A CAR 🚗👷🏎

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 31/08/2022

Yesterday our campers were jumping for joy and the warm sunny weather ☀️🤿🧜‍♀️

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 24/08/2022

A perfect evening to get outside for a few rounds of Capture the Flag 🏁🏃‍♂️💨

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 23/08/2022

Today was a day for WACKKKKYYY OLYMMMPIIICCCSS 🥚🪢🥔 Our Olympic teams were put to the test in 6 silly events and they all prevailed! 💪🏼😎💥

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 17/08/2022

Yesterday was TUBING TUESDAY 🎉👏🏼 Check out these happy tubers and banana boaters 🍌🚤🛟

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 11/08/2022
Photos from inspire English Camps's post 11/08/2022

Check out what are campers are learning about!! All things about endangered animals, climate change, and future inventions. Project based learning is a great way to study English in a realistic and communicative setting 📝♻️🐅

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 10/08/2022

Celebration pictures are the best pictures 🎉 We love seeing all our campers working smart and hard in their activities. We swear we have some future engineers in our camps 🌉👷‍♀️🧱

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 04/08/2022

Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me 🏴‍☠️☠️⛵️ our campers sailed off today in their self built rafts!

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 03/08/2022

Tubing and the Olympic Games- what more could you ask for on a lovely Tuesday??? Also don’t worry we are enjoying our English lessons as well 😉 check out the upcycling posters from our last group.

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 02/08/2022

Hot days call for cold water 🌊 Our campers spent yesterday splishing and splashing into to Wolfgangsee. The highlight of the day was throwing Chris into the water 👋🏼🤪💦

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 01/08/2022

& it's time for another group of awesome campers!!!! Yesterday we got to know our new group with toilet paper and human machines. It may sound strange, but all the campers will get it 😉🧻⏰

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 29/07/2022

The wackiest of olympics took place yesterday in the backyard of St. Gilgen's youth hostel. I think our campers found a way to create the longest, most random line possible. Congratulations on your world record campers 😉🥇🍩

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 27/07/2022

One of our new activities in St. Gilgen: raft building! Check out all these future engineers and their creations 🤓🌬🚣‍♂️

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 26/07/2022

Best way to beat the heat?! Water activities and a BBQ in the evening 🐠🔥🚤 Yesterday our group hit the water to cool off and have some fun on Wolfgangsee. We are so lucky to spend our summers on the lake 🌅

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 25/07/2022

HEY HI HELLO FROM ST. GILGEN 🤩👋🪑 Camp is back on the lake and looking forward to the next SIX weeks here in St. G. Who is ready for summer fun and enormously large chairs?! 😉😎

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 22/07/2022

Our Vienna camps are also rockin' 💃 and rollin' ⚽️ The Vienna campers are learning English, taking dance classes, training with professional football coaches, and visiting the Schönbrunn Zoo. What a great way to spend a beautiful summer week! 🌞🦧🎒

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 21/07/2022

“The fun with new friends and boatman tall tales, Boatman great cooking and whitewater wails, Yes, the memories I’ve made will not fade away, They will be with me, to my dying day.”
- Shirley Hopka ⛵️🌞✨

P.S. Check out the last picture, We promise the campers have English classes too 😉✏️🤓

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 20/07/2022

Another day in Bad Goisern = Another adventure 🤯📣🤩 After some awesome English lessons our campers hit the water on a crazy kayak tour around Hästatter See ➡️ Check out these water bugs🐳🚣‍♂️🌊

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 18/07/2022

Day 1 of outdoor adventures: Rock Climbing! 🧗‍♂️💪🙀 Our Bad Goisern campers spent this morning and afternoon learning English and climbing in the beautiful mountains around Hallstätter See ... check out this brave bunch ➡️📣🔎

Photos from inspire English Camps's post 18/07/2022

CAMPS HAVE FINALLY BEGUN! 🤸😍❗️ Yesterday our first group of campers arrived in Bad Goisern and they are more than ready for a week of outdoor adventures ... inspire will be posting pictures of camp activities throughout the week, so be sure to follow along 😄


Our Bad Goisern campers are getting read for some adventurous rock climbing, kayaking, raft building, and much more! Sunday starts our first camp of the summer and we can't wait to go exploring with our 2022 campers 🧗🚣‍♀️🏊‍♂️🏇


Camp preparation is in full swing. inspire is getting all the materials and activity pieces gathered up together to make our 2022 summer camps another great year!!! What is your favorite camp activity? Comment below ⬇🌻🤓☀✏

Wien 29/06/2022

Wien [vc_row][vc_column icons_position=left][rev_slider slidertitle=Wien Slider 1 alias=bad-goisern-slider-1][trx_sc_title title_style=default title_align=center link_style=default description=Ein Camp, zwei Schwerpunkte – Fußball oder Dance & Creativity! Für alle von 8 bis 14 Jahren css=.vc_custom_1...


HEY ALL VIENNA FOLLOWERS! Have you signed up for camp yet? Starting in July our English day camps at Westside Soccer Arena will start. Head to our website to get signed up (link in bio) ⚽️🤸‍♀️📨


It's summertime baby!!! With this hot weather and bright sunshine, all we can think about is summer camp. We CANNOT WAIT to see all our campers so very soon ☀🌻🤯😆 Who will be at camp this year? comment below. ⬇️

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