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The best place to watch the playoffs!!

It's playoff time in the NFL and we have three games live for you to enjoy this weekend...
Cleveland and Houston are first up at 10.30pm on Saturday, then we have Pittsburgh and Buffalo at 7pm on Sunday, followed by Dallas and Green Bay at 10.30pm...


So excited for my niece and her boyfriend - two of the most talented people I know! Pls presave the song to help out their ratings!! Ines Mag's - so proud of you both!!!

excited to announce that our new song will be out on the 19th of January on all streaming platforms 🙌

We had the awesome opportunity to record at home in our own 4 walls, thanks to 🎙🏠

To presave the song, click on the link in our bio or below. 🫶🏼

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And a happy 2024 to you all 💫


Better than not reading at all … and you can still support your favorite local bookstore!! It’s a WinWin! Read the scientific research below. Sign up here:

Goals for 2024 🥰

Your end of year/new year reminder that audiobooks are reading! If you read 20 audiobooks this year, that counts. If you read one audiobook this year, that counts. And the science backs us up—when Journal of Neuroscience researchers compared brain scans between someone reading and someone listening, the same cognitive and emotional areas were stimulated. Not to mention that not everyone can read print or ebooks due to disabilities, time commitments, or other reasons. Audiobooks help bridge that gap.
[ID: A screenshot of a Thread on an orange background that reads: "Let's not gatekeep reading, okay? 🙃']

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Unbelievable how quickly the time passes! 17 years ago my father and father-in-law enjoyed the 1st cup of coffee and homemade brownies at The English Center. On behalf of the family, they purchased the first books from the shelves! My husband, children and friends helped all the patrons and recommended their favourite reads that day. Countless number of novels, English lessons, cookies and cuppas have passed over the counter and have taken place since! We are so thankful to everyone who has entered our doors, and for everyone who has passed by, and always wondered if they should come in… Now is the time!!


Amen!! The best way to get your littles involved in successful and effective kitchen work is NOW!

Holidays fill the calendar this month, and that means lots of cooking 🍳🍲Be sure you take some time out to play in the kitchen with your loved ones!

Using Board Games to Teach Math to Young Children 03/12/2023

Sometimes parents complain that we’re only “playing” in class and we’re not actually teaching children, but we have always believed in this method of having fun with the children, relaxing them, and playing games in ways that is actually learning… without the children realizing it. Math is not the only thing that can be taught playing Uno. The English Center (Salzburg)

Using Board Games to Teach Math to Young Children Playing board and card games can improve number sense among children as young as 3—and it’s fun!


Banned Book order going in ... anything we should add to it?

🎨Mark Parisi


🎼It’s beginning to look a lot like. Christmas! 🎵 Time to celebrate the beginning of the Season with ‘s annual CHRISTMAS SING-ALONG! Saturday, December 2nd we will have our regular Saturday Morning Programmes in addition to our Christmas Carols led by Ann Rowe. Pls let us know if you plan to swing by!


It’s time for our annual Christmas Sing-Along on December 2nd - a wonderful blend of music& merry-making!! Helpful to know in advance if you’re planning on attending, but spontaneous visits are welcome, as well!
Not only will we be celebrating the holidays, but also 17 years of The English Center. If you’ve always said that you have wanted to come by… this is the day! In addition to our assortment of for children, adults, and young adults, we also have Cait Salzburg’s , Taschenkreationen by Andrea Fischer, - ready-to-go or to be completed with your own .
Pls support your


Our wonderful BONGOs set is coming to an end in the next few weeks. If you have always wanted to attend, but you weren’t sure, now is the time to enjoy your free class. You will be hooked. Enrollment for winter courses starting in January begins very soon… Just in time to give a gift for the Christmas holidays. Please support your local shops this holiday season and remember that gift vouchers are available, too!

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This holiday season (and always), let’s show our support for independent bookshops! ✨ Indie bookshops play an important role in our local communities. From providing safe spaces to engaging with other small businesses and charities, they are a resource like no other. The gift giving season is a critical time for many bookshops, in terms of yearly revenue. Whether we visit them in person, online or through audiobooks, there are plenty of ways we can show support for them this season and beyond!

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An is a ritual extending beyond cultures. We have calendars which we have put together ourselves or these prepared collections of 24 stories. Come in and pick one for yourself and your family!


“For small creatures, such as with the vastness is bearable only through love.”



Come and experience a unique side of Maine! Storytelling through art prints - this Thursday, November 9th The English Center (Salzburg). Pls reserve a seat! [email protected]

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This holiday season, shop local! ❄️

Whether visiting your independent bookshop in person, or gifting audiobooks, shopping local can make a huge difference—especially at this time of year for booksellers!

AND now you're able to gift audiobook and credit bundle gifts by:
1. Scheduling email delivery
2. Sending instantly via email
3. Printing a gift certificate

Start gifting:

✏️: teamed up with Charlie Wagers to create custom art that conveys our love for indie bookshops ❤️

(Note: Shopping local can go hand-in-hand with privileges of money, time, location, and accessibility. Do your best with what makes sense for your life!)

[ID: Two slides showing clouds on top of a teal background. Slide 1: The clouds are behind an illustration of a bookshop. The shop shows readers in varying positions, reading on both audio and with physical books. Some are inside the shop, and others are outside, including an individual walking a bike, someone sitting on a ledge, one individual carrying a stack of books, another knitting, and another painting. Text reads: "Support bookshops: Shop local this holiday season!" Slide 2: Text reads: "Gift audiobooks, support bookshops: NEW! Gifts can now be scheduled for delivery! Now you’re able to gift audiobooks by scheduling delivery, sending immediately, or printing a gift certificate. Gift specific audiobooks or, if you’re not sure what the recipient wants, credit bundles. You pick the number of credits, and your recipient picks their own audiobooks."]


Enjoy the autumn holidays making music with your loved ones until we can make music together again!


Looking forward to Susanna's Art Show and Story Telling on the 9th of November. Please register here: [email protected]

Water, Ocean, deep impressions of my surroundings in Maine led to these Monoprints. To me , water is always the symbol of our unconsciousness , and like Arthur Schnitzler said: The soul is a wide landscape.
You‘ll get the chance to dive in on November 9, STORIES OF MAINE, .
Welcome! 🐬🌟🐬 conscious


Looking forward to our next event coming up on November 9th. Susanna spent the summer in Maine, USA creating and exploring, and is eager to share the results of all that energy coming together. Please join us for an artistic evening with Susanna Andreini - The Art of Presence. Register: [email protected]
Children up to 15 may attend free of charge. Patrons 16+ - please consider an entrance fee of at least €15 and upwards. Thank you!

Water, Ocean, deep impressions of my surroundings in Maine led to these Monoprints. To me , water is always the symbol of our unconsciousness , and like Arthur Schnitzler said: The soul is a wide landscape.
You‘ll get the chance to dive in on November 9, STORIES OF MAINE, .
Welcome! 🐬🌟🐬 conscious


Applications closed!

Calling all ALUMNI!
Job Opportunity: Foreign Language Assistant

One of the high schools (gymnasium) in Salzburg has contacted to seek our support. The school is urgently seeking a Foreign Language Assistant (English) for this school year. This position is available IMMEDIATELY.

This position is part of a governmental program which is run by the Ministry of Education here in Austria. The pay is EUR 1300 gross per month for 13 hours of co-teaching until the end of May 2024.

Please email Salzburg College at [email protected] if you are interested. We will help facilitate and put you in touch with the responsible school official.

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Looking forward to your Vernissage on November 9th Susanna Andreini - The Art of Presence.
Please reserve a seat by reaching out to us: office@The

The summer I spent in Maine was filled with incredible moments , open hearted people - and a special landscape. I feel a deep longing to share these precious moments with you. 😊😊😊 Welcome on November 9, 7.30 pm! Art Show and Story Telling will be in easy english ( my english 😀) Please book your seats now at [email protected]

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Technical difficulties ! Don’t bother online at the moment… Just come in and see us in person or give us a ring! Whatspp +43 662 890 995

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English below: Durch lautes Lesen lernen Schüler, wie sie eine Sprache nutzen können, um sich ein Bild von der Welt zu machen; es verbessert ihre Fähigkeiten zur Informationsverarbeitung, ihren Wortschatz und ihr Verständnis. Lautes Lesen fördert die Fähigkeiten von Audio-Lernenden. Die Forschung hat gezeigt, dass Lehrer, die vorlesen, die Schüler zum Lesen motivieren. Reading out loud helps students learn how to use language to make sense of the world; it improves their information processing skills, vocabulary, and comprehension. Reading aloud targets the skills of audio learners. Research has shown that teachers who read aloud motivate students to read.

Photos from Susanna Andreini - The Art of Presence's post 06/10/2023

Susanna Andreini - The Art of Presence Thank you for posting… We have so many wonderful gems in our bookstore wanting and desiring to be shared. Thank you for doing just that!

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Lately I’ve been seeing posts about practicing German … here’s an excellent way to do that and be filled with motivation and positivity. The German Book Club at The English Center (Salzburg) is having its first MEET THE AUTHOR event.
Alexander Egger .impuls stammt aus Fürstenbrunn bei Salzburg und ist heute einer der meistgefragten Motivational Speakers der deutschsprachigen Länder. Sein Buch Hoffnung die unter die Haut geht, seine Geschichte bevor er seine Firma gegründet hat, wird besprochen. Anmeldung ist erforderlich über unsere Website:

Alex kennenzulernen wird ein Highlight sein, auch wenn du mit dem Buch noch nicht fertig bist. Erhältlich bei The English Center, Haunspergstrasse 37a, Salzburg

Montag, den 9. Oktober 2023 19:15-20:45


Looking fwd to the official announcement!! November 9th!! Save the date!

After the show is before the show 😀 picking up the posters for a very special evening ! SAVE THE DATE: 9th of November.

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Vor 10 Jahren las ich zum ersten Mal das Buch von Alexander Egger und wollte schon damals, dass er zu uns kommt, um sein Buch zu diskutieren. ENDLICH ist es soweit! 9.
Oktober 2023 19:15-20:45 €12,50 / €50,00 for eine 5er Karte (gültig für alle Lesezirkeln des English Centers) .impuls

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What a fantastic opportunity to meet local authors!! Enjoy!!!

Wollen Sie Ihr Schule/Universität zum Top-Schule/Universität in Salzburg machen?

Klicken Sie hier, um Ihren Gesponserten Eintrag zu erhalten.





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Culture Space Culture Space
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Culture Space - Kostenlose Kulturworkshops für Jugendliche

Lehre: Sehr g‘scheit Lehre: Sehr g‘scheit
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„Lehre: Sehr g’scheit!“ hat seinen Ausgangspunkt in einer gleichnamigen Imagekampagne, die im

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Das Lehren und das Lernen kann mit der Unterstützung digitaler Anwendungen gefördert und vereinfac

Nährstoff-Akademie Salzburg Nährstoff-Akademie Salzburg
Eugen-Müller-Straße 5
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Die Nährstoff-Akademie ist ein Verein mit dem Ziel, die Erkennt­nisse der Ange­wand­ten Ernähr?

Tiếng Đức cho người lớn - Deutsch für Erwachsene Tiếng Đức cho người lớn - Deutsch für Erwachsene

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Kinder-und Jugendbibliothek Taxham Kinder-und Jugendbibliothek Taxham
Klessheimerallee 87
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Wir verstehen und als Treffpunkt für Kinder und Familien. Bei uns kann man spielen und quatschen, l

Wie geht Berufswahl Wie geht Berufswahl
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Improve || Schüler- und Lehrlingsbefragung des Forschungsinstituts für Wirtschaftspsychologie

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