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Spreading PEACE throughout the world through language development

Spreading PEACE is vital in today’s world. What better way to assist with this timeless goal by improving your language skills. We’d love to help you achieve your language learning goals.

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It’s that time of year again! Letting people know about our in 42 - - years of experience contributes to an all-inclusive package of fun, fantastic activities & adventures and fabulous learning opportunities in and with native speakers who understand the challenges of learning English as a second language! send a message if you need more information : [email protected] A BIG THANK YOU to for providing a venue for another fabulous fair from

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Despite the usual beginning challenges with our new website, we are super excited about the upcoming school year … and especially our Wishing you the very best for this coming school year!

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Having fun passing the time learning new tricks!


An additional is such a nice treat! ❤️travels .14

How books can open your mind 28/07/2023

Amen!! A shout out to our sister company in The English Center (Salzburg) !! Thank you Charlotte Pistor-Hutter for holding down the fort with a summer session! Here’s to sharing the love for learning.

How books can open your mind In this lovely, personal talk about the magic of books, Lisa Bu shares how turned reading to expand her mind and create a new path for herself.


Thankful for our time together… Would love to write more… but most go back to bed. 4:30am pickups leave a lot to be desired. Thank you


Enjoying the sights on our ❤️travels


This is our philosophy in a nutshell! this message and it should be painted in every single school!! In turn, we are trying to do the right thing with our to and - the adventure begins next week… We can hardly wait!


Not only have We have helped Ireland improve their economy after the pandemic, we have helped spread piece throughout the world through language development. _sprachreisen ❤️travels

Did you know that the English Language Education (ELE) sector in Ireland is estimated to be worth €1.183 billion? 💶

This thriving industry plays a vital role in our economy. It supports local tourism, retail and hospitality and creates many job opportunities.

We urge the government to recognize the significant impact of the ELE sector and prioritize its support. Together, let's ensure its continued growth and success for the benefit of our students, educators, and the entire nation.

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So thankful to be involved with these language experiences. Those who have lived abroad or travel for work, forget the thrill and excitement of that first trip over water. Feeling very lucky to have been a part of ‘s trip to in - you will have an amazing time!! Can’t wait to hear all about it! ❤️travels


The Salzburg Women’s Run takes place on May 19th. Some people don’t like the idea of a run which excludes men from participating, but we don’t see it that way. On May 19th, we’re asking all our male friends to please help man our table. The people on The English Center (Salzburg)/ English Institute Sprachreisen ‘s Team bring a potluck of goodies to enjoy with a glass of Prosecco or other drink which we provide for you! Everyone is welcome to partake, but if you didn’t run/walk with our Team, we kindly ask for a donation. All proceeds go to Cancer Research and are donated that evening.
Perhaps you’ll consider joining and supporting us? Registration link here: https://www.theenglishcenter.at/frauenlauf_registration.html

Das nennen wir die geballte Frauenpower! 🤩💪👭

Unter dem Motto: "Ohne Bäuerinnen läuft gar nichts" ist die Bäuerinnenorganisation Salzburg wieder mit an der Startlinie des Salzburger Frauenlaufs! Wir freuen uns wieder zahlreiche Bäuerinnen mit dabei zu haben! 😍

Mit welcher Gruppe bist du am Start?👇


Would love to see you here !!! Come and visit for a bit! Pick up your info and registration form!!!


True story!!!

Haha, This is so me!


So excited to be back in action!!


We see this happening at the primary school level but by the time a student is 10 years old they’re expected to meet the system. For this reason alone we cherish our summers in Cambridge where we can work closely with each student and learn to meet them where they are on their educational path.

This goes for a lot more than just academics. ❤️

📸: A Homemade Education


This is our belief and vision!! This is how we teach our classes. in life!!

This ❤️❤️❤️



So true!!!


It’s that time of year again … have a wonderful start in the new school year (for those who begin September 12th) …and be thankful and patient with those who cook your meals!

Why talking to strangers is good for you, them and all of us 23/08/2022

Little children are taught “Don’t speak to strangers!”, yet speaking to people we don’t know is one of the best ways to practice language skills. We emphasize these actions during our in - always in pairs, always being safe - stretch yourself, start a conversation while checking out, with the person near you on the train, while waiting for a bus … amazing lessons can be learned, if nothing else, sharing a smile and some laughter can make a person’s day! ❤️travels

Why talking to strangers is good for you, them and all of us Contrary to what your parents told you, we all need to get good at interacting with strangers, says author Julie Lythcott-Haims. Here’s why, and how to do it.

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What a wonderful day! London has so much to give. So happy to be back. ❤️travels &M’s

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Now that we have the atmosphere right in our boarding house, we have to make sure that we get the food right. Students often comment that they didn’t like the food. Now we know that the student population is pretty tough to please, but by getting them involved, we’re having loads of fun along the way! and comes in many forms not just behind the books! ❤️travels in

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After hours of planning, students have arrived on various flights and having experienced various trials and tribulations along the way! All part of - this is what makes us strong. Pushing ourselves beyond the comfortable. ❤️travels


Was so sad to not be able to bring students to Cambridge during the Pandemic Summers of 20 and 21. We had a great time in Salzburg bringing English closer to our students through local artists and authors who happened to be native English speakers. We are so thankful for that experience, but it’s wonderful to be back in Cambridge. Can’t wait for the students to arrive! .egger .at ❤️travels


We’re so excited. It’s really happening. Cambridge 2022 - ❤️travels


Cambridge is calling you! Join us. There is still time to register.


Get inspired to speak more English with us in Cambridge. We still have space for you. Join us!


Answer. Now is the time to improve your English. English Institute is the best way.


So excited to be heading back to Cambridge this summer. People don’t realize that this is OUR PROGRAM!! We accompany you every step of the way and introduce you to to your host family. As native speakers, we present the lessons and arrange for local teachers. We accompany you on all of the activities in the afternoon and evening. We make sure that your Summer adventure is a language experience without you even realizing it!


Join us in Cambridge this summer and create some great memories while impunity English.


Want to learn English and have ? Then you should definitely join us in Cambridge this summer.

Kaltenhauser Gstanzlsingen 2022 | Kaltenhausen 15/04/2022

Normally, we share all things ENGLISH; however, this time we have a German event to support in true Austrian fashion and dialect!
Hallo liebe Leute! Wir haben 5 Karten für den 11:00 Auftritt des Gstanzlsingens am 24. April und werden leider nicht gehen können (60. Geburtstagsfeier in der Familie!) Möchte jemand alle 5 oder nur ein Paar davon? Wäre ganz toll, wenn ich sie weiterverkaufen dürfte - €36/Karte. Bitte, Infos an Interessanten weiterleiten!PM, wenn Interesse steht!

Kaltenhauser Gstanzlsingen 2022 | Kaltenhausen Nach zweijähriger Zwangspause freuen wir uns, dass das Kaltenhauser Gstanzlsingen am 23. & 24. April 2022 wieder wie gewohnt stattfinden wird.


Helping out of with a like request for
Go to and PLEASE like this post!


Come on out and support cancer research together with our sister company *The English Center*
Go to register > group registration > scroll down to THE ENGLISH CENTER
Password: ILoveSalzburg

We would be so thankful! Hope to see you there!😊

Wir laufen - gemeinsam! 13/09/2021

For the past 12 years, our sister company The English Center (Salzburg) has supported Sportimpuls's raise funds for cancer research ! It's a great time to come together and support your and . Please consider registering with The English Center's team here: https://www.njuko.net/lauf-sport-fest-salzburg-2021/groups-list
If you do so by September 26th, you will get the special group rate of €28.
Find The English Center on the list. Enter the Password: ILoveSalzburg
and click on "Anmelden" or "schliesse sich an" ... and you will get to the registration form! You can still form your own 3er team of friends with your own name to be eligible for all sorts of prizes, but you will count as one of our team members. THANK YOU in advance for participating with us! Gabrielle & the TEC team :)

Wir laufen - gemeinsam!

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Wonderful and story of a pioneer in English Well done for sharing .andrew ‘s story! Honoured to continue in his footsteps!! ❤️travels

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Thank you so much .austria we loved baking we loved baking with you. What a great experience.


Week 2 of our has begun! 8 pupils split into for intense revision before school begins. 4 are staying for project work, games and fun in the afternoon and evening. If you can’t get your full immersion trip to an , we’ll bring the to you!!! ❤️travels

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women´s IT studies in salzburg, austria

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gendup - Koordinationsstelle für Gender Studies und Gleichstellung

Uni Brennt - Salzburg Uni Brennt - Salzburg
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Eine Verbindung der feinen Art - der wissenschaftlich künstlerischen. Ein Studien-Schwerpunkt der

Szenografie Mozarteum Salzburg Szenografie Mozarteum Salzburg
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Szenografie Mozarteum Salzburg Department 8 - Universität Mozarteum Salzburg Bühnen- und Kostümg

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Die Pädagogische Hochschule Salzburg Stefan Zweig ist das tertiäre Zentrum für diversitätsbewuss

Universitätslehrgang Early Life Care Universitätslehrgang Early Life Care
Strubergasse 21

Early Life Care ist ein anerkanntes interdisziplinäres und integratives Konzept der Gesundheitsför

Data Science Data Science
Hellbrunnerstrasse 34
Salzburg, <>

Ein Data Scientist ist fit in Statistik und Informatik und versteht es, trotz vieler Details das gro

PLUS Career & Startup Center PLUS Career & Startup Center
Jakob-Haringer-Str. 6, 2. Stock
Salzburg, 5020

So findet Ihr uns: PLUS Career & Startup Center, Universität Salzburg, www.uni-salzburg.at/career,

Koreanischkurs Koreanischkurs
Salzburg, 5020

Ich unterrichte die koreanische Sprache auf Deutsch mit YouTube Videos, Onlinekursen und echten Kurs