for butterfly project...
Pallawee Sedhai and mamta tharu(Emily Paige) will also be joining the team of volunteers from BPH 1st year...
thank you😊😊😊

IDEAS For CMC brings people together to exchange, discuss and initiate projects to create a healthie


Engaging the medical colleges, research institutes and private sectors should be a part of efforts to achieve UHC 2030 . Governments and other stakeholders therefore need to engage with the private sector, develop mutual understanding, build trust, and identify common interests.

Prof Dr Harish Chandra Neupane provides guidance to the Nepal Health Corps Steering Committee to strengthen private and political support for Health Corps mission of and conveys messages to high-level political leaders to ensure that commitment translates into action.

Photos from IDEAS For CMC's post 10/03/2022

World Glaucoma Week 2022 - 6th to 12th March.
Celebrated by team of IDEAS for CMC in Chitwan Manabsewa Aashram.
Our team screened all the staffs and residents of Aashram.
The goal is to alert everyone to have regular eye (and optic nerve) checks in order to detect glaucoma as early as possible.

Special thanks to Dr. Polina Dahal.


Join with Dr. Saurav Khatiwada on 14th November, 6 to 7 AM.


World Mental Health day
IDEAS for CMC celebrates World Mental Health Day with Iskcon Chitwan

Photos from IDEAS For CMC's post 28/05/2021


Menstrual hygiene day


Shristi Lamichhane


मेरो पहिलो दिन.....

चौध वर्ष उमेर थ्यो बज्रपातै पर्यो
सुतिराथेँ खै एक्कासी रगत पो झर्यो ।
आत्तिएम भित्र भित्रै एक शब्द बोलिन
विहान भयो अवेर सम्म ढोकै पानि खोलिन ।।

भात खान बोलाउँछिन दिदि म कसरी जाऊँ
बगिरह्यो रगत आफैँ खै कसलाइ म देखाऊँ
आमा आइन दिदि आइन अनि बल्ल भने
एकछिन भयो गन्थन अनि प्राकृतिक रैछ ठाने ।।

खाना खाँदा नजिक बस्ने मेरा बा म सित तर्किए
दैनिक म सग खेल्ने सानो भाई पानी मलाइ नछोई फर्किए
बुझ्नै गार्‍हो लाग्यो मलाई सामाजको यो चित्र
कोख एकै जन्म भाई पवित्र म भए अपवित्र ।।

कस्ले भन्छ यहाँ समय फर्किन्न भनेर
हरेक महिना फर्किन्छ छोरी रुहाउछु भनेर
पशु बस्ने गोठमा छोरीलाई किन हो सुताउने
अन्धविश्वासको यो पट्टि हामीले कहिले हो फुकाउने ।।

देविको रुप हो छोरी भन्दै पूजा किन गरेको ?
नछुनि भाकिछे भन्दै टाढा किन सरेको ?
छारी भइ स्वतन्त्र बाँच्न यहाँ गार्‍हो भएको
कुरा गर्छौ समानताको खै त हाम्ले पाएको ।।

लाजको पर्दा उचालेर समानतालाई झकौँ
त्यही रगतले सृष्टि चल्छ गर्व गर्न सिकौँ
कसलाई सुनाऊ के भयो भनी डर मात्रै लाग्यो
आमा आइन छोउमा अनि बल्ल डर भाग्यो ।।

स्कुल जाऊँ कसरी जाऊँ जामा होला रातै
बा अगाडि आउँदा मात्रै जान्थो मेरो सातै
पोट पोल्यो टाउको दुख्यो खै अब के होला
दिदि आइन छोउमा बसिन, भिराइन प्याडको झोला ।।

रक्त स्राप भइ रह्यो खै कसरी रोकौँ ?
हिड्न गार्‍हो भएको बेला डोको क्यारी बोकौँ ?
न त आउछन बा भेट्न मलाई न आउने दाजु भाई
देखे फेरी के के हुन्छ रे भन्छन अलछिनाई ।।

कति बसौँ यो अँध्यारोमा कोही त भेट्न आऊ
गोठे कोठा अलमलै छ बिज्दै झन यी पाऊ
गाउँले सबले थाहा पाए खै के हो ठान्लान
छोरी अब ठूली भइ बैस आयो भन्लान ।।

छोरी भै जन्म लिनु के यो अभिशाप हो र ??
झुक्किएर पँसे भान्छामा के यो पाप हो र ??


Prasanna Bhattarai

Momma, what mistakes I made?

I was told to stay silent
When someday the bud inside of me
Bleeds as a flower
And as I bled through the thighs
It rolled and swept
All the cheerful days
And joyful charm,
In my eyes.

It swept away along the road
My self esteem and playfulness
It swept away all my toys
My brother and I would hoard.

I flowed along
The path my blood
Is slowly leading me to;
A home never seen before
With cold mud and rain
Momma I caught a flu!

I tried to pull
some straws and hay
From Somewhere between my feet
I missed my cozy blanket on,
And my own gifted new bedsheet

I made a new sister here
*Moo* is all she does,
And got a new playful friend as well
She plays with her curious paws!

My brother called me out today
In Joyousness I’m jumping around
I Stepped out of my small new house
Grandma makes a growling sound
Hush! don’t touch your brother,
Stay in - she said
Don’t let your sins touch his soul
Momma what mistakes I made?

The night hit in and colder it becomes
All my friends are falling asleep
When hissing snake is hanging above
And slowly it starts to creep
I give my hand to the snake
With a smile as of new friend
Ouch Momma help me! I’m so hurt
My life is coming to an end !!

I bleed and bleed
From hands and thighs
I drowned in blood of tear
Of sins i only made in lies
Till when should all daughters fear?
I’ll break the chain I’ll end the rules
Teach my girls to never hide
To not to step at those cursed homes
And go to school with pride!

MBBS 9th batch, 3rd year.


Asmita Gupta


For a few days in a month,
Her emotions gets amplified
Wrath intesified
She curls up in bed with pain
Yet told to hide in shame
Why so much of hate?

For a few days in a month ,
She bleeds to breed a generation to come
Only little love and compassion is all what she need
Can't we give ?

Let's celebrate her ,
Because period is not a crime
It's her pride !

By Asmita gupta
9th batch MBBS ,CMC


emi baniya


Binita Ranabhat

Theme: ‘It’sTimeForAction’

Yes, I am happy,
That I menstruate every months
Don’t ruin your expression hearing this,
Coz I am not harming a bit of yours
It’s just clearing off of my ge***al tracts.

My dear reproductive system!
Thanks for completing me,
Giving me the identity of proud female
You deserve ample care,
With proper sanitation and fresh air to inhale.

Contrary to the feeling of,
Burden,insecurity and irritation
You will be pampered and be in consolation
When you are experiencing,
Cramps, bleeding and throbbing sensation.

Will do everything for you,
From proper sanitation and apt washing
To behaving as a responsible human,
Ensuring about used material’s correct trashing.

You don’t worry,
And bloom with fragrance like a beautiful flowers
Won’t let you to stink,
By changing my sanitary pads every 6-8 hours.

Will protect you,
From all possible ge***al injuries and infections
With my courageous heart,
Condemning against all these social stigmas and isolations.

I may be baffled and confused,
Will seek help from my sister and mother
With smile and affection,
Expecting the well ideas about how to nurture.

Wait! Menstrual health and hygiene,
Ought not to be just feminine concern
In league with all the gentlemen out there,
Have to bring these so called taboos and restrictions to adjourn.

Acknowledged with all these measures and information,
Let’s grow healthily with menstrual flow
With full of sanguinity and confidence,
Spotlight your dream,flaunting the body enriched with brighter glow.

Binita Ranabhat
MBBS 9th batch


Bishaka Adhikari

Menstrual blood

The flooding of blood and

Suffering of the body,

Is reminder from mother nature

To goddess you embody.

You are the chaos,

You are the solace

You bleed because you are the goddess.

You have always loved being a women,

Now is the time to love your holy blood

That demands to be seen,

To be felt,

That demands, you, to be healthy,

To be alive, to be caretaker of the generations,

And to be a birth giver.

You have always put efforts

To wash the stains from your pants,

Now is the time to put efforts to wash

The stains from their minds,

Where periods are taken as a taboo subject,

Where period talks are done in hushed tone,

Where sanitary pads and tampon needs

to be wrapped to be carried.

Now is the time to wash all these stains.

You have always obeyed the dictates and custom

Of menstrual untouchability even though

It dented your self belief,confidence and ability.

Now is the time to stop all these limitations,

Restrictions and

Spread affection and appreciation,

When women like you menstruates.

The pain strikes you in deep sleep,

The cramps creep deeper and makes you weep,

Now is the time, to be resilient and courageous,

To hide those tears, process that pain

And walk like a queen with no fear of stain.


To slowly ease out our girls

From the dreadlock of these taboos

And make them feel

So safe, so proud

To bleed the holy, life giving, menstrual blood.

-Bishaka Adhikari


Swikriti Poudel
Menstruation stigma: needs change !!!

It was a fairytale to her,
She danced and twirled 💃
As she was worshipped —
In the form of god
Such a little bundle of joy she was!
Pure and clean

Until one day...
A blood came dripping from between her legs,
She panicked and screamed ‘MOM!!!’
Tears on her mother’s eyes made her pause
She asked ‘Why am I bleeding mom? Did i do something wrong?’
“You have now transformed into a beautiful women” replied her mom

With her mother’s beautiful answer in the heart,
She imagined a huge celebration
She followed her mom to the hut
It was made up of wood and the mud
It was quite far away than she thought
“Why are we here mom ?” asked the girl
Mom replied with “shhh.. stay here” and locked her in the closed room
This is when she knew her fairy tale was doomed

She was twelve when she first saw the blood;
Was she not mature enough to get it at all?
Or was it the education system to blame it after all?
Those girls on the seventh grade still didn't knew about ‘Menstruation’ explains it all..

She craved for warm bed, foods and snacks
But what she got was far from that
Her body was weak and broken inside
Her back was aching as she bided
Her eyes were filled with queries again

She is now a women
A beautiful one indeed
Alas! She wasn’t worshipped,
She wasn’t pure,
She wasn’t celebrated,
She wasn’t justified

She was staying in there
It was now the tenth day
She misses her dad and her brother
They weren’t allowed to witness,
her greatest transformation
She is now a nature
Truly a goddess

Her blood flows without a violence
It is a symbol of maturity and fertility
But she was kept hidden
Her holiness wasn’t seen,
She was left alone, and unsafe
She wasn’t prepared for this

Isn't womanhood something to be respected.
Then why was she being held like a hostage.
She has never learned to wear a sanitary pads,
She wishes if she wasn’t a woman after all,
This isn’t a fairytale anymore
She didn’t know who was to blame,
She was just counting days for this to end...

Aren't we people shameless,
We worship girl as goddess ,
During periods we don't hesitate to throw her inside a hut ...... so reckless
She just needs good care ,heathy food,sanitary pads,soap and clean water to clean herself ....let’s not be careless

By Swikriti Poudel
MBBS 10th batch


Rekha Pandey

Menstrual poverty

At eleven, felt unusual back of white skirt,
Like a dirt and uncomfort,
Little one didn't know, she had her first cycle,
Completely absurd and in denial.

Nature's way of congratulation, made her in complete isolation,
For wicked thirteen days, beyond her teenage imagination.
Rags were poors' mandatory, full of hesitation and deprivation,
Sanitary pads were tainted with cultural defamation.

Enormous social hatred in veil of norms,
Number of sleepless nights in cattle farms.
Food were served as if she was a demon,
Whose function, merely a recipient of semen.

Suffered from those spasmodic period pains,
Nausea and mood swings.
Yet, I no-one asked if she was medicated,
Innocent, hated yet bravely survived.

She, who had the power to reproduce,
Has being called as she impures.
Whose touch would make cows infertile,
She is not broken, she incessantly endures.

Narrow gauged menstrual hut,
Lit fire, smoke inhaled, cost parwati's life.
Although banned,
Not being implemented and reported in time.

Taboos not being abolished so far,
Let's get together.
Spread awareness this time with big roar,
With authorities furnishing unchained sanitary.

Imagine the world where happinees is bleeding,
Rather than pleading.
Never want to hear my daughter's wish "if she were a boy",
Respect her granting liberty, sanitation and joy.


Simoni Sedhain

Menstrual hygiene

I remember I was 13 when I first bled,the shudder of warmth leaving my body ,
Was I prepared?
I was asked to stay indoors and to sit on the floor because I was bleeding,

I was not permitted to touch any of the various stuffs, the thought of residing in utter blindness petrified me and I clung to my mom because I was bleeding ,

Of course, that stabbing cramps , I felt like there’s someone playing tug of war with my ovaries , my back was freaking down because I was bleeding ,

I used to tell my mom, why we bled
She apprised me , we bled for happiness, victory and to create a new life and she figured me that, I am no more little girl all the same I am a powerful woman,
Yes, I had got my 1st period because I was bleeding,

At the moment, I am 22 yrs and had bled since 9 years ,I realized that periods are not gross at all and weird to talk about
God creates so many miracles I take pride in , his greatest one till now , menstruation
And I am proud to say , yes I am bleeding

I am proudly glad menstruation matters to live , matters to progress health
I want a world where talking about menstruation is as normal as breathing
Myths and misunderstanding regarding poor menstrual hygiene should be eradicated from the world where every human equally participates in awareness

And also I want a world where buying sanitary pads is equivalent to buying groceries and god's greatest gift should be respected the most and everyone should understand the pain we go through in that

So let's be united and break the silence ,
Tell the world that Yes, we are bleeding

Ps : I just bled now while writing this poem and I am proud & happy to say that I bleed and ready to bear cramps & any obstacles in my life.


Jyoti Gautam

Are we ready?

5 years old me scared with prickling blood,
But now me menstrual blood facing up.
It's the alarming matter to talk about,
But many of us are messing up.

My inner voice being suppressed
In the world full of humiliation and negligence,
Is there anybody ready to hug and cheer me up?
At the moment I'm losing my patience.

My pathetic shame and slience kills me inside,
And so i am grown.
My reckless effort to manage menstrual bleed,
Lead me to toxic shock syndrome.

Am i that much infringed?
So you are offering me cattlehut.
Engraving onself woth orthodox and taboos,
But it's time to unfasten a knot.

Is 13% VAT in pads worthy?
For our venture journey of 70 ml blood loss.
Menstruation isn't choice but a very biological process,
So feminine kits should be free of cost.

Aggregating multisectoral involvement,
Prioritising reproductive and s*x education.
Let's anticipate this journey,
With active men's participation.

Despitw allocating bulky budgets on election,
Can't we capitalize it for women's health and sanitation?
Each year 24.2 per lakhs women victimised with cervical cancer
Let's build and implement framework for compensation.

In the betwixt of,
Acnes, breast sores, period cramp and mood swings,
Do feed and nuture yourself with diet,
And feel free to flutter your wings.

Take it as the power to create life,
Rather blaming it as tug of war with your ovaries.
Let's combat with insecurities,
Injustice and deprivement with no worries.


Asmita Subedi
महिनावारी (नछुनि)

नछुनि छ र त म छुनि

जब म बाट रगत बग्छ
म भान्सा बाट टाढिन्छु

सबैले संगै बसेर खादा
म परिवार संग टाढिन्छु

शरीरले पोषक तत्व माग्दा
म कयौं खानेकुरा बाट टाढिन्छु

जब महिनावारी भएको वेला मैले गतिलाे pad पाउदैन,
जब महिनावारी भएका कपडाले घाम पाउदैनन
म कति किटाणु संग नजिकिन्छु

किन महिनावारीलाई यती हेला
महिलाहरू महिनावारी नभए के होला

किन, यता नछो नि त्यता नछो नि
हामी सबैलाई थहा छ नि
नछुनी छ र त म छु नि

नछुनी छ र त म छु नि।।


Dear members,
Ideas for CMC is gutted to inform you that this year's Menstrual Hygiene Day falls under the government imposed lockdown due to COVID. The new energetic team was willing to make this day a grand success. But since the outdoor activities need to be cancelled keeping in mind the ongoing condition and the difficulties we are facing during these tough times.
So, we are organising a POETRY WRITING COMPETITION on the occasion of MENSTRUAL HYGIENE DAY on May 28. Participants are encouraged to write creative poems on the title of their own choice under the theme of MENSTRUAL HYGIENE. The theme of this year is . Participants are requested to submit their poems till 11 pm May 26.
The poems should be original.
You need to send the poems at [email protected].
Deadline: 11 pm. May 26.
Winners will be decided 25 percent by the number of likes and shares on our page and 75 percent by our panels of judges.
The winners will receive exciting gift hampers from the team.
Everyone is encouraged to send the poems.
The poems should be in english.
Thank you.
If you have any queries you can directly message us on instagram or email us.

Photos from IDEAS For CMC's post 21/05/2021

Protect children from COVID 19


Eid mubarak
Praying for love, peace and strength to everyone.


Nepal Health Corps

Mental Health Issues among different age group in Nepal and our Role


Nepal Health Corps

Scientific Literature Search on COVID-19 in Nepal and Abroad


हाम्रो अत्यन्त मिलनसार साथी तथा यस संस्थाकि महत्त्वपूर्ण सदस्य डा. बिनिता लामिछाने अल्पायुमै स्वोर्गारोहण हुनु भएको खबरले मर्माहात भएका छौ ।

दिबाङ्गत आत्माको चिर शान्तिको कामना गर्दै भावपूर्ण श्रदान्जली अर्पण गर्दछौ । साथै शोककुल परिवारजनमा भागवान पशुपतीनाथले धैर्य धारण गर्ने शक्ती प्रदान गरुन भन्ने कामना गर्दै हार्दिक समवेदना ब्यक्त गर्दछौ ।

समयले हामी बाट टाढा पुराय पनि हाम्रो मन मुटुमा जिबितनै रही रहनु हुनेछ | We will miss you , Dr. Binita .
May your Soul Rest in Paradise 🙏

Photo : Dr Binita ❤ volunteering during Clinical Outreach Camp , Madi , Chitwan .


Free Online Health and Happiness workshop.
Join us tomorrow to learn about the Secrets of our mind & Power of our breath with Dr. Donjon B Lamichhane through evidence based processes of breathing and meditation.
Especially targeted to medical students and professionals, in this workshop we will practice breathe based meditation technique to quite the mind, overcome anxiety and connect to inner self.

Join us tomorrow:

Tuesday, 8th Sep | 4.00pm to 5.00pm

Topic: Health and Happiness Workshop
Time: Sep 8, 2020 04:00 PM Kathmandu

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 783 8614 7237
Passcode: 12345


Nepal Health Corps

COVID 19 in Rural Nepal | Panel Discussion

- NHC with Leo Club of Kathmandu Empire


Substance Use Epidemic among Medical Students Subash Subedi It should come as no surprise that the vast majority of medical students are prone to substance use and its abuse considering the stress and anxiety they face in medical school.Amongst the array of substance misused, to***co, alcohol, cannabis, and opioids are the most prevalent. Overa...


So you want to commit suicide…

What happens once you kill yourself ?
Is the reason you want to kill yourself really worth it ? Pradish Poudel कुरै नसुन्ने साथी सङ्गिनिलाई छोडेर गयो उ।  बाँचनै नदिने यो स्वार्थी संसारलाई छोडेर गयो उ।। मुखमा राम-राम अन....


Nepal Health Corps

Stop Violence against Medical Professionals!!!

Violence against medical professionals not only affects health of particular region, it affects entire health care system of the country. In this tough time of pandemic instead of admiring our healthcare professional the inhuman violence against them is creating negative psychological impact. So, please come together to raise your voice against violence. YOUR VOICE MATTERS.



IDEAS For Us - Nepal has focused on menstrual health issues for you women and girls with Nepal Health Corps and its Project Butterfly, led in part by IDEAS For Nepal leader Pradish Poudel.

: Dignified Menstruation to live with liberty and freedom

Adolescence is a crucial age and full of curiosity about s*xuality. Knowledge of adolescents regarding puberty, reproduction, and menstruation seems to lack in this region. Women are still considered to be a subject in the Nepalese society where menstruation is perceived as a social taboo.

There are several factors contributing to a low level of Sexual and Reproductive Health knowledge among adolescent girls in Nepal. The main objective of this study, therefore, is to understand the knowledge, attitude, and practice of adolescent students on menstruation and related taboos in Lalitpur district.

We are committed to supporting the implementation of the Universal Health Coverage at community, district and National scales of Nepal. We are building a national network of universities, research centers, and other partner organizations/institutions to translate the latest expertise in Universal Health Coverage into action.

Nepal Health Corps Ambassadors and National networks support the localization of Universal Health Coverage and it’s implementation, develop long term transformation pathways for Universal Health Coverage in Nepal, promote education around SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-Being, and launch solution initiatives.



More Info from Nepal Health Corps --
"Menstrual Talk , Dignity First"

In Nepal , the dignity during menstruation is missing because it demands passion, knowledge and skills around menstruation, human right and policies. In order to combat and eliminate all forms of abuses, discrimination, violence against women, the dialogue on dignified menstruation is crucial and very important.

Project Butterfly advocate on dignified menstruation to live with liberty, freedom as like butterfly to girls/women as a result she can built her confidence, determination as considered herself as equal, human being.

Dignified menstruation is a human right concern as aligned with the principles of Human Right Declaration 1948. It is a tool to fuel the Nepalese's slogan of prosperous country and happy Nepali as well by redefining the quality of life of menstruators.

Special thanks to City Short Movies Production(Youtube) and all the collaborative partners. Directed by Tribhuvan Parajuli


Enrollment into Research

Violence against Doctors-Research

Are you a medical student ?
Does increasing violence against doctors scares you of your future?

We are worried too , this is why we are trying to do a research on Impact of Violence against Doctors on Medical Students in a Medical college of Nepal.

There is significant impact of this issue but up to which extend is it impacting emerging doctors like you. So we want your kind cooperation to help us by participating in our research.

For now we are creating this form to collect your details like name, email , address and so on, just for making the participant list for sampling. Hope for your kind cooperation. Are you medical student? Does increasing violence against doctors scares you of your future? We are worried too , this is why we are trying to do a research on Impact of Violence against Doctors on Medical Students in a Medical college of Nepal. There is significant impact of this issue but up to wh...


Todays is the NO To***co Day (May 31).
A small effort for awareness from a Member of IDEAS For CMC :)

Toxins in;
Never to come out of yours lungs,if they could
Would scream and shout
With pain of tons.

You’re ruining your life
As well as your family

They care about you &
Smoking isn’t healthy,
You should stop
For the sake of your family🙏

From: Sharmila Poudel
Bsc nursing 3rd year
Chitwan medical college

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

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In Medical Schools, Peer pressure is very demanding. So are exams, parents, relationships, sports and exam tests. So how...
महिनावारीका विषयमा अझै पनि नेपाली समाजमा खुलेर कुरा गर्न हिचकिचाउँछन् । महिनावारीलाई सामान्य प्राकृतिक प्रक्रियाका रुपमा...