Aore My Home

Aore My Home


Please let me know about the school fees for 2021. thank you
Quality school which located in a good environment there you can learn both inside and outside school I will never forget Because that school mode mi
Congratulations lo nice harvest, families and friends km surportem School, raising funds towards rebuilding blo school.i salute the hardworking staffs,workers, students and everyone who give thier heart in
Congratulations lo nice harvest, families and friends km surportem School, raising funds towards rebuilding blo school.i salute the hardworking staffs,workers, students and everyone who give thier hearts in supporting this school. Thankyou and God bless.
Aore students were taken to hogharbour school
HOPE 4 AORE OUR HOME Me wandem talem Thank you lo God firstly. Me wandm talem thank you lo ol few Big hearts weh oli give in blo help wetem small relieve items weh Ufala saveh putum tuketa blo Umi sendm e go lo Aore (OUR HOME BESIDE THE SEA). Me stap post ya e no blo talem anything else but to thank God for His blessings. Group (made up of some ex students from year 2009 upwards and sons and daughters of families back in Aore who are situated in Vila). Group ya e bin contact and meet up yesterday and did some contibutions and purchased some items following a phone call from John Bu (Son blo Kevin Bu - he is our on ground conduct) who is in Aore lo time weh Harold e pass. Toktok e kam lo mefala ce olketa kat small kakai in stock e stap from that COVID19 preparations but it won't last. Hemi kontinu blo talem ce olketa lo school plante lo ol house blo olketa e blown away (me sure ce plante lo umi oli look some pictures finish and agree on that). So mefala askem lo hem ce You think ce wanem nao bai mefala karem blo sendm e kam? What he told us is oli needim seedlings blo plantem from ol island kakai plus cabbage weh olketa e rely on e nomo kat and battery blo torch. So, smol group hemi meet afta mefala putum smol selen yesterday (Thursday 9/04/2020) and bought some samting weh bai hemi helpem olketa : -Seedlings (to plant) that can feed the whole village, -solar Torch blo 9 houses nmo (blo some widows and olketa weh John e ce olketa nao oli needim torch at this moment) -2 family tents -3 tapulin -Bag rice -Carton tin Tuna. -Sleeping backs. -Bell sugar -Matches and so forth. (This items were taken to Santo today by Branet Bu - boy blo Kevin Bu. Bai olketa sharem equally amongst the villagers) Mefala karem smol samting ya from target blo mefala hemi ol widow lo village and some villagers weh me saveh ce oli depend lo garden grown food nmo for kakae and income blo ol hemi low. Hemi smol beh bai help. Mefala mkm hem ya blo startem off nmo. Me saveh ce plante Ex scholars out there are willing to help. So me stap callem ol "AORE FOUNDATION GROUP COMMITTEE " please traim indicate e kam and Umi everywan mkm wan Big contribution wantime together. This is just the start of something bigger and better for the school that we all call our home. Happy Sabbath everywan. And God e blessem Ufala.
#REPOSTING HOPE 4 "AORE MY HOME" Good Morning ol Former students and current students blo Aore. Me saveh ce plante lo Umi oli look photo ya finis weh me uploadem ya and oli kat ol different impressions towardsm. First time me look photo ya me feelim heart blo me e nokut weh from me saveh ce school ya na e shapem me to be who I am today and this I praise God for that. Nara samting weh heart blo me e broke lo hem hemi "Thinking of the Families there" ol family ya weh bai umi go lo Aore olketa nao oli stap lukoutem Umi lo time umi needim kakai, or time Umi feel ce Umi home sick, olketa oli act olsm ol mummies and daddies blo Umi lo weh. Me saveh ce e kat some ex scholars from way back then oli createm wan committee e stap blo stap givem support e go lo school, me wandm saveh nmo spos hemi orite committee ya e mkm wan campaign blo helpem ol families lo Aore ya weh at one point of time oli bin shelterem Umi or feedim Umi lo home blo olketa. Oli needim help blo Yumi this time. Ta. God Bless You All. #HOME_AWAY_FROM_HOME
How are you.
How are you
Yr 11 doing demonstration of air marcotting and transplanting the ready ones.
Ta lovely place and peaceful heaven on earth for sdents of Pacific. Awo I miss your sweet fishes!!!.
AAA Library needs a major update to current books on shelf now. Most are books donated and most are not related to the school syllabus. A great need exists now for new books and especially books recommended by their syllabus. The Academic Team at Aore will be putting together a list of books needed for the students academic progress and we will see how friends and families of AAA can assist. Library Tables are the same ones used in the 70’s and are still here today.

Bringing you updates about the community of people living in and around the Aore Adventist Academy compound - including students, staff and their families.

Aore Adventist Academy is a coeducational Christian secondary school in Aore, Vanuatu. It first opened in 1927 as 'New Hebrides Training School.' Its educational status varied over the decades. In 1974, the Aore School was upgraded to that of a high school, and was renamed Aore Adventist High School. It was previously Parker Missionary School.[4] In 1994, the school's board changed the name to Aore Adventist Academy. In 2009, the school's enrolment totalled 194 students and 17 teachers. Aore Adventist Academy is situated on the southern coast of the island of Aore. Aore is part of the nation of Vanuatu, an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean. It is some 1,750 kilometres (1,090 mi) east of northern Australia, 500 kilometres (310 mi) northeast of New Caledonia, west of Fiji, and southeast of the Solomon Islands, near New Guinea. Vanuatu was known as the New Hebrides before achieving independence. The school buildings are located near the shoreline close to workshops, a hospital (now reassigned to other uses) and a slipway. In 1925, the small island of Aore was chosen as the regional Adventist mission station. A fund raising campaign began. The 8 March 1926 edition of the Australasian Record included the following poem reminding the division's sabbath schools of the project's offering at the end of the month. Adventist mission boat, 1926, Loloma, had its home port at the Aore school. In 1927, the church secured the property on Aore. In the early years of the school, a clear title to the land was difficult to establish. A sawmill was built. The newly acquired regional mission boat, Loloma, located there as well. They used the Loloma to bring the students to the school. Aore soon became the focal point of Adventist work in the New Hebrides. Pastor J. R. James, the mission superintendent, and a party of young New Hebrideans moved in with axes to clear the land and establish a school. Students have followed in increasing numbers, and the educational and spiritual work of this institution has been the heart of the New Hebrides (now Vanuatu) Adventist Mission.

Operating as usual

[02/05/21]   To all parents, guidance and students doing year 11 12 and 13 this year at AAA hoghabour campus will be transported to hoghabour on 7th of February 2020 which is this coming Sunday. Time: 10:00am - 3:30pm. Venue: Unity Store or Unity Shell Shop car park area. Note that this will be the only transportation time arrange by the school. After this date you will fine your own transport over to hoghabour after this date and time allocated.
Classes at AAA Sarakata for Junior stream will begin on Monday 8th of February. Contact principal and deputy for more information. Have a blessed weekend.

[01/31/21]   To all students parents and guardians. Please be inform that the school for both campus at Sarakata and Hoghabour will commence on the 8th of February. Transportation to hoghabour will be on the 7th of February. Apologies for any inconvenience. Contact Deputy Principal and Deputy Academic for any clarification.

Vanuatu Mission Of Seventh-day Adventists

Aore Adventist Academy Principal Mr George Toka saying thank you for your giving in the Aore Rebuild Concert in Port Vila.

Vanuatu Mission Of Seventh-day Adventists

Ex-Aore from '70s attended the Aore Concert and urged everyone to support and rebuild Aore.

Vanuatu Mission Of Seventh-day Adventists

Ex-Aore students singing tonight "Aore My Home" song in the Aore rebuild concert in the Epauto Centre.

Vanuatu Mission Of Seventh-day Adventists

Ex-Aore students singing tonight "Aore My Home" song in the Aore rebuild concert in the Epauto Centre.

Vanuatu Mission Of Seventh-day Adventists

Ex- Aore from 50's attending Aore Rebuild Concert at Epauto Centre to donate towards the rebuilding of Aore Adventist Academy that was devastated by cyclone Harold last year 2020.

Vanuatu Mission Of Seventh-day Adventists

Vanuatu SDA Mission Session -Official Closing

Vanuatu Mission Of Seventh-day Adventists

Vanuatu Mission Of Seventh-day Adventists

Atara Singers singing at the climax of the 24th session of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Vanuatu Mission Of Seventh-day Adventists

Sabbath afternoon setup and preparation for the ordination of 3 Pastors.

Vanuatu Mission Of Seventh-day Adventists

Vanuatu SDA Mission Session - Closing Sabbath Program

Vanuatu Mission Of Seventh-day Adventists

Vanuatu SDA Mission Session - Education Department Report

Vanuatu Mission Of Seventh-day Adventists

Aore Adventist Academy principal Mr George Jonathan calls for help to rebuild Aore. There will be a concert this Sunday 24th January, 2021 and offerings will be collected to help in the rebuilding of Aore due to its destruction by cyclone Harold on April 2020.

Vanuatu Mission Of Seventh-day Adventists

Atara Singers is an active small group singing ministry in Port Vila singing in the 24th session for the church. Vanuatu has over 400 small groups doing different activities in Vanuatu to lead people to Jesus.

Vanuatu Mission Of Seventh-day Adventists

Session is a time when the church listen to reports, re-think, dialogue, re-focus and plan for the next 5 years.

Vanuatu Mission Of Seventh-day Adventists

Mr Fred Ottiman former principal of Aore Adventist Academy will be presenting a brief report for the school today.

Vanuatu Mission Of Seventh-day Adventists

Mr George Jonathan Mael Toka is attending the mission session as the newly appointed principal for Aore Adventist Academy and Vanuatu representative to the General Conference Executive Committee.

Ministry of Education & Training, Vanuatu

Gud dei long yumi evrywan,
Sam smol reminder nomo blong ol parents mo ol students :
1. yumi mas traem best blong faenemaot ol school fee structure blong wanwan school we pikinini bai school long hem long yia ia 2021. MoET i stap blong givimaot information nomo, be mifala ino givimaot ol school fee structure blo wanwan school. Contactem school admin mo bai oli save advisem yumi ol parents (School Fees, Uniform, Materials, etc.)

2. Olgeta we Scholarship Unit i shortlistim name blong olgeta blong tekem VanGov Scholarship or tekem part long VNPF Scheme (Scholarship), sapos name blong yu i stap long list, PLIS mekem way blong yu blong kambak long Vila blong preparem or mekem ol paper work blong yu. Mifala i stap encouragem yu blong kam stret long office fulamap ol forms we oli askem, blong wok i save go ariap blong yufala save start long time. Blong karem moa information plis contactem 33495.

2. Concernem ol Year 8 we oli pass go long year 9 long yia ia, Exam Office i nomo administratem ol RESULTS, ol PLACEMENT, mo ol Exam blong year 8, hemi stap under long authority blong Office blong Education long wanwan Province.

On behalf of the school administration of 2020. We sincerely thank God for His Leading through out our academic journey. Despite the devastating event happen. We praise God, since He has promise us that behind stormy clouds there is always rainbow. We thank our hard working parents, guidance, Teaching & Non Teaching Staff, Church families and other supporting people who put their hands together to support our students through their studies in year 2020. We want to congratulate 11 of our year 13 students out of 25 who manage to achieve a scholarship from the Vanuatu Government and VNPF Scheme. It's an historical event for AAA since its establishment of form 7 qualification in the year 2015. We ask God to continue to lead and direct you to achieve the family, school, church, village, island and country dreams. Always Put God First. Once, again continue to Aim high. GOD BLESS.

Good night AMH viewers. See the attached Registration Form for 2021. Just a typing error from the first post. Use this form to fill up the Registration.

To all returning Students and Students who have selected to study here at AAA this year 2021 . You are kindly requested to fill in the Registration Form posted. The hard copy for the Registration Form will be available by Monday at Sarakata Mission Office, Vanuatu Seventh Day Adventist Mission Office and Sanma Education Office. Please submit your Form with all the required documents to Sarakata Mission Office and Vanuatu SDA Mission or Scan and email to [email protected] or [email protected]. All Registration Forms need to be submitted before 30th of January. Please read the Information Sheet Carefully before filing up the Registration Form. For any queries please contact the address given. Have a blessed day. Nice weekend.

To all new applicant who wishes to transfer to AAA to continue with their studies in any year levels. Please fill in the application form given below. For AAA students who have pass to another school who wishes to transfer back to AAA please fill in the application form as well. Application form will be available at Sarakata Mission Office and Sanma Education Office by Monday next week. All Application should be submitted back to Sarakata Mission Office or Scan and email to [email protected] or [email protected] before 30th of January. Please submit your application with all requested documents. If there be any queries see the contact details on the application form and contact us. Have a blessed day. Nice weekend.

To all Viewers,
Check out the AAA information Sheet for this year 2021. These information's will help you with any queries you might have in regards to School Fee Structure, School Starting Date, School Learning Venue, School Fee Payments and other information's that you need in order to prepare to begin this academic year here at Aore Adventist Academy. You can collect a hard copy for the information sheet at Sarakata Mission Office or Sanma Education Office on Monday Next week. Email us on [email protected] for us to send you a copy if you want. Have a blessed Day.

Good morning AMH Viewers, Parents, Guardians and Students. We have just uploaded the School Fee Structure for 2021. Our Structure is yet to be approved by the MOET but this is just an overview to help us prepare for this years fee. All fees are kindly requested to be paid through the School Bank Account. The Bank Details are given below. We kindly request if you could read through the AAA Information Sheet in another post to help you with the payments of the fees. We can send the school fee structure through emails. Just send an email to this account: [email protected] and we can send you the information you wanted. Thank you and looking forward for your cooperation this year 2021. Have a blessed Day.

The Deception Pandemic | EGW Warned Us (Sermon)

Worth a watch. Sermon by John Lomacang produced by 3ABN. Soon the Devil called Satan will bring upon this world the biggest hoax humanity hasn't expected. The signs and won...

Thank you Vanuatu Mission and Port Vila team....
If you in Vila,we need your SUPPORT!!

[01/12/21]   Greetings and Happy New Academic Year to all parents, guardians, students of Aore Adventist Academy. On behalf of the school administration we want to inform everyone that we will update you by the end of this week about the following items:
1. School Information Sheet.
2. School Fee Structure.
3. Location of Different Year Levels from Year 7 to 13 where they would be Learning.
4. Information about Registration for 2021 intake.
5. Information about Transfer Students.
6. Application Form.
7. Total number of intake for each Year Level.

Than you for your faithful cooperation and Looking forward to work in cooperation with everyone again this year 2021.

Nice Day and Stay Bless.

List of students coming to Aore Year 11s 2020

Taet TV

Whether it's a New Year's resolution,a new job, a new school, or a new location, do not wait for other people's affirmation before moving forward. Take risks and let the rest play out. God is in control of the unknown, but you are the captain of your ship. Go get yours!

[01/02/21]   Happy New Year and Happy 1st Sabbath of 2021.

[12/28/20]   Happy New year to Everyone


"For we are his workmanship, created in Jesus Christ for Good works, Which God Prepared before that we walk in them." We want to thank God for his leading in your life during the past 5 years. Without your input we won't be able to set the Sanma Adventist Media. Again thank you so much,we Will continue to work with our next leader and will work till he comes... Safe trip back home wishing you Gods Blessings as you continue to Minister to People till he returned..



Mesej I stap kam lo bihaf blo Ministry blo Climate Change, we oli wok tugeta wetem Luganville Municipality, UN Woman, ADRA, World Vision, Red Cross Vanuatu mo Save the Children blong karemaot Sunami Drill Eksasaes. Drill Eksasaes ya mbai hemi stap long Wednesday namba Friday 18th 2020, blo manis ya mo Sunami exercise ya hemi wan eksasaes we yumi wantem mekem blo testem sapos we komuniti blo luganville town including ol business houses i save wanem blo mekem lo taem blo one tru Sunami Sunami eksesaes ya mbai wan smol grup nomo mbai oli tekem part long hem mo mbai eksesaes team mabi oli jusum olgeta we mbai oli tekem part long eksesaes ya.
Sunami eksasaes ia bae i hapen long NAMBA 18th long 11:45am long morning. However before long eksasaes mbai long Namba 16th mo 17th December mbai igat awareness long Uniti Park. Ples we eksesaes mbai hemi happen long hem hemi Area blo Luganville town stat lo Police station kasem main market. HEMIA SAMFALA SAMTING WE YUMI MAS TINGBAOT MO RERE LO HEM FROM DEI BLO DRILL EXERCISE I STAP KAM KOLOSAP. PLIS, ol familis stat tedei I go, yufala I stat blo rere. HEMI IMPOTEN BLO;
1) Kam harem awareness we Team mbai hemi mekem long namba Wednesday 16th mo Thursday 17th December 2020. Mbai fulap moa informasen blo eksesaes mo tu infomasen blo earthquake mo sunami ikam long ol expert long taem ya.
2) Olgeta familis we oli gat pipol wetem disabiliti, ol olfala, ol woman we oli gat bel [mo olgeta we oli gat plante pikinini lo wan haoshol], i mas stat blong tingabaot hao blo oli muv I go antap lo wan sef eria.
3) Tingabaot ol rod blo ron long hem blo kasem sef eria we NDMO hemi showem long Komuniti.
4) Tekem taem blong visitim ol Sunami infomesen notisbod blong save ol sef eria kolosap lo yu.

Tank yu tumas, mo hope se yufala lo LUGANVILLE TAON MO SURROUNDING COMMUNITIES i stap rere from Sunami Drill exercise ia.

[12/11/20]   Give thanks and praise to the most high for his Goodness this week... Happy Sabbath everyone

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AAA and LAS Join Musical Concert Promotion Clip.





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