Aore My Home

Aore My Home


Quality school which located in a good environment there you can learn both inside and outside school I will never forget Because that school mode mi
Congratulations lo nice harvest, families and friends km surportem School, raising funds towards rebuilding blo school.i salute the hardworking staffs,workers, students and everyone who give thier heart in
Congratulations lo nice harvest, families and friends km surportem School, raising funds towards rebuilding blo school.i salute the hardworking staffs,workers, students and everyone who give thier hearts in supporting this school. Thankyou and God bless.
Aore students were taken to hogharbour school
HOPE 4 AORE OUR HOME Me wandem talem Thank you lo God firstly. Me wandm talem thank you lo ol few Big hearts weh oli give in blo help wetem small relieve items weh Ufala saveh putum tuketa blo Umi sendm e go lo Aore (OUR HOME BESIDE THE SEA). Me stap post ya e no blo talem anything else but to thank God for His blessings. Group (made up of some ex students from year 2009 upwards and sons and daughters of families back in Aore who are situated in Vila). Group ya e bin contact and meet up yesterday and did some contibutions and purchased some items following a phone call from John Bu (Son blo Kevin Bu - he is our on ground conduct) who is in Aore lo time weh Harold e pass. Toktok e kam lo mefala ce olketa kat small kakai in stock e stap from that COVID19 preparations but it won't last. Hemi kontinu blo talem ce olketa lo school plante lo ol house blo olketa e blown away (me sure ce plante lo umi oli look some pictures finish and agree on that). So mefala askem lo hem ce You think ce wanem nao bai mefala karem blo sendm e kam? What he told us is oli needim seedlings blo plantem from ol island kakai plus cabbage weh olketa e rely on e nomo kat and battery blo torch. So, smol group hemi meet afta mefala putum smol selen yesterday (Thursday 9/04/2020) and bought some samting weh bai hemi helpem olketa : -Seedlings (to plant) that can feed the whole village, -solar Torch blo 9 houses nmo (blo some widows and olketa weh John e ce olketa nao oli needim torch at this moment) -2 family tents -3 tapulin -Bag rice -Carton tin Tuna. -Sleeping backs. -Bell sugar -Matches and so forth. (This items were taken to Santo today by Branet Bu - boy blo Kevin Bu. Bai olketa sharem equally amongst the villagers) Mefala karem smol samting ya from target blo mefala hemi ol widow lo village and some villagers weh me saveh ce oli depend lo garden grown food nmo for kakae and income blo ol hemi low. Hemi smol beh bai help. Mefala mkm hem ya blo startem off nmo. Me saveh ce plante Ex scholars out there are willing to help. So me stap callem ol "AORE FOUNDATION GROUP COMMITTEE " please traim indicate e kam and Umi everywan mkm wan Big contribution wantime together. This is just the start of something bigger and better for the school that we all call our home. Happy Sabbath everywan. And God e blessem Ufala.
#REPOSTING HOPE 4 "AORE MY HOME" Good Morning ol Former students and current students blo Aore. Me saveh ce plante lo Umi oli look photo ya finis weh me uploadem ya and oli kat ol different impressions towardsm. First time me look photo ya me feelim heart blo me e nokut weh from me saveh ce school ya na e shapem me to be who I am today and this I praise God for that. Nara samting weh heart blo me e broke lo hem hemi "Thinking of the Families there" ol family ya weh bai umi go lo Aore olketa nao oli stap lukoutem Umi lo time umi needim kakai, or time Umi feel ce Umi home sick, olketa oli act olsm ol mummies and daddies blo Umi lo weh. Me saveh ce e kat some ex scholars from way back then oli createm wan committee e stap blo stap givem support e go lo school, me wandm saveh nmo spos hemi orite committee ya e mkm wan campaign blo helpem ol families lo Aore ya weh at one point of time oli bin shelterem Umi or feedim Umi lo home blo olketa. Oli needim help blo Yumi this time. Ta. God Bless You All. #HOME_AWAY_FROM_HOME
How are you.
How are you
Yr 11 doing demonstration of air marcotting and transplanting the ready ones.
Ta lovely place and peaceful heaven on earth for sdents of Pacific. Awo I miss your sweet fishes!!!.
AAA Library needs a major update to current books on shelf now. Most are books donated and most are not related to the school syllabus. A great need exists now for new books and especially books recommended by their syllabus. The Academic Team at Aore will be putting together a list of books needed for the students academic progress and we will see how friends and families of AAA can assist. Library Tables are the same ones used in the 70’s and are still here today.
I read somewhere that Aore opened it's doors on 27th October 1927. If what I read is correct then this Friday would Aore will be celebrating 90 years since it opened its doors. Do correct me if me wrong.

Bringing you updates about the community of people living in and around the Aore Adventist Academy compound - including students, staff and their families.

Aore Adventist Academy is a coeducational Christian secondary school in Aore, Vanuatu. It first opened in 1927 as 'New Hebrides Training School.' Its educational status varied over the decades. In 1974, the Aore School was upgraded to that of a high school, and was renamed Aore Adventist High School. It was previously Parker Missionary School.[4] In 1994, the school's board changed the name to Aore Adventist Academy. In 2009, the school's enrolment totalled 194 students and 17 teachers. Aore Adventist Academy is situated on the southern coast of the island of Aore. Aore is part of the nation of Vanuatu, an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean. It is some 1,750 kilometres (1,090 mi) east of northern Australia, 500 kilometres (310 mi) northeast of New Caledonia, west of Fiji, and southeast of the Solomon Islands, near New Guinea. Vanuatu was known as the New Hebrides before achieving independence. The school buildings are located near the shoreline close to workshops, a hospital (now reassigned to other uses) and a slipway. In 1925, the small island of Aore was chosen as the regional Adventist mission station. A fund raising campaign began. The 8 March 1926 edition of the Australasian Record included the following poem reminding the division's sabbath schools of the project's offering at the end of the month. Adventist mission boat, 1926, Loloma, had its home port at the Aore school. In 1927, the church secured the property on Aore. In the early years of the school, a clear title to the land was difficult to establish. A sawmill was built. The newly acquired regional mission boat, Loloma, located there as well. They used the Loloma to bring the students to the school. Aore soon became the focal point of Adventist work in the New Hebrides. Pastor J. R. James, the mission superintendent, and a party of young New Hebrideans moved in with axes to clear the land and establish a school. Students have followed in increasing numbers, and the educational and spiritual work of this institution has been the heart of the New Hebrides (now Vanuatu) Adventist Mission.

Operating as usual

[12/11/20]   Give thanks and praise to the most high for his Goodness this week... Happy Sabbath everyone

From Nomo Picture

Reading of speechs and singing of graduation song. Aore Adventist.

Thank you From nomo Photography...

Few photo of Aore graduation last week.

Few random shots for the graduation day. More to come....

Year 10 of AAA 2020 receiving their Leaving Certificate.

Year 13 of AAA 2020 receiving their Leaving Certificate. Wish you God's Blessing in the upcoming academic years of study.

YEAR 12 of AAA 2020 receiving their Year 12 Leaving Certificate.

YEAR 7, 8 and 11 Awards Given for First, Second and Three Position in Individual Subjects plus overall class.


The blessed tranquility that comes off serving the Lord in ministry. We attest to the bliss of being in that little 'Heaven-on-Earth' feel at the 'Nanda Bluehole' combined with its stunning flora and fauna - second to none! The KINGSMEN are anticipating the next visit with our immediate families on our next Gospel music adventure...amen!

Another contribution tonight from Mrs. Hellen Issacher and Family. God will continue to bless you and your family....

AAA School Anthem. Compose by Mr.Kalmanu Dick. Yes! We have the pride to be in Triple A. FILM and Edit by Flow Media 2020.

By courtesy of the KINGSMEN Gospel ministry, we would sincerely like to praise God for His added provision of 29,900vt donation from our dear sister Ingrid E Naughton, all the way from Maryland, Virginia (USA). We, the Aore Adventist Academy Administration heartily pray that the Good Lord continue to bless your heart and return your generosity sevenfold. Tankio tumas bakeken and praise the Lord!

Aiming for a better future, Yr 13 getting ready for their graduation programs,
Thanks Miss Nathalie Aru for the photo's...

Kingsmen Live at Luganville ADVENTIST School.

[12/01/20]   "Little is much when God is in it" On behalf of the School, we want to thank everyone for your tremendous support towards our free music show on Monday 30th November, despite the weather we have really collected what we have in support for the rebuilding of LAS and AAA..
May the God will continue to bless you more abundantly..
Thank you to all sponsors who have made this day a success.
A big thank you to Kingsman Music Ministry for a spectacular performance in the rain singing out their hearts in rebuilding the 2 schools,
All praises back to God.

Come along AAA and LAS is Starting its fundraising concert in a while.... Come and enjoy the songs and the delicious food...


After many years, we find ourselves once again in Sarakata SDA CHURCH. Today was a special Sabbath for A.A.A graduation class of 2020. We praise God for Christian institutions. We were so blessed to be part of this special day listening to powerful testimonies from our students. We wish you God's blessings as your journey has just begun. Go with God for He promised never to leave thee nor will He fosake thee. God bless you all.

An evening of fellowship with family and friends but it all started as donations are coming in,thanks to kingsman music ministry and a big thank you to Agriculture college CEO Mr Peter Napuat and family for the donations tonight in rebuilding Aore School and LAS. God will continue to bless your family.

Kingsman live from luganville market.....

[11/26/20]   Good Day followers of Aore My Home, just to inform you that our Santo Concert is Postpone to November 30th 2020, all the programs is still the same only we have changes in Dates...
we will keep you posted on updates for the events.
thanks very Much!

Vanuatu Mission Of Seventh-day Adventists

Image: ESDA | Aore Adventist Academy, Vanuatu Found on Google from

E'pauto Seventh Day Adventist Church

Burial sites continue

Awaiting the Golden Morning...his final resting place..
Till we meet again at Jesus' feet.😭😭😭😭😭😭.
Photo credit..Nevaline Bester

E'pauto Seventh Day Adventist Church

Follow funeral Services of Late MR Jeffrey Tanapose

Funeral service of Late Jeffery Tanabose.

With sad hearts, words cannot express how each individual learnt of your passing away, we travel through challenges, with different thoughts in mind how to lead and train each individual coming through Aore. With hope burning in our hearts for a speedy recovery after TC Harold,but this evening you breath ur last,On behalf of Aore staff,Aore Administration and Aore families from far and near share this condolences message to your wife and children in this sad time,our prayers are to still have this hope burning in our hearts,hope in the coming of the lord when we will see you again Mr Jeffrey Tanabose. Rest awhile awaiting the Golden Morning 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

AAA and LAS Join Musical Concert Promotion Clip.

Rebuilding Aore Adventist Academy and Luganville Adventist School Sanma Province. Your Support will be very much appreciated. Come along and experience the Power of Gospel Music.

Aore My Home's cover photo


Congratulations lo nice harvest, families and friends km surportem School, raising funds towards rebuilding blo school.i salute the hardworking staffs,workers, students and everyone who give thier hearts in supporting this school. Thankyou and God bless.

To all Ex Aore Students and Luganville Adventist School Students living in sanma or abroad,Let's help support in Rebuilding Our school.
Don't miss out!!
Aore Adventist Academy in Support with Luganville Adventist School featuring Kingsmen Music ministry.

Divine Service

[10/31/20]   On behalf of the AAA Administration, Staff and Student as a whole. We want to firstly, thank God for His leading in our outreach program yesterday and last week sabbath impacting our churches around Luganville. Secondly, we want to sincerely thank our District pastor for organizing the churches to receive us. Also, deep in our hearts we want to thank all the churches for their collections of offerings that have been collected to help with our transportation. Lastly every parents and church members who have attend our programs and those following us through livestream. We pray that Our Good Lord will continue to bless you. We ask that will continue to pray for each other and uphold our Upcoming program on the 29th of November and 2nd of December. God bless you all and have a Blessed Day.

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AAA and LAS Join Musical Concert Promotion Clip.





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