Học tiếng anh qua hình ảnh

Học tiếng anh qua hình ảnh


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You should guess the meaning of this word when you see pictures first ! Tác phẩm xanh


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Học tiếng anh qua hình ảnh


Frugal(/fru:gl/)=Thrift(/θrift/)=save money.


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Inadvertently /: [ adv ]
/ ɪnəd'və:təntli /
= Not done on purpose; unintentionally; thoughtlessly; accidentally.
Eg: First I couldn’t locate my math homework, but after a while, I found it in my English notebook. I must have put it there inadvertently.


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Tiếng anh thương mại https://www.facebook.com/pages/H%E1%BB%8Dc-ti%E1%BA%BFng-anh-th%C3%B4i/187387541428147?ref=hl

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Dispute:/dis'pju:t/:= Argue about; debate; declare not true; call in question; oppose.
Eg: Charley disputed my answer to problem 9 until I showed him definite proof that I was right.


A story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts.
Eg:Don't listen to the rumor.


Inappropriate [ adj ] / ɪnə'prəʊpriət /
= Not fitting; unsuitable; unbecoming; not appropriate.
Eg: Since I was the one who nominated Bruce, it would be inappropriate for me to vote for another candidate.


Intensive /ɪnˈtɛnsɪv/tending to intensify; intensifying.instituting treatment to the limit of safety.
Eg: you should move to intensive care unit.


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Engaged:/in´geidʒd/ adj :pledged to be married; betrothed
-an engaged couple.
entered into conflict with
busy or occupied; involved


Forfeit /: [ n, adj, v ] /´fɔ:fit/ .= Lose or have to give up as a penalty for some error, neglect, or fault.
Eg: Our neighbour gave a $20 deposit on an order of slipcovers. When they were delivered, she decided she didn’t want them. Of course, she foreited her deposit.


Stump /stʌmp/
1 the bottom part of a tree left in the ground after the rest has fallen or been cut down
2 the end of sth or the part that is left after the main part has been cut, broken off or worn away
the stump of a pencil
3 the short part of sb's leg or arm that is left after the rest has been cut off
the leg/middle/off stump.
5 the fact of a politician before an election going to different places and trying to get people's support by making speeches
1 ~ sb ( informal ) to ask sb a question that is too difficult for them to answer (= unable to answer) .
Eg:I am stumped for an answer
2 to walk in a noisy, heavy way, especially because you are angry or upset
Eg:they stumped up the floor.
He stumped off, muttering under his breath.
3 to travel around making political speeches, especially before an election
He stumped around the country trying to build up support.
4.to reduce to a stump; truncate; lop.


Kidnap ['kidnæp]To seize and detain unlawfully and usually for ransom.=ABDUCTED.
Eg:A rich kid was kidnapped yesterday.


Extricate / [ v ] / 'ekstrɪkeɪt /
= Free from difficulties; disentangle.
Eg: If you let your assignments pile up, you will get into a situation from which you will not be able to extricate yourself.


Exonerate [ v ] / ɪg'zɔnəreɪt /
= Free from blame; clear from accusation.
Eg: The other driver exonerated Dad of any responsibility for the accident.


Equitable [ adj ] /'ekwɪtəbl /= Fair to all concerned; just.
Eg: The only equitable way for the three partners to share the $60 profit is for each to receive $20.


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Favouritism:/´feivəri¸tizəm/ : the act of unfairly treating one person better than others because you like them better.


Prohibit / [ v ] / prə'hɪbɪt /= Fobid; ban.
Eg: Our library’s regulations prohibit the borrowing of more than four books at a time.


Lucrative / [ adj ] = Money-making; profitable.
Eg: This year’s school dance was not so lucrative; we made only $17, compared to $41 last year


Demolish [ v ] = Tear down; destroy, raze.
Eg: It took several days for the wrecking crew to demolish the old building.


Censure [ n, v ] = Act of blaming; expression of disapproval; hostile criticism; rebuke.
Eg: Cathy was about to reach for a third slice of cake but was stopped by a look of censure in Mother’s eyes.


Astute / [ adj ] = Shrewd; wise; crafty; cunning.
Eg: The only one to solve the riddle before the five minutes were up was Joel; he is a very astute thinker.


Illegible / [ adj ] = Not able to be read; very hard to read; not legible.
Eg: Roger ought to type his reports because his handwriting is illegible.


Adjourn / [ v ] = Close a meeting; suspend (hang up )the business of a meeting; disband.
Eg: When we visited Washington, D.C., Congress was not in session; it had adjourned for the Thanksgiving weekend.


Suffice / [ v ] = Be enough, adequate, or sufficient.
Eg: I told Dad that $3 would suffice for my school supplies. As it turned out, it was not enough.


Resume [ v, n ] /ri´zju:m/ = Begin again.
Eg: School closes for the Christmas recess on December 24 and resumes on January.




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