Los Santos Public School's

Los Santos Public School's

Class Of: 2020-2021-2022. Student's Los Santos Public School's. Together. We're Infighting.

Operating as usual


Mrs. Irene's Class is: in: L6.


Mrs. Irene's Class Started: High School. Today? August 12th. This Year. 2021. School Year. They Had: Fun? With: The Teacher's.


Mrs. Irene Edwards Special Education Teacher.
Work's At: Los Santos High School. This: Year.
SPED Class? Room: L6 & L8.


Mr. Cayden's Class E7 Packed: Up. There. Thing's. For: Middle School. Next: Year.


First Day Of: School. August 12th.


Welcome To: Don's Elementary.
Mrs. Irene Edwards SpEd Para.
Favorite: Team's. Are: KC Chiefs & KU Jayhawks & Golden State Warrior's.
Favorite: Hobby: is: Teaching: SpEd Class. With: Mr. Cayden Class E3
She: Ready To: Help. Her: Paras. & Teacher.


Dear, LSPS District's This: Year. We're Writing. To: You. About: 2021. Senior's Grads? Class Of: 2021. Mrs. Irene. & Mr. Cayden. Class. Thanks? On: This: Monday May 10th 2021 Student's: Are: Allowed. To: Take Pics. Of: There. Student's. At: Los Santos High School. 2021. This: Year. Student's Grads? Celebration. Of: Are: Senior's 2021. Bye.
Will: Be: At: The: School. Graduation. At: Are: School.

Photos from Los Santos Public School's post 03/12/2021

Mr. Cayden's Class Room K5 All: My: Student's. Did: Great: With: There. First Day: Of: School. Class. Today? Mrs. Irene Roy. The: Para. That: Works. in: Mr. Cayden's Class. Today? For: The Para Mrs. Irene Roy. First Day: Back. Of: Teaching. Now. It's Her. 5 Year. Of: Teaching. Thanks? Mr. Cayden's Class Room K5.

Photos from Los Santos Public School's post 02/05/2021

Mr. Cayden's Class E7 Did: There. Activities. Today? That's All. For: Now.


Mr. Cayden Turner SPED Teacher: At: Los Santos Elementary School. Today? Thanks? For: Being: Here. Today? Mr. Cayden. Favorite's Are: Kansas City Chiefs. & KU Jayhawks. & Special Education Class. Room E7. Starting. Yesterday. My: Class. Please? Give: Thanks? Mr. Cayden's Classroom E7.

Photos from Los Santos Public School's post 02/03/2021

Mr. Cayden's Class Room E7. Did: There. Classroom. Exactly. Test. For: His: Class. Today? Mr. Cayden's Class E7. Also: Did: Fun Running Daily. Marching. Today? & Media Clark. Ms. Cooper. Helped. His: Student's. Do. Work. Today? As: Well. SPED. Class. This: Year. 2021-2022. This: Year.


Dear, SPED Teacher's We're Hiring.

Photos from Los Santos Public School's post 02/02/2021

Mr. Cayden's Class Room E7 Did Great Today. Picking Up. Trash. Also: Mr. Cayden's Class. Made. Something. Today.

Photos from Los Santos Public School's post 02/02/2021

Mr. Cayden's Class Did: Good Today. On: There. Activities. Today. What: Amazing Time. Ever. & The: Para. Mrs. Irene. Helped. Them. Today.


Mr. Cayden's Class Discuss How To: Clean. There. Classroom. Today? Room E7 There. Class. Looks. Good.


Welcome To: Are: Job's. We're Hiring. SpEd Teacher's


Dear, Tiger's Club Student's We're Starting School. Back-up Again. We're Going To: Make Some Bus Schedule. Changes. & Bus Driver's This Year. We're Working Hard To: Get School's. Started Again. This Year. Los Santos Elementary School. & Appleton Elementary School. This Year. Will Start School. Tomorrow. School's Start On: Monday's To: Friday's 4pm To: 10pm This Year. You'll Need To: Contact School's At: 316-742-4331 Contact Me Mr. Cayden I'll Be Glad To: Help You. Goodbye.


Listen To: This Year. School. Year. By: Mr. Cayden.


Mr. Cayden's Class A10 At: Appleton Elementary School. This Year. His Class. Went On A Field Trip. To: Wal-Mart Neighborhood Store. For: There. Back To: School. Party. This Year. 2020. School Party. Today.


Mr. Cayden's Class. Got Flowers Day Today. We Accepted Are: Teacher's Day?


Los Santos Public School's Appleton Elementary Staff Directory Teacher's. Para's.
Mrs. Parker Zachary SpEd 5th Grade Para Aide.
Mrs. Elizabeth Outs SpEd 5th Grade. Para. Aide.
Mrs. Ashley Zachary Special Education Para Aide.
Mr. Russell Ãkãrí Special Education Math Teacher. SpEd Teacher 4th & 5th Grade.
Mrs. Courtney Beeson Main Principal. 5th Grade. 4th Grade. Principal.
Mrs. Betty Çárry Counselor Assistant. 5th Grade.
Mrs. Híñã Ãkãrí Counselor 5th Grade.
Mrs. Daniel Hawks Special Education Para. 5th Grade. SpEd Para Aide. Tiger's Club.🐅. Everyone is A Tiger.
Mrs. Jenny Hawks Special Education Para. 4th Grade.
Mrs. Sam Hawks SpEd Teacher. 4th Grade Teacher.
Mrs. Jennifer. Nicholas SpEd Teacher. 4th Grade. 3rd Grade. SpEd Tiger's Club.🐅.
Mr. Justin Hawks Main Assistant Principal. 5th Grade. Tiger's Club.🐅🏈Game. Coach. 5th Grade.
Mr. Bobby Brown Special Ed Sub Para. 5th Grade. Tiger's🐅Club. 5th Grade. 4th Grade. Para.
Mrs. Cathy Keeley Special Education Para. 5th Grade & 4th Grade.🐅Tiger's Club.
Learning is Not That Bad Keep Trying in Till it's Positive. Can't To See You All This Year. 4th Grade & 5th Grade. Stay Safe. COVID-19. Keep's Everyone Safe.
Contact Me.
Or Contact Are School. At: 316-351-8735
Enjoy Staying At Home. Safe Live's Today. Make it Positive. From: Mrs. Keeley.
Room H50.
Mr. Cayden Turner Special Education Teacher. SpEd Teacher 4th Grade & 5th Grade. Mathes Teacher.
5th Grade. & 4th Grade. Math & Life Skills. And: Realty 101 & 102 & 103 & 104. Teacher For: SpEd Teacher. 4th Grade & 5th Grade.
Also Remember Your Love One's.
Learning is My Type Of School Teaching.
My Email is [email protected]
Contact Me By: E-mail Only. Or Contact Me At: 316-778-8171 Contact Me. Or: By: [email protected] I'm Ready To: Start. The School. Year. Tomorrow. At: 11am. To: 3pm. I Work At: Appleton Elementary School. This Year. Excited. To: Work Here. Have A Great Rest Of Your Day.


Mr. Cayden Turner SpEd Sub Teacher. Working At Appleton Elementary School. This Year. This is My First Time Working Here. At: Appleton Elementary💘Working With Student's....... This Year. Classroom B34 Room. Enjoy Working With Student's. Goodbye.


Mr. Cayden's Class Packet Up For The Last Day Of School. Student's Pick Up Your Supplies. Today? These Will Need For Next Year.


Dear, Lion's Mr. Cayden Class Did There? Science Lab Program. From: Home. Enjoy The Your Homework.


Mr. Cayden's Class Did A Science Lab Program. Activities. From: Home. Everyone do your activities.


Mr. Cayden's Class Did There. Mathes Classes. Today? From: Mr. Cayden's Classes.


Dear, Lion's, Student's, And Teacher's, Winner's At Are School. Los Santos Elementary School. Mr. Cayden Turner SpEd Teacher. $500.000
Mr. Daniel Geronimo SpEd Para $56.000
Mrs. Híñã Âkãrí SpEd Para Helper $500.000
Mr. Stèphéñ Ãkãrí SpEd Para Helper $25.000
Winner's Are SpEd Teacher's. Go Live On page Only Mr. Hawks Pick Are Winner's For This Year. Congratulations?


Dear, Tiger's Club, Student's, Parent's. Please Note: To Bring Your School. Supplies. Back. To 🏫. Thanks For Your Understanding.


Dear, Tiger's Club We are closing all school's. Forever. You're school's. Are not opening up. This Year. Peace Out.


Congratulations To: Are Tiger's Club. This Year. Making Out Staying At Home. Activities. From: Home. I'm Sad We Are Not in School's. This Year. This is Your Teacher: Mr. Cayden & Mrs. Ãkãrí Here. Goodbye.


Mr. Cayden's Class Packet Up There Backpacks For Los Santos Elementary School. This Year. 2020. Wish Them Good Luck?


Happy Teacher's Day

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