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Get rid of your belly fat with evidence-based guidance, professional support, and accountability.

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If you live in Clinton, Lanham, or anywhere within the DC area and you’re looking for in-home personal training, give me a call. ☺️ I’d like to work with someone who is serious about making a total lifestyle change. That means making dietary changes as well exercise. Get fit this winter so that you’re not scrambling to get fit at the last minute when the weather gets warm again. Make it a lifestyle, I’ll show you how. 2025039282

Fit by Charis Get rid of your belly fat with evidence-based guidance, professional support, and accountability.


Lifestyle change can only happen when we SHIFT OUR MINDSET!

Reach out to me to start your journey to self-discovery and change today. or link in bio.


Why stick to the old traditional way of losing weight when it doesn't even give you sustainable results? Did you know there are ways to lose weight that don't involve counting calories and starving yourself?

These diets are called 'ad libitum,' which means 'at one's pleasure,' and research has shown that they're quite effective.

So stop torturing yourself and lose the toxic weight in a way that is more comfortable for you. For the basic rules to follow, make sure you check out my belly fat academy at, link in bio. Put some time aside because I have a LOT to explain. ;-)


Deep inside, you know it's true. But it's so hard to break out of that bad habit isn't it? The more you deny it, the more reality will keep bringing you back to this: The only way to make progress is to make the changes.

If you're having a hard time staying consistent and need help, that's what I'm here for. Improving your health with a health coach is more effective than doing it alone, in fact it has been proven that you can lose a higher percent of body fat just by working with a health coach.

You don't have to do it all alone. Book a coaching session with me at, link is in the bio.

Also make sure to watch my evidence-based and research-proven course to find out the better, more comfortable and intuitive way to lose the toxic weight and to perfect your lifestyle and your level of health.

Go to the link in my bio and join the belly fat academy on my site.


A lot of people have fears and doubts, but it's very possible to lose weight without exercise. And many of us don't really have the option to exercise.

Some of us are injured, disabled, or severely depressed. That's why it's important to have a plan for those who can't exercise.

So start with these and you'll be surprised to see how much weight you lose. As for the dietary portion, you're probably not going to see results if you don't watch my course - because a lot of what we've been taught is healthy, is information that comes from research that was funded by food companies.

Sign up for my course to get clear on what to do.

Link to my Belly Fat Academy video course:

Also for 1-on-1 coaching with me, schedule a free discovery call with me so that we can get started on the path to improving your health and getting you to your fitness goals:


Your heart health is highly related to the size of our waists. So it's important to consider how much of a deeper issue this is. Make sure to get good sources of omega 3, it helps to enhance your heart health, increase good cholesterol levels, and correct your body fat distribution by lowering the ratio of your waist to your hips.

To get a comprehensive understanding and some extra motivation to make these belly fat reducing lifestyle changes, join my Belly Fat Academy video course today. It's only $47 right now.

Link to the course:


Sometimes weight loss is actually just as easy as laying in the sun. Most people, and especially overweight and obese people, have lower than ideal levels of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is so necessary for multiple functions in the body, including the health of our metabolism.

Also Vitamin D from supplements is nothing compared to the actual Vitamin D that comes from the sun, so make sure to get some sun as often as you can. Now that it's summertime, take advantage of the warm weather and allow your skin to be exposed to the sun. Also make sure to have some sun time without sunscreen, since sunscreen blocks your ability to synthesize Vitamin D from the sun.

For more tips on how to lose belly fat and improve your overall health, join my belly fat academy:


Sometimes overeating isn't entirely our own fault. Sometimes it's because certain ingredients in our food are triggering that desire in us. Pay attention to the ingredients in your food and you'll be better protected from these types of food.

Also when you're at restaurants, it's safest to assume that these types of ingredients are in the food you're ordering. Restaurants are there to make money, so they often choose low quality food items (because they're cheap).

High fructose corn syrup is often added to food items that have at least some sweetness in them. So beware.

To learn more and to empower and protect yourself from developing toxic belly fat, make sure to join my belly fat academy video course - I made it myself, so know that I put a lot of love and effort into this.

Here's the link to the course:


Happy Cinco de Mayo! I know a lot of you have the day off (or took the day off). So take a moment to de-stress from the week.

It's super important to take these types of moments to breathe in times of stress and also in times of rest, so here is your reminder to slow down.


Not only does diaphragmatic breathing (belly breathing) work so well for reducing stress, it also helps to get rid of belly fat. As I mentioned in a prior post, we lose fat primarily through our breath.

When you breathe, make sure to take deep belly-expanding breaths.

Also keep in mind that holding your stomach in throughout the day can be restricting your oxygen intake. So while you think you're helping yourself look slimmer, you're only worsening the problem. Don't hold your belly in, let yourself breathe.

To get a comprehensive understanding and some extra motivation to make the changes you need to get rid of belly fat (and it's research-based) check out my course!


Pushing yourself to get up and do a workout is a necessary part of changing your lifestyle, but you should also consider doing activities that are enjoyable to you. That's how you stay consistent and self-motivated. Getting healthy and fit is about you, not what others expect of you.

What's better? Trying and failing to be consistent with a conventional exercise routine or being consistent from week to week doing something you actually enjoy? You know the answer to that. That's why it's important to take your desires and your feelings into consideration.

If you need motivation and other ways to stay consistent, reach out to me and book a call on the link below:


I don't always talk about lifestyle habits because improving your health and losing belly fat is about more than that. Oftentimes the mental part (which is soooo important) is ignored/neglected.

Most people know that stress can lead to disease and weight gain, but they don't really know how to transform and neutralize their stress. One way to do so is to pay attention to your thoughts and your emotions. Anytime you feel anger, fear, or like you're over-compromising yourself and ignoring your needs - is when it's time to check yourself.

Much of the time all we need to do is change our perspective, how we show up in the world, and/or change our situation to fit our happiness and wellbeing. Begin honoring yourself and your needs, stop tolerating less and stand up for yourself.

Now I'm not giving people a pass for overstepping others' boundaries, but what I am doing is encouraging you to see your value as well. We all can fit in this world comfortably and be happy at the same time. Find a position where you can be happy. The world is like a puzzle piece, you just need to find where you fit in.

If you're ready to dive into the mental part of improving your health, and conquer the parts of you that have been holding you back from your goals - do health coaching with me.


If it's hard for you to stick to a healthy lifestyle, try working with a health coach. For those who want to lose weight, people lose 3x more weight working with the support and guidance of a health coach rather than working by themselves.


Our waists truly display the state of our health. It's important to drink water. If you don't like the taste of one type of spring water, try another. Also download one of those water reminder apps so that you're drinking water throughout the day and reaching the amount of water that you need to drink for your bodyweight.

If you're having difficulty maintaining and adopting healthy habits, you may need a health coach. People who use health coaches lose 3 times more weight than those who don't. Book a free discovery call with me on my site to see if we're a good fit.


Calorie counting and starving yourself is tortuous, yet people defend it so much. People can literally lose weight in a way that is comfortable for them, but they'd rather defend that status quo.

Research has shown us that out of all the people who have “successfully” lost weight, within 5 years, they regain more than 75% of the weight that they lost back. But okay, keep going with what EVERYBODY keeps parroting to you. Good luck with that.

OR you could watch my evidence-based and research-proven course to find out a better, more comfortable and intuitive way to lose the weight that is toxic for you.

Don't follow the sheep because eventually you'll all fall off of a cliff. Then you'd have even more weight to lose and that much more work to do.

It's currently $47, go to:


I literally aged in reverse and I used research to get to where I am. At 33 years old I feel way younger than when I was in my teens and when I was in college. You can even see how swollen my face was, I had so much inflammation in my body.

If diabetes, cancer, and heart disease run in your family (like it does in mine) - chances are that you have a proclivity to developing belly fat (like me). But just because you're more likely to develop belly fat doesn't mean it can't be stopped or reversed.

Belly fat is what we get when our organ health begins to deteriorate. Belly fat is the physical manifestation of high bad cholesterol, low blood oxygen, nutrient deficiencies, inflammation and more.

Instead of "cutting calories" you need to know what you're actually doing that's causing inflammation in your body.

Belly fat is a problem that isn't solved by simply working out and eating less. It's about what you eat, and about how you are living your life. If you wanna join my belly fat academy then go to and sign up (it's only $47 right now) - your body will thank you in ways that you always dreamed of.


Cravings happen when we get hungry, and when the cravings hit hard enough, that's when you lose self control.

That's why it's good to eat food that will sustain you, whole grains, healthy proteins and fat.

Make sure that you've got plenty of healthy options of food to snack on, so that you won't find yourself giving in to your cravings and doing something that you regret.

Bring raw nuts/seeds and fruit to snack on throughout the day. They can be super helpful for getting you to your next healthy meal.

If you're having difficulty sticking to the plan and you need some accountability, you may need a health coach. Book an appointment with me to see if you're ready to work together towards your goals.

-coach Charis


Pushing yourself too hard can lead to injury, exhaustion, and stress. All of which can hurt your fitness goals.

You don't need to jog or run (not that anything is wrong with it when it's enjoyable to you).

BUT... a walk is actually the best way to get your cardio in, because it lowers cortisol and it is excellent at burning belly fat, which helps to lengthen your lifespan and lower your risk of disease.

Check out my course to find out what you can do to reach your health and fitness goals. It may be exactly what you need to hear to make that necessary lifestyle change.


As i mentioned in a prior post, our blood oxygen levels often influence the size of our waists. This is why activities like cardio are so helpful in burning belly fat. But did you know that you don't even have to exercise to get your body to start metabolizing fat from your body?

Something as simple as doing diaphragmatic breathing exercises can help. There are so many of us who are not quite ready to be active, or don't have the motivation to be as active as we should be. Breathing exercises are a great place to start. When you can't exercise, or won't 😉 exercise, try breathing deeply for a few minutes.

Also for more belly fat burning tips so that you can finally be able to reach your body goals in a way that works for you, sign up for my course already. Your health can't wait much longer.

Take my course or sign up to do coaching with me here:

Love, Coach Charis

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Belly fat isn't a cosmetic issue, it's much deeper than that. In fact, it's found in your bloodwork.

Belly fat is related to your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, your hormones, the amount of fat in your liver, and much more.

That's why you can't keep the belly fat away unless you make some specific lifestyle changes.

-Coach Charis

PS: Join my belly fat academy so that you can stop unknowingly sabotaging your fitness goals:

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Have you ever asked yourself what it feels like to have a slow metabolism? Probably not. But you probably know what it feels like to be lazy. Well, consider this.. it may be the same feeling.

A slow metabolism will literally slow you down by making life feel like an entire CHORE. Stop beating yourself up and realize you're dealing with a HEALTH problem, not a personality flaw.

If you're having issues with finding your inner motivation, reach out to me by booking your free coaching discovery call with me. Let this be the day you begin to truly turn your life around.

-Coach Charis

PS: Here's the link to my page:


Are you struggling to lose belly fat no matter how much you exercise or diet? The culprit could be hiding in your kitchen. Cooking with oil might be the reason why you still have stubborn belly fat. So if you want to finally shed that belly fat and improve your overall health, it's time to ditch the cooking oil and try a new approach.

Read more here:

Also stop trying and failing and not being sure if you're doing things right. Follow my evidence-based path to success and join my course. Your belly-fat-free future awaits you!

Join course here:


This is How Important Diet is When it Comes to Losing Belly Fat

When it comes to losing belly fat, many people focus on exercise as the solution. However, research has shown that diet is actually more important than exercise when it comes to losing belly fat.

Belly fat is related to inflammation, and poor nutrition can contribute to inflammation in the body. A study published in Diabetes Care found that a high intake of refined carbohydrates, such as white bread and sugary drinks, was associated with an increased risk of belly fat and inflammation. [1] Additionally, a diet high in saturated and trans fats, such as those found in processed and fried foods, can contribute to inflammation in the body, leading to an increased risk of belly fat.

Read more:


I feel younger than i felt when in my prime. Crazy huh. ☺️


Yes, it's possible to lose belly fat WITHOUT losing weight.


You don't have to do a million sit-ups to get abs.

Having a toned and defined midsection is something that many people strive for, but it's not always easy to achieve. While doing abdominal exercises can help strengthen and tone the muscles in your core, it's important to understand that revealing your abs is more about reducing overall body fat percentage than it is about performing ab exercises.

Continue reading here:


My health started going downhill when I was really young. I already had a seizure disorder when I was 2 1/2, but then by the time I was in college, I was requiring 3 hour naps on a daily basis and I suffered from acne, severe heart burn, and depression. After I turned my health around, I feel the best I've ever felt at 33 years old. I've been following certain key rules that I use to balance my lifestyle to my benefit. I have power over my health and I want you to have that power, too. If you're having difficulty making consistent changes in your life, book a free discovery call with me on my website. As an intrinsic health and wellness coach, I help you to find your inner motivation and I help you to discover the ways that you are limiting yourself from reaching your goals. It's time to step into your new timeline and live the life that you want to live. Contact me so that we can get started together.


Join me in a workout this week!


Whole grains burn belly fat!

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Belly fat isn't a cosmetic issue, it's a health issue. Learn more on my blog or join my course at for  i...
Yes, it's possible to lose belly fat WITHOUT losing weight.
Whole grains help get rid of belly fat




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