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My 14 tips & tricks on how to eat clean
When completing this challenge keep in mind the fourteen clean eating principles:

1. Eat 5-6 small meals daily

2. Eat every 2-3 hours

3. Drink at least 2 liters ,or 8 cups of water each day

Tip: fill up a gallon jug (of an old milk or water container) with water and make sure to consume the whole thing by the end of the day

4. Carry a cooler (aka lunch kit) with clean food. Don't eat out!!

Meal prep is the biggest key here! Make snacks on the go!!

5.Avoidallover-processed, refined foods, especially white flour and sugar

No white rice either!! Sorry whole grain stuff and wheat flour! Just make the change its worth it and still taste great!

6. Avoid all saturated fats and trans fats

7. Avoid sugar-loaded colas and juices

8. Never skip a meal especially breakfast

9. Eat lean protein and complex carbs!! Do not skip those carbs!! Carbs help build muscle!!

**My personal favorite carb: sweet potato and whole wheat or multigrain bread!!

10. Consume adequate healthy fats (EFA’s) each day
11. Avoid alcohol– another form of sugar

(Sorry but it's true)

Try to drink no more than 3 glasses of wine a week.

***If you need some good cocktail recipes I have plenty I can message you that are low in sugar! I really suggest for you to buy autumns fixate book because it has a cocktail section that is 21 day fix approve!!
12. Avoid all calorie-dense food containing no nutritional value (ex. Iceburg lettuce)
13.Depend on fresh fruits and vegetables fiber, vitamins, and enzymes

**do not skip your veggies or fruits!!

14. – give up the super sizing! Just say No!! Try not to eat out and if you do be careful about your choices! You can eat better!! It's all about choices!


I won't stop!! I may fail every once in awhile (like getting off track) but it only makes me stronger!! I refuse to quit!! Day 3 of 21 day fix extreme!!!


Do you really feel this way?? If you do I can help!! I really want you to feel beautiful inside and on the outside!! If you are uncomfortable with the way you look please message me! I can help coach you! My favorite Beachbody program is the 21 Day FiX because it has an awesome nutrition plan! It's life changing!!!




Lmao!! This is so true!!!


Bring it Monday!!


Pumpkin spice coffee!! (Clean eating)
It's Fall Yall!!

Where's my pumpkin spice latte lovers?!! 🙊🎃

It's super easy to make, the perfect blend for people who aren't huge pumpkin fans, and SOO creamy!!

1 cup coffee
1/4 tsp vanilla
1 tsp coconut oil
1 dash of cinnamon
3 dashes pumpkin spice 🎃
1 packet of stevia or honey or even maple syrup :)

The secret is to BLEND the mixture well so the coconut emulsifies
**i use a handhold mixer :)
Feel free to share!!!


I love this time of year!! It's my favorite time of the year!!


So yesterday I did 21 day fix extreme and im so sore. I took a break from lifting weights and just did CIZE only. Yeah it was a bad idea! Lol! This girl needs to lift! Lol!


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ive been slacking!! I need to get my butt in gear!! how is everyone else doing??


I won't quit! You can't stop me!


Anybody doing the Labor Day fix challenge with Autumn? I'm on day 2 and the 21 day fix extreme is hard...like really hard! Lol! This will be my official first round. I've tested some workouts but never did a full round! Go me!! Lol! Also on day 2 of CIZE! I love CIZE and its absolutely a fun program!! I highly recommend it! I just don't quite get the 8 count ab workout though. Lol! It's a little too fast for me! I'll get there!
✅ CIZE -you got this
✅ 21DFX- upper fix
✅ 21DF-10 minute abs


day 2 of Labor Day fix and I'm rocking it!! Made this 21 day fix approved burrito and it was Soo yummy!!



Oh my! I just made turkey sloppy joes from fixate and they were so good!! Right now I have peanut butter squares in the oven!! This girl is happy!! Lol

www.chalenejohnson.com 08/13/2015

Don’t Fall For These Common Fitness Myths

Everyone should read!! Great advice from Chalene!!

www.chalenejohnson.com When it comes to exercise and fitness we’ve all heard the phrases, “muscle weighs more than fat”, “abs are made in the kitchen”, and “working out in the morning burns more calories”, but are they true? Should you really believe all those catchy phrases that are supposed to boost you into a super fit…


My breakfast this morning!! Yummy!! A scrambled egg muffin(whole wheat) with guacamole and turkey bacon. Also a bowl of yogurt with fresh berries and slivered almonds! Yummy!!


What are your favorite quotes?? I just put these quote on my bathroom mirror! It will be the first thing I see every morning! I need to believe in them!! I seek positivity and to be stronger than when I was yesterday! (Emotionally and physically)


Have you tried zoodles yet?? Zoodles are noodles made of zucchini!! This way you stay away from the carbs but still can enjoy italian dishes! Plus this way you can sneak your veggies in!! ;) They are really tasty!! Just sauté them in olive oil and garlic. I bet you will love them more than whole wheat pasta! It's so yummy!!




Did you know and are made in the kitchen? Yes sadly they won't just pop up doing a million crunches and eating like crap :(
If you want to change your lifestyle and want to learn how to eat healthy please message me!! I'm starting a free 5 day eating plan/group on August 17!!
Just comment "I'm in"

food.allwomenstalk.com 08/05/2015

9 Best Brands of Almond Butter to Give a Try ...

Anybody love almond butter? What brand is your favorite??

food.allwomenstalk.com Almond butter has given peanut butter quite the run for its in terms of popularity, and it’s no wonder due to some of the best brands of almond butter on the market to choose from. No matter what your fancy- raw or roasted- there’s an almond butter out there for you. Creamy or crunchy, sweet…


I had this snack the other day and thought I would share again! Banana peanut butter chocolate chip quesadilla! This makes a nice healthy treat! Use a whole wheat tortilla or flatout! Spread peanut butter on tortilla and put sliced banana in it with semi-sweet chocolate chips! Heat in a pan on stove until chocolate is melted! Bam! Healthy but satisfies that chocolate sweet tooth! Counts as 1 yellow if on the 21 Day Fix plan!


21 day fix is simple! Put in containers and Bam!!!! You have a delicious healthy meal!!
Shrimp tacos :)


Yummy snack!! Apple banana muffins! Gluten free and vegan!! I'm none of those but they are yummy! Lol!


Who wants to eat the food they still love and lose weight??? If yes then you should try 21 Day Fix because it's a simple nutrition and fitness plan! Autumn is starting a challenge group on the 17th!! Who wants in?? There will be cool prizes!!!


Good morning!! I just ate some yummy chocolate protein crepes from autumns Fixate!! I modified it a little and omg it was Soo yummy!!! What did you have for breakfast?


It's a new month which means it's time to start something new and fresh!! In starting with 21 day fix extreme what are you doing this month?

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Motivated by Cize I decide to crate my own fitness dance routine! I hope you enjoy because I'm throwing myself out there...
You are worth it!! You can do it!! Don't wish for it work for it!!
Doing CIZE at super saturday!!
Preview of the new CIZE workout!! Yes that's me dancing and getting my groove on! Lol!




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