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“Their stuff really is that good. If they need a soprano for the tour I hope they call us first.” - Mariah Carey’s publicist reacting to “Have a Claims Free New Year”

Happy Monday, insurance pros!

No nice way to say it: the last year for our industry has been excruciating.

But it’s always darkest before the dawn. Two reasons you should be optimistic:

1. As reported in last week’s edition the legislature will convene on December 12th to discuss property insurance issues and reform.

1. Our pals at the Insurance Journal Academy released an album of holiday carols.

Yes, you read that correctly. The IJA team took a breather from producing best-in-class education experiences, donned cheerful/hideous holiday sweaters and remastered ten classic carols that will blow your stockings off. The album - “Have a Claims Free New Year” – and samples of tracks such as “O Property O Casualty” (to the tune of “O Christmas Tree”) and “My Drone Hit a Stranger” (to the tune of “Away in a Manger”)

This week’s newsletter has all of the details:


“Too rich for my blood!” -John D. Rockefeller, circa 1918, reacting to the Hotel Ormond raising his rent (scroll to the “F5” in this week’s newsletter for the story)

Happy Monday, insurance pros!

I hope this post finds you well and that you’re seeing some light at the end of the food-coma-induced tunnel vision. As for yours truly, we continued our annual family tradition of convening for turkey day in Ormond Beach where I was reminded of the rich (hint, hint) history of the city’s most famous resident. For the rest of the story, scroll down to the “F5”.


“Why did the turkey refuse to eat cranberry sauce? Because it was already stuffed.” - What you get when you Google “Thanksgiving jokes”

I hope this post finds you well and unscathed from our state’s unwelcomed visitor last week. If Hurricane/TS Nicole is giving you a hard time, please know that the FISCE team is sending all the positive vibes we can conjure.

Turkey week = no newsletter. Our office is closed (so no newsletter or Webinars) the week of the Thanksgiving holiday. I look forward to joining the Monday morning mania that is your inbox again on 11/28.

Miss the newsletter this morning? Here’s a link ➡️


Happy Veterans Day from your grateful friends at FISCE.


“Look at the bright side; it would clear out some of those darn snakes!” - Officials discussing the accidental detonation of missiles housed in the Glades (check out this week’s newsletter for context)

Happy Monday, insurance pros!

Monday, Monday. To accommodate for the week of Thanksgiving (no Webinars that week), our NOV schedule is kicking off earlier in the month than normal including an awesome one this Monday (11/7).

If you missed this morning’s newsletter, here’s a link:


“I don’t get the fuss. It just looks like a lighthouse to meeoOOH #^&* WHAT WAS THAT?!” -Tourists at the St. Augustine Lighthouse, known as the “Mona Lisa of paranormal sites” (see this week’s newsletter for more)

Happy Halloween Monday, insurance pros! 🎃

I hope this post finds you well and excited for an evening of dropping full-sized candy bars into the bags of hilariously costumed kids.

If you missed it this morning, check out this week’s newsletter for more on the most haunted lighthouse in Florida ➡️


“Hey! Look at us! Look how clever we think we are!” - Any business using Halloween puns in its communications

Halloween puns are dumb and unprofessional. Are you as tired as I am of businesses inundating you with hacky, childish, and downright disgusting puns this time of year?

Ugh! Personally, I feel it’s a bad look for any business expecting to be taken seriously. Fear not, dear reader! Rest assured that this edition is *all-business!


“You get 90 days! You get 90 days!! YOU get 90 days!!!” - Oprah informing members of her excited audience they’ve just received a CE deadline extension

Happy Monday, insurance pros!

90 days. The Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) announced that due to Hurricane Ian it’s giving automatic 90-day CE compliance extensions to all licensees with a deadline in September, October, November or December. If your compliance deadline falls within these months you should see the extension in your DFS MyProfile account which you can access here. ➡️

Did you live in South Florida in 1977 and own a camera? Check out this week’s newsletter to see how you can win a free FISCE shirt. ➡️

Famous Florida insurance guru talks flood & Hurricane Ian 10/14/2022

Famous Florida insurance guru talks flood & Hurricane Ian

Famous Florida flood insurance guru David Thompson recently joined the FISCE for a discussion that could prove useful for Florida insurance pros and their insureds in the wake of horrible Hurricane Ian.

Many thanks to David for allowing us to record and share it. We hope you find this information timely and helpful. Please consider sharing this email and video with your colleagues, insureds and/or anyone else whom you believe will benefit from this information.

Famous Florida insurance guru talks flood & Hurricane Ian Famous Florida flood insurance guru David Thompson recently joined the FISCE for a discussion that could prove useful for FL insurance pros and their insured...


Who has two thumbs and is FL’s finest insurance pro?” *points thumbs at self -Any FISCE patron after this past week

Happy Monday, insurance pros!

You answered the call. Thanks to your generosity, thousands of desperately needed dollars are now in the hands of organizations supporting storm recovery efforts across Florida. If you’re in Tallahassee this week stop by the FedEx store and say hello as I’ll probably be there shipping t-shirts to you beautiful people. Thank you!

Check out what we have on tap for this week: ➡️

Help Us, Get Free Insurance Education Webinars and Swag! 10/03/2022

Help Us, Get Free Insurance Education Webinars and Swag!

As efforts to recover from horrible Hurricane Ian get underway, our team at the FISCE is ready to do our part. Help us and we’ll give you free Webinars and swag. For the details, please watch this 3-minute video:

To summarize the video:

1. Select ANY charity that is assisting with storm recovery and make a donation of any amount DIRECTLY to THAT CHARITY

2. Email a copy of your donation receipt to [email protected]

3. On Friday, 10/7 at noon we will compile the total amount of all donations. FISCE will then make a donation for that same amount to the Red Cross. Our goal is $5k. With your help, we can do this!

4. FREE WEBINARS AND SWAG!!!! Donate at least $50 and we’ll give you a 3-hour CE Webinar! (this credit is transferrable if you’d like to give it to another licensee). Donate at least $100, you’ll get the Webinar credit AND we’ll send you one of our rare/incredibly desirable FISCE T-Shirts like the one I’m wearing in the video. This shirt tells the world that YOU are a certified Florida insurance bada#s.👍

Help Us, Get Free Insurance Education Webinars and Swag! Florida Insurance Professionals and FISCE Raising Money for Victims of Hurricane Ian. Make a donation to any storm recovery charity and forward a copy of you...


“Seriously TIME? What the %^&*?” -reaction from Sting and his band The Police when passed over for a machine

Happy Monday, insurance pros!

Within any organization, virtually every executive-level decision requires equal parts competence, confidence, and caution. But execs are human, and until robots with quantum AI start running the office (just imagine the savings on breakroom supplies!) human execs should be expected to…at least occasionally…screw up.

Making matters worse: many insurance pros admittedly don’t possess adequate knowledge of the policies designed to address executive liability exposures.

Read more in this morning’s newsletter:


“Excuse me…do you have a bandage? Because I’m cut.” (*flexes bicep) - That guy at every FL beach in the 80s

Happy Monday, insurance pros!

We love assisting licensees with CE compliance. But what TRULY lights our fire is when attendees share how our programs make them better at what they do and/or improve their life personally. Excellence, whether professional, personal or both, is the desired outcome of each program we offer.

Extraordinary instructors diving deep into useful content and an online experience that’s equal parts easy and entertaining are the cheese in our macaroni. There’s great stuff on the agenda this week and, even if you’re CE compliant, I hope you’ll consider joining us.

Check out this week’s schedule and more in this morning’s newsletter:


“Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former (insurance teacher), now, about to become the Masters champion. It looks like a mirac... It's in the hole! It's in the hole!” -Line from FL’s finest flick?

Happy Tuesday!

I hope this post finds you well and recovering from a relaxing holiday weekend.

It may look like we’re swimming in Law & Ethics Update programs this week (because we are) but we’ve got some electives scheduled that will help you kick the post-holiday hangover.

Wednesday is the global premiere of “An Hour with Sam: A Numbers Game – Mastering the Coverage Symbols in a Business Auto Policy” – the latest masterpiece directed by instructor Sam “Dad Jokes Ain’t Bad Jokes” Bennett.

Thursday marks the return of instructor Cathy “On a Mission” Trischan’s wildly popular Webinar on contractor liability issues. See the rest in this week’s newsletter:

Home | Florida Insurance School Continuing Education 08/29/2022

Home | Florida Insurance School Continuing Education

“What the actual %^&*?!” - Floridians learning Labor Day is when much of the country closes the pool

As everyone’s favorite summer holiday returns next Monday, look for the next edition of everyone’s favorite newsletter to make landfall next Tuesday, 9/6. If you missed the one this morning, here’s a link:

Home | Florida Insurance School Continuing Education Webinars are live, over-the-internet CE courses. We believe this real-time format allows you to receive the highest quality instruction while watching from your own computer, tablet or smartphone. Webinars combine the convenience of online courses with live instruction and interaction with the instr...


“I don’t want to coach too far into my 60s. By then, I’ll be playing golf four or five times a week.” - Steve Spurrier (who achieved this goal after taking Chris Amrhein’s Webinar that you can take this Tuesday)

Happy Monday, insurance pros!

Thanks to market conditions you’re having about as much fun at work these days as the Duquesne coaching staff trying to prep for FSU. Fret not, my Floridian friends, for it’s always darkest before the dawn…

…which arrives this week and smells like college football. Go ahead…step outside, take a huge sniff and smile. Life is good!

You can read the rest of this morning’s newsletter here:


“Well, at least we don’t have to learn about insurance…amiright? Eck!” - Children in early 19th century St. Augustine at America’s oldest wooden schoolhouse

Happy Monday, insurance pros!

Last week kicked off another school year for our 7-yo. Her excitement to return felt nostalgic…I remember that feeling about school. Do you?

Because of you, I get to feel that excitement every day. At the Florida Insurance School of CE we’re fortunate to spend every day developing and cranking out education experiences that bring together FL’s insurance community. I’m not kidding when I say this week’s slate may be our finest yet.

Check out this week’s newsletter to see what we’re up to and to learn about the oldest wooden schoolhouse.


“Rookie.” - Natives during summer to anyone in FL without a towel & extra shirt in their car

Happy Monday, insurance pros!

Your favorite industry publication is back from hiatus and we’ve much to discuss! First things first…

To my pals at the Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies - LAAIA: thank you for your gracious invitation to speak at the annual convention in Hollywood.

While I envision every FL insurance pro beaming from ear to ear each Monday morning (thanks to a certain newsletter, eh hem…) it was inspiring to see actual smiles across the actual faces of so many actual people at this convo. I’m grateful for the experience!

Check out this morning’s newsletter:


“Annnnnnd action!” *points to guy at front of room -Something I expect everyone to say at the beginning of my classes this week

Happy Monday!

“Kevin goes to Hollywood”…and I hope you’ll come and see me live! The fine folks at the Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies (LAAIA) have humbled me with an invitation to speak at their annual convention this week in Hollywood. If you’re attending this awesome event, please stop by one of my sessions and say hello!

Our live Webinars resume next week and I look forward to highlighting them for you in our next newsletter edition. Rest assured we’ve got plenty of great stuff on tap for you! In the meantime, check out this morning’s newsletter.


“Fort Lauderdale Beach? Seriously? I call bu%^&*!” - Person who wants to win a free t-shirt

Happy Monday, insurance pros!

Have you read our weekly newsletter that came in your inbox this morning? If not, then check it out here for important info and see how you can go about winning a FREE legendary FISCE t-shirt!


“What will I do with the commission? Buy the house next door!” - Me, if I were the agent who recently sold FL’s most expensive home

“What’s that you smell? Money.” The recent passage of SB 2D includes $150 million for eligible Floridians to to cover the cost of mitigation inspections and matching grants for home hardening improvements. Here’s ➡️ the latest info on eligibility and how to apply.

Webinars pouring from our tap this week: insuring the affluent, Medicare and retirement stuff, claims adjusters get ethical, commercial property issues, and personal lines weirdness. I could go on but your attention span is skipping town faster then a guy who just made $80 million selling his house (scroll to the F5 for the story in this week’s newsletter)


Happy 4th of July from your friends at FISCE! 🇺🇸 We hope that everyone has a chance to relax and enjoy some time with family and friends.


“Of course I won’t aim it at the house. How stupid do you think I am?” -Florida Man using cigarette (that’s still in his mouth) to light bottle-rocket

Grab your portable chair/cooler, pop a squat and get ready to gaze in awe at the explosive stuff we’re firing off this week. BUT FIRST, an important message for those of you with a CE deadline in July:

Due to staff summer vacays the FISCE office will close for several days starting in mid-July. As a result, most July Webinars are scheduled VERY EARLY in the month. If July is your CE deadline month, review the schedule TODAY and register soon! The full July schedule and Independence Day “F5” are listed below.


“It’s so damn hot. Milk was a bad choice.” -Ron Burgandy (find the clip on YouTube and you’ll laugh for an hour)

Happy Monday, insurance pros! And happy-belated Father’s Day!

It’s been really freakin’ hot lately and that’s on me. Do some digging and you’ll trace the heat source to a convention center classroom last week in Orlando where yours truly spent hours spewing hot air about insuring drone and transit risks.

Seriously, it was great seeing so many of your smiling faces live and in person! Thanks to my pals at the FAIA for honoring me with an invitation to speak at their annual convention and to all of you who said hello. I left with a sense that (along with oppressive humidity) optimism is in the air.

Did you catch this morning’s weekly newsletter? If you missed it, here’s the link:

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Florida Insurance School Continuing Education, Inc. (FISCE) was founded on May 14, 1991. Building on the experience of The Florida Insurance School, Inc., FISCE began a statewide program of CE classes for many licensed agents in Florida. Since then FISCE has been a market leader in providing CE for P&C and Life & Health Agents as well as All-Lines Adjusters throughout Florida. FISCE was the first organization in Florida to get Webinar as an approved format for CE in the state and we strive to maintain our place as a market leader in the CE field.

At FISCE our goal is simple: combine the convenience of live Webinars with extraordinary instructors to enhance the education of Florida's insurance professionals.

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