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A mother sharing her knowledge of Portuguese as it would be done with her children(tutor). Following curriculum used in Brasil for teaching expat workers.

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[03/10/18]   Let’s speak Portuguese?


With the limited time in our schedules how can we learn a new language together? Let’s brainstorm

[03/09/18]   WORD OF THE DAY:
Car: Carro
Pronounced: kah ho

My car is red.
Meu carro é vermelho.


[03/08/18]   WORD OF THE DAY:
Pen: Caneta
Pronounced: kah ne tah

I like colorful pens.
Eu gosto de canetas colorida.


foreignlanguagecollective.com 03/08/2018

How To Watch Netflix in Another Language

Looking to listen to Portuguese at home with the family? Well, Netflix now has their shows (same ones you watch daily) with the spoken language of choice, Brazilian Portuguese being one of them. Watching cartoons in Portuguese with the kids has been fun and hearing them repeat the words quite a fun adventure.


foreignlanguagecollective.com Learning a language through Netflix is one of the easiest ways of learning a new language. In fact, you might not even notice you are doing it. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy finding content the language you are trying to learn. Luckily, there are ways to make the process of finding foreign l...

fluentu.com 12/31/2017

7 Powerful Benefits of Being Bilingual That'll Change Your Life | FluentU Language Learning Blog


fluentu.com Want a new job? Better health? An enriched personal life? Being bilingual can improve all three areas with these 7 incredible benefits!

babbel.com 09/18/2017

The Top 5 Reasons To Learn Portuguese


babbel.com Want to finally learn a foreign language, but can't decide which one? Here are our top 5 reasons to consider learning Portuguese.

[01/18/17]   WORD OF THE DAY:
Fruit: Fruta
Pronounced: froo tah

Fruits are sweet.
Frutas são doce.



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[01/10/17]   The Top 5 Reasons To Learn Portuguese

Want to finally learn a foreign language, but can't decide which one? Besides the obvious benefits that learning any language brings, here are our top 5 reasons to learn Portuguese.


Reason 1: The language is gorgeous!

Is there a better reason to learn a language than for pure pleasure? The Portuguese language, especially as it’s spoken in Brazil, is possibly the most mellifluous, honey-smooth mode of communication on Earth. It simply sounds like music and is a joy to listen to, but it’s an even greater pleasure when you can also understand and take part in the sonorous, lilting song that is the Portuguese language. No wonder Portugal and Brazil have such rich musical traditions. Fado, Bossa Nova, Choro, Tropicália, Samba… the music is a great entry point into the language, and singing along is a very good way to improve your listening and pronunciation skills.

The beauty of the language is also evidenced in Portuguese and Brazilian literature: notably José Saramago and Fernando Pessoa in Portugal; Jorge Amado, Clarice Lispector, Hilda Hilst and João Guimarães Rosa in Brazil.

Reason 2: 215 million people can’t be wrong!

Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language worldwide, with 215 million native speakers — mostly in Portugal and Brazil, but also in several African countries. There are also almost a million native-Portuguese speakers in the USA.

Reason 3: To have a “secret” language advantage

Despite the high number of native speakers, few people choose to learn Portuguese as a second language (compared to other global languages like Spanish and English) — only 35 million people worldwide. But this lack of interest in Portuguese is a lucrative opportunity for the clever few who choose to learn it. By learning the language, you will be setting yourself apart from everyone else wanting to bolster their CVs and improve their job prospects with more popular languages.

And there couldn’t be a better time to capitalize on this shortage of non-native Portuguese speakers. In the past decade, the Brazilian economy has skyrocketed to become the seventh largest economy in the world. The country is finally being recognized as an economic powerhouse to contend with, and it’s predicted to become one of the five largest economies in the next twenty years. Now is great time to do business in Brazil, and speaking Portuguese will give you a big advantage over competitors.

Reason 4: To visit Brazil (and maybe even stay)

But all work and no play would be a waste of your newly-acquired language skills. You know that picture you have in your mind when you close your eyes and think of a tropical paradise? Yeah, that picture was probably taken in Brazil.

Anyone can go to Brazil and sit on one of its world-class beaches for a week (there are 7,000 km of beaches, so you certainly won’t get bored), but would you rather hang in a boteco, drinking cervejas estupidamente geladas with your new Brazilian friends until the sun comes up? Speaking at least some basic Portuguese will allow you to access the real culture that is out of reach to monolingual tourists. And as we pointed out in reason #3, plenty of visitors to Brazil aren’t satisfied by a short stay. The opportunities to live and work in Brazil grow along with its booming economy.

Reason 5: It’s your gateway to all the other Romance languages

Understanding Portuguese has a knock-on effect when starting to learn any other Romance language like Spanish, Italian, French and Romanian. Knowledge of one makes it much easier to pick up any of the others, since they all evolved from Latin and still share grammar and syntax, and have lots of similar vocabulary.

To put it another way, can you think of one good reason not to learn Portuguese?

Ready to get started?

[01/09/17]   WORD OF THE DAY:
Book: Livro
Pronounced: lee vro

Books are the path to understanding.
Livros são o caminho ao entendimento.


[01/07/17]   WORD OF THE DAY:
Plate: Prato
Pronounced: prah to

The plate broke.
O prato quebrou.


[01/07/17]   Thanks to everyone who have liked the page!

I am looking to start a semester of classes with access online in the next two weeks. If you'd like to participate get in touch with me. The idea is to have a WebEx type session set up and we can chat through the whole session while recording it so you can use for later review. I can accommodate up to 10 students on the online session. The material used for lessons has 18 segments so the whole segment will be 18 weeks.

Tuesday session would be for speakers of Portuguese but not fluent pursuing fluency.

Thursday session is for non-Portuguese speakers looking to learn the language.

Classes start January 17, 2017!

[01/07/17]   WORD OF THE DAY:
Table: Mesa
Pronounced: meh zah

The dining table is for 6 people.
A mesa de jantar é para 6 pessoas.


[01/05/17]   WORD OF THE DAY:
Computer: Computador
Pronounced: con poo tah dor

My computer is pretty good.
Meu computador é muito bom.


[01/03/17]   WORD OF THE DAY:
Sofa: Sofá
Pronounced: so - fah

The sofa is old.
O sofá é velho.


[01/02/17]   WORD OF THE DAY:
Bed: Cama
Pronounced: caah - mah

My bed is super comfortable.
Minha cama é super confortável.


[01/01/17]   WORD OF THE DAY:
Pen: Caneta
Pronounced: cah - ne - tah

You can get pens in many colors.
Você pode ter canetas de várias cores.


[12/31/16]   WORD OF THE DAY:
Door: Porta
Pronounced: poor - tah

Open the door to a beautiful life.
Abra a porta para uma vida linda.


[12/31/16]   WORD OF THE DAY:
Book: Livro
Pronounced: lee-vro

Books are the way to knowledge.
Livros são o caminho ao entendimento.


[12/29/16]   WORD OF THE DAY:
Tree: Árvore
Pronounced: ar-vo-ree

Christmas is now over and the trees will be stored.
Natal acabou agora é então as árvores serão guardadas.


[12/28/16]   WORD OF THE DAY:
Ball: Bola
Pronounced: baw lah

Balls are fun in sports and many games.
Bolas são divertidas em esportes e muitos jogos.


[12/27/16]   WORD OF THE DAY:
Grape: Uva
Pronounced: ooh vah

Grapes are used for making wine.
Uvas são usadas para fazer vinho.



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