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Breanne Julian Turner - any ideas on some good healthy snacks that for kids will last in a backpack all day?
Hi Breanne Julian Turner - can you recommend some better butter - my family doesn't like Karigold, but I want it to be grassfed. Vegan would be ok too tho. Thoughts?
How do you take control of your life?
Being a hairstylist is a passion of mine. It is so easy for me to bury myself into my work and my family that I forget about myself. Almost to a point where I didnt recognize myself. I realized happiness comes from being happy with yourself and then everything else follows. On valentines day this year, i decided that enough was enough. I needed to take my life back. To get healthy, to be able to keep up with my baby girl and show her how to live a healthy lifestyle. So now today with the support of my mother, my family and of course the AMAZING coaches from Texas Last Diet. I am now 50+lbs lighter, and in healthy body fat percentage. I am 5 pant sizes down and oh so much healthier. I can not thank everyone for their support enough. Now to get strong...Hope & Faith Fitness by Breanne Turner
If you are ready get with my ladies at Texas Last Diet...tell them I sent you!!!
@ The Woodlands, Texas

I LOVE the moments when my clients finally realize the scale doesn’t matter so much. 💪🏻

Her first scan from October is on the left. Notice the weight (154), Body Fat and Lean Mass.

Her most current scan...notice the weight (150). That’s ‘only’ 4lbs y’all. If we were going by the scale, frankly I wouldn’t blame her for quitting.

Mind you, this client’s history didn’t include much exercise. When it did, it was random group classes or boot camps. Zero knowledge with regards to weights.

She signed on with me for 2, half hour sessions per week, leading into the holiday season. There was travel, time off, holiday forward to a pandemic where we switched to virtual sessions with super limited equipment for well over a month.

You guys. She has lost body fat and ADDED lean muscle during all of this. We have done NOTHING crazy with her nutrition.

Did I mention she is a mom of a 3 year old and almost 1 year old and works full time too?

She is proof that SMALL changes and consistency lead to huge results.

She FEELS better, her clothes obviously fit better, she is consistently lifting more weight each week, she has gained confidence and is proud.

Now that she is back with in person workouts and under the weights again, I’m so stoked to see her next scan.

**She gets her scans done at Blend Nutrition Co. Julie Valdes can hook you up!

If you’re ready to take charge of your health both mentally and physically, let’s talk!

Hope & Faith Fitness by Breanne Turner

I work with exhausted moms who do all the things for everyone else & feel guilty for doing anything First and foremost, I'm a wife to a wonderful man, we have twin girls and they are the reason I do what I do!

After suffering from postpartum depression and the monotony of washing 16 bottles a day and changing as many diapers, keeping up with the house, cooking, cleaning, etc, I lost myself as a woman. I felt like all I was was mom, housekeeper and chef.....there was no fulfillment for me. I slowly climbed my way out through exercise-it became my outlet. I did all the things and most of them, wrong. I wa

Operating as usual




I'll go first! Green bean casserole!



There is never a good time to start. I know it seems like things will slow down or get better and while that's not untrue...there is never a perfect time. Something will always pop up, feel more important or deter you.

I know you're sitting there rolling your eyes like this bitch be crazy telling me to start working on my health during the holidays but here's a little secret....

If you start NOW (no matter how small) and figure out how to make it work in these crazy conditions, it will stick long term.

Let me break it down.

Let's say you have a goal to exercise 3x a week, consistently. Start with 1. Once that becomes doable, add in another.

Let's say your goal is to eat more veggies. Where can you add in 1 serving to your day?

You want to lose 30lbs? Pick ONE thing you can address. Need more water? Need to improve sleep? Need more protein? Pick ONE area and figure out what the smallest step you can take in that area.

Start small. Start now. You can thank me later. ;)


How do we have these two beautiful little people?!



Myth or Fact?



Go ahead and SAVE and SHARE this because years in this industry has taught me that everyone thinks improving their health over the holidays is pointless and they'll just start in January.

I mean, you're all wrong but it's fine. At least now you'll have my info for after the New Year. ;)

And because I can:

Stop waiting for the perfect time because it's never going to happen.

Stop saying you can't invest in yourself because the holidays are're basically saying "I'm not important enough to invest in" like the rest of my family.

Stop looking for quick fixes and cheaper routes because you'll end up spending MORE and still not reaching your goals.

I'm here when you're ready. ;)


Which means I do too. ;) If you're comfortable in the gym and accustomed to lifting with barbells and dumbbells, I have a 12 week program available for you!

This one is for my intermediate/advanced people. The beginner/intermediate program will be launched soon!

Want more details on how you can work with me (exercise wise) and what it looks like? Send me a DM!


Unless that person snores.

That’s all.
The end.


And if you're staying in your lane with those blinders on, working on no one but won't see/hear it anyway. 😉


Comparison is on my mind lately because most of us fall prey to it in some form or fashion. I think it's such an important piece to our much so that I'm dedicating a chapter to it in my book.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on comparison, how you've dealt with it (good or bad) and have learned or are learning to let it go!


Let’s hear it!!!


Share & Save this as we head into the Holiday's!



Does it sink in better if someone else says it?

It's like being a parent. I can tell my girls something and they are like blah blah blah. Another adult will tell them literally the same thing and they soak it up. So maybe you'll believe him instead.

With the exception of the watch/equipment one, this is what I preach.

About that watch and equipment though....

Treat them as a tool and not the end all be all. Especially if you're after fat loss and counting calories. You are likely burning LESS.

And as a side note.....remember that food labels can be up to 20% off and not in your favor.

So you're liking burning less and consuming more than you think. Make sure you leave some wiggle room in those numbers. ;)

In case you missed the memo:
-Lift weights


Cortisol & How it relates to training 11/15/2022

Cortisol & How it relates to training

In case you aren't subscribed and missed this one:

You can also Subscribe at the bottom of the article and you'll be notified anytime I post a new blog, update with the new app invite and my book details. Promise, no spam from me. ;)

Cortisol & How it relates to training Cortisol is commonly referred to as the Stress Hormone and when we hear the word stress we typically think bad or not so healthy, right?


If the majority of people would follow these tips, they'd be a helluva lot better off...but I realize that's easier said than done. And that's why I do what I do as your coach.

See, you can have all the tools and you can know all the things you *should* be doing but for most people, that's not enough.

I mean, if I took a poll right now and asked how many of you KNOW the things to do to improve your health but are still struggling with the HOW, most would say YES, that's ME!

Am I right?

Hi. My name is Breanne but most call me Bre. As your coach, this is EXACTLY what we do together. We take what you already know, learn a little more, break down your lifestyle/schedule/routine and pair them with your goals and come up with a not so scary way to improve your health (and your family's!).

I'd be honored to help you navigate what healthy looks like for YOU. And no, it won't get easier or better after the holidays so don't lie to yourself saying you'll 'start' after the New Year. ;)

If you're ready to go into the holiday season with confidence, I'm here for it!


Other peoples opinions don’t pay your bills. 😘

When someone says: “do you want to know what they said about you?” It’s an easy No!

Stay in your lane, cut out the distractions and do YOU. Whether it’s what’s best for your health, your family, work, marriage, etc.

If we spent as much time on ourselves as we do on social media or talking about others, we would be so much healthier, physically and mentality. 😉

Health is more than the food you consume or the exercise you do. 💪🏽

Anything you need to cut out of your day to day?


Let’s play a game. Caption this photo! 🤣


Did you know I own a gym open to the public too? Yep! And I'd love for you to give us a try for FREE. We offer a completely FREE Bootcamp open to the public every Saturday at 9a AND Open Gym from 9a-11a. What does that mean?

It means for all you bootcamp lovers whose partners hate bootcamps, they can come workout on their own while you participate in the class. Win-win and a great way to start your weekend off together!

Y'all know I don't mess around so my trainers are top notch. These aren't those stupid fad workouts where you're puking and can barely walk after (newsflash trendy boutique places-you're doing it wrong!)....our classes are designed around YOUR fitness level.

Come see why Relentless Training Facility does it better!

Photos from The Relentless Lifestyle's post 11/10/2022

This is exactly why I do what I do and why I have a trusted network of providers.

When a client is pain free for the first time….literally brings tears to my eyes.

I may not be the best suited for your specific issue but you can bet I have a partner who does.

When I say to use me as a resource, I mean it. I want you to FEEL better. ❤️

Sometimes that means we work directly together like with this client and sometimes that means I’m simply sharing another providers info….doesn’t matter to me as long as you get the help/relief you deserve.

Thank you for trusting me and my peeps with your health! ❤️

Lauren LeRoy Sporrer Brandy Link Sambirsky


Let's talk p**p! It's nothing to be embarrassed about-we ALL do it. It's important to discuss when it comes to being a healthy human.

As with all things health, the frequency of your p**p is relative to you. Being regular may mean daily, every other day or several times a week. What's important to note is if there are changes in YOUR regularity.

The Bristol Stool Chart is a good guide for you to dig further (I don't literally mean to dig in your p**p-that's gross) into your gut health.

Our bodies are SO good at telling us what's happening on the inside....if only we would pay attention. ;)

It's so often an easy fix that doesn't require medication (though valuable and necessary at times) right away. We can change so much by simply tuning into what our body is telling us and comparing it with our nutrition, sleep and activity level.

For example....if your p**p floats, it could be a sign of malabsorption. If you're constipated you could simply be lacking fiber. If it's green it could just be from all the leafy greens you've eaten. If it's black....don't freak out right away. Maybe you ate a lot of blueberries or black licorice. :)

Check your poo, compare it to the chart and learn what your p**p is saying about your diet. :)

Read more here:**p


She did not get 'toned' from being a cardio bunny or being in a constant caloric deficit.

-She put in time

-She lifted the heavy weights

-She listened to her body

-She prioritized her sleep

-She wasn't afraid to eat

And because I can.....she's not toned. She has MUSCLE and it's perfectly acceptable for women. Why is it that we call a man muscular but a female toned? *eye roll* That's like slapping a pink label on protein powder and saying it's specifically designed for women. WTF ever. It's bu****it.

Ladies, you WANT muscle, especially as you age. I don't know about you but I don't want to be one of those old women who can barely get around on her own. Build the muscle. Your future self literally depends on it.


Perspective AND not being so quick to jump to conclusions.

When you hear or read something on social media or the news, are you quick to jump on the bandwagon or do you pause and allow time for introspection and further investigation?

For some, this is a really hard thing to do and if you're struggling with it, all the more reason to get OFF the news and social media. This is what the media wants! They want to infiltrate your thoughts and creative divisiveness.

Don't worry, I'm not going all tin foil hat style over here but it's something I see as a common theme lately in my coaching practice.

What you FUEL your mind and thoughts with shapes how you see and how you react to things.

Choosing to fuel your mind with positivity doesn't mean you're turning a blind eye to issues, it simply means YOU are in control of what you allow (or don't) in.

If you continually tell yourself you're fat and your life is miserable, you will be. If you continue to follow accounts that make you feel bad and/or judge yourself even more, what good is that?

Perspective matters. The TV shows you watch, the social media accounts you follow, the games you play, the podcasts you listen you, people you hang out with, the food you consume....all matter and shape who you are!

This is definitely a more 'squirrel' type of post but hopefully something clicks for you. Focus on YOU and what you can control. ;)


So many things and some not even listed. No one told me this stuff. I bought into the whole 'all or nothing' and 'more must mean better' mentality.

I wish I had someone like to me to guide me. *wink wink*

But in all seriousness, please know there is a better, more sustainable way to improve your health.

You might be shaking your head saying I'm wrong because what you're doing is working right now but if that involves twoadays or ridiculously intense workouts, strict meal plans and/or avoiding certain foods, I'm here to tell you, that is NOT sustainable long term.

Please please please, even if we don't ever speak, let alone work together, take this free advice from someone who has been in your shoes and has guided hundreds of people on the healthier way to achieve improved health.


Do me a flavor and I'll send you something in return?

Can you complete the Subscribe part for me on my website? It's under the Blog, then scroll to the bottom. I want to make sure the feature is working properly when I upload a new blog post.

I'll send you some of my fav, easy recipes in return. :)


❌On todays episode of: This is bu****it…❌

So. Many. Questions.

If 4 almonds does all that, imagine if we doubled it?!?

Golly, what if we ate an actual serving size?! 🫢

For real. No doubt almonds are a great source of healthy fat and contain protein but good gravy it’s not a miracle nut.

Nor is throwing 4 measly almonds at your dumpster fire of a lifestyle going to make a difference.

Nothing against the almond.

But don’t take your health advice from these types of posts. 😉. Want to dramatically improve your health? ⤵️⤵️⤵️

☀️ sunshine
💦 hydration
😴 adequate sleep
🥗 whole food
🏋🏻‍♀️ lift weights
😃 reduce stress

You’re welcome. 😘


Are you a….

No appliances on the counter


Appliances stay on the counter



And it doesn't have to be that way.

This is a result of focusing on weight loss only, usually by means of a caloric deficit and massive amounts of cardio. Does the scale go down faster? Yep!

Do you end up looking flabby, soft and not like you thought? Yep.

Could you have lifted weights along the way to prevent that? Yep.

And you wouldn't have had to do all that cardio and now work your ass off to 'fill out' and not have saggy skin.

But the scale doesn't move as quickly when you do it that way so it's not appealing. I have hopes that one day people will catch on and start doing the things the better way. Maybe if I repeat it enough? ;p

But for real....y'all, that loss you see on the scale isn't always a good thing. We NEED muscle. You want to keep that metabolism running so you can still enjoy life? Lift the weights. You won't regret it.

Skinny doesn't mean s**t if you aren't strong and healthy.

Hit Like or Comment 💪 if you agree!


Is for sweet baby snuggles from one my favorite people Nothing better than new baby snuggles & convo w/a girlfriend where you can be yourself & not worry about judgement to make a crappy morning better! Next time I’m taking a nap with that snuggle bug. 😂❤️



When we hit that point in our lives and know we need to make changes to get our health on track, we want results RIGHT NOW, right? We set our sights on the end goal and think more is better and will get us there faster.

But it doesn't work that way.

Think of a baby. They don't come out of the womb talking and walking, right?

It's a progression. They have to roll over, hold their head up, sit up unassisted, crawl and practice taking steps before then can walk.

Same with talking. They have to hear, watch, mimic, learn how to sound words out, etc before they can speak.

It's the same damn thing with your health. Baby steps. And I love this visual for this reason:

If you 'fall off' the wagon and get knocked down a rung, it's a short slip on the left ladder.

You fall off on the right side and that's gonna hurt and leave a few marks, if you even catch yourself.

Doesn't it make more sense to start with manageable baby steps? Less scary, less damage if you do fall and easier to take that one little step to get back on track.

What's a baby step you can take today? Need help breaking it down? That's literally what I do. ;) Shoot me a DM and let's hash it out.


I know, odd comparison but follow me here. Recent convo w/a client and Lord knows I love me some Marky Mark.....his work ethic, along with The Rock, Tom Brady, J. Lo and other high profile athletes and celebrities is absolutely NOT realistic.

Does that mean us real people aren't capable of doing what they do or rising to their status-not at all.

But let's be real. They aren't living in our reality. They have chefs prepare their meals, they have people to raise their kids, they aren't involved in the PTO or aren't coaching their kids sports teams while working 40+ hour work weeks.

They have unlimited access to all the latest and greatest in health, fitness, wellness, products, etc.

Are they in demanding roles as well? Absolutely. Not here to diminish their busy-ness at all.

We are just DIFFERENT. We have different struggles, different lives, different abilities, etc.

We are also not PAID to live in the spotlight and soley focus on our physique.

Waking up at 3:30a to workout is not feasible for you Judy because you also have work 9 hours at the office, take the kids to school and be home in time to throw a meal together. You need sleep.

We have the power to create the life we want and I'm not saying you can't be the next J. Lo (is that still what she goes by?) but when it comes to YOUR health and your goals, keep them in perspective to the actual life you're living. ;)

Comparison is the thief of joy and also keeps you stuck.

So put those blinders on and focus on YOUR lane, it's the only one that matters.

Our Story

Hi! Welcome to Hope & Faith Fitness, home of Relentless Training. First and foremost, I’m a Christ follower, wife, twin mom, personal trainer, fitness nutrition coach, self professed neat freak, who enjoys working out, lots of sarcasm, has a bit of a mouth but loves Jesus andddddd eating all the food and educating and inspiring others to become the best version of themselves! I’m so glad you’re here!

My goal is to continually improve my level of health & fitness through proper nutrition and hard work and to inspire my friends, family and others along the way. There is no magic pill or diet that is going to get you there. I wish!! Making & committing to a lifestyle change is the ONLY way to get there. I want to be around a long time and after watching my grandparents health deteriorate rapidly over their final years due to lack of activity and unhealthy eating habits (which lead to Diabetes and numerous other health issues) I REFUSE to put my children and future grandchildren through that. Childhood obesity is disgustingly rampant today and we have no one to blame but ourselves. I run my own business, am a wife and mom of beautiful, busy twin girls, maintain a household and so on, so can YOU. We make time for what matters to us.

Beachbody (at home workout programs) ignited my passion for helping others. I went on and became a Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Coach and a few other specialties...suffice it to say, I’ve got you covered. ;-) I now run a successful in home training business and am able to offer at home programs for those who are not local. It's the best of both worlds!

Bottom line, I want to be around a long time and I don't want to burden my children with preventable health issues when I'm old. I want to be a positive role model to my girls. And I'm no where near perfect; I still love me some pizza and ice cream! Blue Bell Banana Pudding is to die for!! I just don't eat the whole pint in one sitting anymore. :) My pants thank me for that. ;-) I believe in living a balanced lifestyle; one of moderation, not deprivation.

I'd love to answer any questions you may have or just be here to support you on your journey to a healthier, happier YOU! It doesn't matter if you purchase a program or train in-person with me, I want YOU to be healthier and if I can support you in any way, shape or form then my goal with this page is serving its purpose.

Check out my website at or send me a PM right here to chat!

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