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Breanne Julian Turner - any ideas on some good healthy snacks that for kids will last in a backpack all day?
Hi Breanne Julian Turner - can you recommend some better butter - my family doesn't like Karigold, but I want it to be grassfed. Vegan would be ok too tho. Thoughts?
How do you take control of your life?
Being a hairstylist is a passion of mine. It is so easy for me to bury myself into my work and my family that I forget about myself. Almost to a point where I didnt recognize myself. I realized happiness comes from being happy with yourself and then everything else follows. On valentines day this year, i decided that enough was enough. I needed to take my life back. To get healthy, to be able to keep up with my baby girl and show her how to live a healthy lifestyle. So now today with the support of my mother, my family and of course the AMAZING coaches from Texas Last Diet. I am now 50+lbs lighter, and in healthy body fat percentage. I am 5 pant sizes down and oh so much healthier. I can not thank everyone for their support enough. Now to get strong...Hope & Faith Fitness by Breanne Turner
If you are ready get with my ladies at Texas Last Diet...tell them I sent you!!!
@ The Woodlands, Texas

I LOVE the moments when my clients finally realize the scale doesn’t matter so much. 💪🏻

Her first scan from October is on the left. Notice the weight (154), Body Fat and Lean Mass.

Her most current scan...notice the weight (150). That’s ‘only’ 4lbs y’all. If we were going by the scale, frankly I wouldn’t blame her for quitting.

Mind you, this client’s history didn’t include much exercise. When it did, it was random group classes or boot camps. Zero knowledge with regards to weights.

She signed on with me for 2, half hour sessions per week, leading into the holiday season. There was travel, time off, holiday forward to a pandemic where we switched to virtual sessions with super limited equipment for well over a month.

You guys. She has lost body fat and ADDED lean muscle during all of this. We have done NOTHING crazy with her nutrition.

Did I mention she is a mom of a 3 year old and almost 1 year old and works full time too?

She is proof that SMALL changes and consistency lead to huge results.

She FEELS better, her clothes obviously fit better, she is consistently lifting more weight each week, she has gained confidence and is proud.

Now that she is back with in person workouts and under the weights again, I’m so stoked to see her next scan.

**She gets her scans done at Blend Nutrition Co. Julie Valdes can hook you up!

If you’re ready to take charge of your health both mentally and physically, let’s talk!

Hope & Faith Fitness by Breanne Turner

I work with exhausted moms who do all the things for everyone else & feel guilty for doing anything I did all the things and most of them, wrong.

First and foremost, I'm a wife to a wonderful man, we have twin girls and they are the reason I do what I do! After suffering from postpartum depression and the monotony of washing 16 bottles a day and changing as many diapers, keeping up with the house, cooking, cleaning, etc, I lost myself as a woman. I felt like all I was was mom, housekeeper and chef.....there was no fulfillment for me. I slow

Operating as usual



Why do YOU exercise?? 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


It's mostly bu****it. Let me explain:

Biohacking is a term used to describe the practice of using science, technology, and self-experimentation to improve one's physical and mental performance. It's a holistic approach that aims to optimize the function of the body and mind, using various techniques and strategies such as diet, exercise, supplements, sleep, and other lifestyle changes. Some people use biohacking to improve their overall health and well-being, while others use it to boost their cognitive function, physical performance, or to achieve specific goals like weight loss or muscle gain.

Biohackers use a wide range of techniques, some of which are supported by scientific research, while others may be unproven or even harmful. Some examples of biohacking techniques include:

-Intermittent fasting and calorie restriction
-Using supplements and vitamins
-Using wearable technology to track metrics like sleep, heart rate, and activity levels
-Optimizing sleep patterns
-Cold therapy and other environmental manipulations
-Genetic testing to identify potential health risks

It is important to note that not all biohacking techniques are backed by scientific research and some may be unproven or even harmful. It's essential to consult with a healthcare professional before trying any new techniques or making significant changes to your diet or exercise routine.

Look, there are things I do that aren't backed by research and well know things change, we learn, etc etc. That's not my issue here. In fact, several of the things listed, I do.

BUT, here's the real deal.

Unless you are eating well, sleeping adequately, getting enough water, sunshine and moving your body, it's all bu****it to get you to buy something.

Of COURSE you'll notice benefits if you do those things-no s**t. You've gone from nothing to something. Duh.

Stop buying into this crap. You don't need cryo chambers, O2 tanks, special water, intermittent fasting, magical vitamins or supplements; instead focus on sleep, hydration, not eating like an as***le and moving your body.....all of which are FREE. But that's not marketable. ;)



Here's another question I'm asked a lot. What's best, a morning or evening workout?

My answer?

When you can get it in. All that matters is that you make time for it in your day.

Some people prefer an early workout, some prefer mid afternoon to evening. You do you, just get it in.

Are you an AM or PM exerciser?


I feel like I need to rename this program 'Coaching Lite' 🤣

I understand that my full coaching program may be out of your budget right now and it's why I created this program along with several other ways to work with me that may be better suited for where you're at.

If you're here or like me and try to not be on social media so much, here are the ways we can work together:

1. Health & Lifestyle Coaching-I offer a full 12 week, private coaching package customized to your needs and goals.

2. In person personal training/corrective exercise though I'm only accepting new rehab clients that are coming off injuries, surgeries, dealing with chronic pain, etc.

3. Virtual Coaching/Training Option w/my month to month plan.

4. Workout plan only option.

5. The Framework-what you see pictured.

If you have questions about any of those options and which would be a good fit for you, send me a dm or email me at [email protected]


It depends.

You didn't really expect a definitive answer now did you? If you've followed me or any length of time you'll know there are no absolutes when it comes to your health and fitness. No two people are identical (even identical twins) when it comes to their chemical makeup, lifestyle, stressors, life experiences, mindset, etc so a cookie cutter approach doesn't even make sense.

But here's the answer.

Is it more effective to do more shorter workouts vs 1-2 longer ones over the course of the week? Meaning, doing 15-20 minutes of activity a couple times each day over the course of the week vs that solid 1 hour workout, 2x a week?

Absolutely it's more beneficial. Our bodies were NOT designed to be sedentary so if you work a desk job and make it to the gym for that one hour a couple times a week, that's a whole lotta other hours that are unaccounted for.

What would be optimal is small bursts of activity throughout your day.

Don't let that discourage you in any way because something is always better than nothing. Rather, let it ENCOURAGE you. You don't need an hour to do good things for your health. Go for a quick walk, do 15 minutes of yoga, grab some bands and do biceps and triceps, practice your squats, lunges and push-ups.

In fact, if you are the dedicated hour long person, I invite you to try the shorter bursts of activity and see what it does for you.

With so many of us working from home or a hybrid type schedule, doing things in little pockets of time just makes sense.

And you need zero equipment for a walk or to do body weight exercises. 💪

What do YOU think? Is an hour still best in your mind?


If you're on my subscriber list you've probably seen this....if you need aluahg, read away!

Monday night comes and I went to bed at my usual time. Husband comes to bed a bit later and is snoring…he’s not wearing his mask BUT he’s also in a TON of pain from his recent Achilles surgery and I know he needs to sleep so rather than nudge or wake him, I go to the couch. Which truly, isn’t an issue. I was thrilled he was finally asleep because I was worried he wouldn’t be able to all with the pain he was in.

Fast forward to Tuesday. Roll over to check the time as I knew I was close to my alarm. Grabbed my phone to check and NOTHING. My phone was a brick. WTF! I’ve got to get up and ready. Thankfully I only overslept 6 minutes so no biggie. But WTF is wrong w/my phone? I put it on the charger last night and went to sleep.

Quick thinking had me grab my macbook so I could check for texts from clients. Pop open the Apple chat while the shower warms up b/c I figured it’d be a quick thing. Phone is dead. Send help.

Yeah no, while he was great, it was taking too long and I had to get ready. Luckily hubby woke up to p*e and he asked what was wrong and took over so I could actually shower as I had a client in 40 min.

Phone is toast. I make an appt w/the Apple store and while inconvenient and annoying, I’m thankful it happened today and not any other day this week. I had a super light client load and was going to spend it at the gym, get in a good workout, clean some equipment, etc. That was now replaced w/my phone appt but whatever. Again, find the silver lining right?

Go on about my morning and as I’m preparing to head to the gym for my next client hubby asks to see my phone to try one more thing he found on YouTube. I swear it some Nintendo up down left right A A A s**t he did but it worked. Sweet! I can work out and do the things now. Yay!

Onto to the gym for my last client, then spent a solid hour on the computer doing back end stuff, marketing, bills, etc. You know, the life of a business owner.

Get a workout in and clean equipment in between sets. Spend the next couple hours cleaning, taking inventory of and ordering supplies, bouncing back to computer work, mingle with members, etc.

Leave to get the girls from school. Well, just one b/c the other is staying behind for track tryouts. I’m on a call w/an app developer when she gets in the car so she can’t tell me anything about her day….we get home and my call went on for another solid 30 min. NOT the norm for me, I don’t typically take calls or work once they are home. At least I try not to but it was an important one and it got started later b/c my phone decided to send everyone to voicemail unbeknownst to me so I had no clue he had been calling for 20 min. Whoops.
Finally get inside so I’m way behind on the time line I had laid out between school pick up, back to track pick up, dinner, then volleyball drop off. Thankfully she can feed and water herself so I started dinner prep before it’s time to get the other one. Child A starts freaking the f**k out b/c she can’t find her blue practice shirt and she has to have it for tonight’s practice. I tell her to chill, I’ll help her look. I do the standard check in the laundry basket, hamper and washer/dryer. No go. I check her sisters room which is a like a landfill and gives me anxiety. Not there. I’ll deal with that situation later. Pro tip? Just close their door so you don’t see it.

Go into her own room and it’s a s**t show. I’ll spare you some of the things I found but please know I taught them better they just don’t care or listen. I digress. Searching through all the things I find the hangars that I’m always asking for that she always says she doesn’t have. Liar.

Meanwhile Child B calls me, “are you coming to get me?” Um yeah at 5:30. It’s 5:01. “Well we’re done early.” K. Fine, I’ll be there asap.

Get in the car and leave Child A searching and half of dinner laid out mid prep. While I’m driving I had an idea about the shirt and called her but before I could get it out she was half crying. I knew she found it. I said ‘did you find it?’ She said ‘yes!’ I asked her where and I s**t you not she said ‘I don’t know.’

Excuse me while I scream-just in my head.

I said “what do you mean you don’t know? It just manifested out of the air? Where did you find it, your room?”

This child y’all. She answers ‘Yes.’ I’m pretty sure she could FEEL the look on my face through the phone.

Finally she admits it was in her drawer but got pushed back behind it.

I said “Ah that makes sense. I used to have that happen all the time when I overstuffed my drawers and didn’t fold my clothes.”

Radio silence.

I said I love you and I’ll see you in a few.

Wait in traffic b/c these idiots do NOT know how to do to car pick up at school. Come on people we are in 7/8th grade now, we should have this s**t down. Approach, slow down, child gets in, drive off. It’s not that hard. If you can’t get this down by now get TF outta of the line and park.
Hubby is calling me to tell me about his day as Child B enters car. K love you and can’t wait to hear but B is getting in the car. Hang up w/hubby.

Child B-I threw up.

I ask all the things. She’s fine btw, just overheated and too much water. Been there done that.

Walk in the door to hubby who just got home, B still telling me about tryouts, A is getting ready for team pictures and I walk right back into dinner prep. Mind is on overload after that call w/ideas that I want to run by the husband. He’s had a full day too and has lots share with me as well.

So we’re having about 4 different conversations in this time span. I’m throwing ideas out, he’s giving feed back, telling me about his, girls are alternating turns coming in the kitchen to ask about dinner, tell us about their day, asking questions, etc. I know you know what I’m talking about.

Cook dinner, eat and leave to take A to her respective practice. Come home to finish dinner clean up, then it’s back to work b/c there was s**t I needed to finish that only I could do. Sitting on the couch doing it but still, working nonetheless. I also feel like there was some laundry in there but I’ve slept since then and don’t remember. And no, cooking and all that is not 100% my responsibility nor is clean up. We share. For whatever reason that day I did it all and didn’t ask for help b/c I was just in a go go go mood and I’m super protective of him when he’s recovering from surgery. Since he had been at his actual 9-5 job all day with clients he needed rest.

I did stop for a super quick shower since I had worked out and cleaned a lot at the gym. That was maybe 7 min from the time I decided to shower to me walking out of the bedroom in my jammies. Oh yeah, that’s where the laundry came in. I took a load out of the dryer, dumped it on the couch and we both started folding.

At some other point in the day I’m ordering supplies online that we need at the gym and doing a bit of price shopping before I order things. I had made an eye appt and a counseling appt for myself and refilled a script for a kiddo. There was a bunch of other random s**t and decisions thrown in there. I feel like I ran to the store too but I honestly can’t remember at this point.

Finally around 9p I fully stop and get comfy on the couch to play my stupid game and chill out. Hubby asks, who’s getting A from practice? Well f**k a duck. I temporarily forgot she was at practice. Usually he goes, actually he does both drop off and pick up most practices but I said I would b/c I knew he was tired too and his ankle was still giving him trouble.

Told Child A I wasn’t coming in, she could come to me when it was over. Thankfully they ended right on time and it was an earful all the way home. NOT complaining, I was asking questions and we were just talking.

But you know when you get to the end of the day and you are just DONE and don’t want to talk or be talked to?! I was there.

Came home, she has second dinner and starts getting ready for her shower so I duck out, I need sleep. Kiss her goodnight and I turn in.

And couldn’t fall asleep.

As I type this out two days later I KNOW there a few more things that were thrown in the mix that I’m forgetting but I’ve slept since then. I knew I should have at least voice recorded the craziness.

A day in the life of a mom and business owner. We are tired. And yes, we signed up for this. It’s okay to be tired. ;) It also helps to document it and laugh! We are blessed for sure. Tomorrow is a new day!


It’s time!

Nothing extraordinary today so why the pressure? Anyone else feel that way?

I’m incredibly blessed so I feel like there should be more….more than the usual good health, doing what I love, friends, family, the ability to move my body, have access to all the things.

Idk just seems super generic. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Nothing is wrong, lol. Maybe I need more caffeine. 😂

Hi. I’m Bre and I’m super awkward at times. 🤣

This is one of my favorite views btw. ❤️ Show me a picture that makes you happy!


Can NOT say this often enough. Build.the.muscle.

Don't worry, you won't get hulk like. I mean, you can if you dedicate yourself to that process for years but if you're an average human, seriously please stop saying this.

Muscle is necessary. Adequate muscle stokes our metabolism, keeps us strong and makes recovery easier especially as we age.

If the idea of muscle still freaks you out, change your mindset and chase strength. ;)


Yikes. I deal with feelings A LOT in my coaching practice. Hell, it's something I'm continually working on myself.

We stuff them. We show them. We're stoic. We're hot messes.

But we can't expect people to walk on egg shells or know what triggers/upsets us all the time. YOU are responsible for you reactions.

Now, if someone intentionally does/says something they know to be triggering/hurtful to you that's another story.

The truth is we all have trauma, hurt, experiences that shape who we are. Regardless, it's up to US to navigate how we react.

I promise, most people don't wake up with the intention of hurting someone's feelings. Be an adult, have a conversation. Tell that person they hurt your feelings and also, take a step back and ask yourself if you're truly mad/upset at that person or the world or if it's YOU who needs to do some work.

When I was in the midst of fertility treatments I used to get mad/hurt at women who were getting pregnant with ease. They shouldn't have to quiet their joy or not share their experience b/c I was struggling.

In those cases, I simply withdrew from the conversation or didn't hang around those people. It wasn't their fault I was struggling and they shouldn't have to tip toe around ME. I did what I felt was best for me. No need to cancel them because of MY feelings.

It's not the world's responsibility to tiptoe around your feelings. Can we all be a little kinder? No doubt! But we don't have to dampen our excitement/joy in the process.

If you're 'triggered' or offended easily, it's time for some introspection. You don't have to live like that! Take some time to work on yourself and see how your outlook changes. ;)


If you have student athletes like I do, listen up. If you have them enrolled in sports and agility training alongside their respective sports, they NEED to be doing mobility work.

If their trainer does not know what this is or doesn't feel it's important, you might consider a new trainer for your kiddo.

Sp*ed and agility training are wonderful for our athletes and can definitely help them level up.

BUT if they are not addressing mobility in the process they are missing something crucial.

Mobility is essential and the lack thereof is why we are easily injured and have unnecessary aches and pains.

Incorporating mobility at a young age will only help your kiddos as they age as well as help prevent injury now.

We need to be able to move through all ranges of motion with ease and static stretching (think crossing your legs and trying to touch your toes) does NOT help with mobility. Proper mobility is fluid, it's movement, it's stretching into deeper ranges of motion.

Let's say your kid is in powerlifting and the coach has him run a lap for a warm up before practice. Why the f**k is he running as a way to prepare for lifting weights?!

Let's say you're dropping your kid at sp*ed and agility training and as soon as he walks in the trainer has him do ladder work or box jumps. Why?! Where was the proper warm up?

The problem is that we don't know what we don't know.

Ask questions. Ask the trainer/coach why they are doing a certain thing. A good, knowledgeable coach will NOT be offended but instead should be thrilled to help educate you.

I NEVER get upset when a client asks questions. I love them because it affords me the opportunity to educate and empower THEM.

Mobility is important for every single person regardless of age. It's something that comes easily and naturally as a baby/toddler and we slowly lose it as we age and become more sedentary. Even if you ARE incredibly active, that doesn't mean you're mobile.

I know that's not super specific but if you have questions, I'm here for it!


Ohhhhh boy! This s**t drives me crazy because it's SO true!

How dare you pick on someone for making improvements to their diet because God knows if you're picked on for eating greasy, fast food, you'll get offended.

Mind what's on YOUR plate. If you feel the urge to comment because someone is choosing differently that's a reflection on YOU and you may take a moment to reflect on that.


I'm talking to you. The one who is so sore she can barely sit to p*e.

You're doing it wrong. You're going too hard and it's not sustainable nor beneficial.

Soreness isn't indicative of a good workout. Will you get sore from time to time? Sure. If you're consistently sore and need days to recover, you're overdoing it.

Sweat doesn't indicate a good workout either. Sweat is simply your body trying to cool itself down. Period.

Do we train harder on some days and kicks our ass? Yep. But if you're starting out, this is NOT for you. You want longevity.

Is what you're doing today sustainable long term? If the answer is no, it's likely not the best fit for you.

Oh and if you trainer is on a mission to make you puke-your trainer sucks.

Our Story

Hi! Welcome to Hope & Faith Fitness, home of Relentless Training. First and foremost, I’m a Christ follower, wife, twin mom, personal trainer, fitness nutrition coach, self professed neat freak, who enjoys working out, lots of sarcasm, has a bit of a mouth but loves Jesus andddddd eating all the food and educating and inspiring others to become the best version of themselves! I’m so glad you’re here!

My goal is to continually improve my level of health & fitness through proper nutrition and hard work and to inspire my friends, family and others along the way. There is no magic pill or diet that is going to get you there. I wish!! Making & committing to a lifestyle change is the ONLY way to get there. I want to be around a long time and after watching my grandparents health deteriorate rapidly over their final years due to lack of activity and unhealthy eating habits (which lead to Diabetes and numerous other health issues) I REFUSE to put my children and future grandchildren through that. Childhood obesity is disgustingly rampant today and we have no one to blame but ourselves. I run my own business, am a wife and mom of beautiful, busy twin girls, maintain a household and so on, so can YOU. We make time for what matters to us.

Beachbody (at home workout programs) ignited my passion for helping others. I went on and became a Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Coach and a few other specialties...suffice it to say, I’ve got you covered. ;-) I now run a successful in home training business and am able to offer at home programs for those who are not local. It's the best of both worlds!

Bottom line, I want to be around a long time and I don't want to burden my children with preventable health issues when I'm old. I want to be a positive role model to my girls. And I'm no where near perfect; I still love me some pizza and ice cream! Blue Bell Banana Pudding is to die for!! I just don't eat the whole pint in one sitting anymore. :) My pants thank me for that. ;-) I believe in living a balanced lifestyle; one of moderation, not deprivation.

I'd love to answer any questions you may have or just be here to support you on your journey to a healthier, happier YOU! It doesn't matter if you purchase a program or train in-person with me, I want YOU to be healthier and if I can support you in any way, shape or form then my goal with this page is serving its purpose.

Check out my website at or send me a PM right here to chat!

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