Community School

Community School at Holy Angels offers specialized educational programs, as well as therapies.

Operating as usual


⛱️ Our CS families are just amazing. They are what makes this place so special. We love seeing the pictures from their travels together! We love how the students miss each other when one is gone from the crew.

⛱️ One of the many perks of a year-round school is that it allows families to take vacations when it’s good for them, never having to worry about missing important instructional minutes or assignments (we far exceed any educational requirements)! Our online, self-paced curriculum allows students to get their work in around other life happenings.

⛱️ So plan your travels or family time. They’re only kids once. We will be here when you get back.


🏆 We are SO PROUD of these two 🏆

🌟 Student of the Month: Brynlee!
One of the most creative & brilliant young ladies we know, she is always creating. Her unique perspective of the world around her is what makes her a WORLD CHANGER. Being an avid reader allows Bryn to continue to challenge herself & grow her incredible vocabulary. Her impressive artistic abilities allow her to express herself in a multitude of ways. One of our favorite attributes is her ability to ADVOCATE for herself & others on the spectrum, always challenging the way us grown ups think about neurodiversity. AND WE LOVE IT. Congrats Bryn!! We are so proud of you!

🌟 Staff Member of the Month: Conner!
His coworkers describe Conner as having incredible work ethic. Conner is always open to learning from others around him, eyes wide open to personalities of all kinds. His compassionate approach to children & grown ups makes others feel safe to be themselves around him. Conner’s plans include getting his master’s in counseling, & we would be THRILLED for our community to have a gem like him! We are so proud to have this awesome guy on our team. Way to go Conner!


🎵 MAKING MUSIC is a complex neurological & multi-sensory experience. Musicians often exhibit high levels of EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING.

🥁 Executive functioning is like an air traffic system- we have to maintain the quality of the control panel while multiple tasks & activities are occurring at the same time!

🎹 Research tells us that making music (not just listening) improves our memory & focus, our attention to detail, and results in improved decision-making & planning abilities! In addition, learners feel more successful in their ability to successfully multitask & prioritize tasks.

🎻 Music education also enhances self-control & mental flexibility, which is the ability to switch gears & experience unexpected changes without becoming frazzled.

🎤 Reach out to us for more information on prerequisite skills needed for music training, availability of instructors, or trainings on executive functioning in neurodiverse learners!


🎶 When children are viewed as MAKERS, COLLABORATORS, & NEGOTIATORS of their school experience, they are more likely to be receptive to your teachings. It also fosters a sense of security & safety.

🎶 Children’s values, needs, & preferences should be embedded into their daily learning opportunities. Consider the arts, physical activity, mealtime, play exploration, and discovery learning when planning your day teachers! Every child’s needs are different.

🎵 When children are HEALTHY, LOVED, & have CHOICE embedded throughout their day, optimal learning occurs! 🎵 And this is music to our ears 🎵


🇺🇸 Happy Memorial Day 🇺🇸


🌷The education of even a small child does not aim at preparing her for school but for life.

🌷Maria Montessori 🌷


🚸 Community School is blessed to serve learners 2-21 years of age.
🚸 One of the best parts of our CS family is the built-in “big sisters/brothers” you have looking out for you at school!
🚸 We believe that our students, such as these two, have an undeniable bond & understanding that requires no words.


☀️ Just a reminder that CS is closed for the weekend & Monday for Memorial Day! ☀️ We wish you all the sunshine & family time.☀️


Did you know parenting unique, wonderfully-made children requires many hats?

🎓 Scholarly hats- Many are forced to learn how to identify & access quality educational & medical care for their child. Navigating those complex systems is another challenge.
🪖 Advocacy hats- Parents war for their children to access everything they need to thrive (rarely comes without a fight).
⛑️ Medical expert hats- Some encounter neurological conditions, gastro issues, hormonal imbalances, elimination disorders, sleep interference, and other co-morbid conditions that affect quality of life. They must become their own experts, often educating medical providers on their child’s rare conditions.
🧢 Parent hats- They provide love, provisions, & protection through it all.

👒 So hats off to you parents & grandparents! We see you, feel you, & celebrate you. We are so thankful to be part of your beautiful journey. Nothing was ever meant to be conquered alone!


💪🏼Here’s to all the kids working hard everyday in PT, OT, & Speech!
💪🏽You inspire us with your perseverance & dedication to achieve your dreams.
💪🏾 Show all the naysayers that the IMPOSSIBLE is POSSIBLE. We are your biggest cheerleaders (next to mom & dad of course)!


🧠 Believing YOU CAN is half the battle. It is important for children to see that you believe in the possibilities too.

👂🏻Let them HEAR you speak words of encouragement in your coaching.
👁️ Let them SEE others working hard & being celebrated for big & small wins.
👏🏾 Let them FEEL the unconditional love while they work on hard things.
💛Make sure they know their WORTH is not based on performance. This is critical.

📸 Pictured below: Ms. Miranna, one of our best instructors who leads everyday with a “YOU GOT THIS” attitude!


🎓Congratulations to all of the graduates!
We have loved celebrating our seniors this week. We are SO PROUD of their accomplishments, perseverance, and stamina. And this is just the beginning…


☀️Just a SWEET reminder that Parents’ Night Out is this Friday from 6:00-9:00. We can’t wait to kick off summer with a celebration! ☀️ Rsvp by phone or email!


Having a ball learning this week at CS!

Photos from Community School 's post 05/12/2024

🌸 Happy Mother’s Day 🌸

Here’s to the women who sacrifice everything for the ones they love. We hope YOU feel all of the love & appreciation today!


🌸🌸 Happy Mother’s Day weekend!🌸🌸

If mothers & grandmothers were flowers, we would pick you! We want you to know how much we love & appreciate everything you ARE & DO. Join us following carline in the CS cafeteria for coffee, breakfast, & goodies made by your sweet children.

Photos from Holy Angels's post 05/10/2024

Time for a visit to the Holy Angels gift shop. Our grown-up friends have created the perfect masterpieces for Mother’s Day gifts!

Plus, where else can you have some Howdy by Holy Angels🍦while you shop?!


Physical Education is KEY at CS, however, many students struggle with motor deficiencies that make everyday activities taxing. The tendency of some students to discount visual feedback makes PE even more difficult. But have no fear- we have strategies for overcoming these obstacles!

To maintain fitness, try these strategies:
🏀 Build movement into all activities!
⚽️ Try it ALL. Find what interests them.
⚾️ Use current interests to add activity; for example, video gamer? Try WII sports!
🏉 Break down complex motor skills into smaller skills; teach a little at a time!
🎾 If group sports aren’t a hit, try independent sports instead.
🏐 Consider horseback riding, swimming, and other therapeutic activities!
🏈 Pair PE with other favorite things, such as music, art, rewards, etc.


It’s hard being a kid.

Did you know that autism and other developmental disabilities can come with other conditions? Sleep disorders, poor motor proficiency, gastrointestinal disorders, immune system dysfunctions, to name a few…

Yoga can aid in reducing & managing these symptoms, resulting in improved quality of life for many. In addition, it also allows us to sharpen our imitation skills, listening skills, motor skills, breathing & relaxation skills. Healthy, happy kids that FEEL GOOD respond more effectively to instruction. Health comes FIRST at CS! Try using parent-approved yoga, Pilates, or dance videos for children to increase motivation.

📸 Pictured: A relaxed little man who is quickly becoming the CS yoga master!


🌟CS Spotlight🌟

🌟 We are so proud to share our Student of the month, Matthew, with you! He is the epitome of IMAGINATION & CURIOSITY, and we can’t imagine school without our sweet guy! His unique perspective on the world makes us all think differently. We love the way his brilliant mind works! Matthew brings so much to his peers and teachers alike. We are so proud of you, Matthew!

🌟 Shelby is voted Staff of the Month by her coworkers for many reasons. Her fun-loving energy, kindness toward others, and work ethic set her apart. Shelby is always willing to show up & do what our students/clients need. She reminds us to “do everything with a cheerful heart, as unto the Lord”- and she does just this! We are so lucky to have her on our team. Way to go Shelby!


☀️We are getting excited about summer. Are you?⛱️

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🪐 May the 4th be with you!
We think you’re OUT of this WORLD.


It is so important to connect to someone who speaks YOUR language and loves you just the way you are. This happens when children grow up in an loving environment that is not only tailored to their needs, but includes others that learn like them. They bring the BEST out in one another & challenge each other to be better, just like a real friend should.


❣️We cherish our early intervention team. There’s nobody who LOVES bigger, WORKS harder, & DREAMS the big dreams for our children ❣️

❣️We push each other to grow. We encourage each other to stretch our way of thinking. We remind each other to stop & be grateful for every bit of progress our children achieve. Today was one for the books❣️

❤️ So thankful we GET TO do it together.


💭 The days can feel long, but the years are SHORT. Make the most of today!

✏️Don’t forget to find JOY in every moment, even when you’re doing the hard thing.
✏️ Don’t wish away the days. You’ll want them back one day. The seasons that feel daunting pass. It gets better!
✏️ Speak things as though they will be & are. Words are powerful. Believing it’s possible is critical!
✏️ And stand in the gap for one another. Nothing was meant to be conquered alone! We all need support.

📸 Pictured below: A little boy who is PROOF that children are resilient & tough!


Happy Saturday ☀️
Just a reminder… They only get one childhood. Don’t forget to fill it with outdoor adventures, time with YOU, and all the sunshine! Fill their atmospheres with words of affirmation, encouragement, and LIFE. They believe what they hear about themselves from their grown-ups.

Pictured below: the EXPERTS at living life to the fullest 💙


Still rocking the BLUE for Autism Awareness Month! 💙 Did you know…

🦕 1 in 36 children have autism. 1 in 45 adults have autism. Boys are 3 times more likely to be diagnosed with autism.

🦕 Autism can be reliably diagnosed at 2 years old; however, the average age of diagnosis is 5. Early intervention is KEY. Most sit on wait lists for months trying to get a diagnosis. Diagnosis = treatment!

🦕73.6% of students with autism graduate from special education with a diploma; however, only 21% of people with disabilities (including autism) have a job.

Photos from Community School 's post 04/20/2024

❣️So thankful for our Holy Angels family ❣️
Angel Run 2024 was a HIT.


After many requests, we have opened our workshops to the community for Autism Awareness Month. Come hang with us, & meet our amazing community partners such as Perfect Fit Autism Foundation, Inc.. Lunch is included & will be served by some of our culinary expert residents!

We can’t wait to see you there! Please share with those who may be interested 🧩

Photos from Community School 's post 04/17/2024

Monday was the G.O.A.T. 🐐

The FarmRanchZoo brought their kids to meet our kids. And boy did we hit it off! Not only was there a hidden science lesson here, but these sweet, playful animals brought so much joy to our CS family! These little baby goats like to play outside, be social, cuddle, and explore- just like us 💜

Thank you so much to the awesome team at The FarmRanchZoo for kicking off our week with this fun event!

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Happy New Year! Here’s to a renewed hope & fresh beginnings 🎊
Merry Christmas to you & your family! We pray that you are surrounded by love & experience an abundance of blessings tod...
We are loving this Christmas season together ❤️💚
Happy Autism Awareness Month! 🧩🎉





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