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Sweetwater Education Association


Today we had our Migrant Children's Comfort Drive with the help & support of all of our member unions & SBCS. We were able to collect hundreds of donations for migrant children at the convention center. Check it out!

IATSE Local 122
UFCW Local 135
AFT Guild 1931
Nora Vargas
Jose Rodriguez
Sweetwater Education Association
Chula Vista Educators
Southwest Teachers Association
SYEA - San Ysidro Education Association
Sweetwater Counseling and Guidance Association
National City Elementary Teachers Association
South County Teachers United
Yesterday South Bay teacher unions gave a MASSIVE donation to our Migrant Children's Comfort Drive happening Saturday. The boxes shown included clothing, backpacks, games & toys, hygiene products & more. All of these donations will be given to over 1400 children! Will we see you there? 🚗

Sweetwater Education Association
Chula Vista Educators
Southwest Teachers Association
SYEA - San Ysidro Education Association
Sweetwater Counseling and Guidance Association
National City Elementary Teachers Association
South County Teachers United
Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) is hiring online teachers! We are seeking individuals in the areas of computer science, critical reading & writing, history & social sciences, math, science & engineering, pop culture (game design) & world languages. We are currently hiring for summer and fall 2021 sessions. To learn more, visit: https://centerfortalentedyouth.formstack.com/forms/allprograms.
I understand that a lot of students are not going to get to do work, due to inequality. Some students will not have access to wifi, computer, books, paper... It is terrible and should not be, I agree. At the same time, we are dealing with the unexpected storm of the pandemic, something we did not plan for. So, I agree that the economic advantage of some students and neighborhoods, put the less advantaged students out of this education for the rest of the semester. On the other hand, I think teachers should make an effort to teach those that are looking to learn, but in a way that is enriching and meaningful... like an elective course... just to learn something. This semester is just a wash... a practice of sorts. If you don't see it that way, then you should. What I am thinking about is if this goes on longer... then we absolutely owe every single student an opportunity to learn and follow regular curriculum for the FALL 2020, when I believe, we will not be ready to go back to a building. Did you hear about Southwestern College? They have the entire semester online for FALL 2020. So, the district needs to make that happen, if it wants to continue to teach students. During the next three months, we have an opportunity to show who we are as a union, and as educators. The demand should be one of multiple agencies helping to meet these needs. I rather look for solutions, than blame. It should be the district, the cities, the communities, the internet companies, and people who have some money to donate- to get those students the right technology so they can learn from anywhere- we have months to do it. ACTION speaks louder than words. Let's start to look for solutions and act on them soon.
Sweetwater Education Association & Chula Vista Educators reject Chula Vista Elementary School District plans to co-locate Arroyo Vista middle schools on elementary campuses across South Cty. Educators demand transparency and an impact study before moving forward. See media release below. Francisco Tamayo Eduardo Reyes Laurie McAllister Humphrey Armando Farias 4 School Board
ACTION ALERT: Join Sweetwater Education Association & Sweetwater Counseling and Guidance Association 2/24, @ Chula Vista Middle 5pm to protest layoffs of 200 teachers & cuts to libraries & learning centers.
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Greetings Colleagues/Friends!

I have been a public school teacher for almost 30 years, and have come to realize that we are faced with a very unique set of challenges unlike that of any other profession. We are teachers, parents, grandparents, nurses, counselors, life partners, and so much more to so many; leaving little time or energy to take care of ourselves and our personal relationships.
In addition to my teaching career, I have embarked on a career as a psychotherapist. I earned my doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2011, followed by 3000+ hours of clinical practice.
I am currently taking new clients at both my Chula Vista and Coronado offices.
My passion is to help individuals, couples, and families return to that “sweet spot” of happiness, balance, and joy amidst the craziness and busyness of everyday life.
Please visit my bio at the end of this message. I look forward to meeting you!
Warm Regards,
Dr. Melinda Stenberg
Center for Enriching Relationships
(619) 858-3105 x136
One more week! Wishing every teacher out there a restful break! Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 Happy Chanukah 🕎 Happy holidays! Happy 2020!!!
July 2019- 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing Lesson Plans. Great Ideas for "Back to School Week"

Protecting the Promise of Education for All This is the official FB page of the Sweetwater Education Association.

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Channel 10 will have a news report tonight at 4 and 7 pm.

Happening Now: Press conference w/ South County educators demand return to school!


Take action now!

Photos from South County Teachers United's post 04/22/2020

Consider this...

Photos from Sweetwater Education Association's post 03/13/2020

SCTU notice regarding school closings


Re-Posting my amazing colleague’s (Jessica Macias) heartfelt words that echo with many of us who received RIF notices yesterday. With her permission of course.

“My dream of becoming a teacher began when I was a young kindergartener walking the long hallways with my Barney backpack full of exciting writing assignments. My love for teaching grew profoundly when I was a student at Castle Park High School walking the hallways with my polka dot backpack full of IB assignments. The passion and drive my teachers demonstrated inspired me to be that teacher for future generations. They made school feel like a home away from home. After earning my Bachelor’s Degree at San Diego State University, I went ahead and earned my Master’s Degree and Teaching Credential at UC San Diego. I wanted to put the hard work in so that I could provide my future students with the best education possible.

Student teaching and substitute teaching introduced me to the teacher perspective of my alma mater. Little did I know that the next four years would be so fulfilling. I have taught International Baccalaureate English, Theory of Knowledge, English 11, and English 9 in that time. Each batch of students that would walk through my door would inspire me to be the best that I can be. I often find myself lesson planning and grading into the late hours of night, knowing I only have five hours until I need to wake up and do it again, as well as knowing I am not paid for this. Their curiosity fuels me to ensure I am giving them the best lessons each day because I know that I am directly affecting the students. The classroom environment, student-teacher relations, and content all make up a powerful classroom setting. I know I can relate to them because I am a younger teacher and I went to the same school as them. We have read multiple texts that relate to our world now. I constantly ask them to question themselves. How do you know what you know? How can we make sure something like this event in history never happens again? How can we voice our opinions and make a change?

It is not my effort alone. My colleagues have the same goal of giving the students the tools to be changemakers. These past two weeks exemplify just that. Our students protested against the proposed plan to fix the deficit we are in. They know we are fighting for them, and they have shown us that they are fighting for us as well.

My third official year of teaching took a turn for the worse - not because of the students, parents, or my colleagues; it is because of the mismanagement of money at the top. I understand things happen, but we need to start being proactive and actually find a solution that works for the students. Our district motto is to put students first, but when will we actually start doing that? I remember standing by my teachers years ago as a sophomore and junior in high school when they were being pink-slipped. We would strike in front of the school because they taught us how to use our voices to make a difference. Now I stand by those same teachers as their colleague and fight the same fight.

I was infuriated when I read what board member Tarantino declared after the board meeting on Monday, March 2, 2020: “The disappointment goes both ways. I stand by my comments and as far as surprises, I would have thought that with students and parents in the audience, teachers would have set a better example of how to advocate for their points of view. Would you tolerate students behaving in your classroom the way your colleagues behaved at Monday's meeting? I doubt it. As for other ways to address this budget deficit, the message from SEA has been very clear: this 'mess' is of your doing; we owe you nothing to solve it. We solved it, like it or not. You cannot have it both ways.”

How can he not see the different perspectives in order to understand our predicament and why we are hurt/angry. Obviously, cutting from the top does not benefit him or anything at the top, so he is trying to villainize us in order to turn the script. This whole situation is similar to the train track analogy; “There is a runaway trolley barreling down the railway tracks. Ahead, on the tracks, there are five people tied up and unable to move. The trolley is headed straight for them. You are standing some distance off in the train yard, next to a lever. If you pull this lever, the trolley will switch to a different set of tracks. However, you notice that there is one person on the side track. You have two options: 1) Do nothing and allow the trolley to kill the five people on the main track or 2) pull the lever, diverting the trolley onto the side track where it will kill one person. Which do you choose?” In other words, do you save the hundreds of teachers, librarians, and learning centers proposed to be cut or do you save the few people at the top? We must ask ourselves how certain cuts will affect students. As one person mentioned at that same board meeting, the students would not know the difference if someone on the board were cut from the equation. You know which cuts will affect the students? The cuts to our teachers, librarians, and learning centers.

In regards to Tarantino insinuating that the teachers and librarians present that night were not strong examples for the students: we are wonderful examples to our students because we are showing them how to use their voice for the greater good. They are learning, firsthand, why the first amendment is so important. Due to our passionate display of disagreement with the board, the students took things into their own hands and planned their own displays of disagreement. Did we lead them or push them to do it? No. They did that all on their own. Like someone mentioned at the board meeting, cutting board members does not directly impact students. Cutting teachers and librarians does. Let’s start living by our motto and “put students first.” The board forgets that they are working for us, not the other way around.

Unfortunately, I received my pink slip today. I have cried multiple times because my heart breaks for my colleagues and the students. Especially the students. For now, the fight is not over. We will stand up against this horrid decision that actually puts students last. If my pink slip is not rescinded on May 15th, I will know I tried my best. As I have told my current seniors, I started their high school journey with them and will now be graduating with them. Once a Trojan, Always a Trojan.”

Well said my friend!!!


Teachers at the meeting on Monday, February 24th were advocating for their students and at times got quite passionate. For the most part they were respectful of the time limit, but many had prepared remarks that were geared for the 3 minutes usually given for public comment. Those who knew they were going over made apologies. Just like in a public forum, there are students who will push boundaries and teachers know that working with them is the way to make change, not threatening to close the meeting to the public (we can’t close our classroom doors if our students get unruly).

There are several misconceptions that Mr. Tarantino still has about the Bargaining process as it relates to the SUHSD team. In over 17 meetings, no plan has ever been shared with either the Bargaining team or the SEA leadership despite repeated requests. Comments such as “We don’t know the budget. You don’t know the budget” have been made by Labor Relations. The CFO has been present at many of the sessions and could not or would not answer questions directed to her regarding the budget by the Bargaining team members.

When asked, the other unions were given stronger contract language in exchange for their agreement for the furlough days. SEA and SUHSD had 14 bargaining dates between July and December and the District only agreed to 3 minor changes to the contract language including changing the date to Sunshine articles, and improved language for Faculty Advisory Committee and Safety.

SEA’s message has been clear and consistent throughout – “We did not create this crisis nor are we the reason for no resolution. Come to the table with a workable plan and we will be happy to work with you.”


The disappointment goes both ways. I stand by my comments and as far as surprises, I would have thought that with students and parents in the audience,teachers would have set a better example of how to advocate for their points of view. Would you tolerate students behaving in your classroom the way your colleagues behaved at Monday's meeting? I doubt it.

As for other ways to address this budget deficit, the message from SEA has been very clear: this 'mess' is of your doing; we owe you nothing to solve it. We solved it, like it or not. You cannot have it both ways.

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Make sure you RSVP for our member hang out.

Join us for after school on Friday. Craft beer, taqueros, raffle prizes & most importantly the opportunity to meet, commiserate, laugh, and plot with educators across South County. See you there!

An RSVP guarantees enough cold ones for all:

California Educator - December 2018 / January 2019 12/21/2018

California Educator - December 2018 / January 2019 F O R P A L O M A R H I G H S C H O O L gov- er n m ent t e a ch er S t e p h a ni e P i o , th e typical school day looks much like any other successful educator's workday : filled with student interaction and dis- cussion, grading assignments, prepping for the next lesson, and all the rest. Th at....

What Is Labor Day? A History of the Workers’ Holiday 09/03/2018

You don’t have to risk your job to march in the streets today- our brothers and sisters took care of that in the 1880s. Happy Labor Day!

What Is Labor Day? A History of the Workers’ Holiday President Grover Cleveland made it a national holiday in 1894, during a crisis over federal efforts to end a strike by railroad workers.


Get out and vote! Contract ratification vote Tuesday 5/30 and Wednesday 5/31 7:30-5:00 at the union offices 1061 Tierra Del Rey Ste 100

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At the school board meeting

Timeline photos 04/28/2017

I'll be there wearing my black t-shirt, join me!


Board approves new desktop computers, 11th grade Lenovo laptops, and 7th grade iPad refresh.


NCA adult school teacher Cindy Sharp shares letters from her students thanking the School Board for their support of Adult ESL classes.


Colleen Cooke-Salas encourages Board to reexamine High school math graduation requirements and consider students who are career bound not college bound.


SYH special education teachers Margaret Macabaseo and John Galvan speak about the pressures of teaching and caseloads.


SEA Special education committee member, Christina RuizGoldberg speaks on why she left teaching Special Education. The high pressure of the job and the large caseloads need to be addressed in contract negotiations.


Saturday adult ESL students speak about the importance of their classes and how the classes impact their lives. Our adult school teachers make a real difference in their lives.


Board approves first steps to fund new schools in Otay Ranch Village 3 North CFD 20 with special tax (Mello Roos)


De. Janney recognizes World Robotics teams from RDM, SYH,ELH and SOH and their teachers.


Packed house tonight at the SUHSD school board meeting.

Timeline photos 04/23/2017
Timeline photos 04/21/2017

SEA Site Representatives are the lifeblood of our union! Dr. Walker, the main Site rep at OHS, always goes above and beyond in building a positive and supportive climate for staff! She raffles off gift cards, buys birthday cakes and bagels for staff, attends long, thorny meetings with colleagues, gives important advice regarding the contract, and isn't afraid of tackling tough topics-and preventing problems before they become issues. A big thanks to Dr. Walker and all the SEA Site Reps for the work you do on behalf of others 🙏❤️👊🏻


School Board has approve 5-0 the 2017-2018 school calendar which includes 3 extra days for teachers and other staff.


Stephen W. Hawking I charter renewal approve by the Board 5-0.


SEA President, Gene Chavira speaks on the slow bargaining process. He is encouraging the district to come to the table ready to come to agreement.


Student Board member shares ASB presidents message that students have seen an improvement in our district. Students feel secure in SUHSD.


Dr. Janney encourages staff and students to look to the rest of the year with hope and optimism. CHLOE Confident Hope and Learned Optimism Everyday

Timeline photos 04/11/2017

Lifesharing presentation with teachers Darcy Kimble and Margo Thompson encouraging students and staff to be organ donors.

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Board meeting 9/24/12
Board meeting 9/24/12





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